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Full Moon @ 11 Cancer 38'

January 1/2- January 16/17

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Aries Rising

With several planets transiting your career region, this Full Moon might feel like a distraction from the pursuit of your current ambitions. But matters on the homefront might require your attention for a few days surrounding this Full Moon culmination. Home improvement projects or even personal work done over the last several weeks should be reaching a new stage of resolve, culmination, or transition.

With this Cancer Full Moon in an auspicious grand trine with both Jupiter and Neptune, it’s a good time to lay low and snuggle up with creature comforts to bring in the New Year. Take a few days to step back and assess your most personal needs and concerns. This Cancerian Moon is a good time for an emotional checkup, helping to create a safe, cozy space for the exploration of your inner world.

As the Full Moon wanes over the next week, your ruler Mars nears its exact conjunction with Jupiter (Jan. 6). Jupiter’s influence on Mars just might give you extra optimism, and a jovial light-hearted vibe, but potentially, also working to tip your aggressiveness over the edge. And occuring in Scorpio, it may bring volatile feelings or repressed desires to the surface, so be mindful of all reactions and impulses over the next two weeks.

If you’ve been in need of financial assistance/support, Mars/Jupiter is a positive omen suggesting that you might get what you want if you ask for it. As you near Jan. 9, you’ll be back on track with pursuing career/professional goals. In fact, the epic Sun/Venus/Pluto conjunction in your career region looks like a poignant transformation of your objectives and reputation. Look out for hidden talents or proficiencies which can greatly augment your overall purpose and mission.

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Taurus Rising

Anticipate a potentially busy few days surrounding this culmination of the Full Moon in Cancer. Occuring in your communication region, an increase in conversation, phone calls, emails, etc. can all be expected. Tying up loose communicative threads or misunderstandings would be an ideal use of these Full Moon vibes. With the Moon’s grand trine with Jupiter and Neptune, the right information also seems to arise from the ethers just when you need it most--providing further clarity and understanding.

However, while much of this external chatter can be informative, it’s also distracting, as a deeper process of change/transformation is brewing beneath the surface of it all. With your ruler Venus in opposition to the Full Moon in Capricorn, you’re thinking/reflecting on deeper issues and broader, contextual concerns. While the Full Moon brings about an influx of stimulation and activity, the next two weeks will be more challenging if you go on ignoring anything repressed or discarded.

Mars/Jupiter conjunct in your relationship region (Jan. 6) may correlate with inflated romantic/sexual feelings in addition to flare ups of relational tensions or arguments. If you’re looking for potential partnerships (platonic or otherwise), early Jan. is your ideal season for putting yourself out there and increasing your odds of getting what you want. In addition to Mars and Jupiters meetup, the biggest changes build up several days later with your ruler Venus’ conjunction with both Sun and Pluto.

As the following week commences, you might need some extra space for substantial reflection, introspection or solitude. It seems you’re in the midst of a major ideological overall, and as past beliefs or ideas breakdown around the time of the Full Moon, a new reality is opening up for you. Just past the exact alignment of Sun/Venus/Pluto Jan. 9 is a renewal of your faith in something more relevant and encompassing. Additionally, this first part of 2018 is a total transformation of your self-image and a serious shedding of the past.

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Gemini Rising

Culminating in your financial region, this Full Moon in Cancer can bring about a peak in resource acquisition, and in the midst of a water grand trine involving auspicious Jupiter, it’s easier now to get what you need. If you’ve been saving up or otherwise putting aside other luxuries, it’s more possible now than ever to indulge a bit or finally enjoy the benefits of your sacrifices. But with the Moon applying to a trine with both Mars and Jupiter, it’s easy to overdo it, too.

Saturn’s transit through Capricorn might suggest remaining practical in your spending habits as you’ll notice less financial support over the next few years, persuading you toward more autonomy/self-sufficiency. Mercury’s applying trine with Uranus (exact Jan. 6) might give you the sense of newfound freedom, willpower, and increased ability to express yourself in various aspects of your life.

Especially with Mercury still in Sagittarius until Jan. 10 (and with the retrograde cycle over), there’s a sense that you’re finally getting comfortable and more settled with relational changes that have taken place over the past few weeks or month. Mars conjunct Jupiter on Jan. 6 provides a serious influx of motivation overall for a health/wellness restart. This potent conjunction can help realign you with fitness goals or workflow augmentation just in time for the creation of new year's resolutions.

Mercury’s ingress into Capricorn Jan. 10 and conjunction with Saturn Jan. 12 gives you several days of intensive focus and discipline that you can use to successfully direct your will toward productive tasks and accomplishments. While Saturn’s influence can be stultifying, maintain a steady pace to avoid the heaviness/depression of Saturn’s vibe. Saturn/Mercury’s connection is also ideal for releasing clutter or simplifying tasks or projects. Until the lunar eclipse Jan. 31, Mercury’s Capricorn transit is your moment to push forward and get ahead after a few weeks of readjustment.

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Cancer Rising

For you, this is a highly auspicious and comfortable Full Moon. Occuring in your rising sign and applying to a trine aspect with Jupiter, you’re likely to feel more yourself and better equipped to put the finishing touches on any plans or projects that you’ve been working on. In fact, you might notice that everything kind of just comes together without much effort, and that’s the magic of the Full Moon’s involvement in a water grand trine with mystical Neptune and expansive Jupiter.

If you’ve been struggling with current circumstances, this lunation can most definitely re enliven your passion and faith in new possibilities. But also possible is the emergence of some highly emotional energies, so be mindful of the need to release pent up feelings and to get things out in the open. With a dynamic cluster of planets currently transiting your “love and relationship” region, you might feel especially beleaguered by other people’s decisions or demands.

While relatively peaceful, this Full Moon does point out some residual power struggles in all relational dynamics, providing opportunities to heal and overcome past resentments. With Saturn’s ingress into Capricorn, you’re reaching a new stage of maturity in all partnerships which may come with a need to simplify connections and agreements. For now, this Full Moon empowers you to be honest and upfront about who you are and what you ultimately need.

Over the next week, Jupiter and Mars’ conjunction in Scorpio can be sexually, romantically, and creatively stimulating. Keep desires, aggressiveness, and risk-taking activities in check, but feel free to healthily express your inner Eros within reason. The Venus/Sun/Pluto conjunction in your relational region on Jan. 8/9 points to an intense period as we near the New Moon on Jan. 16/17. If you think you know everything there is to know about someone you’ve been involved with, think again. The next weeks will reveal some hidden truths, desires, and secrets leading to a major transformation in all of your closest ties.

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Leo Rising

As Venus conjoins the Sun there’s a slightly more positive vibe to this Full Moon regardless of Saturn’s recent ingress into Capricorn. You’re entering a highly productive phase where you can make practical improvements and augmentations to your daily routines, health practices, and workflow. However, as the lunar cycle culminates in Cancer, you may need to step back from some responsibilities to assess what’s going on from behind the scenes and in the inner realms. With a water grand trine highlighting the “psychic” regions of your chart, this a moment of deep personal insight and revelation.

Venus’ opposition to the Full Moon foreshadows the encroaching, transformative alignment of your ruler, the Sun, with both Venus and Pluto on Jan. 8. Utilize this moment of calm to gain some much needed clarity about yourself and your surroundings. The Sun’s easy-flow aspects to Neptune and Jupiter over the next week should be insightful, creative, and auspicious. Expect to get what you want more than you might otherwise, though be prepared for a dramatic shift of energy as both the Sun and Venus meet up with Pluto.

This rare alignment of planets in your “health and work” region can bring to the surface hidden secrets, desires, and opportunities. It can also mark a significant transformative threshold for working relationships and health matters. If you’ve been avoiding the truth pertaining to any of the above mentioned themes, this Sun/Venus/Pluto conjunction is going to drag everything out and help you openly deal with it.

Expect some big changes in the daily grind from Jan. 8 onward. Also, be highly cautious of all desires and impulses as these planets near conjunction. Especially with Jupiter and Mars’ conjunction just a few days before, on Jan. 6, this is a powerful and stimulating period, awakening hidden desires, urges, and repressed feelings. And the Sun’s square with Uranus on Jan. 14, just before the Capricorn New Moon is a unexpected shift of events and a radical break with the past. The best advice: go with the flow as best you can and expect the unexpected over the next two weeks.


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Virgo Rising

Your new year kicks off with a highly social Full Moon culmination emphasizing good times, friends, and like-minds. In tropical Cancer, this lunation accentuates bonding, connecting, and enjoying the company of people you love and trust. Occuring in the “friends and future” region of your chart, this lunation might have you looking ahead as well as deeply assessing your current goals, objectives, and plans. Your new year's resolutions take on a greater significance with a focus on creating a clear, strategic plan of action.

If you’re unsure of what to prioritize this year, look to your supportive networks for feedback and advice. If you feel alienated or disconnected with this Full Moon, consider who you could reach out to. With the Moon’s applying trine aspect to auspicious Jupiter, there’s a good chance you’ll find the support that you need if you make yourself available. And with Saturn in a new sign and Mercury direct, there’s really not much stopping you from taking some first steps toward actualizing your objectives.

Now that you’re likely to have a clearer view of where to go next, use the next two weeks to narrow down your bold next moves. Think of a big creative project that you might invest some time in and use the New Moon (Jan. 16) as a dynamic and solid launching point. The Full Moon’s water grand trine highlighting the most social dimensions of your chart creates an easy flow of communication and feedback exchange. Indulge in this open conduit of co-creative energy to collaborate, share, and learn from others.

Your ruler Mercury’s trine to Uranus (Jan. 6) is the third hit since Mercury’s retrograde cycle began several weeks ago. Look for zaps of genius, unique perspectives, and chances to break free of all routines during Mercury’s final days in Sagittarius. But once Mercury enters Capricorn (Jan. 10) and conjoins Saturn (Jan. 12), it’ll be time to get more serious and less experimental. The lighter vibe of the Full Moon wanes into a focused and ambitious pursuit. While depression/frustration are likely toward the New Moon, get busy and look for productive outlets to distract your mind.

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Libra Rising

With a rising tide of auspicious promotional energy alongside this Full Moon, this is a good time to put yourself out there and let the public know what you’re doing. At the very least, you’ll notice previous PR moves beginning to show some results. Enjoy an opportune moment for increased attention and professional activity. With the Full Moon’s applying trine to Jupiter, this lunation may correlate with a few days of elevated activity and responsibilities which may conflict with the cluster of planets in your “domestic” region.

With your ruler Venus conjunct the Sun in Capricorn, there’s an equally powerful pull from your inner life. Saturn’s recent ingress into Capricorn can help you simplify/streamline your living space and make room for a more grown up relationship with family and domestic partners. Accommodating both external and internal demands is the primary challenge of this lunation and Venus’ inward pull is likely to win overall. Utilize this Full Moon moment to briefly step out and take care of business; the following several days will be conducive for solitude and down time.

Following the Full Moon, Venus’ sextile with Neptune on Jan. 3 has a serious, contemplative vibe, increasing creativity and inspirational flow. Mars/Jupiter’s conjunction on Jan. 6 is a dynamic start of a financial cycle--a good time to launch potentially lucrative projects or investments. But don’t take on more than you can handle or splurge beyond your limits of affordability either.

By Jan. 9, the Venus, Sun, and Pluto conjunction takes a deeper dive into highly intimate territory. Venus/Pluto can help you solidify bonds and love relationships, deepening connections of all kinds. With the Sun’s additional conjunction too, expect several days of increased intensity and passion all around. Look for opportunities to be upfront and honest about your needs, but also look out for your desires taking control. Be extra mindful of who or what you might damage in the process of getting exactly what you want. Self-control and mindfulness can help restrain a rush of primal urges and feelings.

Scorpio Glyph-Resized.png

Scorpio Rising

So many new possibilities are opening up for you at the start of the New Year that it might feel a little overwhelming. This Full Moon in Cancer suggests seriously breaking free of your typical routines, stimulating your curiosity and thirst for new adventures. With a water grand trine dominating the sky during this lunar culmination, anticipate heightened emotional intensity and passion. For the most part, this Full Moon brings with it some highly positive vibes, optimism, and increased awareness of what lies on the horizon.

This mind expanding Full Moon gives you a new outlook on life and helps you feel your way through challenges and difficulties with a renewed sense of faith. And with this increased curiosity, feel free to explore your current options and choices. Commitment is not a requirement at the moment. You’ll have the next two weeks to seriously contemplate everything. For now, stretch your physical and mental reach, expanding your perception of the world.

Over the next week, your ruler Mars conjoins expansive/auspicious Jupiter in your rising sign. This might feel like an epic new start to the new year and it definitely is. You’ll also notice an increase in confidence, willpower, and personal magnetism. This is an ideal moment to assert and put yourself out there, begin new tasks, projects, and creative paths. Exact on Jan. 6, Mars/Jupiter conjunct in Scorpio carries some high energy/enthusiastic vibes, perfect for making bold moves.

While you should definitely ride this building wave over the next week, don’t push yourself too far past your limitations. Also, question whether you’ll be able to maintain this high level of enthusiasm long term. This initial jolt of momentum won’t be around forever and you’ll have to keep it up later down the road. While Jupiter is helpful, it can also lead to overestimating potential or taking on too much of a good thing.

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Sagittarius Rising

You’re likely bringing in the New Year with a heightened focus on survival--money, resources, and income flow could be dominating concerns at the moment. With Saturn’s recent ingress into Capricorn, you’ll be putting in extra hours to get what you want and need over the next few years. Alongside this financial maturation cycle is an opportunity for increased self-confidence and an entirely new relationship with money and essentials. With this Full Moon, you might be looking at how you can declutter, rid yourself of excess debt, and create some stability between personal and shared resources.

While this might not be the best time to overextend yourself further or take on extra payments, the Full Moon’s auspicious Jupiter/Neptune connections could offer up some enticing deals. Definitely think things over carefully around this lunation and seriously consult with trusted, intimate partners beforehand. Venus’ Full Moon opposition can exaggerate desires obscuring the true worth of anything you might think you just can’t live without. Saturn’s transit through your “money and resource” region is going to prioritize practical and carefully thought out investments.

Over the next week, warrior planet Mars will come into alignment with your ruler Jupiter (exact on Jan. 6). Some things you might notice: increased aggressiveness, passion, sexual desire, or occasional outbursts of irritability. In Scorpio, this combination of Jupiter/Mars can be a challenging integration, but suggests finding healthy outlets for the release of energy. Meditation, mindfulness, or yogic breathing practices could be a few good examples. Try engaging more consciously with your feelings/desires over the next several days. Start up a dream journal, or consider some creative outlet too--anything that can shift your mood and perspective.

By Jan. 15, just before a seriously practical New Moon the following day, your ruler Jupiter sextiles Pluto. This first of three Pluto sextiles gives you a behind the scenes look at reality over the next year. Pluto can help deepen your interest in spiritual, occult, or metaphysical dimensions as well as setting off a momentary fascination with the “dark side” of life. With this newfound vision, you can cut past BS and get to the point in several personal matters. It’ll be easier to see past superficial exchanges with razor like clarity.

Capricorn Glyph-Resized.png

Capricorn Rising

Culminating in your “relationship” region, this Full Moon in Cancer emphasizes bonding, connecting, and healing with trusted allies--friends, lovers, and partners. And forming a grand trine with Jupiter/Mars and Neptune, this is an incredibly emotional as well as social Full Moon moment. Relationships that have been building in the background may suddenly come to the forefront, reaching a new pivotal threshold of development. Anticipate a few days of increased interaction and social exchange with this lunation.

With your ruler Saturn now transiting your rising sign, you’ve probably noticed that something has definitely shifted. While you’re likely to gain a gradual increase in freedom to be yourself, you’ll also experience an increased need for solitude and personal space. Saturn in Capricorn is a fresh start for you. While slightly precarious and uncertain, you’re on a new path where you can begin strategizing and preparing for a new life cycle. The universe has given you more power to make some executive decisions and critical choices.

As the next week progresses, Mars and Jupiter conjoin in Scorpio on Jan. 6, giving you an  extra kick useful for networking and future planning/goal setting. This early half of January has you thinking ahead, stepping forward, and actualizing future potentials. With Mercury now direct and Saturn in your rising sign, productive momentum is definitely on your side now. If you’ve felt restrained the past few years, this new Mars/Jupiter cycle can get you excited about the future and eager to make your dreams really work.

Mercury enters Capricorn on Jan. 10 and then conjoins your ruler Saturn, Jan. 12. While placing increased attention and thought on your outward appearance and personal style, Mercury in your rising sign gives you new ways of articulating your thoughts and powers of verbal assertion. If you’ve felt stuck or unable to move forward, Mercury gives you new insights, realizations, and confidence to start charging ahead.

Aquarius Glyph-Resized.png

Aquarius Rising

Now that your ruler Saturn is in Capricorn, you’re entering a new phase of dissolving the past and tuning in to your “spiritual” side. Since Capricorn is Saturn’s domicile sign, this process shouldn’t be so threatening, but it does present some very real challenges. The best way to deal with this cycle is to take up some discipline or practice which can get you in touch with other realities or planes of existence. Meditation, yoga, or chanting might be the obvious suggestions, but anything that you can work on and improve over time would definitely suffice.

This Full Moon in Cancer may increase productivity, workload, and daily tasks/responsibilities. Echoing Saturn in Capricorn, there’s likely to be a lot more you have to do, and definitely things you might not want to do, but any time/effort you’ve been putting into your usual job or health routines might also show some results about now too. And with Venus in opposition to the Full Moon and a wide trine from Jupiter, this is actually an auspicious Full Moon where you can get a lot accomplished.

Mars is approaching a conjunction with Jupiter in your “career” region, exact Jan. 6. This can definitely kick up your ambition and help you go after your New Year's resolutions with considerable chutzpah. If you have your sights set on some specific professional advancement/opportunity, Mars and Jupiter’s connection can help you seize the moment.

However, do be cautious with other competitors, or coming off as overly abrasive in getting what you want. Ride this high tide of self-promotional mojo clear through to the New Moon just two weeks from now. Mercury’s Saturn conjunction Jan. 12 is a mentally stimulating point of focus, determination, and productive drive. And the Uranus/Sun square, just before the New Moon, challenges/stimulates self-promotion.



Pisces Glyph-Resized.png

Pisces Rising

Believe it or not, this is a mostly positive Full Moon culmination. After a rather challenging New Moon two weeks ago, you’re probably in desperate need for less serious vibes. For you, this lunation creates an ease and flow of emotional expression and sensitivity, which can help you open up and release anything you’ve been stuffing or carrying around. While these emotional waves can feel slightly overwhelming, you’re more than equipped to handle it. WIth Pisces rising, you’re definitely an emotional and psychic creature.

You’ll likely have more than enough opportunities to let loose with this Full Moon, and given it’s synchronous correlation with the start of the New Year, don’t hold back from having a good time (even if the Gregorian New Year can’t compare with the real, astro New Year mid-March). Given your psychic, empathic nature, if everyone else is feeling it, you’ll pick up on it too. And with Neptune striking a trine with the Moon, don’t underestimate your ability to pick up on a lot with this Full Moon.

As with anything, there’s always a negative side. So, while you should definitely enjoy yourself for the few days surrounding this lunation, you can overdo it. Mars is approaching a conjunction with Jupiter (exact Jan. 6/7) which is going to seriously kick up your sex drive/appeal, passionate side, and aggression. Mars/Jupiter can also make you slightly more accident prone or overtly eager to jump on impulses. So, be careful and don’t over exert. With that said, occuring in Scorpio, the next week is going to radically enliven your adventurous, spiritual, and philosophical side.

You can channel this extra passion into physical fitness or an actual (or mental) trip, but Mars/Jupiter in close proximity the next two weeks will pique your interest in anything extra thought provoking (OR mind blowing). This is a excellent restart for expanding your outreach through marketing or even pursuing some form of higher/extended education or training. If you can avoid literally jumping off a precipice, then feel free to take some logistical risks. Also, any healthy outlets for pent up anger/frustration are highly recommended.