Feeling the Heat: Full Moon in Aries 2019

Arches National Park [Public domain]

Arches National Park [Public domain]

Full Moon @ 12 Aries 54'

October 12, 2019

11:34 PM Los Angeles

2:34 PM New York

7:34 AM London

2:34 PM Beijing

5:34 PM Sydney

With a Full Moon in tropical Aries trine Jupiter in Sagittarius, there is some heat inherent to this lunation. We also can't forget Aries' cardinal nature. A cardinal, fire Full Moon can feel rather dynamic and assertive, leading to an amplification of impulsivity, brashness, and aggression. Yet, Mars, the Full Moon ruler, is in Libra, and thus not as warrior-like as it would like to be. There may be a theme around the Full Moon of having to tone down passion or intensity for the sake of diplomacy.

Jupiter's trine also amps up the enthusiasm, so be mindful of spontaneous leaps or letting instincts call the shots. Mars in Libra requires withholding immediacy for the sake of considering options, or at least another point of view. Likely the most daunting dimension of this Full Moon is the t-square formation involving Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. Pluto/Saturn is a heavy background theme that can feel like a collective, "conservative contraction," as Richard Tarnas coined it.

We can utilize this to empower a personal strategy for narrowing our focus and stepping up our efforts towards the accomplishment of serious goals. Hitting the Full Moon axis pretty hard, Pluto/Saturn adds a sobering jab from reality. Pluto especially, since it squares the Full Moon more closely, can bring up hard-to-integrate (or swallow) truths or perspectives. And balancing the Aries/Libra polarity requires a delicate dance of reciprocity between two parties.

If anything, this Full Moon can correlate with a catalyzing breaking point/resolution in a relationship, conflict, conversation, or negotiation. Consider also, Venus' waning opposition to Uranus. Combined with the Full Moon in Aries, and the Mars in Libra/relational theme, there may also be a sense of restlessness and subsequent desire to branch out and make new connections. Uranus' sudden unpredictability can rapidly dissolve relational stagnations. Yet, remember the dance of reciprocity, so check-in to clarify that everyone is on the same page.

Let the Love Flow: New Moon in Libra 2019

Dahola [CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)]

Dahola [CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)]

New Moon @ 05 Libra 20'

September 27, 2019

11:27 AM Los Angeles

2:27 PM New York

7:27 PM London

September 28, 2019

2:27 AM Beijing

4:27 AM Sydney

With the lunar cycle waning into its New Moon phase just past the equinox, there is an increased focus on more subtle aspects and nuance. For those in the northern hemisphere, the Sun is gradually losing its domain. The days are shortening and the nights are increasing. This month's New Moon in tropical Libra occurs while its ruling planet, Venus, transits its home sign. Venus in Libra adds an extra layer of symbolism relating to all matters of the heart--aesthetics and relationships, the need to feel, express, and appreciate beauty and love.

Look for subtle beginnings in heart-related themes. The synchronistic threads will weave Venusian textures somewhere in your life. Of course, while Venus and Libra emphasize the ideal of perfect love, mutual feelings, and unanimous agreement, wisdom reminds us of how rarely life matches those expectations. Chiron makes an opposition to this New Moon, opening up heart-centered wounds and defects alongside the opportunity to heal or make peace. And Saturn squares the New Moon while conjunct the lunar South Node.

Chiron can reveal areas where the expression of affection may be blocked, or where we may need to reach out more. If you get hung up on the imperfections, step back and look at the bigger picture. There is no ideal perfect union, commitment, or beauty, but only a messy, imperfect attempt at attaining our human concept of love and self-transcendence. Saturn's square adds some limitations and reality checks, like how what we feel, want, or desire may not match up with what's available in the moment.

With this New Moon, a compromise or attitudinal adjustment may be required. With greater insight about how we can improve our ability to connect and generate rapport, we can begin taking decisive steps toward making things better. If you're already in the thick of the hard work, this New Moon will serve to reinforce your efforts. No matter how difficult or how many obstacles you encounter, keep your heart open and let the love flow.

Divinity in the Mundane: Full Moon in Pisces 2019

Helgi Halldórsson from Reykjavík, Iceland [CC BY-SA 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)]

Helgi Halldórsson from Reykjavík, Iceland [CC BY-SA 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)]

Full Moon @ 21 degrees Pisces 05’

September 13, 2019

9:33 PM Los Angeles

September 14, 2019

12:33 AM New York

5:33 AM London

12:33 PM Beijing

2:33 PM Sydney

September's Full Moon climaxes alongside Neptune's brightest moment--it's opposition to the Sun. Additionally, the Moon is in technical conjunction with Neptune itself. For sky watchers, that won't make it easier to see (if using a telescope or binoculars), but it's an apt metaphor for the Neptune archetype as nebulous, obfuscating, and elusive. Out of the notable planetary archetypes in astrology, Neptune may be the least understood. However, if viewed through the lens of synchronicity, there's meaning behind its title as God of the seas.

Surrender comes to mind. When faced with what appears to be a supernatural power, willing surrender is sometimes the only choice we have. Humility is a side effect, allowing us to gain perspective of our place in the larger scheme of things. Neptune can bring awareness of overpowering, natural forces, or supernatural realities--hyper dimensions or "disembodied" intelligence. Whatever the case, the Neptune archetype may serve to remind us of how little we know and excite us about the mysteries yet solved.

The most dynamic feature of this Full Moon involves a t-square among the Full Moon/Neptune, Sun/Mars, and Jupiter in Sagittarius. Here, there's a sense of caution, especially in managing desires, impulses, or rage. Since the target, destination, or objective is likely obfuscated, utilize more critical discernment before jumping in. Thoughtlessness, carelessness, or naivete may be the most significant points of weakness. If you can avoid both temptation and distraction, you can channel enthusiasm toward a greater purpose and perhaps receive much-needed insight and inspiration.

On the other end of the Full Moon equation, lies a cluster of planets in Virgo, a mutable earth sign. With Saturn stationing direct next week, it wouldn't be wise to evade responsibilities. Finding a moment to retreat, meditate, or contemplate may not be possible, but this combination reminds us of the wisdom that divinity lies just as equally in the mundane. If possible, turn daily tasks and duties into a mindfulness excersice.

Clearing the Way: New Moon in Virgo 2019

The Great Salt Lake from Antelope Island, Utah, July 2019; photo by Chad Woodward.

The Great Salt Lake from Antelope Island, Utah, July 2019; photo by Chad Woodward.

New Moon @ 06 degrees Virgo 47’

August 30, 2019

3:37 AM Los Angeles

6:37 AM New York

11:37 AM London

6:37 PM Beijing

8:37 PM Sydney

As the lunar cycle winds down into its New Moon phase, we're ready for a shift and change of direction. This month's Virgo New Moon may not correlate with a period of restfulness or laziness as the dark Moon typically tends to do. The Virgo archetype is one factor, another is the Earthy, and thus pragmatic, grand trine between a cluster of planets in Virgo, Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn, and Uranus in Taurus.

Here, we're given the seeds for the birthing of an integrated productivity flow. This is an optimal moment for beginning anything that requires meticulousness and precision. Alongside that, however, can be a sense of feeling overwhelmed with the enormity of what needs to get done, or the many areas needing improvement. Neptune's wide opposition to the New Moon from Pisces can offer distraction, escape, or an inspiring vision of the way forward. The current line-up of planets in Virgo (Mercury, Sun, Moon, Mars, and Venus), can stimulate single-mindedness and intensity of focus.

The downside of this dark Moon can lead us into unproductive fault finding, feelings of insecurity, and paralysis. Both Mars and Uranus make the closest aspects to this New Moon, generating some useful tension. One manifestation of Mars is the eruption of anger, frustration, or fear. Uranus' trine offers an unexpected opportunity for liberation, freedom, and a refreshing change of pace. One solution to any current frustrations might lie in taking an unusual route.

Whatever shows up four you alongside this New Moon, consider that a commitment to relentless improvement will be required. There are likely some high standards to adhere to, too. However, the Virgo path is one that stimulates a desire to be better, more useful, and acquire competency and skillfulness. Use this time to sharpen your focus, skills, and confidence. And look carefully for a unique edge or an alternative way forward. A New Moon trine Uranus is a dynamic fresh start, a lunation that can suddenly clear the way for change, progress, and resolution.

Fateful Encounters: Full Moon in Aquarius 2019

Jessie Eastland [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)]

Jessie Eastland [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)]

Full Moon @ 22 Aquarius 24’

August 15, 2019

5:29 AM Los Angeles

8:29 AM New York

1:29 PM London

8:29 PM Beijing

10:29 PM Sydney

Two culminations are occurring right now. Yes, the Full Moon in tropical Aquarius is the obvious one. Less visible is the Full Venus in Leo that exacted on Aug. 13. If you were looking at an ephemeris or chart wheel, you would see what would look only like a conjunction of Sun and Venus, but that's not the whole picture. From our geocentric perspective, it appears as a conjunction, though one that we can't physically see because the rays of the Sun overcome Venus' light.

Venus' synodic cycle is nuanced and complex, but not every conjunction is the same. Full Venus brings a significant turning point to the events that transpired during the Venus retrograde cycle of July/Aug./early Sept. 2015. The magic of Venus is that it weaves together significant creative, artistic, relational, or overall heart-centered themes on a very predictable rhythm. Reflect on that period and see if there are any current connections. Fate can be hard to see, and just as difficult to avoid.

The Full Moon in Aquarius makes an opposition to Full Venus and Mars. There is likely a dominant theme involving significant relationships embedded in this Full Moon. The presence of Mars adds a dimension of friction, tension, the need for assertion and the stirring of anger or aggression. The Aquarian Moon adds an element of objectivity and perspective. Perhaps that translates quite clearly in seeing the tensions that exist in current partnerships and collaborations.

Perhaps also, there's a sense of having to face fears, take a leap, and confront something in a cool, collected, and civil manner. There's also a risk of detachment and icy coldness contaminating authentic exchange and emphatic dialogue. Finding a balance between honoring individuality and the values (perhaps aggressively guarded) of others can be another challenge. Look deeper into the theme of your interactions and try to see a more significant purpose or meaning. Creative or ingenious solutions can also break through this Aquarian Full Moon.

Reignite Your Passion: New Moon in Leo 2019

Photo by Chad Woodward, 2019.

Photo by Chad Woodward, 2019.

New Moon @ 08 Leo 37’

July 31, 2019

8:12 PM Los Angeles

11:12 PM New York

4:12 AM London

August 1, 2019

11:12 AM Beijing

1:12 PM Sydney

With eclipse season passed us, and Mercury stationing direct, things gradually fall back into a regular flow and routine. However, Mercury's station alongside this New Moon can still present delays, glitches, and sluggish momentum. One upside to this is that New Moons are conducive to taking it slow, moments of more inward focus, rest, and relaxation. Also, with Venus' close conjunction, there's a restorative and slightly social vibe to this lunation which serves as a nice contrast from the intensity of the last two eclipses.

The Saturn/Pluto conjunction still dominates the background energy, but this New Moon in Leo offers up a welcome break from the dystopian muck. With the Sun exalted in its ruling sign, the firey, gravitas of Leo gets an extra kick. The Leo principle emphasizes performance but also moments of joy. This lunation can correlate with the start of creative, self-expressive, or recreational endeavors. With Venus close to both the Sun and Moon, there's an extra emphasis on the pleasure principle, too.

Uranus' square to this lunation adds an erratic and unanticipated element, especially as it pressures both Venus and the New Moon. Leo's fondness for excitement or the pursuit of a good time can lead to a prevalence of distractions (or mishaps if you're not careful). As always with Uranus, there's a chance to change something up, only the square feels like enforced rather than voluntary change. Suddenly the wildcard emerges when you least expect it.

When looked at another way, this New Moon can spontaneously ignite creative, sexual, or relational passion. With Saturn and Pluto inconjunct from the shadowy edges of Capricorn, we can't completely ignore the challenges of the current era or the responsibilities that loom in the background. But this New Moon offers lightness and boldness, allowing us to claim the confidence needed to take any hardship head-on, and possibly, enjoy ourselves for the moment.

Another Perspective: Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn 2019

Photo by Mary Hollinger, NODC biologist, NOAA.

Photo by Mary Hollinger, NODC biologist, NOAA.

Full Moon/Partial Lunar Eclipse @ 24 Capricorn 04’

July 16, 2019

2:39 PM Los Angeles

5:39 PM New York

July 17, 2019

10:39 AM London

5:39 PM Beijing

7:39 PM Sydney

This month's Full Moon is a partial lunar eclipse in tropical Capricorn. It is not the culmination of last month's total solar eclipse but rather the New Moon/eclipse in early January. Important themes or issues from the start of 2019 could resurface, meeting a crisis, completion, or resolution. The lunar eclipse will be visible from Australia, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and an eastern portion of South America.

In general, lunar eclipses are more significant Full Moons. They bring about more dramatic breakthroughs and blossomings. In the sign of Capricorn and conjunct Pluto, this is not a comfortable or relaxed lunation. It brings the building Saturn/Pluto conjunction into intense focus, an aspect that peaks in January 2020. This eclipse has a dystopian aura and the need to face the consequences of past actions. On the collective level, we might feel more intensely the retracting, overly conservative side of Saturn/Pluto.

Disturbing revelations can surface on the extreme end. It can correlate with the exposure of abuses of power or corruption, and generally feeling the weight of responsibilities and limitations more heavily. If you're caught up in the negative side of this eclipse or find that it amplifies a current existential crisis, move through the feelings and insights no matter how uncomfortable. If you're looking out at the current political and cultural scene and feeling especially hopeless, you're probably more attuned to reality than those clinging to optimism.

This Capricorn eclipse can bring us closer to facing reality; however, if you're naturally more on the stoic side, its insights won't be as shocking. The North Node in Cancer conjunct Venus offers some helpful advice. The "right side" of the current, unfolding drama is in the path of inclusivity, compassion, and love. The North Node suggests releasing fear by letting go of the need to maintain control of the status quo, but ultimately, Venus in Cancer suggests seeking out the support of others and banding together.

Venus on the North Node correlates to more amplified desires for authentic bridge building. With Venus approaching opposition to Saturn in the following days, relational insecurities, challenges, and tense negotiations are likely to surface. Venus' higher message is to listen and practice empathy. Seeking common ground is never easy, but there are ways of making it harder by refusing to see another point of view.

Reimagining Possibilities: Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer 2019

Alchemist-hp (talk) (www.pse-mendelejew.de) [FAL]

Alchemist-hp (talk) (www.pse-mendelejew.de) [FAL]

Total Solar Eclipse @ 10 Cancer 38’

July 2, 2019

12:16 PM Los Angeles

3:16 PM New York

8:16 PM London

July 3, 2019

3:16 AM Beijing

5:16 AM Sydney

July's New Moon is a total solar eclipse in the tropical sign of Cancer. The eclipse will be visible predominately oversea and for most regions of South America. Eclipses are more meaningful for the specific regions where the eclipse path falls, but also, eclipses can be experienced as more pronounced lunations for everyone else.

This month's total solar eclipse is a potentiated New Moon that will correlate with the initiation of significant changes and developments over the next six months. New Moons are new beginnings, and total solar eclipses symbolize the first steps in a vital transformative process. Eclipses, by their very nature, are inherently about change. Ancient people viewed them with fear and trepidation, as negative omens, sometimes indicating the death or dethronement of those in power.

Indeed, inherent to the symbolism of the total eclipse itself is that the Moon, a symbol of hidden, obscure, and irrational natural forces momentarily overpower the Sun, a symbol of stability, authority, and rationality. Eclipses bring about an accelerated pace of change, typically beginning from within oneself and radiating outward. Especially in the days surrounding the eclipse, the urge to change things up can more profound than usual.

Cancer points to changes more so on the inner realms, the domestic life, the heart and hearth. This eclipse can stimulate intense sensitivity, domestic dramas, and a pronounced urge to protect, defend, and nurture. The Moon, in Cancer, is especially strong in its ruling sign--accentuating the intuitive, psychic, and sentimental. In opposition, however, is Saturn, equally strong in its ruling sign, Capricorn. In looking at the eclipse chart, one can't help but notice the significance of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction near the lunar South Node.

By itself, Saturn demands growth and maturity, which requires letting go of what's become too comfortable. There is an inherent element of discomfort in this eclipse, and bringing Pluto into the picture, we might feel a "now or never" kind of vibe to this collective change-making process. This eclipse will culminate in early January of next year, at the epicenter of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction, likely to be a precarious moment on the geopolitical stage, especially in the United States (if it isn't already).

What's brewing now both personally and collectively will endure a critical reality testing early next year, so keep that in mind. If you choose to "follow your heart," you'll need to defend that choice in the face of challenges. Of course, that's central to do what you feel is right because it isn't necessarily the easier path, but the one that's likely the most rewarding. In the moment of this eclipse, it's also easier to keep busy to avoid facing your feelings about a particular matter.

The South Node in Capricorn tempts us to make things harder for ourselves, too, through exhausting ourselves so that we don't have to face our soul's calling. Perhaps, the astrology has some profound wisdom to espouse about what's happening "out there" as well. The eclipse accelerates the intention of the Cancer North Node, which invites us to heal before we rebuild because we risk restoring over a faulty and unstable foundation.

Healing isn't simply imaging "love and light.”. Healing takes time and courageousness to talk things out, feel things out, and face some painful truths. Sometimes, that's a messy process, and with Chiron square the eclipse too, it pierces deep into some vulnerable places. No, this eclipse isn't likely comfortable, but that's a part of this season for change. Mercury turns retrograde soon too, and we're already in the shadow. We'll have all of July to rethink and ruminate over what's coming up for us now so prepare for some deep, internal revisions, introspection, and setbacks. Reimagine any delays, disappointments, or detours as opportunities to acquire a new perception and vision.

Expanding Gracefully: Full Moon in Sagittarius 2019

Sunset from Jumbo Rocks campground, Joshua Tree National Park, Ca; photo by Chad Woodward, March 2019.

Sunset from Jumbo Rocks campground, Joshua Tree National Park, Ca; photo by Chad Woodward, March 2019.

Full Moon @ 25 Sagittarius 53’

July 17, 2019

1:31 AM Los Angeles

4:31 AM New York

9:32 AM London

4:32 PM Beijing

6:32 PM Sydney

June's Full Moon occurs in tropical Sagittarius several days before the solstice transition. In the mutable, fire sign Sagittarius, this Full Moon invites us to stretch possibilities, envision higher potentials, and indulge our enthusiasm. With Jupiter in conjunction with and ruler of the Full Moon, and in its home sign, a dominant keyword for this lunation is expansion. This lunation can stimulate our reach into new domains of experience or thought.

With a robust Jupiter archetype empowered by this lunation, there's a streak of optimism and positivity. As always, there's a risk of taking on too much of a good thing or feeling overwhelmed by an abundance of opportunities. Since Full Moons are culminations, this lunation is likely to correlate with successful completion, a grand finale, or a dramatic, larger than life breakthrough/realization.

Keep watch of hubris, excess pride, and dogmatism. The Sun opposition in Gemini suggests finding a balance between the need for certainty and the need to continue the quest of figuring things out. Neptune's square to Jupiter and the Full Moon axis can bring about an element of disillusionment, weirdness, or excessively foggy conditions. Second (or triple) guess your certainty under these signs because things aren't as clear as you'd like them to be.

However, if you can reframe this Full Moon as necessary testing of your faith and beliefs, you'll better manage your ability to confront the truth. Lastly, the most challenging element of this lunation is the desire to face the reality of a situation yet unable to comprehend it in its entirety. Neptune's square is a point of obfuscation, but perhaps a reminder to respect and embrace mystery. If you have important plans around this Full Moon, anticipate positive vibes, or for the situation to significantly exceed your expectations.

The idealism inherent to this Full Moon is both a benefit and a risk. Overestimation can lead to foolish leaps of faith. Too much caution or reserve can prevent the accumulation of greater experiences. How to find the balance? That's the essential challenge of the Full Moon generally. With this Full Moon, it's a careful dance between faith and skepticism and embracing opportunities while being mindful of healthy boundaries or limitations. Idealism is needed for motivation, but too much can lead to ruin. Expand gracefully and mindfully.

A New Worldview: Gemini New Moon 2019

View from Smuggler’s Road on Santa Cruz Island, Channel Islands National Park, May 2019; photo by Chad Woodward.

View from Smuggler’s Road on Santa Cruz Island, Channel Islands National Park, May 2019; photo by Chad Woodward.

New Moon @ 12 Gemini 34’

June 3, 2019

3:03 AM Los Angeles

6:03 AM New York

11:03 AM London

6:03 PM Beijing

8:03 PM Sydney

Every New Moon is a natural downtime within the lunar cycle, a time for rest, recovery, or temporary hibernation. However, Gemini New Moons are typically an exception, especially this month's lunation with the New Moon ruler Mercury in Gemini and Jupiter's wide opposition. The Gemini archetype incites curiosity and Jupiter in Sagittarius amplifies the restless wanderlust inherent to both the mutable Gemini and Sagittarius archetypes.

This New Moon is a perfect time for planting the seeds of a new adventure, research/writing project, or learning endeavor. The pitfall of this New Moon is succumbing to the false belief that you have all the answers and have somehow reached the apex of the universe's knowledge. For most of us, that probably sounds ridiculous, yet I'm sure you can think of a few people who roughly fit that category. No, don't fall for the Gemini blindspot, especially with Neptune's square from Pisces.

An element of factual obfuscation and humility will work to deconstruct grotesque hubris over the next two weeks. Both this month's New Moon, and the following Full Moon in Sagittarius, make squares to Neptune, challenging carefully guarded worldviews, perceptions, theories, and beliefs. Start with opening your mind with this lunar junction and willingly challenge your point of view. Neptune's dissolution of certainty can be upsetting and confusing, but it can also be liberating and refreshing.

Jupiter's retrograde opposition can help to inspire creative brainstorming and imaginal tangents. Gemini's path is not straight nor linear, so expect to vacillate and meander a bit. If you want clear answers, you'll probably find this lunation discouraging, but for the formulation of questions, this New Moon is more than helpful. Even if you can't grasp it yet, a new perspective will emerge over the next two weeks and with it the capacity to enlighten and inspire.

Unexpected Breakthroughs: Full Moon in Scorpio 2019

Spring Equinox Full Moon, Joshua Tree National Park, Ca; photo by Chad Woodward, March 2019.

Spring Equinox Full Moon, Joshua Tree National Park, Ca; photo by Chad Woodward, March 2019.

Full Moon @ 27 Scorpio 39’

May 18, 2019

2:11 PM Los Angeles

5:11 PM New York

10:11 PM London

May 19, 2019

5:11 AM Beijing

7:11 AM Sydney

May's Full Moon in tropical Scorpio is a "Blue Moon." More precisely, this Full Moon is a seasonal Blue Moon which differs from a monthly Blue Moon that most people are familiar with. A monthly Blue Moon is when two Full Moons occur in one calendar month and from an astrological perspective, they're meaningless. However, the idea behind the seasonal Blue Moon predates the monthly version and is where the concept originated.

So what is it? Without getting too technical, a seasonal Blue Moon is the third Full Moon of four within a single season, that is between an equinox and solstice or vice versa. Commonly, only three Full Moons occur per season, but because the universe is imperfect, there are always natural anomalies and variations within every cycle, and the Moon is no exception. The fourth Full Moon occurs on June 17 several days before the solstice. What's the significance behind a seasonal Blue Moon?

Considering that it's an anomaly, this Full Moon contains an element of the unexpected, of moving beyond normal boundaries and designations. But it looked at more broadly, Full Moon's are a natural culmination, and with four this spring season (or autumnal season if you're below the equator) means that there's a lot of culminations happening this particular season. From now until the solstice, we're tasked with bringing more projects or situations to completion and breakthroughs are possible.

The Moon won't look any different than it usually does, but it's interesting and unique for the reasons mentioned above. You might find that from now until the solstice, there's a bit more than usual to pack into your schedule. Sticking with the culmination theme, a Scorpio Full Moon can reveal unconscious layers into greater focus. Scorpio seeks to expose the shadow, to point consciousness to our cultural taboos and find the essential absurdity behind them.

Often, the things we're most ashamed of have nothing to do with personal failings or shortcomings but rather our inability to match up with cultural or societal expectations. Mercury's opposition to the Full Moon, approaching a conjunction with the Sun, brings insights, revelations, information, or intense, intimate, and meaningful communicative interactions. Deeply hidden revelations can emerge alongside this lunation, and we're tasked within bringing into question our assumptions, worldviews, and blind spots.

The shadow of Scorpio, as a fixed sign, is its attachment to making things more complicated then they need to be. Attachment to dogma is one way of avoiding the inherent uncertainty of the world. Finding a balance between the Taurus and Scorpio archetypes requires admitting the ambivalence inherent to the human experience and making space for both complexity and simplicity without either one dominating the other.

Moving With Ease: New Moon in Taurus 2019

Evelyn Simak / Russian comfrey (Symphytum x uplandicum)

Evelyn Simak / Russian comfrey (Symphytum x uplandicum)

New Moon @ 14 Taurus 11'
May 4, 2019
3:45 PM Los Angeles
6:45 PM New York
11:45 PM London
May 5, 2019
6:45 AM Beijing
8:45 AM Sydney

Ease your way into the New Moon in tropical Taurus. New Moons are natural rest and reset moments, a potent time for planting new seeds and initiating fresh intentions. The sign of Taurus emphasizes the body, the natural world, and the implementation of a slower pace. With Saturn's trine to the New Moon, you might find it easier to manage tasks, responsibilities, and challenges. The flow of productivity runs high with this New Moon, but Saturn's call to duty can feel more like an invitation than a demand. 

Taurus, while a fixed, earth sign, isn't inherently ambitious. The lack of hard aspects to this New Moon means that you'll have to take the extra initiative if you want to get anything done this weekend. A Taurus New Moon such as this is a perfect time to check in with your body, connect with nature, or otherwise give yourself some space to relax and recharge. Those of us with a list of tasks piling up might find this call to "take it easy" a bit at odds with what needs to get done. 

Indeed, Venus in Aries, the ruler of this New Moon, is applying to square both Saturn and Pluto. Heavy demands loom on the horizon, and relational conflicts, adjustments, or comprises can arise in the following few days. The best way to deal with such challenges, according to Taurus, is to ground and nourish yourself. Taurus' highest teaching is that self-care allows us to make space for others. When we neglect ourselves, when we deny ourselves nourishment, we don't have enough energy to share.

If anything, utilize this New Moon to assess where you're at in your self-love endeavors. Notice places you've neglected, or areas that could use improvement. Stick to simple changes and adjustments. A hike, nature walk, or a healthy meal might be all that's required. Neptune in Pisces also makes a sextile to this New Moon. This can help to stimulate creativity, offer inspiration, or catalyze meditative moments. Even if you find yourself consumed in productive tasks or commitments, remember to breathe, stretch, and feed your body. A little self-love can go a long way. 

The Other Side: Full Moon in Libra 2019

Martin Mark [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)]

Martin Mark [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)]

Full Moon @ 29 Libra 07’

April 19, 2019

4:12 AM Los Angeles

7:12 AM New York

12:12 PM London

7:12 PM Beijing

9:12 PM Sydney

This month's Full Moon culminates in the tropical sign of Libra, and thus correlates with culminations, breakthroughs, or crises within the context of relationships. Libra also has symbolic connections to human creativity and artistic ability, as well as the capacity for empathy and compassion. Empathy requires the ability to see from another's perspective. While it's not possible to fully understand the experience of another person, since we are each bound by subjectivity, we cannot authentically connect with another human unless we choose to listen and understand their foreign point of view.

This Full Moon highlights the instinct for connection, acceptance, and a curiosity for how other's think. The planet Uranus sits in opposition to the Full Moon in Taurus. Exacting on April 22, the Sun's applying conjunction with Uranus adds an element of sudden, unexpected turnarounds in relational situations, as well as infusing a rebellious vibe within the lunar peak. Uranus/Prometheus, as the archetype of revolution and liberation, can bring about a breakthrough in the process of individuation.

The building Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, currently conjunct the lunar south node, also widely squares the Full Moon axis. Saturn and Pluto add the sense of seemingly insurmountable pressures or obstacles. However, Saturn/Pluto can also mobilize an unbending will, determination, and ambition to accomplish great things. While this Full Moon could correlate with feeling the weight of a situation more so than usual or feeling less than optimistic about current limitations, don't get stuck mulling in negativity.

This Full Moon, while potentially difficult, invites us to take the initiative and pull our way through, no matter what appears to be a barrier to our success. Often, it's in those awkward or uncomfortable spaces that we truly grow and change the most. And it's in the realm of human relationships, the challenge of understanding, or in desiring to understand another person, that we discover the most transformative moments that can permanently alter our perception.

New Moves: New Moon in Aries 2019

Brocken Inaglory [CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)]

Brocken Inaglory [CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)]

New Moon @ 15 Aries 17’

April 5, 2019

1:50 AM Los Angeles

4:50 AM New York

9:50 AM London

4:50 PM Beijing

7:50 PM Sydney

This month's New Moon occurs in tropical Aries, just as we transition out of Mercury's retrograde cycle. New Moons are natural starting points within the lunar cycle, a renewal of energy and flow within various life narratives. As the first sign of the zodiac and a cardinal fire sign, Aries carries with it the archetype of a dynamic new phase, the rush of excitement and assertion. With Mercury now direct, new seeds can be successfully planted with fewer obstacles and unpredictable variables.

If you've found yourself held back from taking a specific action or asserting an agenda, this New Moon can help bring in new life, vitality, and passion. With Mars as Aries' ruling planet, this lunation empowers warriors, trailblazers, and those seeking to take the initiative. While yes, Mercury is still in the shadow of its retrograde until roughly April 15th, recent problems, obstacles, and glitches can be proactively resolved and sorted through over the next two weeks.

A wide trine from Jupiter in Sagittarius adds an expansive, optimistic, and auspicious edge to this New Moon. Jupiter can amplify the risk or challenge seeking side of the Aries archetype as it opens up or generates awareness of new opportunities. With this lunation, be mindful of how much you take on and what you can realistically handle. Saturn's square from Capricorn adds some barriers and limitations, enforcing a sobering and realistic assessment of emerging paths, potentials, and possibilities.

But, if you take a step back and utilize foresight and proper planning, this New Moon can help you with achieving concrete and pragmatic goals. Whatever you find yourself faced with around this lunation, take stock, carefully review potential blind spots, and consider the discipline required to follow through on your ambitions. Enthusiasm won't be enough; an adequately crafted strategy and the keen utilization of resources will take you much further. Remember, Aries can get us up the mountain, but not back down. It takes more than an initial catalyst for any adventure to be successful.

Pushing Through Barriers: Full Moon in Libra 2019

Dave Robinson / Sunrise over the fields by Post Office Lane

Dave Robinson / Sunrise over the fields by Post Office Lane

Full Moon @ 0 Libra 09’

March 20, 2019

6:43 PM Los Angeles

10:43 PM New York

March 21, 2019

1:43 AM London

9:43 AM Beijing

12:43 PM Sydney

This month's Full Moon coincides with the equinox. For northern hemispheric dwellers, spring has begun, while autumn begins in the southern hemisphere. Of course, these transition points are mostly arbitrary. The signs of spring or autumn have already emerged, though equinox points roughly coincide with the phenomena of greater equality between night and day.

In the western astrological tradition, the Sun's ingress into tropical Aries is a symbolic fresh start. Indeed, at least for the northern hemisphere, this feeling is reinforced by the natural world. Around this time, there is often an innate sense of emerging from hibernation. Aries season is a time to take bold, proactive steps, and rush head first into new beginnings. The firey, cardinal archetype of Aries reinforces and sustains existant momentum.

Mercury is retrograde, and a Full Moon is an archetypal culmination, breakthrough, crisis, or resolution. You will feel more empowered to dive deeper into processes that already have some traction. However, critical launches, initiations, or executions may encounter some setbacks or snags, so stay flexible or give yourself more time. Occurring in Libra, this Full Moon can highlight culminations within the context of relational interactions.

While Chiron's opposition to the Full Moon (and conjunction with the Sun) can aggravate, inflame, or magnify sensitive areas within our closest bonds, Chiron can also to transform our perceptions of others. The Full Moon ruler, Venus makes a sextile to Jupiter and square to Mars in Taurus. Mars' square can be a point of conflict or tension, emotionally or sexually, but Jupiter's sextile offers a helpful path for resolution, optimism, and outreach.

Mercury's retrograde conjunction with Neptune, exact on March 24, suggests careful handling of facts, information, or communications the next several days. The risk of obfuscating an understanding or message is particularly substantial. But also, take notice of the synchronistic webs surrounding your interactions and experiences, helping to break down barriers to inspiration, insight, or creativity.

Into the Flow: New Moon in Pisces 2019

newsal14 at Turkish Wikipedia

newsal14 at Turkish Wikipedia

New Moon @ 15 Pisces 47’

March 6, 2019

8:04 AM Los Angeles

11:04 AM New York

4:04 PM London

March 7, 2019

12:04 AM Beijing

3:04 AM Sydney

As we move into the New Moon in tropical Pisces this month, there is the usual emphasis of tending more to the inner life. New Moon's are natural periods requiring increased rest, recovery, and careful contemplation of emerging potentials. Following Mercury's retrograde station, we're beginning a collective process of reflection, revision, and reconsideration. With the New Moon's conjunction with Neptune in the sign of Pisces, this lunation blatantly suggests taking your time before executing critical projects or launches.

Neptune so often obscures the facts or limits access to clarity. Also, feeling the need to disengage or indulge distraction can be exceptionally high. It is tempting to lose focus or drift off somewhere beyond the mundane. Indeed, this New Moon may be challenging to navigate if you're trying to stay on task or remain engaged in something pragmatic. However, Saturn's sextile from Capricorn offers some assistance or helpful reminders of the practical dimensions we need to tend to.

Of course, if you don't need to remain focused on things concrete, this lunation permits one to withdraw and disconnect. It is a poignant reminder that mystery engulfs us and that no matter how much we think we know, there's more we don't know, and possibly more we don't know that we don't know. A healthy response to this strong Neptune/Pisces influx is to embrace humility and an attitude of surrender. Combined with Mercury's retrograde cycle in the next three weeks, you have more time than you think to make appropriate revisions.

While yes, New Moon's plant a seed or correlate with the birth of a new process, consider that you'll need to take more time to gather the data and straighten out glitches. One of the classic correlative manifestations of this combination of symbols is a mysterious problem or glitch (technical or otherwise) that currently has no obvious solution or means to fix it. Excessive delays, setbacks, and obfuscations are possible, so give yourself the time and space to maneuver around obstacles.

This lunation isn't a moment where things are likely to run smoothly, so best prepare yourself to gain awareness of the blind spots. If possible, take some pressure off of yourself with this lunation, and open your heart and mind to a new way of looking at a problem or situation. Neptune's most positive face brings us an unusual awareness, experience, or vision that expands consciousness. Move with the current instead of fighting to assert your direction, and you'll be blessed with vivid insights.

Improvements Flow: Supermoon/Full Moon in Virgo 2019

Red Clover in bloom (Trifolium pratense); photo by 池田正樹 masaki ikeda [CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)]

Red Clover in bloom (Trifolium pratense); photo by 池田正樹 masaki ikeda [CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)]

Full Moon @ 0 Virgo 42’

February 19, 2019

7:54 AM Los Angeles

10:54 AM New York

3:54 PM London

11:54 PM Beijing

February 20, 2019

2:54 AM Sydney

February's Full Moon highlights the Virgo/Pisces polarity, the conflicting desires between concrete application and self-transcendence. Both ends can find harmony. We can discover transcendence through meaningful work or service, or the application of useful or helpful skills and experiencing a connection or oneness with others.

With the Full Moon/Supermoon in tropical Virgo, a powerful culmination, breakthrough, or crisis emerges in regards to individual purpose, usefulness, or constructive value. We know the Virgoan cliches of hyper-vigilant, organizational genius or germophobia catalyzing ubiquitous sterility; yet one of Virgo's lesser known powers is that of self-improvement. Simply said but not so easily followed.

Self-improvement invites critique and honest self-assessment--a willingness to acknowledge where one could do better. As the Full Moon reaches its peak this month, a critical process reaches a crescendo, or there is perhaps a greater sense of engagement in a project, task, or duty. Or the glaring realization that one needs a higher purpose or something to engage with meaningfully.

Whatever shows up for you, a Virgo Full Moon provides high energy for completion of tasks, responsibilities, or organizational endeavors. If you've prepared and done your homework, this Full Moon can feel fulfilling, providing a helpful boost to any constructive streak. If you've been slacking off, wavering, or wandering, it can present a challenge to find integration and balance.

There are two simultaneous conjunctions alongside this Full Moon. The Full Moon ruler, Mercury, conjunct Neptune adds an extra element of rational dissipation, desire for escapism, or creative/imaginal musing. Regaining focus can be hard; however, Mercury/Neptune can offer a momentary glimpse into another way of seeing yourself and situation, a gentle reprieve from overly mundane concerns and endeavors.

And Venus conjunct Saturn presents resolutions to relational challenges, deepening bonds, and commitments, or a sobering look into a valuable contact or connection. A trine from the dissipating Mars/Uranus conjunction brings an unexpected surge of tasks, critique, or duties, but also a vital enthusiasm for bringing yourself fully into what needs to get done. Chiron's quincunx is indeed an awkward reminder of blemishes and imperfections, but also, an inevitable healing breakthrough manifests.

Fresh Start Ahead: New Moon in Aquarius 2019

Gorupka from Slovenia [CC BY 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Gorupka from Slovenia [CC BY 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

New Moon @ 15 Aquarius 45’

February 4. 2019

1:04 PM Los Angeles

4:04 PM New York

9:04 PM London

February 5, 2019

5:04 AM Beijing

8:04 AM Sydney

Every year, the Aquarian New Moon coincides with the Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival. And this year's Aquarian New Moon also closely coincides with Imbolc, the pagan holiday celebrating the first signs of spring and longer days. Since every New Moon is a natural beginning point in the monthly lunar cycle, we get the sense of pronounced fresh start with this lunation, a reset point for various narratives.

Aquarius is the archetype of the "outsider," the placement of the Sun's detriment or place of exile in the traditional rulership scheme. In modern astrology, Aquarius' association with Uranus gives it a progressive, radical, or revolutionary edge. However you look at it, Aquarius has a flair for genius and original thought. Outsiders, while suffering from rejection and social isolation, have the advantage of seeing what the herd doesn't see, or cannot imagine.

The outsider has a unique vantage point and thus a gift to offer the world. With this New Moon's close conjunction with Mercury, look around for the seeds of fresh and original thoughts, ideas, information, and perceptions. With the New Moon closely following Mercury's superior conjunction with the Sun and combined with the Aquarian archetype, this is a forward thinking lunation, a moment to pause and contemplate a new path ahead.

While the dark of the New Moon strongly correlates with a lower energy vibe, a time to rest and recharge, Mars and Jupiter's sextiles to the New Moon create a conduit of stimulation, optimism, and assertiveness, helping to facilitate mindful and directed actions. Mars' approaching conjunction with Uranus (exact Feb. 12) also brings a building tendency toward impulsive actions or unanticipated outbursts or triggers.

But with all planets currently direct, this New Moon is a supportive start and firm foundation. Consider the momentum you've been building the past two weeks. This lunation can help you keep up the pace. This isn't a particularly introspective or deep New Moon, but sometimes, tending more to the surface is necessary and vital. Consider also a chance to renew your intentions, goals, or strategies. This is an energizing push further up the road ahead.

Beyond the Hype: Supermoon/Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo 2019

Robert Jay GaBany [CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Robert Jay GaBany [CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Supermoon/Lunar Eclipse @ 0 Leo 52’

January 20, 2019

9:16 PM Los Angeles

January 21, 2019

12:16 AM New York

5:16 AM London

1:16 PM Beijing

4:16 PM Sydney

This month, the lunar cycle culminates in a Supermoon/total lunar eclipse in tropical Leo. A Supermoon is a Full Moon that occurs at perigee, the Moon's closest approach to Earth. Supermoons are notably larger and brighter than an average Full Moon. During a Supermoon, moonlight can shine up to 30% brighter, and the Moon can appear 14% larger than usual. However, don't believe the hype surrounding this Supermoon/eclipse.

The size difference is notable, but not as spectacular as some fake news articles might lead you to believe. A total lunar eclipse is when the Moon moves entirely into the Earth's shadow or umbra, taking on an ominous red-orange color. If you live in North or South America, Europe, or North or West Africa, you're in for a rare event. Supermoon/total lunar eclipses are unique, and something you should get out and see if you reside in these regions. Click here for eclipse times in your area.

A total lunar eclipse is an extra-potent Full Moon, which can correlate with significant culminations, breakthroughs, or endings. A total lunar eclipse can bring about a final resolution to a continuing conflict or negotiation. It can also correlate with the emergence of a crisis or breaking point. Occurring in tropical Leo and square Uranus in Aries, this is a highly dramatic, and unpredictable eclipse.

And occurring close to the Cancer north node, the Moon's power is greatly enhanced. Erratic emotionality, rapid mood fluctuations, and quick decision making can accompany this lunation. The Uranian energies triggering this eclipse can generate rebellious tendencies and less tolerance for oppressive restraints. Leo's positive qualities stimulate the desire for self-expression, applause, and visibility.

This Leo lunar eclipse invites us to be seen and recognized for our uniqueness and abilities. Spontaneous creativity and playfulness can flow from this lunation, adding excitement and wildness into the collective vibes. The Sun's ingress into Aquarius and opposition to the lunar eclipse adds another unique spin. With the Sun now free of Capricorn, where Saturn and Pluto are currently transiting, this eclipse can help to break up some of the heavy and challenging energies of the past few weeks.

Look out for enhanced confidence and the need for independence. Used positively, this eclipse can bring about a breakthrough in stepping up and receiving acknowledgment or recognition. Expressed negatively, this eclipse can hyperinflate arrogance, excessive dramatization, or childish egocentricity. As this lunar cycle climaxes, Venus is approaching a conjunction with Jupiter in Sagittarius.

The fusion of these two benefic planets in Jupiter's home sign has a positive, optimistic, and uplifting feel. New relational opportunities can manifest in the days surrounding this lunation, as well as the desire to go overboard on seduction and self-gratification. Jupiter and Venus' trine to Mars in Aries equally adds a sexual and vigorous quality to this eclipse, stimulating assertiveness to get what you want. Sudden, lucky breaks can manifest alongside this potent lunar eclipse too, so be mindful of good opportunities as well as the pitfalls of falling for the hype.

Feeling Heavy: Sun/Pluto & Mercury/Saturn

Image by Volker Gringmuth via Wikimedia Commons.

Image by Volker Gringmuth via Wikimedia Commons.

If things are feeling unusually heavy lately, you're probably not alone. The Sun in Capricorn is aligning with the underworld ruler, Pluto, while Mercury conjoins taskmaster Saturn this weekend. In the backdrop of it all, is the building Saturn/Pluto conjunction, whose energies we notably felt around the New Moon/solar eclipse last weekend.

As mentioned in the New Moon reading, Saturn and Pluto will reach their exact conjunction in 2020, though they designate a period from late 2017-2021ish. Global conservative empowerment, looming crises, the rise of power hungry dictators, it can feel like we've stepped into a dystopian novel and can't quite find a way out. If you want to know more, read my article here (classic dystopian novels are written under Saturn/Pluto periods, by the way).

But for the next few days, the dreariness of the Saturn/Pluto vibes can feel especially intense. Sun/Pluto conjunctions can force us to look at things with more glaring honesty. The dark side and underbelly make themselves known. For focusing or contemplating imperfections, the next several days offers up an incredible opportunity. But no, it won't feel great, and you'll likely notice that candy coating doesn't stick for a bit.

Mercury's conjunction with Saturn this weekend is a classic aspect of mental and communicative blocks, restrictions, and pauses. Feeling depressed or experiencing a general, gloomy outlook is likely, however, don't forget the incredible productivity available right now. As challenging as this weekend can feel emotionally, there's a positive side if we can embrace our responsibilities, or even hunker down on some task in solitude.

It just might be that you need a break from external distractions or meaningless activity, and to sink into some work or task, you love. If you're unsure, think about what that could be for you, or begin planning a path toward discovery. Remember, we're between eclipses, so this is an uncomfortable, yet fertile moment for personal transformation. Trust the changes you're being called to make, and then step boldly forth and do your great work.