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New Moon in Capricorn 2018 

January 16/17- JANUARY 31/February 1, 2018

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Aries Rising

As a dynamic starting point and reset for career and professional aims , this New Moon pulls you into the public light. With Venus’ conjunction, there’s also an auspicious edge to this lunation that brings new connections and beneficial business partnerships. You’ll find it easier to reach the top with a helping hand or two, so don’t shy away from collaborations or anyone who offers to assist you with your currents plans and objectives. Saturn’s recent ingress into Capricorn and your 10th house begins a new three year cycle of increased ambition and further maturation of your communal reach and public image.

In Capricorn, this New Moon has you looking forward and climbing to the top. If you do any kind of creative or artistic work, this may also be a good time to put it on display or promote yourself. Anything that gives you greater public outreach or connection is favored by these New Moon vibes. Uranus’ square adds some pressure to your usual public relations methods and marketing techniques. Anticipate some unexpected changes, alterations, or innovations to arise through your interactions with others. This New Moon marks a highly unusual departure from your typical objectives.

With Venus entering Aquarius and your 11th house on Jan. 17/18, followed by the Sun on Jan. 19/20, this wave of increased social interaction continues. This is a cyclic peak for networking--making contacts, reaching out to new communities, or seeking help in establishing new goals. The next month might require more small talk and less substantive connection, but you’ll get a chance to discover a common cause and team up with others of like mind. The Sun through Aquarius is your annual cycle for diversifying your goals and objectives, to start looking at your future from a renewed vantage point.

Lastly, your ruler Mars enters Sagittarius on Jan. 26/27. Mars through Sagittarius is a time to take risks, reach out, and try new approaches or experiences. Occuring in your 9th house, you’ll need to be mindful of overconfidence or dogmatism when it comes to your beliefs. Ideological conflicts are highly likely, so be careful of going on a crusade against anything that clashes with your perceptions. Also, impulsive or rash decisions can also lead to trouble. But with that in mind, Mars through Sagittarius will offer you new horizons giving you the courage to explore foreign perspectives and uncharted terrain.

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Taurus Rising

This New Moon is changing your perception rather drastically. It’s likely that various interactions over the next few days could awaken you to a new way of looking at the world. With several planets in your 9th house alongside this New Moon, there’s a heavy emphasis on spiritual, philosophical, and ideological concerns. Venus’ conjunction to the New Moon adds the social element, bringing you foreign perspectives and shocking insights. At this point in the year, you’re very likely pondering the bigger picture, and how to extend your reach.

In contemplating this New Moon, the possibilities are seemingly endless, but Capricorn’s influence has a narrowing effect. Saturn through your 9th house the next three years is going to require some effort and hard work to pin down your personal truth. Taking up a course of higher learning or study is one way of working with this transit, or saving up for a life changing trip to some exotic place. This New Moon is planting those seeds, giving you new insights and ideas that you can plan and strategize effectively. And for marketing or promotion, this New Moon can help you reach a wider audience, drastically changing your overall impact.

Your ruler Venus enters Aquarius on Jan. 17/18 followed by the Sun on Jan. 19/20. These two planets transiting together stimulate an ambitious streak for roughly the next month. This is a good time for forging business relationships or trying out an alternative, cutting edge approach when it comes to PR. Venus in Aquarius also adds an auspicious influence that can help you navigate career opportunities with better results. Outwardly, there’s a lot going on, so keep reaching out and following up with anyone who offers you a new way to reach your goals.

While the Supermoon/lunar eclipse at the end of Jan. might take your attention back to your inner life and domestic concerns, the next two weeks is all about your larger mission and personal goals. Mars’ ingress into Sagittarius and your 8th house could bring up some fears and anxieties especially in relation to debts, mutual income and resources. Clear through March, you might have to set some clearer financial boundaries with a partner or finally sever your ties with a creditor to save up your reserves. Whatever shows up, this is the start of your season to risk honesty, vulnerability, and directness with intimate encounters.

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Gemini Rising

In this deep, dark New Moon, issues of intimacy, sexuality, and shared resources/income are highlighted. A new process of uncovering the depths of your psyche begins under this lunation, and relationships play a major role in this. Conjunct Venus, this New Moon moment suggests looking closely at all of your interactions for they each reveal fragments of yourself, presenting you with a greater awareness of your needs, desires, and fears. This lunation creates space for vulnerability and authentic connections. You may find yourself opening up more or beginning to trust someone enough to share yourself more fully.

Uranus’ square to the New Moon suggests breaking down walls or barriers to your intimate life. While those walls are set up to protect you from pain, hurt, or disappointment, when clinged to, they block the experiences of passion and intensity. Uranus’ square to this lunation might challenge structures with a sudden force or intrusion, but with the ultimate aim of adding more richness and authenticity to your life. Also, when it comes to issues of dependency in a mutually held financial situation, this New Moon is the start of some much needed changes and readjustments.

Venus enters Aquarius and your 9th house on Jan. 17/18 followed by the Sun on Jan. 19. The Sun and Venus’ transit through this house highlights spirituality, philosophy, and long distance travel. Clear through the first week of Feb. with Venus’ close proximity to the Sun, you’ll be attracting others who might have a radical impact on your perception of the world. Traveling with a friend or partner is favored at this time, as well as discussion of big ideas or taking on unique perspectives. You might feel more comfortable sharing your own personal beliefs, or listening to someone else’s thesis or cosmology.

Mercury’s conjunction with Pluto on Jan. 25/26 correlates with another wave of intimacy and depth perception. This latter part of Jan. some highly charged emotional or psychological material may surface, as well as stimulate deeply buried sexual desires, fears, or anxieties. Mars’ ingress into Sagittarius and the 7th house on Jan. 26/27 adds further fire to your need for relationship, passion, and intensity with others. Clear through March, watch out for power struggles or conflicts, though Mars here will turn up the volume on your sexuality and attract assertive and or aggressive partners.


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Cancer Rising

With Venus conjunct this New Moon in your 7th house, relationships get some extra focus right now. And with Pluto in a loose conjunction, a major transformation of your interactions is gestating just below your conscious awareness. This New Moon is a strong reminder of the hard work, commitment, and dedication required to make any relationship withstand life’s hardships and challenges. Saturn moving through this house for the next three years is a critical test of all partnerships and contracts--a time to really mature your relational bonds.

When it comes to your closest partners or allies, expect the unexpected with this New Moon. Uranus’ square indicates that you have less control over the actions or choices of others right now, and you’ll have to give them the space to figure out their own direction. With so many planets clustering in Capricorn, this lunation suggests stepping back and allowing those closest to you to call some shots and initiate action. In fact, you might benefit more from feedback, advice, or input than ever before.

Venus enters Aquarius and your 8th house on Jan. 17/18 followed by the Sun on Jan. 19/20. For about a month, the Sun and Venus’ transit through this house could bring about financial benefits through a mutual partnership or help you work through difficult psychological material with positive results. Echoing the transition brought about by the New Moon, both the Sun and Venus indicate the need to gain an alternative perspective of yourself through deep, shared intimacy.

Mars enters your 6th house and Sagittarius on Jan. 26/27. With Mars here clear through March, this will be an ideal period for breaking out of stagnant work and health routines. In the 6th house, Mars excels at getting daily tasks/chores taken care of or channeling energy toward being of service to others. If you’re not sure where to put your energy, look to larger causes or anyone who might need some extra help or assistance. Health and fitness routines also get a major kick, helping you go the extra mile or lift a little more. However, be careful of overdoing it. Mars here can create the risk of injury, so be mindful of your limits.

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Leo Rising

Occuring in Capricorn in your 6th house, this New Moon emphasizes hard work, responsibilities, health matters, and self-improvement. While likely not the most comfortable of lunations, this New Moon opens a channel for you to reach out and find support. Equally, you may find that others may need help from you as well. This point of connection can give you a sense of usefulness and belonging. With Venus conjunct this lunation and square Uranus, this is the start of a radical break or departure from unhealthy daily habits or routines that limit your productivity or personal growth.

If your work performance or dietary/fitness routines are in need of change, this lunation is an ideal time to break things up and try out innovative tactics or approaches. The patterns or lifestyle changes you set into motion now will culminate in just two weeks with a powerful Supermoon/lunar eclipse in your rising sign. For now, sink your teeth into projects or tasks requiring dedication, persistence, and effort. And if you look around, you might find help where you least expect it. Collaborative efforts will be far more effective, so try to get others on board.

In the days following this lunation, both Sun and Venus enter air sign Aquarius in your 7th house (Jan. 17-19). This social transit highlights relationships and reinforces the need for collaboration, negotiation, and compromise for a little over a month. This year’s Aquarian season places extreme emphasis on the need to work with others and to see their point of view. However, with the lunar north node transiting Leo, the universe is nudging you in the direction of leadership.

While the Sun and Venus might tempt you to let others call the shots now, you’ll need to initiate projects or changes you want to see manifest. But once you’ve got a clear plan, strategy, or momentum going, you’ll likely find plenty of support, input, and feedback. Lastly, Mars enters Sagittarius and the 5th house Jan. 26/27--adding creative and sexual energy into the flow of your daily life through March. Be careful with risk taking or going too far with indulgences. While renewing your lifeforce and passion, Mars in Sagittarius in this house can easily go overboard.

Virgo Glyph-Resized.png

Virgo Rising

As your ruler Mercury recently conjoined Saturn, there’s still an air of seriousness and focus that carries over into this New Moon transition. But in your 5th house, this New Moon highlights creativity, children, and the discovery of joy, playfulness, and life force. Venus conjunct the New Moon here emphasizes a new chapter with children, a romantic lover, or a creative project. Both Saturn and Capricorn magnify the awareness of time slipping through the cracks and the need to step more fully into the moment.

This lunation is a good time to connect and be more fully present with anything that brings you joy, passion, and happiness. If you’re beginning a new creative project, this is a point of intense focus and determination that can help you really commit and envision a long term strategy, too. The contrast or tension of this New Moon is represented by the desire to both live for the moment but also look forward and understand the consequences of your present actions.

And in light of that and Saturn’s transit through Capricorn, you may find yourself more deeply contemplating attitudes, behaviors, or habits that you’ve possibly outgrown. Over the following few days, your priorities are likely to drastically shift with both the Sun and Venus entering Aquarius and your 6th house (Jan. 16-17). The Sun’s transit through this house over the next month can help you realign with healthier attitudes, habits, and routines.

Venus’ proximity to the Sun may correlate with a time to help others in need, or to reach out and seek support yourself. While this isn’t often the easiest transit, it can help you discover new or unique paths toward self-improvement or innovative health and wellness strategies. Mercury’s conjunction with Pluto on Jan. 24/25 brings your 5th house back into focus--an honest look at relationships with children or lovers. Pluto/Mercury can bring out communicative blockages or shadows, helping you uncover what’s in the way of the healthy flow of creative and playful power.

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Libra Rising

With this New Moon conjunct your ruler in the 4th house, you might be feeling the call to lay low and retract from external demands. This is likely a temporary passe, because things will be shifting soon enough. But the first major change that’s been building and gestating this last week is a transition in your domestic relationships--family, friends, living partners, or roommates. You may have noticed a deepening of these bonds or the surfacing of secret, or suppressed information about your past or someone else.

Whatever has shown up for you has likely altered your interactions on a permanent level, leaving you with much to absorb and process. With this lunation, you’ll need to charge your batteries and take some time to rest or recover. This isn’t a high energy vibe for you, and Uranus’ square to this lunation also stimulates your rebellious side, making you more prone to cutting free of restrictive demands or expectations. You’re likely to desire more freedom and space to be you without the burden of what everyone else around you might be thinking or saying.

Your ruler Venus enters Aquarius and your 5th house one day after this lunation (Jan. 17/18). The Sun follows behind on Jan. 19/20. With both and the Sun and Venus still moving forward together, the next month or so puts a larger than usual spotlight on creative projects, children, as well as sexual/romantic bonding. In Aquarius, experimentation or innovative, creative approaches might take center stage, so open yourself to unusual paths. For your love life, this is an excellent period for attracting new prospects or trying a different approach with a current lover. Whatever shows up, it’s time to recapture joy and playfulness.

Mars enters Sagittarius and your 3rd house on Jan. 26/27--a time to wilfully stretch your horizons clear through March. If you’re feeling restless or bored with current circumstances, Mars through Sagittarius is a good time for travel or interesting, mind expanding conversations. In contrast to the New Moon energy, this latter part of Jan. has you stepping out of your comfort zone, more willing to take risks and explore. Watch out for conflicts over stubbornly held perspectives. Mars here can attract others who might not see things the same way or who might force their view onto you. And of course, the opposite may be true too. Have the courage to step outside your typical framework of understanding and see the other side.

Scorpio Glyph-Resized.png

Scorpio Rising

You may get pulled into some abysmal conversations with this New Moon in Capricorn for good or ill. Be weary of those looking to just dump their garbage on you without any concern for your time and energy. Conversational vampires come to mind, spewing endless rants about what’s not working in their life. And of course, the tables could be turned the other way, so make sure that you’re genuinely connecting as opposed to mindlessly venting. However, use this New Moon to get out what needs a voice, just be mindful of overstepping boundaries.

Uranus’ square to the New Moon could relate to sudden, spontaneous meetups or emotionally charged bits of information. Whatever shows up for you with this lunation, it’s impact will likely hit you hard and get you thinking about the deeper ramifications beyond the superficial or obvious things in your life. In your 3rd house conjunct Venus, this New Moon could just as equally unearth secrets or overly honest confessions--a theme you probably witnessed this past week with the Venus/Sun/Pluto triple conjunction.

However you handled that, it’s likely that your perception of things has utterly changed and transmogrified. What you’re left with is a lot to ponder and it could take time to process it all. Both Venus and the Sun make their way into Aquarius and your 4th house in the few days following this profound New Moon. Venus enters Aquarius Jan. 17/18 followed by the Sun on Jan. 19/20. The next month highlights a fresh new look at your domestic and family life. With Venus close to the Sun, your focus is on building and sustaining connections and relationships with domestic partners or family ties.

And with the Sun now at the lowest point in your horoscope, you may be less concerned with external ambitions/achievements, more keenly aware of your internal process, needs, and priorities. Go with the flow. This solar Aquarius 4th house transit is your time to get a more objective look at yourself in relation to others you share intimate space with. If you need more down time, take it. Finally, of notable concern, your ruler Mars enters Sagittarius and your 2nd house on Jan. 26/27. With Mars here clear through March, the battle for resources and income is particularly strong. This may not suggest that things are tighter (likely a theme of the last three years), but that your desire to break free of constrictive financial patterns gives you a competitive edge in getting what you want and need.

Sagittarius Glyph-Resized.png

Sagittarius Rising

This New Moon in Capricorn in your 2nd house can plant the seeds of a more auspicious financial cycle only if you’ve worked hard and continue to do so. As you now know, Saturn in Capricorn the next roughly three years is going to accentuate this point, strengthening your capacity to generate resource autonomy and self-sufficiency. While tightening your resource base and options, Saturn will empower your survival tactics and intrinsic values. This New Moon is a dynamic starting point for a new relationship to resources and necessities.

Uranus’ square can add some pressure to your old ways of making a living, putting into question your tried and true tactics. You may be forced to try alternative methods starting with this lunation, so anticipate some unexpected catalysts or changes to your expectations. While innovation may be forced onto you, it’ll likely lead to a more improved/efficient means of making your way in the world. Whatever shows up, don’t expect the old ways to continue working, ease off and open yourself to these new possibilities and options.

Both Venus and the Sun enter Aquarius and your 3rd house following this lunation. Venus enters Aquarius on Jan. 17/18, followed by the Sun on Jan. 19/20. Both of these transits stimulate your need for unusual or off-beat conversations as well as alternative learning experiences. Additionally, both Sun/Venus can relate to a more active period for social exchange and travel--anything that stimulates your current desire to break out of perceptual boxes and routines.

Finally, Mars enters Sagittarius and your 1st house (Jan. 26/27) just before the lunar eclipse in your 9th house (Jan. 31/Feb. 1). This latter part of the month may provide a big shift, awakening your adventurous spirit and stimulating your desire to push the boundaries of your usual habits and routines. Again, travel is a big possibility, but so is intellectual or philosophical discourse. Mars in your first house gives you a more aggressive style and approach clear through March, but be careful of impulsive leaps of faith as January ends.

Capricorn Glyph-Resized.png

Capricorn Rising

If Saturn entering your rising sign last month didn’t feel like a solid, new starting point for you, this New Moon in Capricorn definitely will. Breathing new life and purpose into your reality, this lunation puts serious attention on your identity, image, and personal style. And with Venus’ conjunction, this is a dynamic new starting point for relationships, creative projects or collaborative endeavors. Uranus’ square to the New Moon can challenge your traditional ways of doing things, encouraging to step out of your comfort zone and trailblaze a new way forward.

Venus enters Aquarius and your 2nd house on Jan. 17/18, initiating a positive cycle for financial and resource acquisition. Venus here can increase your desires and spending habits, so be mindful of splurging, especially with Venus in whole sign square to Jupiter until the first week of Feb. While income flow is more accessible now, it can flow out just as fast. The Sun’s ingress into Aquarius Jan. 19/20 puts greater emphasis on money and self-confidence for the next month and Venus’ presence makes for some positive gains.

Mercury and Pluto’s conjunction in Capricorn on Jan. 24/25 is a chance to put yourself more authentically forward, urging you to speak/communicate your truth. However, be mindful of how much you share or who you share it with. This aspect has the potential to reveal more than you might want or what other’s can handle hearing. Watch your intensity levels for a few days surrounding this transit, but otherwise strive to show yourself in a more honest or realistic light. Whether you realize it or not, you’ll be communicating more of yourself than you typically do.

Mars entering Sagittarius and your 12th house can put a drain on energy levels, initiative, and willpower. This is a house associated with captivation symbolizing both awe towards mystical perceptions as well as an inability to move due to imprisonment. These metaphors may aptly describe your sense of vitality and stamina until mid-March. Focus your energies inward toward self-discovery and personal insight. Remain mindful of your frustrations and anxieties. Once March rolls around, you’ll be ready to break out with more self-knowledge and incredible determination.

Aquarius Glyph-Resized.png

Aquarius Rising

With your ruler Uranus squaring this Capricorn New Moon, this indicates a radical break with the past or the inundation of mystical insight or vision. With Venus conjunct the New Moon, you’re likely to establish a new connection with the numinous and divine, so step away from the world and sink into this lunation for inspiration. In the deep darkness of the New Moon, you’ll likely require some space and solitude to really establish the connections you seek.

In Capricorn, in your 12th house, this New Moon is conducive for reflection and soul nourishment--anything that can help you get more in touch with the universe at large. As both the Sun and Moon conjoin, it’s a good chance to recharge, rest, and recover. Take a few days around this lunation to tune in and relax. The following several days in the waxing Moon cycle will gradually pull you out of hiding. The Sun enters your rising sign on Jan. 19/20. The Sun in Aquarius the next month gives you increased freedom to show your eccentric, individualistic nature.

The Sun in your first house is also your annual reset button, a time to begin developing new pathways. In the waning lunar cycle, and with Venus here too, this year’s Aquarian ingress feels more like a fresh, new start for creative projects and relationships. Feel free to step out with more confidence and strength. You’ve got extra charisma and magnetism behind you now than at any other time in the Sun’s annual cycle. Put yourself out there and keep stepping forward, and try out different approaches and more unique tactics towards bonding and relating this Aquarius season. Mercury conjunct Pluto on Jan. 26 may bring to the surface secrets, personal insights, and psychic impressions. Expect some buried truths to surface in one way or another.

Mars entering Sagittarius in your 11th house on Jan. 26/27 gives you increased energy for social exchange and future planning. In a whole sign trine to your ruler Uranus, Mars in Sagittarius offers greater access to fierceness and aggression. Be mindful of getting into conflicts with groups or social networks or strategizing to the point of exhaustion. Tackling goals and solving problems through willful action will be the name of the game clear until mid-March. And Mercury square Uranus on Jan. 27/28 can help you break free of limiting beliefs, just in time for the lunar eclipse in your 7th house which will help you embrace another’s perspective.


Pisces Glyph-Resized.png

Pisces Rising

Much of the current sky activity has you looking ahead at your future potentials. Just past an epic Venus/Sun/Pluto conjunction a week ago, your goals are likely changing alongside a transformative rebirth of your social circles. This New Moon in Capricorn gives you a serious gaze and focus that’s perfect for putting extra time and energy into creative/artistic projects. And conjunct Venus, this lunation is also a significant restart or new beginning for friendships and professional associations.

While Saturn and Pluto’s presence in Capricorn gives this New Moon a heavy vibe making it very easy to fall into the “dreading the future” trap, Venus’ conjunction provides an auspicious edge that you can use to establish a more beautifying vision. Over the next week, both Venus and the Sun shift into Aquarius (Venus on Jan. 17/18 and the Sun on Jan. 19/18) giving you extra space for contemplation, solitude, and spiritual replenishment.

The mystical waters of the 12th house of your chart gets an eccentric, cutting edge kick from the Aquarian double current. The next month or so will help you acquire a unique new perspective on reality, offering a different creative and visionary angle for you to draw from. Much of the next week’s transits conspire to offer you a radical break with the past, and you’ll be leaving behind an old way of life. Think of this as a dynamic gestation period. The Sun’s ingress into your rising sign in the latter half of Feb. is going to be expounded by eclipse season, making for a powerful rebirth of your willpower and directive.

For now, keep looking at that bright and promising future, no matter what those cynical thought loops keep saying to you. The following two weeks serve as the onramp to the first eclipses of 2018. Mars entering Sagittarius on Jan. 26/27 gives you an ambitious kick clear through March--a good time to put some career goals into action, promote yourself, or even start a new endeavor. The Supermoon/lunar eclipse in Leo at the very end of the month may re-enliven the breakthroughs you made with workflow/health/productivity last summer, so pace yourself while you keep busy.