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New Moon in Virgo 2017 

September 19- OCTOBER 5, 2017

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Aries Rising

One of the major challenges of this New Moon is that this lunar cycle carries some lower energy vibes--we’re naturally in a more recuperating phase. With five planets currently clustering in Virgo in your “work/health” region, you’re probably not really taking it easy now, nor should you. To put it quite bluntly, this is high season for getting much accomplished. Especially with this New Moon, this is a critical new start for your work and health routines, so anyway that you can begin to implement some changes here the better off you’ll be. With the Sun’s opposition to Chiron and square to Saturn, there’s actually not much chance that you’ll be sleeping through this New Moon. There’s likely to be some critical new projects, deadlines, or even health/wellness situations that need to be tended to. Getting organized, cleaning up your workspace, and prioritizing your daily routines will likely take center stage here.

You’re setting off on a new path of greater efficiency and productivity, especially since Mercury’s retrograde cycle through this region during most of Aug. You’ve probably made some critical revisions with your work and health strategies, and now it’s time to implement these changes and get back into the action. If you’ve been desperate for more practical work strategy, this New Moon will likely come as a welcome relief. But if you’re currently slacking off or avoiding personal responsibilities, then this New Moon will feel a little tense, though it can certainly help you awaken to what needs to get done. The other major challenge with this New Moon is your ruler Mercury making opposition to Neptune alongside it. That, combined with the Sun’s opposition to Chiron, might generate some confusion, ambiguity, and hesitation about what you’re actually doing, or if the hard work you’re investing in will actually bear results.

Make sure that you have all of the facts and information needed before jumping into the workflow. The risk of overestimating what you can handle, or not being completely informed of potential pitfalls are all possible with this New Moon. Also, make sure that you’re representing yourself authentically and truthfully. Communication at this time could be a little unclear, and the possibility that someone could misunderstand your message and presentation is a potential risk factor too. Neptune’s opposition to your ruler Mercury, combined with the New Moon vibes, could also make you feel less than ambitious right now or just yearning for an escape from the mounting workload. But the positive side of this New Moon is its ability to inspire you and provide you with a fleeting, but powerful vision that you can use to gain more motivation. If you’re feeling overwhelmed (definitely a possibility), find some way to meditate and clear your head.

The Sun’s ingress into Libra initiates the equinox (fall or spring depending on your side of the planet). This solar transit through Libra is your seasonal focus on relationships, significant friends, and professional contacts. You’re gradually moving from some seasonal introversion to a more sociable style which will notably shift with Mercury in Libra on Sep. 29. Mercury’s square to Saturn (Sep. 25) will push things much further along, and also help you clear up any confusion/ambiguity surrounding the New Moon. Saturn’s pressure on your ruler Mercury can definitely prod you into action, but also confront you with a more realistic perspective of all of the things you’re likely taking on. Mercury’s opposition to Chiron on Sep. 27, combined with Saturn in a t-square, can point out defects, flaws, and shortcomings. These insights can help you make necessary changes, but can also get you over thinking or overemphasizing what’s wrong. Chiron’s opposition can transmute any negative thinking patterns and attitudes to help you make better use of your time and energy, or shift you into a more useful and helpful role.

The final Jupiter/Uranus opposition on Sep. 25 can give you a cutting edge with innovative, genius insights and new freedoms, but can also make it difficult tending to work commitments and responsibilities. Use this opposition to further define a new style and personal image that brings you closer to authentic self-expression. You can definitely break free of any look or image that you feel is suffocating or otherwise preventing a more awesome you from coming through. The Full Moon in just two weeks will bring closure and completion of this process and can bring about enhanced confidence/willpower and personal magnetism. Occurring alongside a conjunction of Venus and your ruler Mars in Virgo, the Full Moon in Aries can help you make a dynamic and powerful presentation of your new look and style.

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Taurus Rising

While there’s currently several planets in Virgo, turning up the volume on practical concerns and focus for many of us,  for you, this New Moon is actually quite conducive for some fun. Especially on the day of this New Moon, with five planets clustering in Virgo, this is a high point this year for party, playtime, or activities with children. While you won’t be able to disregard responsibilities completely, you’ll find that the atmosphere is much lighter, carefree, and supportive of spontaneous activities/amusement. Soak up these vibes, and look for any outlets for creative, sexual, or playful indulgences. The Sun’s opposition to Chiron and wide square to Saturn, however, does give this New Moon a hard edge, which may point out certain reservations you might have about allowing yourself to loosen up. You might need to work through this resistance and look for any attitudinal adjustments needed to help you lighten your grip.

If creatively or artistically inclined, this New Moon is perfect for beginning new ventures or projects because your focus is seriously enhanced right now. In fact, with this super Virgo power influx, you can actually make some pretty drastic breakthroughs in your strategies and techniques. This can also be helpful for beginning a new parenting strategy if you have children, perhaps a new way to organize and schedule your life with them. Whatever the focus is right now, and despite any hesitations you might have about it, this New Moon represents a new beginning for your creativity, sexuality, and recreational outlets. You’ll be able to work out any issues in your personal life that are blocking the healthy expression of these things, as well as realize that making time for fun in life is just as important as hard work and personal development. In fact, at the moment, the more you give yourself time for these things, the more sanity and healing will result.

With the Sun entering Libra, initiating the equinox on Sep. 22, you’ll be getting somewhat back to work here. This solar ingress through Virgo, and this New Moon in particular, is your seasonal playtime. But with the Sun now in Libra, you’re becoming more concerned with daily tasks, workflow, health routines, and productivity. You’ll have to find some balance between recreational activities and daily responsibilities for a while. WIth Mercury, Venus, and Mars still in Virgo, party-mode is still a priority. The Full Moon in Aries in just two weeks will change this considerably and will likely require some stepping back from too much activity/stimulation to gain some perspective. Until then, enjoy yourself as much as you can, and begin looking for ways to express your need for usefulness and healthfulness with the Sun in Libra.

Your ruler Venus makes an opposition to Neptune on Sep. 29. One thing you’ll need to be mindful of is representing yourself authentically; make sure that you’re presenting yourself realistically. Especially when it comes to new relationships or love interests, this opposition can cloud not only your judgement but how others see you. However, this is also an incredibly creative and artistic aspect, and you can certainly use it for adding more beauty or creative touches to your life. Just be careful about any impulses you might have with questionable substances or how far you choose to go with recreational activities. Be clear about your boundaries or you’ll find yourself drifting too far out rather quickly here. Also, don’t commit to something just because it looks or feels good. If you’re not sure of it, wait until the spell wears off and then decide. You can easily fall for appearances with this aspect, so don’t give in too easily or you’ll probably regret it later on. If you’re not sure, just move along and see how enticing it is in a few days (maybe even a week).

Your ruler Venus is building up to a conjunction with Mars on the day of the Full Moon (I’ll have more to say about that in two weeks). For now, realize that there’s some building pressure in your creative, sexual, or parental life. Mars was so often viewed as malefic by ancient astrologers (i.e. a bad planet). Sometimes, that’s true. When we realize the aggressive nature of Mars and its correlation with impulses and accidents, there’s much to be wary of. With Venus and Mars in Virgo, this conjunction will relate more to your heightened sexual/romantic desires, charisma, and creative power. Mars conjoining Venus here will add a certain forceful edge, so just be attentive of your true power to assert dominance over the next two weeks as it gradually increases. This can certainly be a positive conjunction, but only if you’re mindful of your impulses and keep close tabs on your anger management.

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Gemini Rising

You’ve survived another retrograde cycle. With eclipse season and your ruler Mercury’s routine backtrack through the zodiac, it’s possible that a lot has changed for you over the past month. So much so that you might feel a little overwhelmed with what’s presently on the table for you. This New Moon in Virgo along with three other planets clustering in this sign draws your attention to your inner life and domestic concerns--issues involving your living situation, family, and intimate ties. With this Virgo emphasis, there’s likely to be a need to organize all of these things in some dynamic way, whether that’s cleaning up the house, putting more work/effort into home projects, or even doing some psychic de-cluttering through deep, personal work/development. A new seed is being planted with this New Moon in your inward life, one that will grow and develop over the next few weeks. Naturally, you might find yourself feeling a little more sensitive and vulnerable with this New Moon.

This is an ideal moment for laying low and giving yourself the space needed to sort out your personal life. It’s possible that there’s actually a lot of work to do here, which will give you less time and energy for public or even professional concerns at the moment. Consider how important your roots and foundation truly are in your life, and if you’re feeling too overwhelmed with external demands, make sure to take some time out for yourself, to settle in and digest what you’re feeling and presently dealing with. What we know with some certainty, is that your consciousness is incredibly attuned to what’s happening beneath the surface in your most intimate encounters and with the most important people in your life. The Sun’s opposition to Chiron can also point out or amplify hidden wounds, perceived defects, and psychic pain that’s been hanging out below the threshold of your awareness.

This New Moon can set you on a new path of healing and resolving these deeper issues, which may come about through a new awareness or realization of their source. While this New Moon may be emotionally difficult for you, it can actually catalyze some movement and resolution of things that now need your attention and compassion. However, it might be difficult perceiving the truth with this New Moon. With your ruler Mercury in opposition to Neptune, it’s easy for things to feel confusing, ambiguous, or vague right about now. The key to dealing with this is to be as upfront and honest with yourself as you can about how you’re actually feeling. Don’t try to put up a facade that just assures everyone else but leaves you feeling inexpressive or inauthentic. Neptune’s opposition to Mercury can indicate that you’ll need to deflate your ego a bit and put yourself in a position of some vulnerability.

The Sun’s ingress into Libra on the equinox (Sep. 22) will change up this energy quite a bit--lightening the mood and adding some playfulness into the mix. Especially once Mercury enters Libra on Sep. 29, this is your solar season for anything fun, amusing, or even romantic. It’s possible to expect some increased energy, vitality, and a bit of optimism while the Sun moves through Libra this year, especially with Jupiter still in Libra until Oct. 10. Mercury’s trine to Pluto on the equinox can also unlock some personal insights, realizations, or may bring some benefit or improvement to a mutual financial situation. Bascially, while you might feel increasingly lighter and optimistic, this Mercury/Pluto trine can also be psychologically revealing which could help you uncover some critical awareness about yourself.

Mercury hits a t-square with Saturn and Chiron Sep. 25-27. That might not be too comfortable, but Mercury’s square to Saturn on the 25 can help you make a more realistic assessment of changes that began to emerge on the New Moon. If you felt unsure about something, Saturn’s square can help you gain clarity and employ some reality-testing. Mercury opposite Chiron on Sep. 27, alongside the first quarter Moon, may flare up insecurities or wounds in relation to your appearance, personal style, or approach. Look to your greater purpose and what you’re actually striving for and realize that if you’re doing the best that you can right now, that’s all you can really do. Perfection is a noble ideal, but never a realistic goal. You may also find the need to develop a new communicative strategy in current relationships, so look for new ways to change your approach.

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Cancer Rising

While most New Moon’s carry a low energy vibe, this one might be somewhat different. With five planets currently in Virgo alongside this lunation, this New Moon moment kicks up the pace of your life and stimulates your curiosity. It might look like a tidal wave of varied exchanges for a few days with all sorts of communications coming in--emails, phone calls, your super extroverted next door neighbor. And with Venus moving into Virgo the day of this New Moon, this is the season for making new contacts, building/mending communicative bridges, and learning a lot more about yourself and the world through conversation. Especially until the Sun enters Libra on Sep. 22, expect to expend more energy than you typically would around a New Moon, especially if you’re prone to more introversion. With Cancer rising, that’s certainly a style that works for you at times, though certainly not the whole story.

On a deeper level, this New Moon is planting fresh ideas, and presenting you with interesting research trails that you can follow over the next two weeks. This latter part of the month has the capacity to greatly enlarge your perspective and knowledge base. Follow anything that interests you at this time, whether a new book, social meetup, a short trip, or informative documentary. There are a lot of ways that you can learn more about the world. The Virgo emphasis can also help you better organize your daily life and environment like finally cleaning out your car, office space, or email inbox--anything that can help your routine activities run more smoothly. The New Moon’s opposition to Chiron can also work to transmute opinions or biases you presently have, either through a sudden awareness of their flaws or through a change of stance due to new information coming through to you. Basically, keep your mind open the next few weeks.

The Sun enters Libra at the equinox on Sep. 22, which draws your most vital energy inward to attend to more intimate and domestic needs/concerns. This is your solar “down time” season, which will gain more notability once Mercury enters Libra on Sep. 29. While you’re still attending to much activity/stimulation with Venus, Mars, and Mercury in the “communicative” region of your chart, this solar ingress through Libra can bring about some vital changes to your home life or any situations that have been pending there. The first quarter Moon in Capricorn on Sep. 27 can also help you work out/resolve any conflicts on the home front with family or domestic partners. Expect to also get more proactive about creating changes in your living environment/home life.

Pluto stations direct on Sep. 28 while the Moon conjoins it. Occurring just after the first quarter Moon, this is a dynamic Moon/Pluto conjunction which may dredge up some deep issues in certain relationships/partnerships. One manifestation of this may be a day of emotional intensity as you come to realize some things about another person and your relation to them which may not be easy to process. Facing the truth about certain interactions may be an inevitable side-effect, but also expect that potential breakthroughs are also possible which can liberate you from certain delusions or tensions that you’ve been avoiding in key relationships. This is also an ideal day for working through psychological issues either with a counselor or someone who takes on the role. This is a potentially transformative day where you may have to deal with issues that have been way out of range. Take a hard look at anything arising from the shadows, and consider a few days of increased vulnerability and reality checks.

Venus will conjoin Mars on Oct. 5 alongside the Full Moon in Aries. This fiery Full Moon in the “career/life mission” region of your chart can bring closure/completion of professional matters, but it can also push you to deal with more public concerns. Venus conjunct Mars in Virgo might give you some extra charisma, magnetism, or even a certain “sexiness” and charm. You’ll learn more about this Full Moon in just two weeks, but consider that you’ll need to take a stand on something during the early part of Oct. If you need to make a dynamic impression on someone or gain more visibility, look to this Full Moon moment as a time to finally speak up and make yourself seen/heard. This might relate to mere personal interactions, and it could also help you considerably in the professional arena.

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Leo Rising

Now that the energy and intensity of the past few weeks has likely calmed down, you can settle into this New Moon which infuses your life with some much needed stability and practical focus. Especially with the total solar eclipse in your rising sign, you’ve just undergone a powerful and dynamic transformation--even if you don’t presently see it. Something has most definitely shifted in your life and how you present yourself. Your choices and decisions are likely to change considerably over the next several weeks and months. With this New Moon, you’re starting out on a new financial path and it has the potential to plant new seeds for increasing your confidence, abilities, and income flow. With Mars in Virgo for the past two weeks, you’ve probably been in a survival mindset with more energy and drive available to get what you need. With Venus now in Virgo alongside this New Moon, you can anticipate some positive developments with your financial state for the next several weeks.

But Chiron’s opposition and Saturn’s square to this New Moon can present some challenges for you. The most notable of these can be a sense of feeling completely inadequate or undervalued. It’s important to realize that first and foremost, personal value comes from within. That might sound like a cliche platitude, but it’s actually quite true. You can’t acquire personal value from external things. You can only find true confidence and personal value through experiences in which you overcame something yourself and thereby proved to yourself that you were capable of things you never thought possible. This New Moon can serve as a beginning point that allows you to embark on a new chapter of increasing your personal value by stepping up confidently to new challenges. The more you do that, and the better you feel about yourself, the more that you will discover that the material changes you now seek will follow. This New Moon can also help you organize your resources as well as change your attitude about money.

Neptune’s opposition to Mercury and Mars can also bring about some ambiguity in relation to your self-worth and current money-making schemes. Hold off on jumping into any “get rich quick schemes” for a few days no matter how enticing. Also, be particularly careful of your spending habits over the next few days during this New Moon, and especially with Venus in Virgo until Oct. 14. While this can be a more prosperous cycle (to varying degrees), it can also incite your desires and impulses to the max. Make sure that whatever you invest in now is realistic and that you can actually afford it. This will be extremely important during the Venus and Mars conjunction in just two weeks (more on that below).

With the Sun entering Libra on the equinox (Sep. 22), your curiosity is significantly empowered. This is the start of your solar “learning” season, and it’s a good time to indulge in various intellectual or mental activities. This will notably increase once Mercury enters Libra on Sep. 29. Consider all of the things you presently don’t know--all of the facts that you’ve yet to acquire. With Jupiter still in Libra (until Oct. 10), this solar transit will considerably expand your mind in various ways, so keep looking for new books, lectures, classes, or conversations that will have a notable impact on your current understanding of the world. This is also an ideal time to seek out various opinions and perspectives which differ from your own biases.  With the third Jupiter/Uranus opposition exact on Sep. 25, this is a mentally and intellectually liberating time for you, and this final opposition toward the end of the month can relate to expansive and ingenious insights, realizations, and ideas.

Pluto stationary direct in Capricorn around Sep. 28 could amplify sexual/creative/recreational desires for several days, but it could also unlock critical insights regarding excess focus on these matters and destructive side-effects. What might seem fun, could turn out to quite different, so don’t over idealize your playtime. Venus conjunct Mars in Virgo on Oct. 5 occurs alongside the Full Moon in Aries. As mentioned before, be exceptionally cautious about your spending habits and impulses. But this encroaching Full Moon can also bring about a new understanding of the world that seeks to inspire, revive passion, and create new solutions for resource/money acquisition. It all looks rather exciting if you can keep your desires in check for a few days surrounding it. This can also set into a play a new resource/money cycle that could be rewarding at a future point. 

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Virgo Rising

With Mercury now direct and eclipse season behind you, this New Moon in Virgo feels like a new start and provides you with increased personal willpower and awareness of new directions. This is a high point in the current solar cycle for you to assert yourself, begin new projects, and put more work and effort into your appearance or personal style. You may even find yourself placed into a position of some leadership in various situations right now as people are looking to you for direction. But the challenge of this New Moon lies in the Sun’s opposition to Chiron and square to Saturn, as well as your ruler Mercury’s opposition to Neptune. With Sun’s relationship to Chiron and Saturn, you might find yourself consumed in negative thinking patterns or feeling that you don’t have what it takes to make important decisions or take charge of your life direction. Realize that any present insecurities are rooted solely in your mind and are not a reflection of the true reality. It’s also really easy for you make extremely negative judgements about yourself which can keep you from taking initiative.

This New Moon in your rising sign is a powerful new beginning in changing your attitudes and seeing that you actually have more power, ability, and competence than you presently think. In a real way, this can be a breakthrough moment where you can actually shift a “can’t do” attitude completely around. Mercury’s opposition to Neptune, however, can present you with some confusion, hesitation, as well as ambiguity in your relationships, and the key to solving this is realizing that you need to call the shots right now and rely less on the opinions, advice, or direction of others. In fact, the more you depend on someone else to make choices for you, the more confused and uncertain you’ll get later down the road. To make things easier for you, don’t feel pressured to jump into anything at the moment if you don’t have all the information you need. As Mercury separates from its opposition to Neptune over the next several days, the clouds will clear, and you can begin taking those first steps over the next two weeks.

On the equinox (Sep. 22) Mercury moves into a trine with Pluto and the Sun enters Libra. If you’re in the northern hemisphere, this equniox can help you change direction or drastically turn some things around in your life. If you’re in the southern hemisphere, this equinox is an extra potent beginning point where you can dive deeply into new projects with more ease and success. Mercury’s trine to Pluto can help clarify the confusion of Neptune. By this point, you’ll be able to more easily discern the truth about any current issues and authentically assess your situation without too much idealism or uncertainty. With the Sun entering Libra, this initiates your solar resource season, where acquisition of money and the building up of confidence becomes increasingly important. Expect these matters to really gain more prominence once Mercury enters Libra by Sep. 29. The Full Moon in Aries in just two weeks will also bring a joint financial situation to a head which may bring closure to any pending loans or transactions.

Mercury’s square to Saturn on Sep. 25 can feel like hitting a bit of a snag in your current process, but it’s a crucial stage for another realistic assessment of what you’re presently trying to implement. Any negative thinking patterns still present from the New Moon may also come flooding back in here, but Mercury’s opposition to Chiron by Sep. 27 can help you change this around, perhaps through some insight or perspective provided by a trusted source or partner. So expect that in a few days, you’ll be able to move around any obstacles you come up against, but this Saturn square and Chiron opposition can also help add to your momentum by challenging you further. In fact, this is an ideal starting point if you take some more time to reflect on your options at the New Moon. The hard aspects to Mercury can prod you into action and get you going in practical directions.

Alongside the Full Moon in Aries on Oct. 5, both Venus and Mars conjoin in your rising sign, which symbolizes another significant new start in addition to an influx of highly emotional/psychic content. As you approach this Full Moon, you’ll need to be extra mindful of repressed anger or desires that could take over for a few days. This is also the high point “sex appeal” season which can really turn up the volume on your desirability. You could use that to your advantage if you need to, but just make sure you’re aware of how far you might take that and whether you can handle it.

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Libra Rising

It’s possible that you’re undergoing a subtle yet potentially profound awakening in your life with this New Moon. This is the beginning of a renewed relationship to something bigger than yourself and your own personal objectives. With so many planets clustering in Virgo, this is a time to see yourself as part of a larger organism or intelligence. You’re probably noticing things about yourself and your reality that most people miss out on while in pursuit of personal gratification and external accomplishments. That’s not to say that those things aren’t important to you, but at this moment you’re looking beyond everything obvious and material, more interested in what lies beneath the surface. It’s also possible that anything that’s been in your blindspot is coming to the forefront of your consciousness, which could be a little difficult to process or even understand. Use this New Moon to step back from the action for a moment, really try to simplify your interactions and cut out distractions. Solitude will be a useful strategy.

But the potential risk with this New Moon, and one that would be quite unfortunate, is that you withdraw to the point of obliterating your awareness or drowning out these subtle insights, signs, and omens. We all have personal demons that we must overcome through the power of our greater will. At the moment, those demons could have tremendous power, stripping you of conscious participation. Consider any vices or means of escapism that could be blocking the flow of clarity and authentic, personal insight. Don’t let the demons win. You have more power than you might presently think here, and that power lies in your ability to make some difficult, yet rewarding choices. Look for things that you could potentially give up in your life that might be causing you harm or clouding your judgment. This Virgo season marks a high point for getting your life together, and that starts with the first step. If you take that step, you’ll gain access to a new understanding, humility, and greater trust in the universe at large.

With Venus entering Virgo on the day of the New Moon, look for supportive friends, partners, or colleagues who could help you with anything you presently struggle with. This is also a great time for seeking support from spiritual practices, mindfulness, and meditative techniques. With the Full Moon in just two weeks, any issues or conflicts within a relationship could come to a head. That might look like a resolution or closing of a chapter for you. The best thing you could do right now is work deeply on yourself and what you know you need to do. Look for help, assistance, or insight from people you trust, or anyone who could pose as a positive example. Self-improvement isn’t easy nor is it something we can buy in a prepackaged form. We have to constantly work towards it, even if absolute perfection is impossible. Don’t aim for perfection here, just realize that some things really need to change, and by awakening to that realization, you’re on the path of drastically changing your attitude and realigning your objectives and priorities. Remember, we can’t control or always change what happens to us or what other people choose to do. The only thing we can control is our own responses and decisions. These current transits are helping you awaken to that on a deeper level.

With the Sun’s ingress into Libra on the equinox (fall in northern hemisphere and spring in the southern hemisphere), you’re gradually moving toward a new beginning. Especially after this illuminating, yet challenging New Moon, much of what is happening within yourself and your life could be hard to fully comprehend or understand right now. Just trust that you’re on the path toward a new beginning. Psychologist Carl Jung said that, “pain, light, and enlightenment come all at once.” That saying conflicts with many of our modern, new age ideologies which see spiritual work or self-development as a solely “positive” experience. In reality, change is not always pleasant or easy to undergo. It takes hard work, accompanied by immense pain or difficulty. Stripping ourselves of destructive dependencies or attitudes can leave us naked and feeling vulnerable. After this equinox, however, you’ll gradually gain more freedom to take the lead again, and get proactive about discerning a direction for yourself.

Venus trine Pluto on Oct. 3 is a prelude to the conjunction of Venus and Mars on Oct. 5. Alongside the Full Moon in Aries, the beginning of Oct. is a firey and potentially volatile time for you, though nothing to ultimately dread. Again, the more work you do yourself, the more conscious you’ll become regarding what’s developing in your life and relationships leading to increased insight and understanding. Venus trine Pluto can help you dig deeper into yourself and current situations. Look out for psychological insights and realizations. Venus conjunct Mars can help bring more awareness to feelings of repressed anger or frustration, as well as gift you healthier ways of expressing it. This is also the beginning of a new relationship to spiritual work and personal development.

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Scorpio Rising

There’s a definite shift of priorities for you with this New Moon in Virgo. Just two weeks ago, you may have found yourself pulled between two extremes, pitting the enjoyment of the immediate moment against your long range goals and strategies. Or conversely, you could have been consumed in the glamor of a creative project or romantic hang up and completely forgot about everything else. This New Moon can help you get back into alignment. In fact, it has the capacity to provide a renewed interest in socializing and strategizing on a whole new level. Consider the possibility that new connections made or friendships forged now can present you with new role models, goals, and objectives. You might find that you’re in desperate need of an ideal that you can roughly imitate or aspire to.

This is also your game-planning season to the max. With Mercury’s retrograde cycle through Virgo during most of August, you’ve probably made some drastic revisions to current dreams or end-goals. Consider this an ideal moment for setting new intentions, organizing your life (on many levels), and reaching out more to supportive networks. Asking for feedback on current projects or plans is likely to be incredibly helpful too, but with the Sun opposite Chiron, make sure that you don’t get too caught up in any faults/defects pointed out. If you’ve felt stuck creatively up until now, consider that this New Moon is setting the stage for you to significantly shift that, which might require a change of attitude or style. Saturn’s square to both Chiron and the New Moon can amplify a focus on limitations in your creative or sexual life, but don’t get stuck dwelling on negativity. Get proactive with making improvements over the next few weeks and keep looking forward. New directions are developing, it’ll just take some effort and hard work to attain your ideals from now on.

With Venus moving into Virgo alongside this New Moon, you’re entering a  period where networking and resolution of conflicts will likely come easier for you. But with the Sun’s movement into Libra with the equinox on Sep. 22, there’s a gradual shifting toward solitude, self-reflection, and acquisition of perspective. The Sun’s transit through Libra will require some “down time” or withdrawal for the next month or so. Especially with Mercury making a trine to ruler Pluto on the equinox too, you’ll gradually find yourself in need of soul nourishment and more authentic exchanges. Still that might conflict with some social requirements/responsibilities left over from the New Moon. You’ll have to find a balance between retreat and interaction, most likely until the end of the month when Mercury enters Libra.

Your ruler Mars opposite Neptune on Sep. 24 could make you second guess your actions, which might not be such a bad thing. Keep your impulses in check for a few days surrounding this opposition, and try your best not to over-stress your body or overtax energy reserves. Combined with the Sun’s ingress into Libra, this might be more of a “laying low” portion of the month in whatever way is possible for you. Also, keep yourself alert to anyone misrepresenting themselves in certain relationships, but especially new connections forged at this time. Your ruler Pluto also stations direct on Sep. 28. Pluto receives a trine from Mars in Virgo Oct. 1 and a trine from Venus Oct. 3. The end of Sep. and early Oct. is looking like an amped up truth telling season for you. Upfront and honest communication will come easier for you (though that’s also a natural Scorpio rising style).

Choose your words wisely, especially when communicating to groups, organizations, or casual friends. But this Pluto/Mercury connection is also incredibly helpful in getting your point across or in articulating those deeper perceptions that typically turn people off. Venus conjunct Mars on Oct. 5, alongside the Full Moon in Aries, could correlate with some work and health situations pushing themselves into the forefront. Again, that might conflict with the Sun and Mercury in Libra, which amplifies an inward calling. However, Venus and Mars with the Full Moon draws you out of your inner sanctuary to deal with important tasks and social responsibilities. In just two weeks, consider that you’ll be able to more effectively blend your ideals and desires resulting in increased productivity and confidence to pursue your larger goals. At the moment, this New Moon is planting the seeds and enhancing your strategies. Further action and progress are coming soon.

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Sagittarius Rising

After that riveting Mercury retrograde period and eclipse season, you’ve probably been reworking/revising some professional/career moves. In fact, movement with these matters has probably been slow going, but it’s gifted you a chance to pinpoint some targets or fine tune your approach. This month is placing a huge focus on your reputation/public image/career themes. To say you’re feeling a little more ambitious might be an understatement. With five planets in Virgo alongside this New Moon, there’s definitely a new chapter opening for you that gives you greater public and communal reach. This is an ideal time for you to make some professional moves/decisions and begin taking some steps that will help you further accomplish your current goals/objectives. In fact, this is likely the most focused you’ve been regarding these matters this entire year.

With Venus moving into Virgo the day of this New Moon, it’s easier to put some final touches on resumes, promotional materials, and presentations. Venus gives you some extra charm and ability to focus on details you’d otherwise miss out on. But also, much of these professional moves may feel a little awkward and uncomfortable. This is a time to reach out of your usual social/professional circles and challenge yourself a little more. And with the New Moon in opposition to Chiron and widely square Saturn, this new chapter arrives more like a kick in the ass, but that’s probably what you need right now. Saturn is nearing the end of Sagittarius this Dec, and will move on to your “financial” region for the next three years.

Many career/professional changes you make or begin now, will help you with any tightness/restrictions in that department throughout Saturn’s transit through Capricorn. But no worries, while requiring more work and effort, Saturn will help you step up your money status and sharpen your survival skills too! If you make the effort, you’ll be a money master (with increased self-confidence as well). You just have to resist the temptation to wallow in any defects or limitations that are presented to you with this New Moon. Chiron’s opposition can dredge up insecurities you might have surrounding living/home/family issues. Though it can also awaken new realizations and self-awareness that will further inspire you to take charge of your personal mission/life purpose. Saturn’s square reminds you that hard work cannot be avoided, but if you stay busy and focused right now, you’ll avoid the pitfall of feeling useless, directionless, and depressed. Realistically, this is prime time to step up and take some action. With Sagittarius rising, think of it as an adventure that will take you to fantastic places and new horizons in the near future.

The Sun’s ingress into Libra initiates the equinox (spring or fall, depending on your side of the planet). This will also relate to an increased attraction to groups/organizations/meetups and will help with all kinds of networking and reaching out. In fact, this is your prime season for making new contacts and making useful acquaintances. The Sun in Libra is also a time to adjust the scope of your vision/dreams/goals through feedback and conversation. If you need advice, it’s likely more than readily available. And with Mercury entering Libra Sep. 29, new contacts, verbal exchanges, and allies could come flooding in soon. Keep your sights on your creative process too, and try not to lose sight of your own point of view in a morass of opinions. The Full Moon in just two weeks (Oct. 5) will bring a creative project/romantic liaison/child rearing process to a culmination soon.

The main event these next two weeks, aside from your big promotional/career moves, is the opposition of Uranus to your ruler Jupiter on Sep 25. This is the third opposition of Uranus to Jupiter since Dec. of last year. After the second in early March, this opposition unlocks your creative superpowers like never before. Seriously, this is a powerful moment for you to liberate yourself on many levels, greatly expand your social circles, and reinvent your creative/visionary powers. If you have children, this can also help you with innovative/cutting edge parenting strategies. Whatever you do toward the end of this month, think outside the box. I know, it’s a cliche, but really useful for you to unlock your inner genius and greatly accelerate you to new horizons and (what might seem like) endless possibilities.

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Capricorn Rising

With the Full Moon in Pisces just two weeks ago, perhaps you’ve deeply questioned certain facts, beliefs, and perspectives. The Full Moon may have awakened and dissolved perceptual barriers, leading to an altered understanding of reality. It’s been a wise tactic for you to question any news and information you’ve come to rely upon, and now that you know more than before, you can make better assessments. This New Moon in Virgo brings in some fresh energy that you can use to take some risks. Those risks may actually manifest as an adventure, trip, or journey for you; or may be solely perceptual. With five planets in Virgo this month, especially at this New Moon moment, it’s possible that you’re not as satisfied with your current understanding, perception, beliefs, or philosophical stances. This is a high point this year for breaking out of perceptual boxes, responding to any restlessness, and seeking new truths and experiences.

Especially with Mars in Virgo since early Sep., you’ve needed to take some leaps of faith, though that’s likely to be more metaphoric. This New Moon moment has the capacity to open your mind further, engage your curiosity, and dare you to explore what you’ve previously feared or thought unrealistic. With Mars in Virgo until the latter end of Oct, keep pushing those boundaries of thought and life experience. Be careful about getting too rigidly attached to certain beliefs or ideas so that you refuse to consider alternative perspectives that are likely coming to you. This planetary cluster in your “adventure” region can incite new possibilities for you, and it would be a shame to let it all pass by without at least taking a peek. Philosophical/ideological/spiritual debates can also be a huge feature of this process--all of which invite you to move past blockages in your thinking and beliefs.

The Sun’s opposition to Chiron with this New Moon can help you begin a new path of healing perceptual and verbal wounds. If you’re open to changing your mind or how you communicate, this New Moon opposite Chiron can lead to sudden, spontaneous healing as a result of a radically changed thinking pattern or attitude. Maintain an open mind the next several weeks. If you’re feeling the travel bug, you may also benefit from a daring trip (if that’s possible for you), especially now that Venus has entered Virgo the day of this New Moon. The Sun enters Libra initiating the equinox on Sep. 22 (autumn in the northern and spring in the southern hemispheres). This solar shift into Libra may correlate with an increased focus on career/reputation/life mission. This is your seasonal moment for increased visibility and PR moves.

Mercury makes a square to your ruler Saturn on Sep. 25, which again flares up your perceptual awakening through the emergence of information/facts/data that challenge your identity or personal beliefs. Mercury’s square to Saturn can test your faith on various levels here, but ultimately gives you a new, challenging viewpoint or perspective that will help you grow on more levels. Mercury shifts into Libra on Sep. 29 amplifying verbal authority or the ability to voice your opinion/ideas/needs in a more public or visible way. Anticipate an increase in professional contacts inundating your life at this point until Mercury enters Scorpio mid-Oct. It could be busier for you than usual in your career/public life. That might just look like an increase in phone calls, texts, and emails for a while. In Libra, this could also relate to an increased need for sociability, interaction, or schmoozing.

Venus conjunct Mars on Sep 5 alongside the Full Moon in Aries could be a little unsettling or volatile on the home front/domestic life. You may have to make some adjustments/accommodations for people in your intimate life that might not see eye to eye. Squaring Pluto in Capricorn, the Full Moon can be quite psychologically revealing for you, shoving insights or understandings more directly in your face. Be mindful of your impulses/reactions over the next two weeks; realize that you’re being pressured to change the way you come off and handle situations with intimate partners and family. Many changes that have been brewing beneath your knowing may surface, too. Venus conjunct Mars can also revive some passion and adventurous enthusiasm, or pull new contacts/connections into your life with completely different cultural or perceptual backgrounds.

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Aquarius Rising

Make sure the batteries are fully charged on your bullshit detector this month. That may also have been a very practical thing for you to do just two weeks ago with the Full Moon in Pisces activating your “financial” region. While it could have been a high point for income flow, or the fruits of hard work done could have come flooding in, you needed to be careful of anything that was too good to be true or just utterly too risky. Perhaps you’ve received a clear vision or some creative juice needed to change up your income flow. All are possibilities. But most likely, you’ve since realized that you need to be careful with over idealising or overestimating your resource base. This New Moon in Virgo shifts your attention to your most intimate relationships as well as financial or even emotional dependencies. This is your authenticity season--that is to say that it can help you in getting real and facing any issues that have recently been pushed aside.

This New Moon is a new chapter in your most intimate and psychic life. With the Sun’s opposition to Chiron in Pisces, it may also dredge up certain wounds, fears, and vulnerabilities in relation to money, self-sufficiency, and self-confidence. But the positive power of this New Moon will manifest only if you step into some dark corners, have some difficult talks, or otherwise deal with anything you’ve been putting off in your personal life. The more shadow work you do right now, the more that positive changes relating to this New Moon will show themselves over the next two weeks or so. What’s happening now can feel like soul searching, and it’s important to let yourself rely on those you really trust. You can deepen crucial commitments in your life, connect with those you love on a profound level, and work to set boundaries with shared resources/money. Venus entering Virgo the day of this New Moon helps to soften the likely intensity of the last few weeks, to help you engage more, make eye contact, and move past superficial exchanges that are preventing actual soul-contact to be made with allies.

Use your bullshit meter not just on others, but also yourself. Make sure you’re being honest in all of your exchanges, because the more you reveal, the better this new chapter will be. Again, Chiron’s opposition to the Sun can relate to a spontaneous shift in your ability to trust as well as heal wounds related to money and self-esteem. This is all predicated on the personal work that you’ve been investing in. This month and slightly into Sep. can stir up a lot of stuff that’s been kept secret, or merely represent increased interest in anything occult, taboo, or socially forbidden. Keep digging and probing with this lunation and keep it real. The equinox (Sep. 22) will bring about some much needed fresh air for you. The Sun’s ingress into Libra is your season for adventure and mental exploration.

The Full Moon in just two weeks (Oct. 5) will be a perceptual and ideological awakening, and any steps you take at the end of Sep. to break free of ideological boxes/prisons will help you at the Full Moon. With Mercury moving into Libra on Sep. 29, some of that inner work and mental focus on shared resources/psychological processing will shift even more. From Sep. 29 until mid-Oct, you’ll find it easier to think about new possibilities and indulge your curiosity. If you’ve been feeling a little claustrophobic lately, the Full Moon and Mercury’s ingress into Libra will help you get out and get some much needed space and freedom.

Both Mars and Venus conjoin in Virgo on the day of the Full Moon (again, Oct. 5). The early part of Oct. could be a lot busier for you than usual. The Aries Full Moon is fiery and passionate, and with Venus conjoining Mars in Virgo on the day of the Full Moon it arouses primal and creative energies. Pluto’s square to the Full Moon can supercharge sexual desire or eruptions of anger, fear, and frustration. Use the month of Sep. to vent and express your fears, unexpressed/acknowledged desires. Again, shadow work is hugely important this month, because psychic eruptions could be ugly by the Full Moon. On the positive end, you’re working towards more honest and upfront communication over the next two weeks that could be helpful in creating some important relational changes and resolving any pending conflicts or tensions with credit, loans, or a mutual financial situation.

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Pisces Rising

With a significant focus on your relationships this month, this New Moon in Virgo represents a fresh start and new beginning in how you relate, connect, and negotiate with some key people in your life. While most of August was a time for you to give birth to new work, health, and self-improvement strategies, this New Moon initiates a change of focus to your most intimate as well as professional connections. This lunar rebirth might be a little challenging, with a t-square created by Sun, Moon, Saturn, and Chiron placing some pressure on relationships, career/mission, and your personal style/image. A new chapter is just beginning for you, despite any perceived limitations or obstacles you’ve been facing in your personal life. With the Sun waning from its square to Saturn from late Aug. to early Sep., you’re actually moving past that process of needing to make a more realistic assessment of partners, friends, and colleagues.

Life is an interesting mixture of events in the hands of the fates, and other events which invite us to make changes (externally and within ourselves) that can very much change what we experience. While free-will plays a critical role in life, one of the primary things we can’t really change is other people. This New Moon moment presents you squarely with that realization because much of what is happening now involves choices and decisions of those close to you. This dissipating Sun/Saturn square can help you release control, and the Sun’s opposition to Chiron at that moment can reveal more perceived defects within yourself and others, but it can also correlate with sudden changes of attitude and spontaneous healing happening amongst important people in your life. Much of what is happening depends on their own free will, which isn’t up to you. All you can do is work on your relating and negotiating skills, and do your best to see your relationships as a mirror of your own internal blockages and wounds. New beginnings are happening just beneath the surface, even if you don’t readily see them yet. The potential for much conflict resolution and miraculous turnarounds may begin to emerge in the next two weeks.

With five planets (including the Moon) clustering in Virgo on this New Moon, it’s possible that your introverted season (for this year) is officially over. This is a high point of the year for putting some extra work and effort into building and sustaining partnership, which can be exhausting if your heart isn’t really in it. This New Moon has the capacity to amplify your heart awareness so that you can figure out exactly where you need to truly allocate your time and energy. Projects and relationships that are rooted in true love and commitment will not feel burdensome at all! In fact, if your heart is in it, what you’re doing now won’t feel like work. This is also a seasonal peak that will pique your interest in other people, how they think, feel, and see the world. This is an ideal time for reaching out and seeking help, support, and guidance, as well as establishing new relationships and commitments.  

Venus entering Virgo on the day of the New Moon (Sep. 19) can help soften the effects of Mars here since Sep. 5. Creating boundaries and dealing with tensions in your partnerships should be a little easier, and you’re likely to be dealing with more willing and receptive people until Mid-Oct when Venus enters Libra. Most likely, there is some building momentum in a new or current relationship that will reach its peak in just two weeks on the Full Moon in Aries. Pay close attention to what’s happening now with your relationships, friendships, and partnerships--another new beginning/shift of energy is coming soon. It also has the capacity to revive passion, heat, and intensity between you and a significant other, but only if both parties are willing to work through conflicts gracefully and mindfully, otherwise some significant adjustments may need to happen in early Oct.

The Sun enters your “no bullshit” region on the equinox Sep. 22. Authenticity, honesty, and truth seeking will be critical themes also inundating certain partnerships now. This also indicates that you’re ready and more willing to go deeper, reveal vulnerabilities, and see past anything superficial in your relationships. This will be the start of your annual soul-cleaning that can help you face your shadows and deal with stagnant psychic gunk. Mars and Venus make oppositions to your ruler Neptune soon, too (Mars Sep. 24 and Venus Sep. 29). Again, these oppositions represent certain challenges in your relationships, which can help you bring closure and release of ideals/delusions you’ve been harboring. Mars’ opposition can be tricky when it comes to sexual affairs, so be careful how much you reveal or who you engage with. Venus’ opposition at the end of the month, can either amplify unrealistic ideals/expectations, or help you make soul-contact with friends and lovers. Be extra mindful and try your best to remain conscious of your impulses and idealizations.