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Horoscopes are generalized readings based on either Sun or rising sign. If you know your rising sign (also known as the Ascendant) your horoscope may be more accurate. However, you should read for both and see which one resonates best for you. It's important to realize that horoscopes cannot possibly provide as much detail or accuracy as a reading of your natal horoscope (based on the time and location of birth), but they are useful for understanding the general influences of current planetary cycles. 

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October 2018

 Grand Canyon south rim just before sunset; photo by Chad Woodward

Grand Canyon south rim just before sunset; photo by Chad Woodward

Aries Glyph-Resized.png


Sun sign: March 21- April 19

Your ruler Mars is nearly past the shadow of its retrograde cycle as Oct. begins, but it is entirely leaving the lunar South Node behind. Some old dreams have likely been phased out, but you're reinvigorating or innovating those that have pure substance. And for releasing stale friendship dramas & resentments, Mars past the South Node can help you move on to other battles. Mars' dip into Pisces mid-November isn't precisely an unobstructed forward charge, but as of now, your passion is building for the pursuit of future goals, and there are far fewer hesitations.

With Mars clear and direct this month, you can continue with freshening up your game plan, adding unique touches, and sleek augmentations. With Sun and Mercury in Libra, and the New Moon Oct. 8, relationship focus consumes a lot of energy. And Venus' retrograde station in Scorpio Oct. 5 gives the first week of this month a critical new start with commitments and interactions. Venus' retrograde cycle sets off a reappraisal of debt, shared resources, and an in-depth uncovering of the psyche.

October is a month of intense vulnerability and intimacy for you. You won't feel satiated with random, superficial exchanges or even lighthearted flings. No, this month is about depth and realness. With Mercury entering Scorpio Oct. 9, your mind is gaining greater interest and acuity for hidden subjects or all matters occult. And the Taurus Full Moon Oct. 24 can be a breakthrough for a process of acquiring greater self-sufficiency, though an unexpected change of finances can dominate.



Taurus Glyph-Resized.png


Sun sign: April 20- May 20

Well, the big theme of the month is that your ruling planet turns retrograde in Scorpio. Yes, Venus takes a backward track every year and a half, but it has been eight years since it's happened in your opposing sign. While any Venus retrograde cycle creates a reappraisal of relationships, this is doubly so for you. The serendipity factor is a big theme for you this month and next, so pay attention to all of those new connections who seem vaguely "familiar." Seeing a friend, partner, or colleague through a different lens is also likely.

Needless to reiterate, this month is all about the relational sphere. And with Venus in Scorpio, there may be more accommodation of others' needs, views, and perspectives than usual. It's all about sharing your reality from now until early Nov. But, you can gain powerful insights this month, especially the more you sit back and let others show you their more authentic selves. If needed, give everyone the space they need. Empathy and patience are hugely important.

Venus is opposing Uranus (exact Oct. 31), so while there may be sudden breaks in a partnership routine, those closest to you are individuating and re-connecting with their realness. So, no glossing over heavy subjects, or avoiding the taboo this month. There is an increase in raw and upfront interactions which can help break down walls and deepen intimacy and understanding. Keep a close watch on the Full Moon Oct. 24. Occurring in your sign and conjunct Uranus, it is a breakthrough/culmination of your revolution.



Gemini Glyph-Resized.png


Sun sign: May 21- June 20

Ever since Jupiter entered Scorpio late last year, your ability to serve and help others has likely increased. New job-related opportunities, improved workflow, or even an augmented health regime have all been likely. Jupiter enters Sagittarius next month, which means that you'll be running into an abundance of interactions and an ability to mend damaged relational strands. For acquiring new friends, lovers, and relationships of all kinds, Jupiter in Sagittarius can help you put yourself out there and attract what you need.

Venus' retrograde cycle through Scorpio (beginning Oct. 5) can deepen the love of your service or trade, help you open up more in your work relationships, or represent a pivotal shift in a health/wellness strategy. For improving your life and health, follow your heart and listen more closely to your body. This month and early Nov. can also represent a revaluing of your work and daily routines. With several planets clustering in Scorpio, you'll be extra focused on how your work makes you feel or whether it's genuinely congruent with your values.

Two auspicious aspects with your ruler Mercury this month can help enrich your work life and routines. With Mercury conjunct Venus retrograde Oct. 15, look for serendipitous encounters in your workplace, critical health-related news or insight, or a compelling dialogue with a colleague or client. Venus/Mercury is all about bringing your heart more directly into your service or wellness path and connecting more authentically with what you do. Lastly, Mercury conjunct Jupiter Oct. 29 can bring job expansion/opportunities, but most definitely an increase in optimism and good feelings.



Cancer Glyph-Resized.png


Sun sign: June 21- July 21

October sets off with your lunar ruler at last quarter phase in Cancer, which is a robust start to the month. And while the Moon's opposition to Pluto is somewhat edgy and intense, it gives you boldness for greater authenticity and realness. You do begin this month in a state of dissipation as the lunar cycle is winding down, starting again Oct. 8 with the New Moon in Libra. This New Moon generates a restart in your inward domain--family, domestic life, and self-attunement.

Pluto's square is not a smooth integration, as you may be feeling more intensely and getting more honest with yourself and others. But Venus' retrograde truly dominates this month. In Scorpio, Venus is opening the door to fierce pleasures, romance, and creative musing. For you, Venus retrograde is a great rediscovery of joy and hidden amusements. Yes, you may have to probe deeper to find the real gems, but the further you go, the more you'll be surprised with the bliss you've been neglecting.

Past flings, a shelved creative project, or a youthful connection could show up this month and have a significant impact. Open your heart to the possibility of feeling your most vital, alive, and willing to embrace the goodness that life has to offer. And toward the end of this month, the Full Moon in Taurus will be your breakthrough moment, a culmination of your ability to break with the mold and embrace a radical new goal, friendship, or alliance.



Leo Glyph-Resized.png


Sun sign: July 22- August 21

October is the month of Venus retrograde, and the Goddess of beauty begins her backward turn Oct. 5 in Scorpio. For you, this cycle can bring a dynamic revaluation of your family, domestic life, and self-understanding. With Jupiter in Scorpio since late last year, you're learning more about yourself, and potentially contending with an expansion of your home life. You may have a change of heart about who you think of as family, and consider that tribal bonds can extend far beyond bloodlines.

Yes, this Venus retro cycle is an inward turn, and it touches upon your most intimate and personal reality sphere. Look for the emergence of new family/tribal members or a familiar connection from the past re-emerging from early Oct. through Nov. With your solar ruler in Libra until Oct. 23, this is your season for greater outreach, interaction, and communication exchange. Venus retrograde in Scorpio can be a rare and pivotal moment for feeling deeper into your heart and expressing yourself more fully.

The Sun's dip into Scorpio Oct. 23 occurs before a dynamic Full Moon in Taurus Oct. 24. The Sun and Moon's close contact with Uranus can be a momentous culmination in your career and public life. The Full Moon vibes can help liberate you from a stagnant pursuit or ambition, shattering limitations and rapidly pushing you into increased visibility. Consider putting your full self forward and not holding back as Oct. comes to an end, a time to radically embrace your wildness and all that you are.



Virgo Glyph-Resized.png


Sun sign: August 22- September 21

October is likely a busy month for you given your ruler Mercury's more heightened activity. Venus turns retrograde in Scorpio Oct. 5, which marks this month as a period of increased social exchange, travel, and interaction with your immediate surroundings. From early Oct. through Nov. Venus' retrograde cycle begins a revaluation of your day-to-day environment. You may consider reaching out more to your local community, neighborhoods, or local hot spots.

The more you engage, the more likely you'll discover new points of interest, find beauty in unexpected places, or form neighborly alliances. A walk in a park, a regional scenic drive, or even a routine grocery stop can reveal unnoticed subtleties about your reality. And yes, your perceptions and communication style are all undergoing profound transmutations. Expressing your heart more authentically with loved ones can serve to deepen rapport and understanding.

Mercury into Scorpio Oct. 9, and opposition to Uranus, Oct. 10, can bring sudden, unexpected news, information, or advice. As much as your curiosity is peaking about your world, you're also cultivating a greater ability to think for yourself. In Scorpio, this is all edgy stuff, so holding back your thoughts and feelings will not be easy. But this month is about more than speaking your mind; it's about learning to communicate your heart and how that makes a difference more effectively. Mercury conjunct Venus Oct. 15 will be significant for this.



Libra Glyph-Resized.png


Sun sign: September 22- October 22

This month presents a critical revaluation of several life aspects. Your ruler Venus turns retrograde Oct. 5 in Scorpio, and this cycle points to the transmutation of your financial sensibility and overall self-worth. Always with Venus retrograde, you are undergoing alterations more so than everyone else. October is your season to more closely align with your values and desires, and to feel more deeply than usual.

A sudden change in income flow is likely for you this cycle, but yes, you will need to be especially cautious with overspending or too costly investments. The standard Venus retrograde rules apply here for you in regards to sleeping on it before diving in. Most of all, your aesthetic and romantic sensitivities are exceptionally heightened this month, which can be magic for a relationship or sexual rendezvous, but tragic for idealized pragmatic situations.

Most powerful of all this month is your capacity to change. With Venus retrograde in opposition to Uranus (exact Oct. 31), you're revolutionizing this month, making smarter moves, and innovating your life. Give yourself the space needed to reinvent and liberate yourself from outdated values and attachments. Yes, this can be somewhat painful and challenging, but all you need to do is follow your heart to where it leads. Fresh beginnings are now afoot.



Scorpio Glyph-Resized.png


Sun sign: October 23- November 21

October is a month of profound personal shifts and changes. Venus is turning retrograde in your sign beginning Oct. 5 which is a chance to practice being more honest and upfront about who you are. It's likely time to bring your true self forward, which could result in a shift in personal style or the way you approach others. Venus retrograde through Scorpio is a revaluing of not only your physical appearance but how you listen to and follow your heart.

If your actions haven't been synched up with your bliss, this Venus retrograde cycle can help you fall into the flow. Yes, you may consider a new look, but deeper still, you'll be experimenting with how to improve your relational skills. Authentic connections are a vital human need, and with Venus retrograde through your sign, it's time to reassess the kinds of people you attract into your life, and how they make you feel.

With several planets in Scorpio for most of this month, Oct. is an essential starting point for new projects and fresh directions, especially towards the end of the month with New Venus in your sign. The Full Moon Oct. 24 can be erratic or unpredictable for a relationship, but if you need to make a clean break, or change up a predictable pattern with a friend, colleague, or lover, this Full Moon can shake things up.



Sagittarius Glyph-Resized.png


Sun sign: November 22- December 20

October is the last month of your ruler Jupiter in Scorpio. Yes, it's drawn you more behind the scenes for roughly the past year. This increased detachment from the external has given you a sharper focus and enhanced clarity in regards to your higher purpose. Come next month, Jupiter in your sign is going to be potently promising for you, especially for generating big waves in the world and for taking the lead. Utilize this month as your last chance to deeply reflect and commune with your higher self.

Venus turns retrograde Oct. 5 in Scorpio, and this will be a far less outwardly focused cycle for you. However, it is likely to be quite magical, mysterious, and synchronistic as Venus retrogrades go. You're probably already noticing the subtle signs and clues that you're getting more in touch with the Gods and Goddesses. Keep your faith strong this month, because this will be a tremendously powerful phase of release and surrender of past desires and attractions.

You will not find it easy to fulfill personal needs right now, but utilize this month to focus on what you can do to care for others. Beginning early next month, you'll have more space to nurture self-needs, so you will not go wholly neglected for too long. Think of this month as a vital incubation/gestation phase. Much self-care and love are required to nurture what's coming forth.



Capricorn Glyph-Resized.png


Sun sign: December 21- January 19

Self-control/discipline and restraint have likely increased over the past month since your ruler Saturn turned direct. While still in the early stages of Capricorn, Saturn continues on its journey helping to solidify your sense of authority and command. With Sun and Mercury in Libra at the start of this month, you're reaching your annual peak energy for ambitious pursuits and professional networking. Making connections in your career/public life will be vital early this month, so continue putting yourself forward.

Venus turns stationary retrograde in Scorpio Oct. 5, beginning a revaluing of your dreams, goals, and friendships. Yes, you may start to perceive flaws and disparities with all of those themes this month, but consider this a vital test of who or what you want to belong. Social movements could be powerfully appealing to you, or you may lose faith in previous allegiances this month, too. If the movement doesn't move your heart, then move on to greater things. As for a new friendship, alliance, or future goal/objective, all are possible with Venus retrograde this month.

The New Moon Oct. 8 begins a new cycle for your career and reputation, though Pluto's square could put into question the overall meaning of your efforts. Don't get stuck in an existential crisis or overwhelming doubt, heed emerging insights and use them to deepen your focus, commitment, and power. The Full Moon in Taurus Oct. 24 is synergistic to your sign and could provide a sudden/unexpected (though exciting) change through a romantic fling or creative project. In opposition to Venus retrograde, you're breaking new ground, so cultivate your creative genius or spontaneous and flirty side. 


Aquarius Glyph-Resized.png


Sun sign: January 20- February 17

With Jupiter in Scorpio (until late-Nov.), you've been enlargening your career/professional possibilities. Likely, new doors have opened, or you've been making more massive bets on yourself and what you're capable of. Venus' retrograde station Oct. 5 adds an interesting twist in your attempt to further your success and accomplish your goals. New and past connections could remerge this month, in addition to a vital revaluing of career goals and ambitions.

Listen to your heart this month in regards to new professional moves because a dramatic change in your mission and purpose is underway this month. If you've been going down a path no longer conducive to your authentic dreams or the real you, you'll probably find it no longer bearable. Deep reflection/introspection can prove valuable as you attempt to get in touch with a direction more in alignment with your desires.

The latter end of Oct. brings the most dramatic astrology for you. Starting with the Full Moon Oct. 24, the Moon's conjunction with your ruler Uranus can provide a radical break with the past or an unexpected shift in your home life/domestic space. Venus' inferior conjunction Oct. 26 is a sudden transmutation of your objectives and reputation, peaking with Venus' opposition to Uranus Oct. 31.



Pisces Glyph-Resized.png


Sun sign: February 18- February 19

You'll find yourself desiring to break out of routines this month, and potential new relational connections could serve to inspire you. If you've felt stuck in a predictable flow, this month can accelerate your ability to reach for new heights and experiences. As always, you'll have to push yourself to make drastic changes, but trust the universe to bring you just what you need to get motivated.

Sun and Mercury in Libra at the start of this month puts a spotlight on issues of intimacy and resource dependencies. Extra thought about debt, loans, and credit could be significant themes, setting up new arrangements or negotiations. Venus turns retrograde Oct. 5 in Scorpio, followed by the New Moon in Libra Oct. 8. Venus' retrograde cycle sets off serendipitous encounters with alien points of view. In the first week of this month, you'll be revaluing your life philosophy, and opening your heart to grander perceptions.

This month's New Moon cuts deep for you this month, which can be perfect for increasing authenticity in your relationships. But the intensity of this Full Moon is such that emerging shadows can easily overwhelm. Fend off paranoia by deepening your trust and understanding of others. Sex and magic have ultimate power and allure for you. The last two weeks of Oct. are mentally and intellectually stimulating, for sure. The Full Moon Oct. 24 accompanies a breakthrough/revolution in your thinking and communication style. Mercury conjunct Jupiter Oct. 29 is adventurous, but also a fresh starting point for revitalizing your beliefs.