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Horoscopes are generalized readings based on either Sun or rising sign. If you know your rising sign (also known as the Ascendant) your horoscope may be more accurate. However, you should read for both and see which one resonates best for you. Sometimes, people resonate with their Moon sign as well, and that may be more relevant if you were born at night as opposed to the day. It's important to realize that horoscopes cannot possibly provide as much detail or accuracy as a reading of your natal horoscope (based on the time and location of birth), but they are useful for understanding the general influences of current planetary cycles. 

If you know your birth time, you can quickly look up your rising sign using this handy Ascendant calculator. 

August 2018


Aries Glyph-Resized.png


Sun sign: March 21- April 19

You might feel extra defiant at the start of this month. So good luck to anyone who tries to limit your autonomy. Yes, both Mars and Mercury are retrograde, leading to detours and constant review. Mars, your ruling planet, turns direct on Aug. 27, at which point you'll be feeling more than ready to push ahead. But the momentum you need won't be in place until mid-Sept., so consolidate your enthusiasm for now and gradually pick up the pace.

You might feel a bit of frustration throughout this month due to an increased aggressiveness which means you could have difficulty initiating plans without coming up against resistance. Consider how your view of things is changing, especially your ability to take command of life and instigate with the right kind of force. Keep playing with the limits of your power and how that invigorates your sense of destiny and mission. 

Taurus Glyph-Resized.png


Sun sign: April 20- May 20

Facing your fears, wounds, and perceived defects may consume you the first half of this month. But you needn't feel helpless because help is readily available if you choose to reach out. You don't have to face your challenges alone, nor should you. With Venus transiting Libra until early Sept., you have some serious work to do, and as Aug. begins, that reality hits you squarely and honestly. 

If you stick to relentless diligence and keep at it, you'll be able to overcome anything that's pressing down on you and accomplish a lot. By Aug. 7, anticipate a massive influx of assertiveness. The floodgates are opening, unleashing a surge of sexual and willful vitality. That's extra helpful because the following few days bring a sobering and challenging dynamic. Find work that feeds your heart, and you'll have the power to push on through. 


Gemini Glyph-Resized.png


Sun sign: May 21- June 20

With Mercury retrograde in Leo in the first half of Aug., lines of communication are likely to get tangled, making it difficult to trace the origins of your sources. With Mercury retrograde until Aug. 18, it may be wise to hold off on the conclusion. Keep your mind open (something Gemini does well anyway), because missing data bits are still likely to surface. Follow the typical Mercury retrograde advice--take your time, and embrace the detours. 

An unexpected trip or conversation this month could give you a new perspective, something fresh and desperately needed. Anticipate a confidence boost from Aug. 8-10, but be mindful of dominating tendencies or arrogant self-righteousness. You may be tempted to jump onto new opportunities or prospects, but give yourself time and soak up the enthusiasm. By Aug. 27, you'll have the information you need and far fewer obstacles to wade through. 


Cancer Glyph-Resized.png


Sun sign: June 21- July 21

Until the latter end of this month, a reworking of your financial affairs takes up some valuable time. But after Aug. 18, things should begin to clear up with transactions looking a whole lot smoother. If you're unsure about risky investments until then, give yourself some slack and find new ways to consolidate resources. With your ruling luminary, the Moon, transiting Cancer on Aug. 8/9, anticipate a catalytic push in your ability to confront and resolve issues in both your personal and professional life.

The partial solar eclipse on Aug. 11 correlates with a shifting of your values, confidence, and material safety nets. A more profound contemplation of both inner and outer changes will give you time to adjust to fluctuating markets and changing demand. This month gives you extra time to embrace new perspectives, insights, and information about how to improve income flow and self-worth anxieties. As for any emerging conflicts or hardships this month, look out for resolution opportunities on Aug. 14/15, especially ease with which you can openly discuss defects with family or domestic partners.

Leo Glyph-Resized.png


Sun sign: July 22- August 21

For most of this month, it's your season to shine and take the lead/spotlight with all matters requiring directness and decisiveness. However, Mercury is retrograde in your sign until Aug. 18, which correlates with some doubt and reservation about taking the initiative, even though you're likely to feel especially enthusiastic. Consider that the early part of the month can give you new insight into your style and outer persona, an ideal time to make adjustments before putting your best face forward. 

A partial eclipse in Leo on Aug 11 represents a dramatic shifting point and change in style and self-assertion. This solar eclipse can help you better articulate your thoughts and message in light of new and emerging personal insight. And toward the end of the month, especially Aug. 25/26, you'll be entering into a work flow-stride that can help you augment cash flow, master your work performance, and bring something fresh into your professional endeavors. Yes, all the functional regions are lighting up as Aug. comes to a close, so take the initiative as you'll find extra enjoyment in both productivity and accomplishment. 

Virgo Glyph-Resized.png


Sun sign: August 22- September 21

Your planet Mercury's backtrack through Leo this month provides you with an inward turn, a time to reassess your need for solitude and commune with the Gods and Goddesses. This spiritual and reflective vibe persists in the first half of the month, reaching a peak from Aug. 8-10, a motivating few days where you can communicate theoretical and intangible insights, intuitions, and perspectives. Consider in what ways you've put too many limitations on your consciousness and how you can healthfully expand your horizons. 

Remain mindful of arrogance or a total disregard for the details this month (because details aren't something you typically ignore). As Aug. comes to a close, an earthy grand trine with the Sun in your sign helps with a practical focus but could have you cleaning up sloppy work or overly romanticized leaps of faith from earlier in the month. From Aug. 25-27, a risk-taking, adventurous streak will work more to your advantage, so save your more significant, and bolder moves until after Mercury's direct station Aug. 18/19. 

Libra Glyph-Resized.png


Sun sign: September 22- October 22

Even though Mercury's retrograde cycle creates a reshuffling of your contacts and friendship interactions, your ruler Venus' entrance into Libra, Aug. 8 is a good indication that you can handle anything this month despite some obstacles as Aug. begins. Yes, your planet will be in your home sign until clear through early Sept., so utilize your increased charm, attractiveness, and charisma to your advantage. August is likely a more social month that gives you the added benefit of looking good in the face of adversity.

Aug. 9/10 could present some resistance to your attempts at keeping the peace or merely getting along. You'll have to fess up to the many ways you avoid facing the reality of things for the sake of keeping everyone else happy. But you've got a lot more support in this process of facing faults, defects, and challenges. You'll have to step up and push yourself at the start of this month. Nothing is going to get glossed entirely over. Keep growing and reach for more mature, authentic ways to express yourself within the context of your relationships. 

Scorpio Glyph-Resized.png


Sun sign: October 23- November 21

With your ruler Mars in retrograde until the end of the month, a breakdown in your inner or domestic world continues to generate ongoing changes and transformations all around you. There may be more drastic upheavals as Aug. begins, and you may feel unusually defiant or less willing to let anyone hold you back from expressing yourself. But despite Mercury still retrograde this month and a solar eclipse, things are calming down for you, Scorpio. I know how much you like the higher than usual intensity levels, but you need a break.

Aug. 7/8 brings you some much-needed peace and a slower pace. Anticipate that it'll be easier to pull things together and to get others on your side. A more friendly disposition and creative flair could help with smoothing out relational tensions or stabilizing a chaotic living space. The solar eclipse (Aug. 11) and Mercury retrograde in Leo could lead to a turn-around in your professional life. You'll find yourself uncovering new layers of your life purpose, a time to make critical revisions to your reputation and further define or refine what you do. 

Sagittarius Glyph-Resized.png


Sun sign: November 22- December 20

As Aug. begins, you may experience a catalytic boost of proactive confidence, but that doesn't equate to certainty. No, certainty is not a theme this month, at least not until Mercury's final square to your ruler Jupiter on Aug. 27/28, so keep your ego in check. More will be evident as the month ends, but clarity isn't something you should delude yourself into thinking you have yet. Questions and experiences will give you a much broader and more productive experience. And if you're in doubt, ask your friends, or any of the new connections that could materialize in your life right now. 

One of the defining features of this month is your ability to move in and out of reality more easily. This hypersensitive state is beyond helpful for a meditation practice or hitting it hard on the spirit plants. The peak of this peak experience happens around Aug. 19/20, so try your best not to overschedule yourself with overtly practical/rational duties and obligations; or at least anticipate that you're going to drift off more than usual. For creative projects, or better yet, creative collaborations, this month is magical, so let it flow. 

Capricorn Glyph-Resized.png


Sun sign: December 21- January 19

Things are coming together for you this month, but it will take a few weeks before that sets in. Venus entering Libra on Aug. 6/7 is in many ways quite a positive shift. It gives you increased charm, charisma, and public visibility. For professional ambitions or for polishing your resume, Venus is more than helpful. Consider how you can gracefully move a little further to the top this month, especially with a useful hand that reaches out Aug. 9/10. Yes, we know how much you like to work hard for things on your own, but sometimes a little assistance can be indulged. 

Mars retrograde backtracks into your sign Aug. 12/13, just after the solar eclipse in Leo. And combined with Mercury's direct station Aug. 18/19, mid-month isn't a smooth flow of productivity for you. It's introspective, vulnerable, and revealing. Also, things might get a little glitchy or stagnant with mutual financial transactions, so avoid investing too deep until the Sun enters Virgo Aug. 22/23. As hinted to, the latter half of this month "puts things together" for you. That might mean that you'll have more ease with which you can bring out your best and unique self as well as experiment with new possibilities. 

Aquarius Glyph-Resized.png



Sun sign: January 20- February 17

Lately, you may have experienced a pivotal switch in how you assert yourself and claim your independence. For you, honoring your individuality (and sometimes weirdness) is as vital as food and water. You may still be redefining your unique style and flare this month, though that will change as Mars enters Capricorn Aug. 12/13. As Mars backtracks through Capricorn mid-month, you might notice a slight loss of momentum. A standstill could overcome you from Aug. 18/19 and slightly beyond.

Mercury's retrograde cycle will be ending, but keep close watch of your interactions with friends, partners, and colleagues. Confused communications are possible so clarify your message the best you can. Utilize the latter half of this month to step back a little and try to gain some insight. As Aug. 25/26 comes around, you'll be riding into a positive, and productive flow while the Full Moon in Pisces places extra importance on financial matters. You'll also find that both your conservative and more progressive sides can work together as August comes to an end, a time to make what was once too radical a reality. 


Pisces Glyph-Resized.png


Sun sign: February 18- February 19

You'll have to remain mindful of idealism this month, as both your modern and classical ruling planets will trine one another, peaking Aug. 19. Idealism can stimulate your reach for greater heights and insights, but it can equally blind you from responsibility. The first half of this month puts the intangible in your grasp, a time to more deeply contemplate, meditate, and transcend prosaic problems. 

But don't mistake a more accessible inner life with permission to entirely evade reality. Both Mars and Mercury are retrograde this month, which can be pivotal in altering your perception and overall consciousness. Two peaks are worth noting. Aug. 10 and Aug. 27 will seriously challenge you to open your mind and take the initiative to better articulate your thoughts. Keep reworking and experimenting in the first half of this month, and consider a more professional broadcast as Mars stations direct at the latter end of Aug.