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Full Moon @ 10 Libra 45'

March 31/April 1- april 15/15

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Aries Rising

Your most intimate relationships are highlighted by this Full Moon, connections with friends, marriage partners, or colleagues. With Mars and Saturn’s square to the Full Moon axis, building tensions or frustrations in your relationships are reaching a climax, crisis, or breaking point. You may have to put in some extra effort to find resolution or talk things out with others just now. It won’t be easy setting things right, but with Mercury’s opposition to the Full Moon from your rising sign, consider the need to revise your communication strategies to more effectively reach those you have to deal with. Working on boundaries and openly expressing needs might not be a comfortable process, but at the Full Moon, you’ve reached a deadline where it’s time to address issues which haven’t been effectively managed until now.

Mercury’s retrograde cycle continues for another two weeks, and in your rising sign, it points to a need to make adjustments or revisions to your personal style or how you approach others. That could manifest as taking on a new look or appearance, or working on a more effective means of approaching or leading others. And for decision making, give yourself some extra time to think things through. The relational pressures arising alongside this Full Moon need careful attention and focus, but you’ll have more decisiveness and freedom to pursue new paths after the New Moon April 15/16. Your ruler Mars conjoins Saturn April 2/3 in Capricorn, a time of increased pressure and challenges with your career and professional objectives.

You can utilize this early part of April for putting in some extra effort and hard work. If you’ve been slacking off or putting off responsibilities, this conjunction could correlate with a difficult confrontation with reality. But if you’ve been making the effort and logging the hours, Mars/Saturn can help to increase your ambition, focus, and determination. Mercury’s square to Mars April 4/5 challenges your perception and current thinking patterns. It represents a final push with any revisions or alterations you’ve been making with your professional path. Consider seeing things from a new perspective, or trying out an alternate approach. Lastly, Mars sextile to Neptune April 14/15 could gift you some much needed inspiration or creative vision just before the New Moon. In just two weeks, you’ll be clear of the current tensions and ready to start anew. Hang in there.


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Taurus Rising

As the Full Moon culminates in Libra, it puts some heavy emphasis on your work, health routines, and daily tasks/responsibilities. You’ll likely find a lot more that needs to get done right now, and with Libra’s emphasis on integration and balance, you’re reaching a point where you can more realistically manage everything that’s on your plate. Mars and Saturn’s square to the Full Moon aren’t likely to give you a break now, so keep pushing forward. If you’ve been working hard at something, whether a fitness routine or work related project, this is a time where you can really see some results from your consistent efforts, discipline, and focus. While there’s likely still so much more to do, acknowledge your efforts and take pride in your accomplishments.

Mercury is still retrograde for another two weeks, and in Aries, it’s opening up new dimensions of thought and perception. Anticipate the emerging of hidden or secret information, as well as the need to step back and work more from behind the scenes. You’ll likely find that solitude and time away from the drama will give you the increased focus and stamina needed to keep the momentum going. Mars and Saturn’s exact conjunction in Capricorn April 2/3 may correlate with some ideological conflict or tension. Be careful of coming off too dogmatically or defensively in your beliefs or personal philosophy. This is a time to put more work or effort into gaining a big picture understanding of things, which may require separating or discarding anything that no longer stands up to a more critical analysis.

Be careful when traveling or taking big risks, too. Mars and Saturn require more careful planning rather than spontaneous or impulsive moves right now. Your ruler Venus makes a trine to Saturn April 7/8 which can help you strengthen some critical life structures and relationships. Consider putting more effort into securing lasting connections and projects before moving on to new things. Consolidation is key right now, and you’ll be given more chances to really solidify the most sustainable elements. And lastly, Venus trine Mars April 10/11 can bring in an increased sexual or energetic flux, which can be used to more effectively get what you want and desire. Deeply consider what you’re attracting the next few days, you might get more than you think is possible.

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Gemini Rising

With your ruler Mercury retrograde in Aries, it’s quite possible that you’ve been making some revisions to future goals and objectives, or at least thinking differently about what’s conceivable later down the road. Mercury’s square aspect with both Mars and Saturn brings you a greater awareness of obstacles and limitations, but both planets can catalyze action, helping you to carefully plot some next moves for yourself. Anticipate also the emergence of past connections, or networking strategies bringing you some much needed allies. This Full Moon in Libra brings to a culmination matters pertaining to children, romantic relationships, or creative projects. While the sign of Libra stimulates a desire to bring some much needed peace, balance, and resolution to these things, Mars and Saturn’s square to the Full Moon can stir up some challenges.

For sexual or romantic relationships, there may be more there than you probably bargained for. Anticipate the need to work through differences or disagreements to make things run more smoothly, but Mars/Saturn’s square can put a serious damper on the infatuation spell. But consider this a much needed moment to step away from idealizing a partner to more realistically assess the situation and where its going. With Mercury’s opposition to the Full Moon, you’re definitely thinking more to the future and long term now. With children, this is also a breaking point where setting down some new rules or structures is likely a necessity. For creative projects, this Full Moon can symbolize the culmination of hard work and perfecting of techniques, a time to really dig in and put in the extra effort needed to pull it all together.

Mars and Saturn’s exact conjunction April 2/3 can be a challenging few days for dealing with credit issues or putting up boundaries in relation to shared financials and resources. This may not be an ideal time for taking on new credit lines or debt, but instead time to more heavily rely on your own ability to support yourself and consolidate what you already have. Mars and Saturn can also weigh heavily on your psyche, opening up the need to delve deeply into psychological undercurrents and personal work/development. Consider the need to face some heavy truths and realizations at the start of April, and keep pushing past inner blocks and relational challenges. Mercury’s square to both Saturn and Mars April 4-6 is another challenging phase for you, but you can use this catalyzing energy to focus in on major projects and make some lasting revisions.

Cancer Glyph-Resized.png

Cancer Rising

As the Full Moon culminates in Libra, it highlights your domestic and inner life. With Mars and Saturn’s square to the Full Moon axis, building tensions come to a breaking point. The challenges presented by this lunation are likely to manifest within the context of your living environment, and there may be a need to work past conflicts or disagreements with living partners that have been developing the past few weeks. Mercury retrograde, in opposition to the Full Moon, suggests the need to openly discuss the issues, talking things out and looking for resolutions. The Full Moon in Libra seeks diplomacy, peace, and compromise, but with both Mars and Saturn in Capricorn, the struggle of the moment lies in working hard to see eye to eye.

And as the Full Moon also relates to your inner, psychic life, this lunation could correlate with increasing awareness of certain faults, defects, or shortcomings within yourself. Most likely, such insights arrive via your closest relationships, as those you interact with assert suggestions for self improvement. Mars and Saturn’s exact conjunction April 2/3 brings another imposing dimension to your relational interactions. Be mindful of provoking arguments or outbursts, as the energies of Mars and Saturn can turn quite destructive. The positive end of this aspect lies in consciously working on boundaries between yourself and others, and putting in some effort to make your relationships more sustainable. The start of April presents some of the most difficult tests of your commitments.

Consider those relationships that are truly long lasting and what adjustments you need to make within yourself to resolve tensions and frustrations. But most likely, an intimate partner, friend, or colleague may be facing some hard times, so anticipate needing to offer support and assistance. If you’re single, this may not be the best time for dating or otherwise putting yourself out there. And for negotiating contracts or business deals, it will be increasingly difficult coming to an agreement that makes everyone happy. Put your energy into working on those relationships in your life that matter most. Mercury’s retrograde cycle continues for another two weeks which likely has you reconsidering some career and professional directions. Don’t feel pressured to make any big decisions just yet, as right after the New Moon April 15/16 will bring a new beginning and a moment of more decisiveness.


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Leo Rising

Mercury’s retrograde cycle, still active for the next two weeks, is opening your mind to new possibilities and discoveries. This Full Moon in Libra further widens your perception and opens up a new conversation. At least for a few days surrounding the Full Moon, you may be busier than usual, with a lot of insight, information, and data coming through. This is a good time to connect with others and talk things out, or learn more about something you’ve been researching or studying. This Full Moon can represent a point where you’re starting to make better sense of something you’ve been trying to grasp, so sharing that understanding in some way is greatly favored by these Full Moon vibes. Get out and connect with the world, or reach out and engage more with your immediate surroundings.

Mercury’s exact conjunction with the Sun April 1/2 is the midpoint of the retrograde cycle, and a moment that infuses you with a higher than usual mental focus and desire for conversation. Occuring in Aries, this Sun/Mercury conjunction can bring you unique and foreign insights or perspectives, or a thirst for new adventure. The days surrounding both this conjunction and the Full Moon conspire to offer you new experiences and understandings, experiences which have the potential to seriously alter your outlook or personal worldview. The Mars/Saturn conjunction April 4/5 is a highly productive peak for you where you can channel your ambitions into the challenging mastering of technique or sinking your teeth into some rewarding work or service opportunity.

The start of April is likely to be incredibly busy for you, with a lot to do and accomplish. If work is piling up or daily tasks have gone neglected, this can be a serious wake up call for you which can force you to take action and get things done. But you can also utilize this energy to start working harder for your passions and desires, or learning something you’ve never thought you could. The more time and effort you put in during the next few days, the further you’ll go later on, so consider buckling down and getting to work. The Sun’s square to Pluto April 10/11 can provoke unconscious frustration or anger, or lead to the surfacing of strong emotions. Avoid getting into conflicts or pushing others past their breaking points. Consider stepping back from any drama the next few days, and instead reflect on what’s surfacing to gain access to deeper insight.


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Virgo Rising

Things are often less congruent during Mercury retrograde, so you’re probably noticing a disjointed flow of events. As for this cycle, it’s giving you a chance to see deeper into yourself and your commitments. It can expand intimacy and help you take the plunge, though much of the content of the remaining two weeks could be difficult to digest overall. Uncomfortable truths and insights may appear with this retrograde cycle, giving you a greater understanding of what’s been motivating your impulses and actions. And when it comes to finances, this Mercury retrograde cycle is putting that into focus too. On a purely pragmatic level, this Full Moon could bear both fruits and troubles in relation to money and resources. With Mars and Saturn’s square to the Full Moon axis, you should consider handling all spending and splurging with extra caution and reserve.

This catalytic Full Moon could represent a breakthrough for you, one that can allow you to get a better handle on your spending and saving habits. Consider taking care of any loose ends now, and working on maintaining boundaries between personal and shared financials. Mars and Saturn square the Full Moon could indicate the challenges of managing tangible resources and allocating your priorities. But if you’ve been working on these issues, this Full Moon moment can help you bring it all together and create a more secure and stable safety net. Mars and Saturn’s exact conjunction April 2/3 can represent the start of a productive period for creative projects, but can also correlate with challenges related to children or your love life. Self expression can be a useful means of channeling frustration.

Mercury’s square to Mars April 4/5 and square to Saturn April 5/6 adds more obstacles or difficulty with the Mars/Saturn conjunction. Getting what you want may be hard, and noticing faults or shortcomings the next few days could be particularly pronounced. This can be a useful pivoting point for getting some hard work started or disciplining yourself for the accomplishment of things challenging but ultimately rewarding. Draw back or conserve your energy for what’s important and make constructive use of difficult realizations. The Mercury direct station on the New Moon April 15/16 represents a step forward in a new direction, as you will be better informed of blind spots and unconscious undercurrents. Anticipate that the next two weeks may be harder than usual, but following the New Moon you’ll be on to a new horizon.

Libra Glyph-Resized.png

Libra Rising

As is typical with a Full Moon in your rising sign, there’s increased attention and focus on you. This is a time where you have significant influence and leadership capacity, which is to say that you can take the lead with projects and developing situations because your willpower is quite strong. This emphasis on leadership and outward appearance can manifest alongside a growing sense of pressure to make the optimal decision or represent yourself to the best of your ability. The challenge of this Full Moon comes from a dynamic square aspect from Saturn and Mars to the Full Moon axis. It suggests some element of caution when it comes to putting yourself out there or having everything your way. Consider the need to make adjustments in the way you come off to others or how you express yourself.

Saturn and Mars put down some limitations and obstacles so that you can interact with others from a new and more mature vantage point. Also consider that a new awareness of yourself and the fruits of personal work can also serve to change the way you assert yourself. Mercury retrograde, in opposition to the Full Moon in Aries, also reveals that you’ve been revising or revisioning certain partnerships such as a romantic relationship, friendships, and business relationships. This Full Moon can represent a breakthrough moment for you, where you’re challenged to consider differing points of view, needs, and concerns of others. And also, changes in your partners now necessitate the need to accommodate them. So, before pushing forward with your plans or agenda, take pause and consider those important to you first.

Mars and Saturn make their exact conjunction in Capricorn on April 2/3. Both planets could correlate with challenges in your home/domestic life and a sense of internal/psychological tension. Be careful of worsening domestic conflicts or aggravating differences with family members. You can utilize this conjunction as a dynamic starting point for delving into deep, personal work/self development, or for building a strong foundation for domestic changes. Venus’ trine to Saturn April 7/8 and trine to Mars April 10/11 gives you several days for overcoming recent obstacles or blockages--a time to grow past limitations in your partnerships or with creative/collaborative projects. And until the New Moon in Aries, April 15/16, these Venus trines can help you get proactive about resolving tensions which emerged at the Full Moon.


Scorpio Glyph-Resized.png

Scorpio Rising

With this challenging and dynamic Full Moon culminating in Libra, it gives you some extra space for solitude and contemplation. If you find yourself unable to actually be alone, you’re likely to feel somehow distant, like you’re just observing the world. A new perception is reaching a pinnacle in your consciousness, and this Full Moon seeks to bring to your awareness hidden insights and secret information. Mercury’s retrograde cycle in Aries, active for the next two weeks, is helping you make revisions and adjustments to your work, job, and health strategies, but this Full Moon provides you with a moment to step back and give yourself time to process what’s going on behind the scenes. The building Mars/Saturn conjunction, squaring the Full Moon axis, can be a challenging integration. It can symbolize a sense of loss or despair, or it can provide the motivation to move beyond a purely mundane perspective to see the bigger, cosmic picture.

While this lunation presents itself as uncomfortable initially, it can help you surrender and release some baggage from your life. Mars’ conjunction with Saturn April 2/3 is a sobering moment, and it indicates that alongside this New Moon is a growing sense that a more pragmatic approach to situations is needed right now. When it comes to work related projects or new health endeavors, be mindful of the need to really take your time and carefully work out the details. Mars/Saturn in Capricorn suggest putting more effort into learning and gathering knowledge, or carefully communicating your intentions to others before impulsively making changes out of pure frustration. While setbacks and delays are highly possible now, reframe them as challenges that are helping you carve another path for yourself and your goals.

Mercury’s retrograde square to Mars April 4/5 can challenge your outlook and thinking. It suggests remaining open to the possibility of seeing things from a new vantage point, or integrating conflicting viewpoints and perspectives. Watch out for verbal arguments or disputes flaring up, or if you find yourself needing to defend a firmly held belief, consider the other side of the argument before getting wrapped up in unneeded drama. Mercury’s pass to your ruler Mars can help you restructure your beliefs and ideas, and make some much needed changes to your overall thinking patterns. But just before the New Moon and Mercury’s direct station, Venus makes a helpful trine to Mars, helping you to patch up disputes or interpersonal challenges. Venus trine Mars April 10/11 is a good time for social gatherings or spending time with a good friend or lover.

Sagittarius Glyph-Resized.png

Sagittarius Rising

While challenging and tense, this Full Moon in Libra has a positive side for you. It opens up several social dimensions, especially your connection with groups, meetups, or networking environments. Connections recently made could bear some fruit now, and it could be a good time to enjoy the company of like-minded souls. But Saturn and Mars’ building conjunction square this lunar axis brings in a highly pragmatic element. Consider that you’re needing to make valuable connections now for the sake of your survival. Several of these connections could be beneficial in helping you work on building a more sustainable financial platform and thereby increase your self-confidence. You might need some help in bringing in more income flow and prosperity, so look to the culminations that are happening now in your social networks and circles.

Mercury’s retrograde cycle in Aries, still ongoing for the next two weeks, is creating the need to reimagine your creative, sexual, and recreational life. If you’ve been struggling to find joy in anything the past few months, this retrograde cycle is just what you need to revive your passion and engage you more with your creative and playful side. And when it comes to creativity, consider unintentional sidetracks or mistakes as having the greatest inspiration for you. Of course, if you’ve been indulging too much in fun and amusement, Mercury’s square to Saturn could bring some setbacks or difficulties in getting what you want, but ultimately help you connect with more authentic and healthier outlets for fun.

As mentioned, the Mars/Saturn conjunction will taint the next two weeks until the New Moon in Aries (April 15). It doesn’t have to be viewed entirely negatively, but it does have a highly sobering quality, especially in its relation to financial challenges. With Mercury retrograde, it might be possible to find a way to use your creative talents to bring in some income, but it won’t be easy to make it work. However, the pressure of Mars/Saturn might be just what you need to take on new creative challenges and put in the work required to get your ideas off the ground. If you find yourself dealing with fear and anxiety over highly mundane concerns, find a playful outlet that can help you loosen up and go with the flow. An Jupiter’s sextile to Pluto, just before the New Moon, gives you a razor sharp focus perfect for uncovering the root of problems and intuiting a way forward.

Capricorn Glyph-Resized.png

Capricorn Rising

This catalytic Full Moon in Libra brings to a culmination your consistent efforts at furthering career and professional objectives. With your ruler Saturn square this Full Moon axis, your willpower is at an ultimate high point, helping you to effectively assert yourself and your ambitions. But considering Mercury’s retrograde cycle in Aries and opposing the Full Moon, changes and adjustments on the homefront demand attention in regards to your intimate and personal life. The remaining two weeks of Mercury’s backtrack, can bring you new psychological insights and perspectives, as well as a new look at family and domestic partners. With this Full Moon, the challenge is finding the appropriate balance between career fruitions and the demands emanating from your inner life.

Mars’ exact conjunction with Saturn April 2/3 gives you a dynamic and aggressive edge, but you’ll need to be careful about harboring anger or hostility. Asserting yourself is likely appropriate now, but you’ll need to be mindful of coming off too forcefully. While Mercury is retrograde in Aries, you’ll need to take your time when it comes to initiating projects or forging a new pathway. Mars/Saturn empower your decision making capacities, but impulsively jumping into things without thinking them through could lead you foolishly in the wrong direction. While this may be a moment of increased clarity about what you need and want to do next, try to utilize the next two weeks to reflect and contemplate the logistics. New adventures require careful planning for successful execution. You have time to build up your momentum.

Mercury’s square to Saturn April 5/6 brings in a more logical and focused element, as well as challenging your current beliefs and perspectives. While new and emerging information may be difficult to integrate, Mercury’s square to your ruler is a powerful reminder of what more you need to know and that patience and consistency will take you much further than impulsive moves or reactions. Consider making some critical revisions and adjustments to projects and strategies the next few days, and consider any delays or setbacks as providing you with extra time to get things right. Venus’ trine to Saturn provides a moment of relief, calm and increased appreciation of beauty. For relationships, it gives you greater access to connecting with others and making peace with differences.

Aquarius Glyph-Resized.png

Aquarius Rising

Mars and Saturn’s building conjunction makes a challenging square to the Full Moon axis, and it brings into question your faith in an ideology. Mercury’s retrograde cycle, still ongoing for the next two weeks, is helping you gather new data, research, or information, but it’s also likely catalyzing a breakdown of previously held theories and perceptions. As this Full Moon culminates, it invites you to make a realistic assessment of your beliefs, which could come about through a loss in your faith or trust in things you’ve put too much stock in. Mercury reminds you that life is filled with endless discovery, learning, and knowledge accumulation. On the other side of this Full Moon, lies an opportunity to keep pushing yourself beyond what you believe and engage with direct experiences and adventures.

While you may struggle to reconcile your heart and mind with this lunation, continued and sustained effort will keep you from collapsing into crisis or existential despair. But taking some steps back and working behind the scenes is completely appropriate at the moment. Mars’ exact conjunction with your ruler Saturn on April 2/3 is definitely divisive, hostile, and aggression inducing. But you can accomplish much more in solitude at the start of April, a moment of increased focus, stamina, and determination. Consider the need for patience in the following few weeks, as Mars/Saturn favors slow, careful work on projects and personal development. Taking on a new challenge now will pay off in the future.

Mercury’s square to Saturn April 5/6 brings some mental challenges alongside an increase in concentration useful for the development of communication strategies. For research or study, Mercury/Saturn can help you narrow in on details and critical facts. Venus’ trine to Saturn April 7/8 puts the mind at ease and helps to open your heart, giving you increased appreciation of beauty and intimate connection. Look for openings in your ability to relate, bond, and build bridges with others. And lastly, the last quarter Moon April 8/9 occurs in Capricorn and conjunct Pluto. For you, it symbolizes a moment of release, surrender, and acceptance of things passing away from your conscious awareness. Consider what you must let go of and make space for new life.


Pisces Glyph-Resized.png

Pisces Rising

Quite often, it takes belief in ourselves to accomplish big goals. Self-confidence is a big part of that. And proving to ourselves, that we can do great things, is the path to building a solid foundation for confidence to arise. Culturally, money and resources are tied into self-esteem, and while that can become a toxic or damaging reality, we do need both a belief in ourselves and the resources to make our objectives a reality. As this Full Moon culminates in Libra, it comes to an opposition to the Sun and Mercury retrograde. This retrograde cycle is giving you a chance to reframe your perception of what it means to survive, and uncovering abilities, talents, or resources that you need to actualize self-sufficiency.

A square from the building Mars/Saturn conjunction to the Full Moon reveals a challenging integration, one that suggests taking a hard look at certain aspects of your life. On a purely practical level, consider how you might need to downsize or reduce the weight of accumulated debt or financial entanglements. Definitely think twice before taking on a big loan or jumping into investments. Sure, Mercury retrograde suggests some pause and caution, but Saturn’s square to this Full Moon demands a more realistic assessment of anything you’re considering in the form of a commitment. Emotionally and interpersonally, this Full Moon could also symbolize a climax in intimate relationships and the emergence of a more lucid awareness about issues that have been building for some time.

Consider that a Full Moon is not so much a moment of action, but a time to allow your past efforts to bare fruit or developing situations to resolve or deconstruct on their own. For you, this Full Moon gifts you challenging yet useful insights which you can use to make better decisions for the benefit of your future. Wait out the next two weeks and allow yourself time to process and integrate all that you’re currently considering. Jupiter’s sextile to Pluto April 14/15 gives you increased perceptiveness and the ability to see past facades. And by the New Moon on April 15/16, alongside Mercury’s direct station, you’ll feel more confident in yourself and will be ready for some ground breaking moves the following week.