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Full Moon @ 11 Taurus

November 3/4- November 18/19

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Aries Rising

There’s a practical focus with this Full Moon in Taurus. It can bring closure to any pending money transactions, and symbolize a culmination of your efforts at increasing income flow and resources. This grounding and stabilizing Full Moon can help you slow down the pace after a more active and dynamic Full Moon and New Moon within the last month. Use this Full Moon energy to secure yourself in whatever way you can. Find balance and gratitude for whatever safety nets/security you currently have. 

With Venus, the Full Moon ruler, opposing Uranus, anticipate some positive changes and shifts in relationships and with money/resources alongside this lunation. Uranus empowers your desire for resource independence and more space for self-expression in specific relational dynamics. Jupiter is opposing this Full Moon also indicates potential financial help from others which can help increase your sense of self-assurance and confidence. 

Mercury enters Sagittarius on Nov. 5. From early Nov. through early Jan., you’ll be in a period of perceptual/consciousness expansion with Mercury moving out of bounds and turning retrograde through most of Dec. Anticipate some challenging and shocking worldviews and foreign encounters during this Mercury cycle. Mercury will leave you a much broader perspective of the world and a deeper appreciation of life’s mysteries. Also, be mindful of Mercury’s tendency for travel delays, reroutes, and changes of plans, but any travel experiences you have at this time will undoubtedly bring about some uncomfortable, yet rewarding understandings. 

Venus conjunct Jupiter Nov. 13/14 is an auspicious aspect if you need a loan or some financial benefit from a relationship. Venus/Jupiter can also increase your psychic potential and deepen intimacy between you and soul-mates. Powerful encounters, deep conversations, and psychological breakthrough are all possible over the next year with Jupiter transiting Scorpio. 

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Taurus Rising

This Full Moon in your rising can symbolize the completion/finishing up phase of current projects or goals you’ve been working for. You’re likely to be a lot more concerned with your own needs and objectives with this lunation, but be careful of getting so consumed in your process that you neglect others entirely at this time. With your ruler, Venus, in opposition to Uranus just before this Full Moon, you’re likely to feel incredibly rebellious, unpredictable, and desperately need more independence/freedom at the moment.

The primary challenge of this Full Moon is balancing your own needs but also keeping yourself open to valuable feedback or help from others. Jupiter transiting Scorpio for the next year is profoundly emphasizing your relationships. Jupiter in Scorpio will generate new opportunities and benefits for new connections as well as an improvement/resolution in current partnerships, too. This dynamic Full Moon is a significant breakthrough event this month that can significantly empower you to take the lead and make things happen. 

Mercury enters Sagittarius beginning Nov. 7. It’ll spend a little over two months in this sign due to its retrograde cycle through most of Dec. This is going to be a highly insightful Mercury cycle, so prepare for an extended period of self-discovery, introspection, and psychological uncovering. Expect an increase in thoughts of death, mortality, or the causes of reactions/emotional responses. This cycle will give you a more in-depth look at yourself and the nature of existence. 

With Saturn still transiting this region of your chart, be cautious of too much focus on negativity or slipping into depression with this cycle. Look at what needs to be inspected, and then trust that things will lighten up once the new year rolls around. Venus conjunct Jupiter on Nov. 13 is an auspicious aspect for new relationship opportunities and expansion of current contacts/connections. Whether sexual, professional, or platonic, this Venus/Jupiter invites you to reach out and put yourself out there to reap the most benefit of this aspect. The New Moon in just two weeks is a relationship reset that’ll pave the way for new relational cycles. 

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Gemini Rising

Occurring in the final region of your horoscope, this Full Moon in Taurus carries immense symbolism of closure, completion, and loss. Don’t let the last word scare you. For new life to emerge, loss is often a requirement. Sometimes, we have to let go to make space for something new. In Taurus, you’re capable of finding peace and stability in particular endings in your life, and you shouldn’t resist or suppress the appropriate emotional response to what’s happening at the moment. 

You can also use this Full Moon energy to step away from the chaos and stimulation of the external world and catch some time to yourself if that’s possible. Solitude in nature, hiking, or a walking meditation would be good ways to utilize this Full Moon energy. Anything that can help you disconnect from stress, worry, and complexity. With Jupiter transiting Scorpio, the next year will bless you with work/job/health expansion/benefits that’ll keep you more than busy. Take some time out with this lunation and catch your breath. 

Your ruler Mercury enters Sagittarius on Nov. 7. Traditionally, Sagittarius is Mercury’s place of detriment, which means that from early Nov. (2017)  through early Jan. (2018) you’ll need to adapt, compromise, and make adjustments within personal and professional relationships. Mercury’s extended stay in Sagittarius is due to its retrograde cycle throughout most of Dec. This is going to require some major rethinking/revising of many relational dynamics. For now, prepare yourself to look through a foreign perspective. You’ll need to adapt to very different views and mindsets in the coming few months. 

Venus enters Scorpio on Nov. 7, heading for a highly auspicious conjunction with Jupiter Nov. 13/14. This Venus/Jupiter conjunction is a great new start for work-related relationships or meeting others who share the same health/fitness goals. If you need help or support with self-improvement or enhancing your job/work performance, Venus and Jupiter will be sure to open some doors. 

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Cancer Rising

This may be a socially significant Full Moon. The Moon’s rising energy draws you outward beyond your own needs, concerns, and ambitions. Consider a cause or movement that’s greater than yourself with this lunation. If you’ve been preparing for some time for the manifestation or completion of a specific goal, this Full Moon may correlate with its full blossoming and manifestation. You may also gain awareness of your place within the more massive flow of life forces and look onward toward future security and preservation of a legacy. 

This is also an ideal time to bring closure to dreams that you’ve outgrown, or connections that have outlived their purpose for your life. New life, vitality, and creative juice will slowly develop over the next two weeks. Your next starting point is the New Moon in Scorpio on Nov. 18, but for now, many anticipated changes are now coming into focus and fruition. Venus, the Full Moon ruler opposing Uranus from Libra, relates to a dynamic change occurring within you and your intimate/inward life. Uranus’ revolutionary vibes can also correlate with transformative shifts in your home and domestic life too. 

For you, this Full Moon is about trusting the future and locating a safe place within yourself that can generate stability and comfort while you forge ahead. While the instability created by Uranus can be uncomfortable and scary, trust that these changes will liberate and free you in the end. Mercury enters Sagittarius on Nov. 5 and will turn retrograde throughout most of Dec creating an extended transit in work/health/wellness region until early Jan. 2018. This will give you some extra time to rethink your work/job/health situation and rework/revise some critical strategies. 

Venus entering Scorpio on Nov. 7 will act as a creative muse for you, increasing sexual desire/desirability, creative momentum, and enhance your playfulness. Venus conjunct Jupiter on Nov. 13 represents an auspicious moment for sexual fulfillment, creative work, or for recreational amusement. With Scorpio, think increased passion and intensity, which can enliven several dimensions in your life, but could also stir up some drama, too. Deeply consider any opportunities that emerge in Nov. make sure you don’t get too carried away, otherwise, enjoy yourself and have some fun. 

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Leo Rising

Your feelings and vulnerabilities are more visible with this Full Moon in Taurus. Perhaps the Moon’s rising/culminating energy brings stuck/stagnant emotions to the surface, or you become more aware of feelings that you’ve kept suppressed. In addition to this emotional awareness, this Taurus Full Moon can correlate with professional/career goals coming to fruition or reaching a state of stability and permanence in your work or social position. 

As always with Full Moon’s, previous efforts and actions will result in outward changes and shifts. Otherwise, this lunation may merely serve to bring your attention and awareness to your need for a broader mission/purpose/social role. The natural tension of this Full Moon pits external ambitions against your intimate/inward life. With Jupiter now moving through Scorpio, positive expansion of self-awareness and your domestic/home life will manifest through to Nov. of 2018. 

The blessing of this Full Moon is its ability to reveal hidden insights and realizations about yourself that could uncover a more significant purpose or hidden ambitions within your psyche. With this lunation, locate your roots in the outer world. Trust that there’s a place for you in the world, even when it seems impossible to find it. Jupiter's main impact in Scorpio may be an improvement of your inward life, but it could also give you the motivation needed to make professional changes or discover a meaningful, communal role. 

Mercury enters Sagittarius Nov. 5 for an extended transit until early Jan. 2018. For you, Mercury’s trip through Sagittarius will help you rethink/revise your creative, sexual, and playful side due to Mercury’s retrograde cycle through most of Dec. Mercury will also give you a more personal focus for the next few months, so be careful of becoming overtly self-absorbed or insensitive. With fun/amusement highlighted throughout this cycle, consider whether you’ve been over/under emphasizing this aspect of your life. A shift of priorities is coming soon. 

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Virgo Rising

The pace of your daily life is kicking up with Jupiter transiting Scorpio. You’ll notice an increase in interaction, curiosity, and learning experiences. But this Full Moon in Taurus beckons you to a mountaintop to find some peace, calm, and perspective. If the busyness or chaos of the outer world is a little overwhelming for you, take some time out, catch your breath, and reconnect to your soul for this Full Moon moment (in whatever way you can or is realistic for you). You might need a hike or a short trip just to soothe your senses and relax your nervous system. 

If you’ve been working hard at developing/seeking a guiding philosophy for your life, this Full Moon could symbolize a breakthrough moment where a lot of missing pieces suddenly come together. Pluto’s wide trine to this lunation also suggests that when you step back and trust the flow, those deep and meaningful insights will be more readily available to you. And Jupiter’s broad opposition to the Full Moon indicates that the right information will come flooding in the less you actively seek it. 

Venus opposing Uranus just before the Full Moon moment indicates a radical money change/breakthrough. Alongside this lunation, look for new ways to liberate yourself financially or gain more resource independence. Venus in Libra is highly auspicious, so any sudden/unexpected changes will likely end on a positive note (e.g., some valuable resource miraculously falls from the heavens). Take advantage of this energy now because this definite money/resource/self-confidence streak ends with Venus entering Scorpio Nov. 7. 

The acquisition of self-knowledge will be a major theme from Nov. 5 through early Jan. 2018. Mercury will make an extended trip through Sagittarius due to its retrograde cycle throughout most of Dec. As always, trickster Mercury, especially when retrograde, tends to point out “what’s wrong” with our perceptions and understandings. For you, this cycle will significantly impact your home/domestic/inner life. Keep your mind open to new personal insight as well as the possibility of changes and transitions on the homefront. Mercury's ingress Nov. 5 will get you thinking about these intimate and internal changes to come. 

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Libra Rising

This Taurus Full Moon could be a little emotionally intense, but nothing you can’t handle. With your ruling planet Venus in your rising sign, you’re well prepared to deal with anything that comes your way. Uranus the great awakener and change-maker make opposition to Venus just before the Full Moon Moment, so you can expect some significant climaxes and culmination to occur with this lunation that will lead to relationship changes and adjustments. 

With Uranus transiting Aries for several years now, you’re probably in a completely new place with how you view/approach relationships and commitment. You can expect some important revolutions in your current partnerships around the time of this Full Moon climax. Also, while Taurus typically has a calming and tranquil nature, this Full Moon could dredge up some unresolved emotions/primal urges that have built up within you over the last few weeks and months. 

Some of those emotions may be related to your sexuality and could pull you deeper into a current sexual relationship. If that’s not in your reality, expect a deepening bond with a close friend or family member. This is also an excellent time to bring closure to pending debts or loans instead of running up new lines of credit. While Jupiter in Scorpio will help increase abundance and income flow over the next year, you can easily overestimate a few things and miss important details. 

Prepare yourself for a perceptual breakthrough from Nov. 5 through early Jan. 2018. Mercury entering Sagittarius will open your mind to entirely new vistas of thought and reality. Especially through most of Dec., keep your mind loose, open, and receptive. Mercury, the trickster, will gift you a new way of seeing the world but only if you can admit to yourself that you there’s a lot you don’t know. With Mercury retrograde through most of Dec., this extended Mercury/Sagittarius transit could correlate with increased technical, mechanical breakdowns and travel delays, but it’s the detours that will be the most exciting part. 

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Scorpio Rising

You’ll notice an increase in personal freedom, authority, and willpower for roughly the next year with Jupiter transiting your rising sign. While this expansive Jupiter transit will give you the power to step up and take the lead more often than usual, this Taurus Full Moon’s challenge is letting someone guide you for the moment or allowing yourself to see through their perspective. If a relationship has been developing over the past weeks or months, you might notice a deepening of that bond and a settling into some stability and routine. 

Commitments that solidify now (whether romantic, professional, or platonic) will possibly reveal some shadowy dimensions with this lunation with Pluto trine the Moon. Moon/Pluto gives you greater access to uncover critical faults or issues that could become more serious in the future. This is an ideal moment for finishing up negotiations or mutual projects. With the Sun and Jupiter in Scorpio opposing the Moon, this is a delicate balancing act of give and take--leading as well as trusting the lead of someone else. 

With this Full Moon, put your focus and attention on those relationships in your life that have proven to be the most dependable and reliable. Prioritize those with whom you share a particular kind of magic. The gentleness of Taurus and Jupiter’s broad opposition can also help create a resolution of past conflicts or issues. The negative face of this lunation is going too far on either extreme of the polarity, giving in to complete submissiveness or focusing only on your own needs or perspective. Either one of these traps will block any substantial changes that develop around this Full Moon. 

Mercury enters Sagittarius until early Jan. of next year beginning Nov. 5. This lengthy Mercury cycle includes a retrograde period throughout most of Dec. which will change the flow of finances and help you rework/rethink your resource/survival strategies. And with Saturn leaving Sagittarius at the end of Dec. you’ve probably reached a new level of financial mastery and resourcefulness. Mercury will test what you’ve accomplished throughout Dec., but for now, remain receptive to all news/info/data that will help to amend your money status. Venus in Scorpio Nov. 7/8 will give you a pronounced receptivity and an increased level of desirability until early Dec. Venus transiting your rising sign will provide you with an ability to attract new connections in both positive and negative manifestations. If might have to fight off a few psychic vampires, but you’ll likely benefit from some profoundly insightful people too.

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Sagittarius Rising

This Full Moon has an efficient focus for you, where work-related projects, tasks, or health/fitness goals should begin showing results. In Taurus, any increase in responsibility isn’t likely to overwhelm you right now, but feel grounding, stable, and nourishing. All life ultimately wants to be useful. Whatever effort you’ve put out there letting the world know what you can offer and how you can be of service, is likely to pay off with this Full Moon. 

With Jupiter in wide opposition to the Moon, there’s a good chance of an increase in those who need your help and expertise, as well as an escalation of confidence in your ability to take care of your health, wellness, and personal responsibilities. The Full Moon’s applying aspect to Pluto can give deeper meaning/purpose to your work as well as a positive flow of resources or income flow. This Taurus Full Moon is confidence building and resourceful if you can work past resistance/stubbornness to reframe all challenges as spiritual lessons and growth opportunities. 

The major caution with this lunation is to avoid taking on too much, especially other people’s problems. Also, be careful of victimization which can blind you from the real opportunities for progress that are available to you now. With Jupiter in Scorpio, you’re in need of a “spiritual” reawakening in your life which may come through new teachings, perspectives, or synchronistic experiences that remind you just how vast and mysterious the universe is. But also, with your ruler in the final house of the horoscope, you’re in a year-long gestation period, awaiting your rebirth at the end of 2018.

Mercury enters your rising sign on Nov. 5 and will stay here until Jan 10 of next year. This lengthy Mercury/Sagittarius transit will include an out of bounds period (Nov. 9/10-Dec. 8/9) and Mercury retrograde cycle (Dec. 3/4 through Dec. 22/23). This extended Mercury transit will help you rethink your style and overall presentation. Also, Mercury here will give you a unique period of immense objectivity that will help you look at yourself from a distance. While this might not be the most comfortable Mercury cycle, you can make some critical adjustments that’ll improve your decision-making abilities and access to willpower. Venus conjunct Jupiter Nov. 13 

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Capricorn Rising

With Jupiter now transiting Scorpio, your ability to reach for your dreams and acquire allies that will support those goals will be enhanced until late next year. This Full Moon in Taurus currently outshines any thinking ahead type strategies and worrying about the future. For the moment, this Full Moon invites you to relax, take a break, and enjoy the moment. The “power of now” has become a new age trend, but it resurrects an ancient mindfulness teaching we desperately need in the modern age. 

In a fast-paced world, inundated with ever-increasing technological enhancement, we have more ability to make contacts and “connect” with people we wouldn’t otherwise have access. But, this quickening technological pace is also overwhelming and can drag us out of the moment more often than we would with our minds alone. As this Taurus lunation culminates, look around at what you’re presently creating in your life and watch it come to a culmination. Look more at the moment to ease and relax your soul. 

You’re probably in desperate need of some fun or just some light-hearted activity. Sex could be one manifestation of this, or a good massage, a hike with a good friend or lover, or some much-needed self-love. As luck would have it, you’re likely to find at least one person who’s on the same page and needs a momentary break and playtime. You can go back to the drawing board with the New Moon in Scorpio on Nov. 18/19. For now, feed your inner animal, and enjoy this rising tide of joy that’s available to you. 

Mercury will make an extended stay in Sagittarius starting Nov. 5 until Jan. 10. That will represent a lengthy period of “soul-cleansing” and a reawakening of your connection with spirit/God/Goddess/Universe. Mercury in Sag may require some solitude and alone time more so than usual, especially with Saturn in Sagittarius until the end of Dec. This might also be a challenging period of transition for you that will require some surrender/release/letting go of anything that contributes to unnecessary stress or worry. Ideally, Mercury’s transit you gift you with an increase in synchronicity and meaningful personal/spiritual insight. And Saturn trine Uranus Nov. 11 will create an acceleration of change and liberation of several restrictions in your life mid-month. 

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Aquarius Rising

Settle into your roots with this Full Moon in Taurus. Find your safe space where you feel grounded and protected. This earthy lunation highlights your home/domestic/family life and inner world. Any home improvement projects or deep, healing work you’ve been doing should reach a stage of completion with this Full Moon, and you can rest and enjoy the stability of what you’ve created. With Jupiter in Scorpio until late next year, career/professional opportunities and expansion will be more accessible to you. 

With this Full Moon, finding that balance between your inner needs and external obligations is the primary challenge, but with Venus in opposition to your ruler Uranus, this likely to be a more auspicious lunation, giving you space, time, and rejuvenation you require. A Full Moon isn’t an ideal time to charge ahead with a new path or direction anyway, so you should use this energy to find some peace and calm, and let that soak in for the next two weeks. By the New Moon in Scorpio on Nov. 18/19, you’ll be more than ready to begin again with professional responsibilities. 

Relationships are another theme of this lunation. Seek out your most trusted and supportive contacts who can help you gain perspective and clarity with career decisions. Take a step back so that you can see forward with more clarity. Pluto’s wide trine to the Full Moon makes it easier to access your higher purpose/destiny in addition to leading you to new psychological discoveries. Understanding yourself better, your motivations, fears, and anxieties will lead you to more success in the outer world. While you may need some downtime with this lunation, utilize this time to effortlessly clear away inner blocks and stagnant psychic gunk that holds you back now and then. This Scorpio Jupiter transit is not a time to sell yourself short, but you’ll also need to be careful of taking on more than you can handle. Understanding yourself will help you avoid both over and underreaching your goals. 

Mercury will be taking an extended stay in Sagittarius beginning Nov. 5/6 creating some extra focus on your goals/dreams, particular friendships, and your networking strategies until early Jan. In Sagittarius, Mercury isn’t the most comfortable, and for you, that might translate as having to define your own goals and objectives against those of other people. Mercury out of bounds Nov. 9/10 through Dec. 8/9 will empower independent thought/original thinking. And with both of your rulers Saturn and Uranus trine Nov. 11/12, there’s likely to be a smoothness to your actions and ease with making decisions, giving you an enhanced willpower throughout mid-November. 

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Pisces Rising

For you, this Full Moon can symbolize a radical breakthrough in thought, perception, and ideology. To benefit from the real blessings of this Taurus lunation, you’ll need to surrender your beliefs surrounding what is or isn’t possible. New insight and information will come forth as the Full Moon culminates, but unlike the Aries lunation roughly one month ago, these Taurus vibes are calming, reassuring, and far more grounded. If you’ve been working hard at attaining the truth of a specific matter, gathering facts, research, and data, this Full Moon moment will gift you a new level of understanding. 

With expansive Jupiter in a wide opposition to the culminating Moon, you have a chance to gain some much-needed objectivity and a new level of awareness which makes for a consciousness expanding Full Moon moment. Jupiter transiting Scorpio until Nov. 2018 will give you more access to the world through travel or philosophical experimentation. Your guiding truth will significantly change from here on out as you’re exposed to shocking new experiences, beliefs, and perceptions over the coming months. For now, keep your mind open to incoming news and conversations. 

The Sun trine your ruler Neptune alongside this lunation infuses you with purpose and renewed vitality. And the New Moon ruler, Venus, in opposition to Uranus, generates revolutionary insights and a subsequent alteration of your current theories. You are awakening to a way of seeing the world, so don’t cling to the past. Ground yourself in this new awareness and imagine what’s possible from here on out. As the lunar cycle wanes over the next two weeks, release/let go of outdated beliefs, theories, and ideas. The Scorpio New Moon on Nov. 18/19 will gift you a healing new worldview. 

Mercury into Sagittarius Nov. 5/6 is an extended career/professional planning/revising phase clear through Jan. 8/9. Mercury will also move out of bounds Nov. 9/10 through Dec. 8/9 and will turn retrograde through most of Dec. While this might not be an ideal time for moving forward with significant career moves/promotions/expansions, this more extended Mercury passage is an excellent time to rework what you already have in motion, learn new skills and techniques. Mercury out of bounds can help you plan/think of new professional possibilities that can be successfully implemented in the future.