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Full Moon @ 11 Virgo 23'

March 1/March 2- mARCH 17/18

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Aries Rising

This could be an incredibly busy Full Moon culmination. But it symbolizes the completion of several tasks or responsibilities you’ve been investing your time in over the past few weeks. And when it comes to health or wellness routines, this lunation could bring about the results of hard work and dedication. However, a Full Moon is also a point of awareness or crisis, so consider that when it comes to matters of self-improvement or health issues, this lunation could accentuate certain flaws in your daily routines and wellness strategies, giving you a greater sense of what still needs to be worked on. Utilize this Full Moon to get your life in better working order, and while several of your past efforts are likely to bear fruit now, you should use this peak Full Moon energy to get better organized and integrated overall.

However, Neptune’s opposition to the Full Moon does bring about an element of distraction, uncertainty, or difficulty with focusing. While you might notice that you’re getting a lot accomplished, the ultimate endpoint may not be so clear. In matters of health or wellness, there’s an element of obfuscation, so don’t bet on figuring out problems just yet, and avoid exaggerating things beyond what you actually know. But with Neptune’s involvement, you’re receiving a vision that could be useful for further attainment of self-improvement goals, a clearer sense of what it is you want to accomplish and make a reality later on. With several planets still transiting Pisces and your 12th house, meditation or yoga would be obvious starting points for clearing your mind, but anything that invokes a greater sense of overall integration and connection will help bring balance to your life.

Mercury enters your rising sign Aries on March 5/6 followed by Venus on March 6/7. Mercury’s transit through your rising sign will last until May 13/14 due to its retrograde cycle (March 22/23 through April 14/15). For a little over two months, Mercury’s transit through Aries can help you with self-assertion and getting your message across to others. This is a critical cycle for making adjustments to your personal style or the way you come off. Consider that during the retrograde phase, there may be some delays with new starts or project launches, but you can use this time to better articulate your message and reinforce your will or authority. A Mercury retrograde cycle can redirect you into a new position of leadership or pressure you to face certain fears and hesitations surrounding decision making and asserting your views, opinion, and perspectives.

The last quarter Moon on March 9/10 occurs near Mars in your 9th house. It highlights a need to release or discard outmoded spiritual or philosophical perspectives, and fearlessly pursue shocking new insights or realizations. And Mars’ trine to Uranus March 11/12 is a rebellious influx that can make it difficult following orders or conforming to authority. Consider taking some extra space and freedom for a few days surrounding this aspect, to express yourself fully and be yourself. Uranus’ trine to your ruler makes it easier to break free from your typical routines and embrace new experiences through experimentation or spontaneity. If you’ve felt held back by some limitation or restraint, this aspect can help ease your inhibitions and move beyond them.


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Taurus Rising

For you, this earthy Full Moon in Virgo is a point of creative and sexual integration. While typically pragmatic, Virgo’s correlation with your 5th house, gives this Full Moon a playful edge. But who says that you can’t somehow combine work and play? When you’re doing something you really love, it can sometimes feel like you’re just having a good time. For creative projects, things might really start to come together under the power of this lunation, helping you engage with your creativity while remaining mindful of details you’d normally gloss over. And for romantic relationships, this lunation may bring an element of healing and self improvement for both of you. This Full Moon invokes the often integrative and purposeful aspect of sexuality, how it can be used to bring about a greater sense of sanity and psychological stability as a natural instinct that needs healthy expression.

Neptune’s opposition to the Full Moon, however, cautions against idealizing a partner, or ignoring any faults you perceive in your creative work through plain avoidance or escapism. The current vibes that surround you are likely more light-hearted, but that still doesn’t mean going over the top or losing self control. Your ruler Venus’ trine to Jupiter alongside this Full Moon culmination gives you a more optimistic and positive approach to things. Jupiter touching Venus also gives you greater freedom of movement and self-expression. Combined with the lunar culmination in your 5th house, this may be a moment imbued with a willingness to take risks or jump deeper into a love relationship without really thinking it through. When it comes to speculative prospects, don’t just throw all caution to the wind. Use these pragmatic Virgo vibes to fully assess the consequences and make realistic assessments.

Before moving into Aries, your ruler Venus conjoins Mercury on March 4. With several planets clustering in Pisces the past week, this has likely been an exceptionally social period in addition to giving you an increased focus on your future goals, dreams, and objectives. For networking or communal outreach, this Venus/Mercury conjunction can help you communicate your vision or goals with greater clarity and passion. This is an important starting point for the invention of new strategies for the attainment of future objectives. Venus/Mercury can help you make useful allies or get others on the same page, working toward a similar cause or vision. Anticipate a busier than usual next few days as Mercury transits alongside Venus--a period of increased communication, problem solving, and brainstorming.

Mercury enters Aries March 5/6 followed by Venus March 6/7. With Venus in Aries and your 12th house until the end of March, the next month could be a challenging cycle that emphasizes the need to step away from external distractions and connect more deeply with your inner self. Anticipate that anything hidden could potentially come to light next month, exposing elements of your life or psyche that could be difficult to integrate. Mercury will be transiting your 12th house until May 13/14 due to its retrograde cycle. This high focus on your 12th house is a time to make adjustments to your priorities and regain a sense of spiritual connection in your life. Sometimes, this house correlates with loss or a deeper awareness of human suffering. But this extended Mercury cycle here can help you awaken to your connection to larger forces or a cause bigger than yourself. While you should anticipate some potential setbacks during the retrograde cycle (March 22/23 through April 15/16), you’ll likely come out with a renewed spirit and more expansive perception.

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Gemini Rising

Astrology suggests some relationship between your domestic life and inner psyche. As this Full Moon culminates in Virgo, the sign of the perfectionist, your efforts at getting your living environment better organized or put together could finally pay off. As a result, you may notice a correlation on the psychic dimension--a sense that you’re able to view yourself with increased clarity and understanding. As the Moon has its breakthrough moment at the start of the month, something in your inner life is coming to a head now. Mars’ square to the Full Moon axis suggests some conflict or tension on the homefront, or a deeper awareness of inner frustrations related to anger or possibly a repression of sexual needs and desires. You can use this potentially aggressive and volatile energy to step up and continue pulling your inner life into better alignment with your ideals through persistent effort, focus, and commitment.

With several planets still piled-up in Pisces, there’s a powerful dynamic playing out in your professional life. This increased ambitious streak allows you the space to more clearly define your public role, mission, or purpose. And until Mercury and Venus enter Aries in the days following this lunation, you’ll likely discover that the primary challenge is having to reconcile external and internal demands, giving space for both to develop without allowing either one to become seriously neglected. And considering that a Full Moon relates to an influx of activity, you might require some time away from your domestic scene, and some space to gain a more objective look at all that’s been developing over the past few weeks.

In the days following this Full Moon, your ruler Mercury makes some auspicious aspects, giving you greater freedom of movement, expression, and the ability to attain what you want. Mercury’s trine to Jupiter March 2/3 could incite your need for adventure through an acquisition of new experience. Stretch your horizons the next few days. This influx of optimism and positivity helps you to open yourself to new possibilities and landscapes. Mercury’s conjunction with Venus March 4/5 is a positive sign for relationships and creative flow. It can bring you closer to those that matter most, and combined with Jupiter’s separating trine, it creates the possibility of making beneficial connections which can augment your career or professional life.

Mercury enters Aries March 5/6 followed by Venus March 6/7. Mercury will be transiting Aries until May 13/14 due to its retrograde cycle (starting March 22/23). With an extended stay in Aries, you’ll be given some extra time to reconsider your current goals, dreams, and future plans. Mercury’s retrograde cycle (roughly March 22-April 14) can help you make revisions and readjustments on your current trajectory, or deeply reconsider your ultimate aims. Mercury’s square to Saturn March 10/11 could indicate a few days of disciplined mental focus or an influx of increased responsibilities. You’ll have to step up more the next few days to take on challenging new tasks or duties. You might notice an increased focus on your shortcomings or flaws, but if you take a proactive approach to solving problems and keep yourself busy, you’ll pass through this difficult aspect with a sense of accomplishment.

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Cancer Rising

As the wave of the first eclipse season passes, you might begin to feel a sense of relief. The past month may have proven itself emotionally or psychologically perplexing, as all eclipse seasons seem to do. While financial and psychic changes will persist for several months, this Full Moon in Virgo is a grounding point for you, something you can use to engage your focus and extend your reach into the world. Virgo’s need to be of useful service may manifest as the acquisition of pragmatic knowledge or information that could greatly benefit your life or the lives of others. This lunar culmination brings to a climax your ability to receive or transmit knowledge, thereby helping to ensure that the torch of wisdom perseveres for the future. Consider what more you could learn, and how much of what you know could be useful to someone else.

With a pile-up of planets still transiting Pisces and your 9th house, you’re prone to a more contextual perspective of life. And in seeing the bigger picture, you might miss out on critically important details, so pay closer attention to fine print or things left unsaid but obviously implied. Neptune’s opposition to the Full Moon suggests some obfuscation of your perception, so double check your sources before sharing news or information, as well as refrain from coming to drastic conclusions. But in its positive face, Neptune’s lunar opposition can help you reimagine your life, or bring forth a vision of what could be possible. Experiment with creative teaching or learning styles, or open your mind to alternative sources of insight or inspiration.

Mercury enters Aries and your 10th house March 5/6 followed by Venus March 6/7. Mercury will transit your 10th until May 13/14 due to its retrograde cycle. From this point forward, you’ll be given a chance to reconsider your career and professional objectives. With the onset of the retrograde cycle (March 22-April 15), anticipate some rerouting of your purpose and life mission. You’ll be given extra time to brainstorm and strategize your ambitions and goals while making adjustments to status and reputation. This extra focus on your public role can help you better articulate what you do for the community and within the next few months you’ll likely have a clearer message to bring forth.

The last quarter Moon March 9/10 occurs in Sagittarius near Mars in your 6th house. It highlights a need to take a proactive approach to releasing health or work related habits that could be hindering self-improvement. Consider destructive tendencies in relation to diet, fitness or general health. Watch out for conflicts or competitiveness in the workplace. You might consider working alone the next few days, or limiting team oriented activities, as this high influx of Mars activity could be difficult for getting along. However, the remaining next two weeks of Mars in your 6th house can help you get a lot done. Combined with Mercury’s transit through your 10th, this is a highly productive phase for taking care of duties, responsibilities, and tending to your higher aims and objectives.


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Leo Rising

With a cluster of planets transiting your 8th house and Pisces, intensity fills the air. It’s likely that you’ve had to at least look at matters pertaining to death or have found yourself surrounded with situations which invoke thoughts of your own mortality. Neptune’s transit through this house suggests seeing the true blurring of the lines between living and dying--that both are merely different ends of a spectrum, but perhaps both are part of a cycle that continues beyond what we perceive. However, this Full Moon in earth sign Virgo culminates in your 2nd house, offering a grounding and stabilizing force. It could symbolize the completion or manifestation of financial issues that have been brewing for some time. If you’ve been working at getting money matters in better order, this is a critical step in that process.

And hopefully, the pragmatic nature of this Full Moon can help balance out the intensity of the past week, providing you with something concrete and tangible with which to focus on. Straddling both the 2nd and 8th houses, the challenge of this Full Moon is balancing personal and shared resources. And Mars’ square to the Full Moon axis could indicate some potential conflict or tension surrounding money issues. Neptune’s opposition to the Full Moon also suggests being cautious when it comes to investments or extra borrowing. Things might not be what they seem at first glance. While the brightness of the Moon illuminates your personal means of survival, you might still need to consider insight or feedback from anyone you depend on. The 2nd house is not just about resources or income flow either. Combined with Mars’ square, this could indicate a moment to really prove yourself and acquire confidence and a sense of self-reliance.

Your solar ruler conjoins Neptune March 4/5 which can indicate a few days of ambiguity or an impulse toward escapism. At it’s best, Sun/Neptune can be a mystical window unveiling powerful insights into yourself and those you’re intimately involved with. In fact, this is likely the most insightful and spiritually focused aspect you’ll experience all year, a time to peer beyond layers of personal and collective illusion. And at its worst, be mindful of an urge to avoid facing difficult or uncomfortable truths through dangerous means of escapism. But somewhere in between, you’ll be walking through a dreamy and somewhat surreal reality the next few days, so anticipate the need to acquire a meaningful vision which can revitalize your faith and hope in a larger purpose or mission.

Mercury enters Aries and your 9th house on March 5 followed by Venus March 5/6. Mercury will be transiting your 9th house until May 13/14 due to its retrograde cycle (starting March 22). This extended stay in your 9th house is a cycle that can help you revise your philosophical, spiritual, and ideological views, or help you extend your reach in the world and break free from monotonous routines. Seek some fresh air the next several weeks, and anticipate a serious alteration of your overall perspective of the world. In Aries, consider that you’ll need courage to question your beliefs and uncover new realities. But Mercury’s square to Saturn can indicate a challenging awakening as opposed to a free-spirited, adventurous streak. However, Sun trine Jupiter March 13/14 provides an expansive and optimistic influx. Just before the New Moon, Jupiter touching your ruler gives you an auspicious turn of luck, bringing vitality and increased confidence.


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Virgo Rising

As the month begins, a Full Moon culminates in your rising sign, Virgo. You can expect an accentuation of all those Virgo qualities to flood your awareness right now, like the need to get good at something and serve others, or the need to finally get your space organized so that the daily flow can operate more seamlessly. And as a Virgo rising, you’ll need to be cautious of the negative face of Virgo--the need to be perfect. As the Full Moon culminates in your 1st house, overt self-criticism is the primary pitfall, but a little scrutiny isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you find yourself just hyper focused on the imperfections in your outward appearance to the point of it being utterly crippling, you’ll need to step back and gain some perspective. The pile-up of planets in Pisces and your 7th house are helping you to open yourself to the perspectives and needs of others.

This extra focus on your relationships can give you greater access to compassion, empathy, and understanding. With this Full Moon, you’ll have to find a balance between asking for feedback and advice and taking the lead on things. With the 1st house Full Moon, anticipate that you’re at a stage where projects are now coming to completion or you finally feel ready enough to take the initiative with something. And as the Full Moon is a point of high visibility, occuring in your house of self (which includes self-image), you’re likely getting noticed more than usual. But Neptune’s opposition to the Full Moon from the 7th house cautions you about thinking you have to do it all, oblivious of your limitations. The high emphasis on your 7th house means that the major challenge of this Full Moon is finding that right balance between cooperation and self-sufficiency.

Your ruler Mercury makes a trine to Jupiter March 2/3 followed by a conjunction with Venus March 4/5. Just after this Full Moon, look out for some auspicious connections that could be opening up for you, or some positive developments in a relationship. Following the Full Moon, these helpful aspects can assist you in bringing some resolution to past problems or conflicts which may have sprung up in the last week since Mercury/Venus were in square aspects to Mars. Mercury to Venus can also carry a more positive, optimistic tone into your life, perfect for social gatherings or a date night with  a partner. If you’re single, also consider these aspects highly positive for putting yourself out there or for networking. Anticipate also an increased appreciation of beauty, art, or music as Venus conjoins your ruler, heightening creativity and artistic expression.

Mercury enters Aries and your 8th house March 6/7. Mercury will be in Aries until May 13/14 due to its retrograde cycle (starting March 22). This extended stay in your 8th house emphasizes negotiations about shared property or resources, or adjustments made in a loan or other credit source. Mercury through Aries may also encourage you to take the risk of being more honest with someone close to you as well as revealing deep, psychological insights. Have the courage to face some of the unsettling or negative aspects of yourself and others under this cycle, and you’ll come out with more awareness and understanding of your deeper motivations. Mercury’s square to Saturn March 10/11 may manifest as a challenging confrontation with limitation or obstacles. This isn’t a good time for making a final conclusion about a loan or opening a new credit card. Look more honestly at your situation, and then decide later, maybe consolidate what you have.  

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Libra Rising

It’s likely that there’s been a lot to do the past week, such as work piling up or feeling the weight of responsibility to serve and be useful. With a pile up of planets in your 6th house, you’ve probably felt the need to really step up and consume yourself in meaningful tasks, or conversely, have been elected to assist in onerous duties. But you’ve likely been a little more compassionate and willing to extend a helping hand. This Full Moon in Virgo and your 12th house emphasizes the need to sacrifice personal needs for the sake of a greater cause. It can continue a trend of offering support or assistance. As the Full Moon culminates here, it perhaps symbolizes a dissolving of boundaries and an awakening of a greater awareness about your connection to things much bigger than yourself. And in that awareness, you might realize that there’s far more to life than fulfilling your own needs. Neptune’s opposition to this Full Moon adds more power to the mystical and visionary dimension of this lunation.

Anticipate glimpses of eternity, or the perception of things outside your usual frame of reference. Any inner work toward a path of self-discovery that you’ve been investing in is now reaching a critical culmination, gifting you with a deeper and more profound understanding of your place within the cosmos. And while five planets remain in your 6th house for the next few days, consider this an ideal time to invest in self-improvement strategies. Meditation, yoga, or taking on a more holistic diet would be obvious starting points, but anything that has the power to transform your perspective and help you move beyond destructive tendencies would fit here. Your ruler Venus’ trine to Jupiter alongside this Full Moon promises that beyond any sense of loss that may accompany this lunation, that you’ll have the ability to notice the silver lining.

Mercury enters Aries and your 7th house March 5/6 followed by Venus on March 6/7. Due to its retrograde cycle, Mercury will be in your 7th house until May 13/14. This puts a higher than usual focus on relationships with romantic partners, friends, or colleagues. This is an ideal time to work on your communication strategies with others by asserting your needs or perspectives. It also designates a dynamic period for those you’re involved with, a time where several people in your life may be undergoing readjustments. Consequently, anticipate that you’ll need to change how your interact with people, as the flow of social exchange will be reversing in its typical direction. But with Mercury transiting closely with Venus through your 7th house now, this gives you a moment to talk things out and open your mind to the views and perspectives of others.

But considering the often confrontational and combative nature of Aries, Venus through your 7th house March 31/April 1 can be a challenging cycle for relationships in general--a time where you’ll need to accommodate others more than usual. Also, expect that, at least for a while, those in your life may be more assertive about what they need and how they see things. Jupiter’s stationary retrograde in your 2nd house March 8/9 could relate to a positive shift with finances, but could also impulse splurging. Be careful with your resources for a few days. And your ruler Venus square Saturn March 13/14 can bring some harsh or difficult confrontations with reality or limitations placed on a relationship. While mid-March isn’t the easiest time for partnerships, it can help you grow and mature in how you relate to others, and bring about a healthier and more balanced dynamic between yourself and important people in your life.


Scorpio Glyph-Resized.png

Scorpio Rising

An increased focus on topics of sexuality, creativity, and children has likely dominated the last week. Five planets clustering in your 5th house is also a poignant period for allowing yourself some playtime. This Full Moon in pragmatic Virgo culminates in your 11th house, highlighting issues surrounding friends, social networks, dreams, goals, and objectives. While your 5th house planetary cluster invites you more into the moment, this 11th house Full Moon has you practically planning ahead and looking toward the future. Anticipate that any strategizing you’ve been doing the past few weeks is now coming to a critical stage of completion. This Full Moon can help you nail down your plans for moving ahead with projects or organizing your life so that you can more successfully accomplish future goals. This can also be a time where networking with social groups or organizations can really pay off.

Neptune’s conjunction with the Sun in your 5th house alongside this Full Moon can incite romantic idealism, creative inspiration, or factual obfuscation with issues involving children. For romantic relationships, this lunation can help you more clearly see the reality of the situation, which may conflict with your need to indulge in fantasy. And for creative projects, you can utilize this influx of visionary insight for the successful execution of creative tasks. Your ruler Mars’ wide square to the Full Moon axis could generate some strife or conflict over finances and resources. But Mars can also offer you the motivation needed to acquire the basic necessities required to make your vision a reality. Mars will be in your 2nd house until March 17/18, designating a few more weeks of setting boundaries or working through issues related to money and resources.

Mercury enters Aries and your 6th house on March 4/5 followed by Venus on March 5-6. Mercury turns retrograde March 22/23 and will transit your 6th house until May 13/14. This extended stay in your 6th house can help you rework, revise, and make adjustments to your health, fitness, and work-related routines. Consider how you can improve your competence or work performance, as well as the efficiency of daily tasks and responsibilities. Mercury can also help to redirect the flow of duties and responsibilities, revealing things in your blindspot that need to be taken care of. If you’ve neglected your health or allowed work to pile up, this is your moment to get back on track and caught up.

Venus will be closely transiting into Aries alongside Mercury as they enter your 6th house which could provide some much needed help with the above mentioned themes. Look for others who could offer a helping hand in getting things done, or someone who might have some positive, health related advice. Jupiter turns stationary retrograde in your rising sign March 8/9, which can bring about a sense of increased confidence and focus on your outward style and presentation. Especially for a few days surrounding this station, look for ways to assert yourself more expansively or extend your influence in the world. Jupiter’s station invokes a sense of freedom and the need to direct your own life. This can be exacerbated by your ruler Mars’ applying trine to Uranus which will be exact March 11/12. At the peak of this aspect, expect an ease in your ability to express your individuality and break free from constraints. This highly experimental and rebellious trine gives you permission to embrace your uniqueness and be who you are.

Sagittarius Glyph-Resized.png

Sagittarius Rising

Your inner and intimate life, which includes home, family, and psychological undercurrents, have likely been the major emphasis of the past week. A clustering of planets in Pisces and your 4th house draws your energy inwardly and away from external pursuits. Hopefully, it’s given you a renewed perspective towards the people you care most deeply about, as well as unveiled personal realizations leading to further self-discovery. This Full Moon in Virgo in your 10th house, however, is a momentary break from navel gazing and calls your attention to your career and professional goals. Projects or career related matters that you’ve been working on or building up towards are likely now reaching a point of culmination. Much of this rising tide of external demands could pull your energy away from domestic concerns, challenging you to find a balance between internal and external responsibilities.

Mars’ wide square to the Full Moon axis from your rising sign Sagittarius indicates the power of this lunation to shake up your life, drawing energy and vitality toward the implementation of your willpower. Consider that you might be faced with some difficult decisions about career and your personal life, and much of what you ultimately choose should be not only for yourself, but those who depend on you. Sink deep into yourself with this Full Moon, beneath all the external chatter lies a well of wisdom, compassion, and intuition that could help you feel your way through all that’s being offered to you. And if you feel confused about which direction is best, turn to your inner circle of support for feedback and advice. Mars’ transit through your 1st house is putting a lot more pressure on your ability to act decisively and make much needed changes. This Full Moon moment represents a breakthrough in all the work you’ve been doing in regards to building up your life. This breakthrough moment can pull several threads together and help you get back on track with pursuing your objectives.

Mercury enters Aries and your 5th house March 5/6 followed by Venus March 6/7. Mercury will be in Aries and your 5th house clear through mid-May due to its retrograde cycle. Mercury in your 5th house for roughly over two months puts some extra focus on your creative, sexual life, and your relationship with children. As the house of romantic and creative expression, there’s an emphasis on recapturing joy, playfulness, and spontaneity. Consider what new creative insights or perceptions you might need to uncover to create more playful flow in your life, and also consider how seeing the world through the eyes of a child could greatly impact your perception of everything. While Mercury will be in a square relationship to Saturn, you’ll need to put some extra effort and discipline into creative projects. For relationships with children, this could be a potentially challenging period for setting boundaries or limitations. And for love relationships, infatuation is likely short lived, but Saturn’s square can give you a more realistic perspective and bypass idealizing a partner.

Your ruler Jupiter’s retrograde station March 8/9 in your 12th house is consciousness expanding, enlarging your awareness of your connection to larger forces. Jupiter’s focusing influence can help you gain insights typically hidden, as well as invoke compassion or empathy for the suffering of others. Consider how you might reach out to those in need by offering a helping hand. The last quarter Moon in your rising sign Sagittarius March 9/10 occurs near Mars, helping you release fears related to taking action or decision making. Amplifying assertiveness and courage, this lunar phase can act as a catalyzing force for taking the lead and standing up for yourself. The Sun’s trine to Jupiter March 13/14 brings about an influx of optimism, vitality, and positive motivation, useful for tackling projects or successfully implementing goals and strategies.

Capricorn Glyph-Resized.png

Capricorn Rising

With a pile up of planets in Pisces and your 3rd house there’s an increased focus on your perceptions, opinions, and biases. The sign of Pisces invites you to open your heart more than your mind, and listen more intently to views and perspectives that might conflict with anything you’ve assimilated into your identity structure. Opinions can change, especially in light of new information or alternative viewpoints you’ve never thought of before. All of this mental energy has you likely more interested in current events or discussing the latest news with people you encounter. As the Full Moon culminates in Virgo and your 9th house, you’ll need to be careful of taking a ridgid or dogmatic stance, as this influx of Virgo energy in your house of “higher learning” can inflame your defense of a strongly held ideology. But this Full Moon can also serve to remind you that any ideology should do more than just sound good in theory; it should have some usefulness in the world and positively impact the community.

This lunation has you more hyper aware and focused on your perceptions--but it invites you to not just question beliefs, but open your mind to new ways of seeing them. The ego doesn’t like to admit that it’s wrong, especially when it’s been so invested in a particular way of seeing the world. However, no matter what we come to understand about life, there’s always another side to that story. Being humble enough to admit that you don’t have all of the answers, or to accept that life is far more complex than any one person or institution can fully articulate, is a step in the right direction with this Full Moon. Mars’ wide square to the lunation axis can again provoke defensiveness or combativeness about anything you’ve come to rely on solely based on faith alone, but this energy can be inverted toward a more aggressive pursuit of the truth beyond what you currently understand.

Mercury enters Aries and your 4th house March 5/6 followed by Venus on March 6/7. These closely transiting planets crossing into your 4th house can instigate a conversation with family or your inner self. Mercury/Venus here suggest taking a risk and more fully engaging with those in your domestic life, or plunging into the psychic depths for the acquisition of personal insight. Mercury and Venus’ square relationship to Saturn while in Aries can provoke conflict or disagreements, but through working out differences, authentic growth in these relationships can occur. And with both Mercury and Venus transiting this lower portion of your horoscope, you’ll be less externally focused the next few weeks. Consider what topics you’ve avoided discussing with those in your intimate life and how you might approach them in a more mature, and grounded manner. Doing so could help you better understand yourself and your impulsive or triggering reactions.

Jupiter’s retrograde station March 8/9 could bring about an expansion of your social circles, or correlate with a longing for connection with those working toward similar causes. For networking, Jupiter’s station can help open the possibility of meeting like minds and souls, so stretch beyond your usual social outlets. Mercury’s square to your ruler Saturn March 10/11 is another influx of communicative or mental energy, but one that again challenges perceptions and carefully guarded beliefs. Mercury’s square to Saturn can bring about a hyper focused state helpful for prolonged concentration. It symbolizes a dynamic next few days for practical planning or strategizing. And Venus’ square to Saturn March 13/14 is a time for introspection and reflection on your intimate relationships. Accentuating flaws or imperfections with certain partners, Venus/Saturn can help you gain a more realistic view of others and make adjustments in your interactions.

Aquarius Glyph-Resized.png

Aquarius Rising

Attaining enough of what you need to survive has probably been a major focus of the past week or so. With so many planets in your 2nd house, this is an ideal time for sorting out financial issues so that life can run just a little more smoothly. The fact that so much of modern living is tied into chasing money makes little time for anything else. But this high focus on your resource base has likely served to open new channels of commerce or income possibility. Mars’ squares to your 2nd house planetary cluster has likely provided enough motivation to get proactive about solving monetary issues or stepping up to new challenges. This high focus on your 2nd house is also a time to prove yourself to yourself through consistency, resourcefulness, and increased self-sufficiency. And this Full Moon in Virgo in your 8th house highlights the need to find a balance between acquisition and release.

You might consider what you can salvage and make new again, or what accumulated clutter you could consolidate or do away with entirely. For you, this Full Moon is about clearing out and simplifying your life in whatever way you can. And as far as clutter goes, you might also consider that on the unconscious level, psychic debris can be just as suffocating when it goes unchecked. This Full Moon can help you gain valuable psychological insights and work past mental and emotional blocks preventing you from thriving on the material plane. However, Neptune’s opposition to this lunation warns of idealizing objects, taking on extra debt, or investing in things outside of your budget. Be mindful of impulsive spending or jumping into a joint financial entanglement without really thinking it through. If you work with this lunation, you can actually peer through all the layers of fear and insecurity and gain more clarity about what you truly value in life and how much that ties into your overall self-worth.

Jupiter’s retrograde station March 8/9 puts ample focus on career and professional expansion. Expect increasing dissatisfaction with your current position or objectives for a few days surrounding this station, and look out for new doors or opportunities opening up to increase your ability to move forward with your ambitions. And with such hyper focus on your status, reputation, and professional position, Jupiter can help you reach higher or put yourself out there in a more positive, social light. Community outreach or big PR moves are likely to manifest, anything that can help you extend your reach further and wider. The last quarter Moon on March 9/10 occurs near Mars in Sagittarius in your 11th house. This phase of the lunar cycle highlights your connection to social networks such as meetup groups or organizations. Be wary of conflicts over differing visions or opinions, as you’re likely to feel more assertive and aggressive about promoting your own cause.

Mercury squares your ruler Saturn March 10/11, challenging your aptitude for focus and concentration. Mercury's square to Saturn is useful for catalyzing a course of study or other disciplined mental work. This designates an ideal few days for practically planning or strategizing for a project, however, while your thinking may be more pragmatic, Mercury/Saturn connections can instigate negative thinking or a tendency toward depression. Use this aspect to pinpoint the flaws or potential challenges, but don’t dwell solely on what’s wrong. Take constructive action. Lastly, Venus’ square to Saturn March 13/14 is a moment to work out problems in relationships. Again, through a square aspect it’s a time to take initiative and and make constructive use of problematic insights or feedback from other people. While you might feel more alienated or disconnected from others, Venus/Saturn connections can help bring out an objective assessment of your connections and make adjustments.

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Pisces Rising

Look for a culmination in a relationship with this Full Moon in your 7th house. Romantic/marriage partners, friends, or working relationships are all impacted by this lunation, and you should expect a highly social next few days, focusing on partnership issues or reaching out to others. This rising tide of the lunar cycle in Virgo can bring a relationship that’s been developing in the background to a deeper level, or correlate with a significant next step in a longstanding partnership that brings you closer together. With five planets currently in your 1st house, you’re ready for a new start, but the challenge of this lunation is finding the appropriate balance between doing things your way and accommodating others. The 7th house is all about trust, and you’re now reaching a stage where that trust in someone takes center stage.

One primary source of tension inherent to this Full Moon is in the pursuit of your career and professional objectives. Mars in your 10th house makes a wide square to the Full Moon axis, so pursuing your ambitions is likely to conflict with the demands of those in your life. But activating the angles of your horoscope, this Full Moon is a powerful catalyst instigating forward movement and willfully direct action. Consider what’s been the main focus over the past two weeks because lunation is bringing your efforts to a critical stage of fruition and manifestation. It’s a good time to come to an agreement, or finalize a negotiation. For business or collaborative projects, this Full Moon can symbolize the point that pulls it all together.

Venus’ trine to your ruler Jupiter on the day of the Full Moon brings about an ease of relating and social exchange. This is also a highly creative peak perfect for adding beautifying touches or elements to projects. Opportunities for travel or a quick getaway with a partner, lover, or friend can also manifest under this lunation. But if you need to get some serious work done, Venus/Jupiter can also accentuate any tendencies toward laziness or passivity. With the momentum currently building up in your chart, you’ll have to make the extra effort to get things done or pursue your ambitions. And remember, the Full Moon energy is all about reaping the rewards of past labors. New plans hatched or projects launched now may need further tinkering over the next two weeks to really get off the ground.

Mercury’s trine to Jupiter on March 2/3 opens up clear channels of communication and ease of cognitive flow. If you’ve been stuck on a single idea or lost in a mental fog, Mercury/Jupiter makes thinking easier as well as the ability to get your point across. While you’ll need to be careful of scattered energy or a higher than usual anxiety influx, this is a good cycle for strategizing and thinking things over. Combined with Venus/Jupiter, talking things out with a friend, partner, or colleague could be a good way to gain useful insights or problem solve. Jupiter stations retrograde March 8/9 in your 9th house--putting high focus on gaining an overall perspective of your life and adds an emphasis to spiritual or philosophical questioning. The last quarter Moon conjunct Mars in your 10th house on March 9/10 is a good time to release pent up anxiety or frustration related to career and professional matters. And if you need to narrow down your objectives, this lunar phase can bring a single target into closer range.