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New Moon in Scorpio 2017 

November 18- December 3, 2017

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Aries Rising

Given your more independent streak and nature, trusting others might sometimes be a challenge for you. With this deep and intense New Moon in Scorpio, a new pathway is opening for you that will give you the opportunity to really merge yourself with someone else, perhaps beyond your comfort zone. Utilize the power of this lunation to stare deeply into yourself and uncover a new understanding of your unconscious motives and desires. Sexuality might be one way of experiencing this impactful New Moon, but any experience that takes you beyond yourself is just as possible.

You might also find that reworking/restoring old projects and ideas might work better than starting all over. As this lunation approaches, look for ways to enhance or re-enliven what you’ve already put into place or whatever has a strong foundation. Entering into contracts, commitments, or mutual projects might also work out quite favorably, just be mindful that Mercury's retrograde cycle next month could put a slow down on any major launches or initiations.

The biggest challenge of this lunation is your ruler Mars square Pluto (exact Nov. 19/20). This can arouse tremendous ambition and willpower, but can also feel internally frustrating, giving rise to angry outbursts or power struggles. Be incredibly mindful over the next few days of any attempts to dominate others or vice versa. Also, while potentially uncomfortable, this Pluto square can catalyze action/movement in putting yourself out there and asserting yourself.

Mercury’s retrograde cycle in Sagittarius begins Dec. 2/3 conjunct Saturn. This is likely to be an incredibly mind opening retrograde cycle, unveiling new perspectives, insights, and possibilities. Look for new tracts of study, research, and learning. Remain open to the possibility of meeting people with foreign perspectives and viewpoints. Challenge your faith, belief, and perceptions over the next three weeks, and you’ll never look at the world the same.

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Taurus Rising

This Scorpio New Moon represents a symbolic restart for romantic, platonic, and professional bonds. With Chiron’s trine to the New Moon, expect some healing, integration, and resolution to manifest between you and significant others. Look out for new relationships, or a new beginning in established partnerships that can deepen your trust, bond, and connection. With Jupiter in Scorpio until Nov. 2018, you’ll have to put yourself out there to gain the most benefit from this.

Also, be incredibly discerning with who you place your trust in under these Scorpionic New Moon vibes. While Jupiter is working to expand relationship opportunities, it can also make for some idealized encounters that may not be ultimately good for you. If anything (or anyone) sounds too good to be true, it probably is. But, you can definitely turn some things around with this lunation, and with Venus’ sextile to Pluto and applying trine to Chiron, you’re in an upward swing of positive movement and resolution of relational wounds.

Venus/Chiron’s exact trine on Nov. 26/27 can bring about a new understanding about the healing power of love and beauty. In combination with the New Moon symbolism, this is a potent cycle for uncovering hidden layers in your interactions and opening up to new insights/realizations about friends, partners, and colleagues. With Venus still in Scorpio until, Dec. 1/2, you may not have much control over circumstance. Accommodation and compromise is the key until then, but you’ll learn so much more about yourself and the realities of those you love.

Mercury turns stationary retrograde on Dec. 2/3 conjunct Saturn. In Sagittarius, this is likely to be an incredibly introspective and psychologically perplexing cycle. While potentially challenging, be on the lookout for deep conversations that can awaken a new perspective about yourself or your most intimate relationships. Remain open to new ways of looking at life, death, or sexuality. Be careful with big investments, contracts, or commitments until Mercury’s stationary direct on Dec. 22/23. This retrograde cycle will leave you more aware and conscious of hidden motives and realities.

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Gemini Rising

As always with New Moon’s, this one is a new beginning for you, but it’s also likely to be a busy one! With Jupiter and Venus both transiting Scorpio alongside this Scorpio lunation, there’s a lot of activity in your work/health/job region. Use this New Moon moment to get adjusted to the new work flow and productive momentum that’s likely to increase over the coming weeks, because your ruler Mercury is set to turn retrograde at the beginning of Dec. bringing with it some setbacks and slowdowns as usual.

Any blocks or wounds you’ve been carrying in relation to usefulness or productivity can rapidly improve with this New Moon. The Sun/Moon’s trine to Chiron can also benefit any health challenges or blockages that have prevented the pursuit of wellness/fitness goals. Use this New Moon energy to align your life the best that you can. Get your daily grind in better working order. In Scorpio, you can step into a new stride that infuses your life with passion and positively directed intensity.

With ruler Mercury’s North Node trine there’s a positive sign that you’re beginning to step more toward your purpose and growth oriented goals with this lunation. But for real growth to occur, you’ll need to make the effort to step into some uncomfortable territory and challenge yourself with something new, unknown, and potentially threatening. Mercury’s square to Chiron and trine to Uranus Nov. 24/25 represents another rapid acceleration of change and liberation from stagnant patterns.

But the biggest obstacle you may face this lunation cycle is Mercury’s station conjunct Saturn (and subsequent retrograde throughout December). Mercury conjunct Saturn Nov. 27 puts a focus on relational challenges within professional, platonic, and romantic partnerships. But, also consider hard work, focus, and commitment can pay off if you don’t buckle under the pressure. Push through this with a positive ”can do” attitude and you’ll reach a new level of growth and maturity. Mercury retrograde (Dec. 2-22) can help you make some adjustments/revisions to your relating strategies and you’re likely to come with a new perception/understanding of some key people in your life.

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Cancer Rising

While it may be a subtle shift, joy, creativity, and life force are slowly emerging back into your life. With Jupiter in Scorpio until Nov. of next year, it’s likely that you’ll uncover new reasons for living. And with Venus in Scorpio until Dec. 1, enhancement of both your creative and sexual life is the dominating theme. Whether you're single or in a relationship, this New Moon can bring about sexual, creative, and/or romantic healing. Chiron’s trine to the New Moon opens a pathway to an accelerated shift of attitude that can leave you open to receiving/enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

There may be a strong desire to lay low for a few days, as New Moon’s always tend to be a moment of reduced energy for you. But with a cluster of planets in Scorpio, this is a high point for fun, recreation, and amusement. Give yourself permission to relax and find some playful outlets. Look for opportunities to express or put yourself out there. Whatever you do with this New Moon energy, it has the potential to remind you of your passions and add some vibrancy and excitement into your life.

The only challenge of this New Moon is going overboard with speculative, risk taking activities, but if you survived the conjunction of Venus/Jupiter earlier this month, you’ll probably make it through this lunation unharmed. Soak up these playful vibes in the days surrounding this New Moon because the Sun’s ingress in Sagittarius Nov. 21 will draw your energy toward daily tasks, work, and health matters. The Sun in Sag is your season to get critical responsibilities taken care of and work accomplished.

Mercury’s retrograde cycle beginning Dec. 2/3 is going to be a serious revision of your daily work/health routines. While this may correlate with some uncomfortable adjustments, setbacks, delays, and/or breakdowns, this retrograde cycle will help to reorient you toward new outlets to better serve yourself and others. This may also come along with a slow down of the work flow/daily grind, but it’ll provide you with plenty of energy to work out some kinks and get things in better working order.

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Leo Rising

With a new cycle and pattern beginning in your inner/home life with this New Moon, you may feel the need to lay low and tend to yourself or intimate concerns. This lunation can represent a moment of increased bonding, connection, and intimacy with family or close partners. With Jupiter in Scorpio until Nov. 2018, this is a good time for implementing home improvement projects or strategies. While Mercury’s retrograde cycle beginning Dec. 2 (more on that below) could slow things down, plans initiated now could be successfully revised in the coming weeks.

This Scorpio New Moon could also correlate with increased self-discovery and psychological uncoverings. Don’t shy away from the dark. With your rising sign ruled by the Sun, you’ll have an increased capacity to illuminate hidden dimensions within yourself. And with the Sun in square aspect to the North Node in Leo, this is a rare opportunity to see ahead more clearly and to take proactive steps toward reaching your goals.

A few days after the New Moon, the Sun enters Sagittarius lighting up the “fun/amusement” region of your chart, the critical stage highlighted by Mercury over the month of Dec. You’ll have to rethink/reassess the amount of fun that’s in your life. Mercury conjunct Saturn Nov. 27 will require more discipline/focus and restraint that could muddle up spontaneity or frivolous pursuits. Think about editing your playtime activities over the coming weeks, getting rid of anything that’s more distraction rather than soul nourishment.

The Sun’s Neptune square on Dec. 3 adds another dose of “reality check” at the beginning of Dec. If you’ve been too lost/caught up in escapist pursuits, it may be time to come back to earth. You may be equally prone to ego/self aggrandizement that could lead you to overstep boundaries or just make a fool of yourself. Also, combined with Mercury’s Saturn station, this Sun/Neptune contact could zap you of energy, leaving you a little drained. You may need to take it easier, slow down, and get plenty of rest at the Full Moon Dec. 3.

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Virgo Rising

As the New Moon commences in tropical Scorpio in your “communication” region, there’s an emphasis on honest, authentic exchanges. Don’t be afraid to go deep with thoughts or words, just be mindful of the power you really have right now to cut to the root of things. With Jupiter in this region of your chart until Nov. 2018, don’t hold back from indulging your curiosity and following enticing research trails. And with Jupiter building toward its trine with Neptune at the beginning of Dec., expect some fantastic and/or mystical insights/perceptions to come flooding in as the year comes to an end.

The New Moon’s trine to Chiron can also rapidly change any biases, beliefs, or theories with an influx of new data. Bottom line: keep your mind loose and open with this New Moon. Opportunities to expand your understanding are available to you, but you’ll have to make the effort to look for them and further explore anything that piques your interest. There may also be a scattered few days surrounding the New Moon with contacts and messages coming in at a rapid speed/pace.

Take advantage of Mercury trine Uranus on Nov. 25/26. This may correlate with increased freedom or opportunities to break up routines and change the pace of daily activities. While Mercury’s Chiron square Nov. 24 could be a challenging aspect for inner wound amplification, Uranus’ trine helps to generate innovative paths toward healing and resolve. If you feel stuck with the same approaches at the end of the month, try some different/offbeat approach.

But be prepared for Mercury’s Saturn conjunction Nov. 27 which might bring a slowdown to current plans/projects. Mercury is set to station retrograde Dec. 2, but Mercury’s initial conjunction in your “domestic” region could bring to your attention relational tensions/challenges on the homefront. This isn’t a good time for making property investments or starting drastic renovations. Use this time to step back, make adjustments in your home life/living space. Some introspection/solitude may be required.

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Libra Rising

A New Moon in Scorpio opens the pathway to a new money cycle. With Jupiter here until Nov. 2018, gradual improvements in resources over the next year are highly possible. If financials have been tight lately, release negative thought loops to see auspicious opportunities you may be overlooking. Mars in your rising sign increases self-assertiveness and impulsiveness, but Mars’ Libra transit can also help you become more proactive about getting what you want or need.

Many elements of this New Moon can make it feel a little uncomfortable for you. The first being your ruler Venus transiting Scorpio until Dec. 1/2. While Venus’ Jupiter conjunction earlier this month may have been a positive peak for money/resource concerns, Venus in Scorpio is a time to take a more authentic look at your relationships and creative endeavors. Certain faults, defects, and shortcomings may get a bit louder with this Venus transit.

The New Moon may also challenge your confidence and self-worth. If you follow your insecurities to their source, you’ll be able to illuminate the real reasons you’ve been holding yourself back from really diving into your passions. If you get stuck over the next two weeks, try a different approach. For creative work, experiment with new techniques or styles, and for relationships, try harder to take a more honest assessment of what’s going on.

If you find it hard to read what’s happening between you and another, you could always ask for clarity. Don’t be afraid to face what scares you during the remaining weeks of Nov. Consider that a lot of growth comes from discomfort. Venus’ trine to Chiron on Nov. 26/27 can lead to rapid healing/resolution of work and money wounds, perhaps through a change in thought, perception, or attitude.

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Scorpio Rising

Occurring in your rising sign, this New Moon in Scorpio is your annual reboot. And with New Moon ruler Mars square Pluto, there’s a stronger than usual drive to get what you want and get things done for several days before and after this lunation occurs. If you need to get ahead with something specific, this New Moon empowers ambitious pursuits and passion driven activities. When dealing with hard Mars aspects and a potent Scorpio archetype, some caution is definitely needed.

Pluto gives you a creative edge and the power to make important changes. But power struggles and conflicts are also possible, especially if you insist on getting your way in every situation the next several days. Also look out for opponents or challenges emerging from behind the scenes. Hold your ground when you really need to, but also know when to step away from unnecessary conflict or surrender to external pressures you just can’t overcome.

While you might feel a sense of urgency to tackle projects or push forward with critical matters, keep in mind that we’re in the shadow of Mercury retrograde. While Mercury has yet to station, finalize major commitments now before Dec. 2. Use this Scorpio New Moon to honestly reflect on your true intentions. Step back and focus on projects/tasks in solitude or in the background.

The real push arrives Dec. 8/9 once Mars moves into Scorpio, but plan to execute bigger plans and goals in early Jan. This can also be a time to take a good hard look at your choices, actions, and overall presentation. Listen to feedback and advice from those you trust and make some alterations over the following month. Mars opposite Uranus Dec. 2 is the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for, but with Mercury retrograde, hold off on impulsive actions. Make revisions and adjustments and mull over the need to make changes.

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Sagittarius Rising

Listen to the call to go within with this New Moon in Scorpio. It gives you permission to step back and shut out distraction and external activities. Don’t take that as a suggestion to utterly alienate yourself, but there’s a deep soul calling that comes along with this lunation that would be unwise to ignore. Put aside any need to get things exactly how you want them over the next two weeks. You may have to sacrifice a little more or even give your time/energy to someone else in need. There’s a definite focus on selflessness and compassion with this New Moon that could be frustrating for ego-driven pursuits.

But the real magic of this New Moon is its ability to awaken within you a clearer sense of your connection to a larger plan or intelligence in the universe. With both Jupiter and Venus in Scorpio, the more you let go and trust the flow, the more you’ll be gifted with real opportunities for spiritual/personal growth. If you feel lost or alienated, look for teachers or friends who can offer you a more conceptual/holistic perspective regarding your current situation. While Jupiter will continue to transit through Scorpio until late next year, the Sun entering your rising sign Nov. 21/22 will bring more attention back to your own needs and priorities.

Consider a healthy balance between the needs/demands of those you love and your own personal path and mission over the next two weeks. You’re at a peak cycle that gifts you more vitality and personal magnetism/power. Mercury’s gradual station while conjunct Saturn Nov. 27 can be a point of immense focus on willpower and self-actualization. Be careful of falling into the trap of overly critical self-analysis that leads to depression or inaction.

Mercury/Saturn can help you uncover critical faults in your style and presentation that you can adjust of over the following three weeks. December’s Mercury retrograde cycle will bring into question your ability to lead/direct your own path and help you revise your current strategies for self-directed goals and objectives. But Venus’ ingress into Sagittarius can be the boost of confidence needed to overpower negative thinking or feelings of futility.

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Capricorn Rising

These final months of 2017 represent a significant transition for you beyond the year coming to an end. Your ruler Saturn is about to enter your rising sign at the end of Dec., and you’ll be moving into an entirely new life chapter that might feel daunting, but also empowering. You’ll soon be given the chance to take the lead in your own life again and start off on a new path/direction, but the month of Dec. looks to be a challenging time to process release and let go of the past two year cycle.

This New Moon in Scorpio can help you conceptualize your future in an entirely new way. It brings about a kind of honesty and authenticity that is needed to clearly see ahead and realize what’s possible for you. A part of this is likely due to Mars’ transit through Libra and its challenge to your life purpose and career direction. Some adjustments and changes here urge you to look at your status and current position from an alternate vantage point. Considering the professional opinions of others more experienced than yourself would be helpful advice.

Looking beyond your own views, opinions, and biases will provide some valuable growth and change under this new waxing cycle. With Chiron in trine aspect to the New Moon, look for a rapid change or alteration of your current goals, as well as the release of blockages/challenges in social networks. Look for support with this New Moon and consider your future potential from a new perspective. While the next two years will require more leadership and self-sufficiency, get the help, advice, and feedback you need now.

Mercury’s station while conjunct Saturn on Nov. 27 can feel like a major setback in you’re pushing too hard or trying to force your plans into action. The month of Dec. is going to be an ideal time for stepping back and acquiring solitude/self-reflection. This Saturn station can bring several layers of concealed realities to your immediate attention. This Mercury retrograde cycle can gift a new understanding and outlook upon the larger forces of the universe. If you’re in need of a spiritual restart/awakening, next month can be an humbling and eye opening experience.

Aquarius Glyph-Resized.png

Aquarius Rising

You’re at a delicate place where your influence over others is at an all time high, a trend that will continue for roughly the next year of Jupiter’s transit through Scorpio. This New Moon is a dynamic starting point for putting yourself more in the public sphere and beginning to see the opportunities/new doors that are now within your reach. The challenge of this lunation is remaining realistic without becoming overtly pessimistic, and maintaining optimism without going too over the top with inflated self-confidence.

This lunation places immense emphasis on career/mission/professional objectives. As always with New Moons, new energy and pathways are opening up for you in the above mentioned areas. But now in Mercury’s retrograde shadow, and with the retrograde cycle beginning Dec. 2, don’t feel the need to rush into things or make any impulsive decisions. Use this time to drop hints or plant the seeds that could lead to future promotions or status upgrades. Whatever is opening up for you now, will probably require some careful consideration and assessment.

Mercury’s retrograde cycle in Dec. will lead to some revisions and adjustments to your dreams/goals/objectives/supportive networks. Major move/career changes flow more smoothly in Jan. For now, consider the options that are now showing up for you. Utilize the month of Dec. to re-imagine your future. Mercury trine your ruler Uranus Nov. 25 can bring about an influx of new ideas, thoughts, and helpful connections/communications. And Mercury conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius Nov. 27 is a critical focal point for Mercury’s station, giving you increased mental focus on future plans and objectives.

Mars opposite your ruler Uranus on Dec. 1/2 can stir up conflict, anger, aggressiveness, and accident proneness, so be mindful of built up tension that gets unleashed at this time. There may be a tendency to project anger/frustration unnecessarily onto others. Also, watch your impulses and reactions for a few days surrounding this aspect. You don’t want to rush into actions that you may later regret. Carefully reflect on your responses at the beginning of Dec., but this dynamic opposition can also free you from limiting circumstances, giving you more space to pursue your own paths and desires.

Pisces Glyph-Resized.png

Pisces Rising

New horizons and possibilities are opening for you with this New Moon in Scorpio. In a trine aspect to Chiron, this lunation invites you to uncover a new paradigm of health/wellness/healing that goes beyond your current perception of what’s possible. Look for miraculous turnarounds in current challenges as a result of a new way of seeing reality or the acquisition of a new philosophy or guiding belief. As Carl Jung said, “when the diagnosis is correct, the healing begins.”

The last few weeks with Saturn square Chiron may have been a difficult integration for you and likely a period of immense vulnerability. While you still need to make some attitudinal adjustments to really see things change for you, this Chiron trine to the New Moon is a positive sign that you’re on the mend in more ways than one. Reach for something higher with this New Moon, even though you may still be mired in negative thinking tendencies and overburdened with life’s limitations and challenges.

Saturn is soon to shift into Capricorn toward the end of Dec which is likely to take off some enormous pressure that’s been placed on your purpose and career direction. Hopefully, Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius has left you with an updated resume, confidence, or goals that are more suited to a matured/grown up version of you. Until the end of next year, Jupiter in Scorpio will expand your understanding of the world and is a good starting point for travel, furthering your education or studying/learning about philosophy/spirituality. This is a period that requires some intellectual as well as existential risk taking to take advantage of good luck and opportunities.

With your ruler Neptune stationing on Nov. 22 under the waxing Moon, and Mercury stationing retrograde Dec. 2, the end of this month will place enormous emphasis on your ability to step up and make some big changes for yourself. Anticipate some career/life mission revisions to take up most of Dec. as you figure out the logistics of obtaining your new goals and professional objectives. You're entering a powerful free will zone that gives you the power to take the lead again. And with both of your rulers, Jupiter/Neptune in trine Dec. 2, you're in a positive cycle that you gives you greater ease of movement, control, and some extra charisma/magnetism.