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What are Kosmic Horizon Forecasts?

We all experience life as a ceaseless stream of fluctuation. The universe, the incubator of the natural world, is in constant motion, and we are an integral part of this dynamic and persistent movement throughout the cosmos. This is the root of what astrology seeks to plot and give meaning to--the incessant shifting of experiences through time and space. Kosmic Horizon Forecasts are highly accurate, personalized horoscopes designed to help you navigate each lunar cycle, giving you the power to see ahead and best align yourself with upcoming opportunities and challenges.

Utilizing a unique synthesis of ancient and modern techniques, Kosmic Horizon will give you the insight to make more conscious decisions within the dynamic environment of prevailing planetary cycles. While not as personalized as a reading of an accurately timed birth chart, Kosmic Horizon Forecasts are more relevant than popular sun sign horoscopes. Using the rising or Ascendant sign, these forecasts can more accurately render your experience of each lunation, both inwardly and externally, which endows them with immense spiritual, psychological, and pragmatic value. The forecasts are published every New and Full Moon to help you prepare for the encroaching kosmic vibes. It's like receiving a personalized New or Full Moon reading twice a month plus two weeks of planetary highlights relevant to your rising sign. With Kosmic Horizon Forecasts, you’ll be way ahead of the daily grind and ever more in synch with a shifting universe. 

With Membership to Kosmic Horizon, you'll get…

  • Access to all 12 rising sign forecasts every New and Full Moon

  • Exclusive emails detailing significant events each week

  • Access to exclusive website content and blog posts

  • 15% discount on all personal readings

Your support of my work and services allows me to remain independent and provide high quality, ad-free astrological media. I will be adding new features and benefits to this membership over time, so it will only get better. For sample forecasts, click here. 

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