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New Moon in Pisces 2018 

March 17/18- MARCH 31, 2018

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Aries Rising

With your ruler Mars entering Capricorn alongside this New Moon, you’re now in a highly ambitious peak for pursuing career and professional objectives. With Mars’ co-presence with Saturn, you’re ready to climb to the top and put in the necessary work and effort required for big projects or managing heavy responsibilities. This hyper focus on your status, reputation, and mission can be highly productive and help you move forward with your goals, but you should be careful regarding conflict with authority figures or those with power above you. You may feel the need to manage your own time and efforts for the next few months, requiring more independence and self-sufficiency. This is indeed your time to step up and gain more control of your life direction.

Mercury and Venus conjoin (March 19/20) in your rising sign followed by the Sun’s ingress on March 20/21. Combined with Mars’ transit through Capricorn, you’re now even more ready for action and primed to assert yourself and your ideas to the world. The Sun’s ingress into Aries is always the astro-New Year, but for you, it’s an especially potent, annual fresh start. Occuring in the waxing Moon this year, the next month is ideal for putting some ambitions into motion, taking the lead with projects, or taking those brave first steps. WIth Mercury and Venus’ conjunction alongside this, you have a particular way with words now and an ability to really sell your presentation.

But with Mercury’s retrograde cycle in Aries (starting March 22), you’ll be given three weeks to revise your strategy. While you might feel more than ready to set off on your own, consider taking your time to work out the kinks and do some practice runs. The shift has already begun, but you’ll need to remain open to the possibility of experimenting and trying out different looks and approaches. Your ability to succeed now is contingent on your willingness to review the route and take note of potential problems. The Sun’s square to Mars March 24/25 can be a source of internal frustration, but also provides a catalyst to keep you motivated. While this retrograde cycle is filled with potential setbacks and challenges, it allows you to step back and gain a more objective look at your image and make some critical alterations.

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Taurus Rising

If you’ve been struggling to plan ahead or envision your future, this New Moon in Pisces symbolizes a fresh start in beginning to heal those blocks. Mars’ square to the New Moon and Chiron could provoke your fears of the future, or tensions that have built up between yourself and friends, groups, or organizations. But to effectively move past any issues which arise alongside this New Moon, you’ll need to get assertive and proactive about imagining something better for yourself, and taking the steps to make your goals and objectives a reality. Mercury’s conjunction with your ruler Venus, indicates increased thinking, strategizing, and brainstorming--a heightened mental state ideal for figuring out problems and organizing your ideas. Reaching a peak on March 19/20, Mercury/Venus gives you enhanced verbal power for pragmatic problem solving.

Mars’ ingress into Capricorn alongside this New Moon begins a cycle conducive for industrious and prodigious study or abstract thinking. It challenges your beliefs to the core, and represents a conflict within carefully guarded ideologies. You’ll need to watch out for becoming overly dogmatic the next few months and stirring up strife with others about their own perspectives. Consider that in needing to defend any belief is often a cover for insecurity and doubt. Challenge your faith, and work hard to get a better grasp of the world. You may take up a serious spiritual or philosophical discipline under this cycle, or work hard on formulating a thesis of some kind. However you utilize this cycle, you’ll likely commit yourself to some “higher learning” of some kind, or work to better structure or reinforce what you already believe.

Mercury’s retrograde cycle in Aries begins March 22/23, initiating three weeks of inward reflection and contemplation. You may feel the need for more solitude or a desire to study or work behind the scenes. Anticipate that secrets or hidden information may be uncovered, generating a profound alteration of your consciousness and perception. Combined with Mars’ transit in Capricorn, this is a good time to look into spiritual or religious beliefs or take up an interest in occult or paranormal studies. Venus’ conjunction with Uranus on March 28/29 triggers rebellious or unconventional tendencies. Consider how you can break free of limitations in your relationships or interactions, and liberate yourself from suffocating beliefs. And Venus enters your rising sign, March 30/31, just before the New Moon, giving you a boost of confidence, charisma, and attractiveness--a positive cycle if you need to make a good impression.


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Gemini Rising

As the lunar cycle resets in Pisces, it suggests that a transitional process is underway with your career, professional objectives, and reputation. Chiron’s conjunction to the New Moon and Mars’ square may bring about some tension and awareness of blockages that have been obstructing your ability to move ahead. But you can utilize these challenges to transmute past wounds and traumas that have prevented you from succeeding, and reach out for new goals and experiences. Jupiter’s auspicious trine to the New Moon opens new doors for you, giving you a greater sense that you can handle external responsibilities. While indicating some uncomfortable adjustments, this dynamic New Moon sets up a new path forward to step more fully into your higher mission, a chance to reach beyond your own needs and concerns and help others.

Mars’ ingress into Capricorn the day of this New Moon begins a cycle through mid-May where setting up boundaries with shared/mutual resources will be a major theme. Mars’ co-presence with Saturn also indicates a challenging cycle for dealing and negotiating with anyone you share income or resources with. This may not be the best time for taking on a loan or further credit. Consider in what ways you could work to free yourself from past dependencies and create clearer lines between yourself and others. This could also be a highly psychologically revealing cycle, a time that requires immense inner/personal work to uncover hidden feelings, emotions, and desires. For current relationships, this is a real test of your commitment. And for new relationships, anticipate a highly challenging new start and encounters that push you to new levels of growth and self-awareness.

Venus’ conjunction with Mercury alongside this New Moon in Aries is a helpful aspect for reaching out to surrounding communities, meetup groups, or organizations. Venus and Mercury also indicate that you may be in a more sociable mood, more willing to network and make connections. With Mercury stationing retrograde March 22/23, anticipate that the next three weeks will demand a revision or redefinition of your dreams, goals, and future objectives. In whole sign square relationship to Saturn, this Mercury retrograde cycle could challenge your current vision and help you refine or make a more realistic assessment of your objectives. Over the next few weeks, you’ll have a chance to rethink the communities and groups that you’re a part of and find those that are better suited to your authentic values and interests.


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Cancer Rising

This New Moon brings about some critical challenges for you, but nothing you certainly can’t handle if you’re willing to do the necessary work. Mars entering Capricorn indicates that you have some major obstacles to overcome in your closest relationships, where boundary issues and conflicts over commitments may take up most of your time the next few months. With Saturn in Capricorn, you may have found that several relationships require a lot more of you than they previously did. It’s time to seriously examine your interactions with certain people and make the effort to evolve and grow alongside these shifting dynamics. Mars’ co-presence with Saturn can definitely inflame conflicts or unexpressed tensions in your partnerships, especially with those who have kept their true feelings hidden from you.

Much of what’s changing now might seem to be out of your hands, as you can’t control how other people react to you or what they’re going through. The best you can do is practice patience and see your relationships as a reflection of aspects within yourself. You’ll have to work really hard to make your partnerships work, but those that are truly sustainable will come out of this cycle much stronger and resistant to future challenges. As for new relationships, this will likely be a difficult period for romance or dating, so expect that at least until mid-May, you’ll need to focus on those people already in your life and work to sustain your connections. Consider looking for people who can help you with issues in your relating dynamics. Anyone with the wisdom to help you grow and move past blockages will be your greatest asset.

As for this New Moon, it can help you transmute wounds or defects in your ideological or spiritual perspective, expanding your perception of what’s possible. You may need to face some uncomfortable truths in relation to your current beliefs, but consider that your search for meaning and purpose is never ending and there’s always more that you could discover. You may have reached the limit of where your current beliefs can take you, so continue pushing your perceptual boundaries and question your carefully guarded dogmas. Mercury’s retrograde cycle beginning March 22/23 gives you three weeks to rework your career and professional objectives and rethink or reconsider your overall life purpose or mission. The next two weeks of this lunation cycle may be tough, but it can help you redirect the flow of your life directions and your interactions. Give yourself time to make these critical adjustments.

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Leo Rising

Mars entering Capricorn initiates an incredibly busy season for you. Actually, the next few months could be the most ambitious and focused you’ve been in for quite a long time. Saturn’s co-presence with Mars puts tremendous pressure on your job, daily routines/responsibilities, and health matters. If there was ever a time to buckle down and tackle some difficult projects, this would be it. Anticipate some long days and nights clear through mid-May, and a chance to get your life more organized and your health routines running more efficiently. This is not a good time for procrastination or slacking off. You might find this cycle far more difficult if you aren’t prepared to put in the extra work. Consider assigning yourself some critical goals and setting some deadlines on projects which have meaning for you.

As for this New Moon, it could possibly be emotionally intense, but surely transformative. The New Moon’s conjunction with Chiron and square to Mars suggests an uncomfortable next few days where you’ll be noticing certain fears, wounds, and defects. But Jupiter’s trine to this lunation offers a beacon of light amidst this landscape of darkness. The more you go into yourself with this New Moon, that is to say, the more you reflect and contemplate on the hidden dimensions within yourself, the more you’ll be able to move past blockages and release identification with your woundedness or pain. With this new lunar cycle, you’re being given a chance to transmute destructive feelings and anger and utilize these energies for personal growth and transformation.

The Sun enters Aries on the equinox March 20/21 which breaks up the intensity and challenges of the New Moon vibes. With the Sun in Aries during the next month, you’ll likely be feeling more adventurous and willing to reach out into the world. Mercury’s retrograde cycle, beginning March 22/23, begins a process of redefining your beliefs and dogmas. The next month, but especially the following three weeks, invite you to seriously open your mind to shocking and foreign perspectives. You’re likely to uncover a whole new way of seeing the world, and in Aries, you should definitely take the initiative and break up your usual routines. The Sun’s square to Mars March 24/25 could amplify your daring side, but equally provoke anger or internal frustration. Utilize this energy to keep busy and push limits within yourself. And the Sun’s square to Saturn March 29/30 can help you stay on task, but demands productivity and follow through with current projects. Stretch yourself, but stay on task.

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Virgo Rising

Chiron’s conjunction with this New Moon in Pisces could highlight certain wounds or defects which you perceive in your closest relationships. It offers a fresh start through changing your attitude toward any blockages preventing your relationships from thriving and moving forward. Mars’ square to the New Moon can equally provoke pent up anger, frustration, or resentment that’s been building up in a marriage/professional partnership, or friendship. Jupiter’s trine opens new ways of moving past destructive feelings or conflicts so that healing can occur. In water sign Pisces, emotional intensity could be a dominating element in both new and established partnerships, but beneath the storminess lies an opportunity to create a breakthrough in how you relate and find common ground, deepening your emotional bonds.

For new relationships formed alongside this New Moon, consider the need for compassion and understanding and the potential of the relationship to challenge your ability to accept faults or shortcomings. And as you extend that compassion to those already in your life, you’ll be able to see those aspects within yourself reflected in another. Your ruler Mercury’s conjunction with Venus March 19/20 is helpful for patching things up and taking your relationships to a deeper, more intimate level. Mercury turns retrograde in Aries March 22/23, suggesting a three week period of deep, psychological analysis or an opportunity to make adjustments in mutually held financial entanglements. Mercury’s retrograde cycle here suggests caution with borrowing or opening new lines of credit.

Read the fine print and consider waiting a few weeks before taking on new debt. Mercury’s conjunction with Venus alongside this station also suggests getting resourceful. Reworking old objects could bring new life and appreciation. Also, consider that any interactions over the following few days could have a profound effect on your psyche, opening your mind to hidden insights or information. And as always during your rulers retrograde phase, you’ll find that you have less control over circumstances and events. Particularly with this retrograde cycle, you’ll need to surrender to the flow and open yourself to the possibility of having to manage or deal with potentially uncomfortable realizations. However, you’ll come out with greater personal insight, awareness, and understanding.

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Libra Rising

Mercury and Venus’ second conjunction this year occurs just days after this New Moon. It foreshadows a period of relationship shifts and changes affecting intimate and platonic partnerships. These developing themes likely emerged with their first conjunction at the start of March. March 19/20 is a fertile period for changing your perspective or viewpoint about your partners, friendships, or colleagues, and opening up a critical line of communication. However, Saturn’s square to Mercury/Venus places real pressure on your ability to discuss and communicate issues more maturely. Bottom line: you’re in a challenging phase where you can step up and grow alongside these changing dynamics in your partnerships, or choose to move past those that aren’t growing.

While changes in your friends or partners are beyond your control, you will do your best to reach out and try to understand where they’re coming from or feeling at the moment. Consider that the power of active listening and compassionate consideration will be the most positive way to respond. This New Moon in Pisces can help you begin to transmute blockages or wounds surrounding health, fitness, or work strategies. Mars’ square to this lunation could provoke pent up frustration in relation to work or health matters, but Jupiter’s trine offers a way out and a new path forward. For example, if  you need to change up your fitness routines but have felt blocked from doing so, use this New Moon to begin taking those first steps.

The Sun entering Aries March 20/21 initiates the equinox, and for you this time of year puts much of your energy into the need to relate, bond, and connect with others. Just before Mercury turns retrograde March 22/23, the following month requires going with the flow of relational adjustments and considering a revision of your commitments. This extra energy placed on relationship themes suggests being really clear in your communications and interactions, as misunderstandings are highly likely. Venus’ square to Pluto March 23/24 can bring up unsavory issues or truths about partners. And Venus’ conjunction with Uranus March 28/29 is a potentially volatile and unstable few days for relating to others. Anticipate sudden changes with your partners, and the need to give those you care about plenty of space to express themselves fully.

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Scorpio Rising

With your ruler Mars entering Capricorn, you begin a lengthy period with a high potential for productivity, ambition, and disciplined effort. “It’s nose to the grindstone,” as the saying goes, and you can channel all of this into the arenas of learning, teaching, writing, or working to build upon any communicative tool. The sign of Capricorn impulses Mars toward energizing consistent, daily practices and working hard to accomplish big goals. Saturn’s co-presence with Mars until mid-May suggests that you can get a lot done from here on out if you really commit yourself, step up, and make it happen. Consider that you’ll need some tangible purpose to focus yourself the next few months before Mars turns retrograde at the end of June. Otherwise, you might find yourself internally frustrated or depressed.

As for this New Moon in Pisces, it will probably feel rather light and easier to manage, despite it’s square aspect to Mars and conjunction with Chiron. It symbolizes a fresh creative start, where you’ll be given an opportunity to move past creative or sexual blocks. And if you have children or deal with them, you’ll probably notice a change of perspective about their situation, perhaps a longstanding wound, blockage, or defect begins to shift and improve. Jupiter’s trine to the New Moon offers helpful assistance and opportunities to expand into new experiences. The New Moon’s square to your ruler Mars, on the verge of changing signs, is a catalytic jump-start that can motivate you to begin your relentless dedication to accomplishing some big goals and projects.

Mars’ conjunction with Saturn at the start of April is much like your deadline for determining your objectives. That will be your point for really getting serious and setting up some realistic strategies. For now, begin to take those first steps with this lunation by tapping into your creative muse. Mercury turns retrograde in Aries March 22/23, beginning a three week period of revision of your health, work, and capacity to serve others. As always with Mercury, open your mind to a new way of looking at things, which for you means being open to adjusting your lifestyle and daily routines in light of new or rediscovered information. Lastly, Mars’ square to the Sun in Aries can create some ego conflicts or frustration with professional objectives. However, it gives you enough strength and motivation to tackle your goals and move ahead.

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Sagittarius Rising

Your inner life and psyche form the backdrop of this New Moon in Pisces, a fertile space for you to do tremendous healing. Highlighting your domestic and intimate life, this New Moon points to your ability to bravely face those perceived faults and defects and work some alchemical magic. Mars’ square to this lunation’s Chiron conjunction may not be a comfortable place, but it offers challenges needed to solidify the strength of your foundation in life. And your ruler Jupiter’s auspicious trine gives you just enough optimism and positive reinforcement to stand firm in the face of life’s adversities. Consider how you can make the best of your current living situation, or through a change in perspective, you can gain a deeper love and compassion for the way that you are.

With Mars leaving your rising sign, you’ve probably initiated some critical new starts over the past few weeks, and this New Moon moment offers a brief reprieve and time to check in with your basic needs. Take a step back and settle into this New Moon, pull in your resources and reserves. You might feel the need to lay low and recharge considering the pull of the inner planets in the lower half of your chart. What you face now and within the next few weeks, are obstacles on the inner and personal dimensions. Mars entering Capricorn may put some pressure on your confidence and ability to survive. Issues surrounding money and material resources may dominate until mid-May, and with Mars’ retrograde cycle this year, even through the first half of Sept.

While the financial flow may be slower or income possibilities narrow and tighter, you can use this time to seriously examine your expenses and condense things quite a bit. It’s going to require far more hard work, commitment, and effort to get the abundance pumping again, but what you’re setting up now is something more sustainable and long-lasting. Your fears and insecurities around finances and self-worth are likely to get amplified over the next few months, but rising to the challenge will result in a greater sense of accomplishment and faith in your ability to be resourceful. So with this New Moon, you’ll need a moment to catch your breath, because in the following days and weeks, you’ll have to give it all you’ve got. For now, your great work lies in building a more sustainable and secure future for yourself which starts with what’s already in your hands. And Mercury’s retrograde cycle (starting March 22) offers three weeks to rediscover your creative power.

Capricorn Glyph-Resized.png

Capricorn Rising

If you’ve been holding yourself back since the latter half of Jan., you’re probably more than ready to unleash yourself on the world. Mars entering your rising sign Capricorn is your green light, but there are some cautions. First, you’ll need to be extremely mindful of the power you actually have right now. No, seriously, you are seething with passion (or anger/rage) more than you probably realize. Consider that as you respond to other people or put yourself out there. While you probably think you’re being just moderately assertive, tone it down a bit more just to be safe. Also, when it comes to starting new projects or setting off for goal attainment, be really mindful of your safety and over straining yourself. And depending on just where your actual Ascendant lies in Capricorn, Mars crossing that can sometimes make you extra brash, impulsive, and accident prone.

But, Mars teaming up with Saturn is beyond productive. This is your moment, for the next two months, to realize the true potential of your willpower. You’re behind the wheel now, and where you go is entirely up to you, which means that no matter who you turn to for advice, you’re going to have to make the final decision. There’s going to be a lot of pressure placed on you from now on, but the more you step up to these new challenges, the more you’ll grow and accomplish. Take the lead, and even if you don’t really know what you’re doing, you’ll have to pretend that you do (just to put everyone else at ease). Take a deep breath and step boldly forth. However, one caveat is Mercury turning retrograde on March 22 and this New Moon overall.

The New Moon is a fresh start in a conversation, but to effectively get your point across is going to require some caution and self-examination. Chiron’s conjunction with this New Moon itself could bring up some defects or wounds inherent to your perception. The solution is to seriously move past your preconceived assumptions about reality and actually listen to another perspective. Defending a weak or shaky argument will only escalate conflict and cause further wounding. Open your heart and fearlessly engage with a new reality. Mercury retrograde in Aries is going to relate to some notable alterations and readjustments in your home life and inner reality. The next few weeks offer you a chance to reassess who you really are and what you need to feel safe in the world. The challenge lies in charging headfirst cautiously and taking your time. Be meticulous not just with your inner work, but with your words and with those you love.

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Aquarius Rising

Get ready for some behind the scenes action over the next two months. Mars entering Capricorn alongside this New Moon indicates that your physical and mental energies are best reserved for toiling away in seclusion. The reason for this may not be so obvious at first because this emphasis on your 12th house can dredge up unconscious undercurrents of which you may not be fully aware. One major challenge of the next several weeks is to avoid forcing your way into the world or trying to control the flow of events. Surrender is the most useful strategy right now which might require facing your fear of the unknown. Mars will be joining Saturn as it transits Capricorn until mid-May. You’re greatest work lies on the inner dimensions. Imagine chiseling away at a sculpture or masterpiece that no one can see….yet.

The work and sacrifices you make now will eventually pay off, but for the moment, you may have to begrudgingly reign yourself in to complete what you have to accomplish. This New Moon squaring Mars is not a comfortable or even peaceful new start. There won’t be any gentle nudges the next few days. Anticipate a catalytic, almost fight or flight response to the pressures emanating from the environment. And Chiron’s conjunction to the New Moon in your 2nd house potentially highlights insecurities you might be harboring toward your finances, confidence, and self-worth. Most likely, whatever is holding back the flow of prosperity or willpower is mostly a mental construct, though it may be highly influenced by past trauma or negative experiences.

With this New Moon, you can turn it around through a change in your perception. Consider that any feelings of lack or worthlessness stem from toxic self talk or poor self image. Utilize the inward energies of Mars through Capricorn to gain deeper insight about your perceived limitations and where they actually stem from. And then, gradually, over the next few weeks, do something to change it. Trust that you deserve to support yourself to the best of your ability. All you have to do is do your best and that’ll be enough. Mercury retrograde (starting March 22) initiates a three week reality readjustment, a time to step back from your safely guarded opinions and perceptions and open yourself to a new conversation. While potentially challenging, this retrograde cycle can help you revise your current theories and understandings through unexpected insight, data, and knowledge. Keep pushing through the cognitive barriers.


Pisces Glyph-Resized.png

Pisces Rising

It’s time to step up and turn over a new leaf with this New Moon in your rising sign, especially since the last lunation required accommodating other people’s needs, realities, and ambitions. With this New Moon in Pisces, you’re getting a clear message from the universe that tackling your own direction is not only wanted but required. The challenge is overcoming your fears, anxieties, apprehensions, and sense of inadequacy. Chiron’s conjunction to the New Moon necessitates taking a bold look at your inability to make changes and break up stagnation in your life. It’s an uncomfortable new start, but that’s basically the deal with anything that you’re striking out with right now.

Consider that growth requires some periods of uncomfortability combined with uncertainty. As a creature of comfort you’d probably prefer to stay where you are. But some part of you knows better than that, and now is your chance to take the initiative with whatever you’ve been considering or dwelling upon. Mars’ square to the New Moon suggests breaking away from those limiting habits and negative self-talk--really diving in and making a shift. Sometimes, challenges can be given to us, or we can step up and create them ourselves. You might find that your own prescribed obstacles have a greater sense of reward and fulfillment. Alongside this New Moon, Mars enters Capricorn and joins Saturn in this sign until the middle of May. Coincidently, Mercury will be in Aries for about the same time.

Mars and Saturn in your 11th house is crunch time for objective structuring and goal setting. It’s time to get serious about where you’re intending to go, and if you reach out you’ll likely find some valuable allies who can assist you with your plans. Think about a study group of like-minded yet ambitious types. Mercury will turn retrograde in Aries just after the equinox on March 22/23. The following three weeks will challenge you to somehow make your dreams literally pay off. And until the middle of May, it’s going to be all about pragmatism when it comes to making the money flow. Setbacks can be opportunities to look for new directions, tactics, and more reliable or realistic sources of income.