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Horoscopes are generalized readings based on either Sun or rising sign. If you know your rising sign (also known as the Ascendant) your horoscope may be more accurate. However, you should read for both and see which one resonates best for you. It's important to realize that horoscopes cannot possibly provide as much detail or accuracy as a reading of your natal horoscope (based on the time and location of birth), but they are useful for understanding the general influences of current planetary cycles. 

If you know your birth time, you can quickly look up your rising sign using this handy Ascendant calculator. 

September 2018

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Aries Glyph-Resized.png


Sun sign: March 21- April 19

Things are picking up their usual pace and momentum this month, though you might still feel a bit like you're slogging along until halfway through. Finally clear of the Mercury/Mars retrograde/trifecta eclipse storm, you should be able to put plans into action and tackle your goals with your typical zest. The month's theme might be integration, putting together the pieces and finally implementing significant changes. 

You don't have to walk on eggshells anymore or hold back your enthusiasm. But you should consider insights and feedback received lately and adjust your approach and style.  Taking a more proactive tactic in relationships will be best around Sept. 8. Venus hitting Mars is helpful for getting what you want, though resolving tensions or misunderstandings will take effort.

You'll be coming back to some familiar terrain by Sept. 10. If you thought the decluttering, releasing, and internal/external revolutions were over, you might be surprised. However, consider this your last chance at purging yourself of outdated goals, friendships, or group allegiances. Sept. 18 gives you another thrust of rebelliousness. The Full Moon Sept. 24 is a bit tense for you, but can catalyze constructive, communicative shifts in career & relationships, and will shed light on personal image insecurities & willpower defects. However, deep healing is possible. 



Taurus Glyph-Resized.png


Sun sign: April 20- May 20

Your planet Venus is moving into Scorpio this month, officially on Sept. 9. Yes, this lovely beauty will turn retrograde this year in the first week of Oct. For you, there's a strong relationship theme this month which will get louder come Oct. But no, this isn't an idyllic, bliss & roses kind of vibe. Venus in Scorpio requires some accommodation of other people's realities and learning to sit with less-than-savory truths. 

The New Moon Sept. 9 stands as a gateway into this relational transition. Consider not just love type relationships, but anyone with whom you have intimate contact. With the New Moon, it's vital to remain diligently mindful of idealizing romantic prospects; but for creative work and projects, it's an excellent and surprisingly productive fresh start. Be aware of relational tension peaking around Sept. 12.

With Uranus in Taurus, you're radically changing on many levels, becoming more independent and innovating your style. This may conflict with some people in your life, so try your best to see their perspective, but don't sell yourself out. This month will require a careful balancing act, staying faithful to your emerging revolution while also learning to reconsider the value of your friends, partners, and colleagues. By Nov., you'll perceive others from a new perspective and will be ready for deeper intimacy and vulnerability. 



Gemini Glyph-Resized.png


Sun sign: May 21- June 20

For the majority of this month, your ruler Mercury will be moving through Virgo--an ideal time to declutter or otherwise straighten out your living space. A psychic check-in might also serve you well, along with putting effort into personal work and expounding your self-understanding. By Sept 7, you'll be reaching such ease and flow with domestic circumstances and inner development, that breakthroughs are possible. 

For home improvement strategies, consider that pulling it together requires an astute blending of both pragmatic and innovative elements. Apply that same logic to the familiar and personal terrain. Tangible upgrades and growth-oriented opportunities are more easily accessible now. You may also get effortlessly caught up in attachment to perfection, or consumed with guilt that you're not meeting high standards this month. 

By the New Moon Sept. 9, you'll be given a chance to chart a new path forward for improving/augmenting your inner life, but don't forget to do your best and not lose perspective. Sept. 13 will require some reality checks, skepticism, and discernment. Until Mercury enters Libra (Sept. 21), you'll need to be cautious about glossing over details, evading responsibilities, or otherwise believing everything you hear. Otherwise, the last two weeks of this month will be a sobering reminder of the truth.



Cancer Glyph-Resized.png


Sun sign: June 21- July 21

Saturn's station in Capricorn can bring up some obvious limitations in your relationships or could give you a cutting-edge insight into who you need/or don't need to commit to right now. And actually, Mars' station at the end of last month could have resurfaced past relational conflicts/anxieties/or frustrations. The current moment may not be so ideal for maintaining love or partnership fantasies, but consider what you're currently working hard to actualize in collaboration with another, and how so much more fulfilling that is than a passing fling. 

Venus is entering Scorpio Sept. 9, alongside the New Moon in Virgo, initiates a revaluing of your romantic, playful, and creative side. Venus' retrograde next month gives you almost two months to renew your ability to bring joy and sexual vitality back into your life. Venus in Scorpio requires taking creative/sexual risks or daring to explore desires you've been scared to indulge. And the Virgo New Moon is a new start in deciphering the truth and working toward new ways of articulating yourself. Consider the challenge of sussing out fact from fiction. Double check all sources.

The Sun's transit through Virgo most of this month is a peak of social/informational exchange. Moving toward topics of interest, areas of study or reading/writing are all highly favored. By the end of this month, the Sun in Libra initiates a month-long inner journey. Laying low, connecting with close friends/family, and self-reflection become higher than usual priorities toward September's end. But a Full Moon in Aries, Sept. 24, brings critical peaks in your career/public life. While a bit challenging, you'll be tasked with transmuting blockages toward success into a greater passion for your mission. 



Leo Glyph-Resized.png


Sun sign: July 22- August 21

With your solar ruler in Virgo until the equinox Sept. 22, productivity flow is still active this month. Saturn's direct station could heavy up the responsibilities/work demands/and health & wellness focus in the first week of Sept., but the Sun's trine relationship with Saturn suggests you're on top of things, efficiently utilizing time, energy & resources. When it comes to money/income matters, the Sun in Virgo is sobering and practical, which helps keep splurges and impulse buys to a minimum or nonexistent. 

Sept. 7's Sun/Neptune opposition is inspirational, mystical, but also potentially confusing in regards to intimate partnerships, or financial certainty. Surely, you might not have enough clarity for significant investments, no matter how enticing. However, in the waning Moon phase, give yourself some time out as your powers of discrimination may be faulty for a few days. The Virgo New Moon Sept. 9 is a monetary recharge, a time to reboot spending habits and savings. 

Venus in Scorpio alongside the New Moon initiates a period of laying low and narrowing in on domestic partnerships/family relationships. Venus will turn retrograde next month, so you'll be spending extra time in a phase of revaluing your interior life, unearthing family secrets, or perhaps redecorating the home space. The Aries Full Moon Sept. 24 is challenging, but it can reveal defects/limitations in your communicative outreach or philosophical framework, thereby helping to strengthen and clarify your beliefs or message. 



Virgo Glyph-Resized.png


Sun sign: August 22- September 21

This month is all about you. That might be a slight exaggeration, but the Sun in your sign at the start of this month feels like you're starting a new life chapter. And with ruler Mercury moving into your home sign by Sept. 5, some extra self-focus can be a useful ally for getting where you want to go. Yes, you'll be feeling extra Virgo-like this month, at least until Sept. 21/22, when both Sun/Mercury shift into Libra. 

Getting your life better managed/organized is likely a higher than usual priority as of late, and much of your energy gets directed toward vitalizing your style and image. Maybe you're just feeling the need to better articulate your look through a change of clothes or hairstyle, or you're going all out and taking on a dynamic new life role/direction. The signs are clear this month. Your planet Mercury is now direct, and more potent than ever, so take advantage of your extra strength and leadership capacity. 

There is one slight caveat: the Sun/Mercury's oppositions to Neptune. When it comes to relationships or professional collabs, be mindful that not everyone may be sincere this month. Look hard to sniff out potential obfuscations or too-good-to-be-true promises from others. Sept. 13 suggests some extra caution. But combined with the New Moon earlier this month, and Mercury conjunct Sun by Sept. 20, new life and fresh starts are all around, so enjoy the new adventure. 



Libra Glyph-Resized.png


Sun sign: September 22- October 22

While your planet Venus is still in Libra until Sept. 9, you're infused with extra attractiveness, grace, and charm. Anticipate a more significant shift in self-representation by mid-Nov. As part of the end of Venus' retrograde cycle (Nov. 16), you'll be revisiting your mannerisms and style, and a relationship may play a big role in influencing your new look. However, while Venus in your rising sign is extra auspicious when it comes to winning people over, the Sun and Mercury in Virgo for most of this month can work against Venus' more sociable streak. 

Sun/Mercury moving through Virgo puts excessive focus on needing solitude, quiet time, and introspection. You may not have a choice in experiencing such themes this month, as life may conspire to draw you behind the scenes. Of course, willingly taking a retreat will likely work just fine. Venus enters Scorpio Sept. 9 right alongside the New Moon, which works to renew your connection to source/spirit/universe/Goddess in ways which may require a commitment to a consistent practice. 

Venus will be in Scorpio until the end of Oct., with a retrograde back into Libra for all of Nov. But, Venus in Scorpio is going to be a major theme for you this month and next, and then from Dec. clear through Jan. You'll be feeling more raw, intense, and honest throughout this cycle, and there will be some revaluing of your financial reality as well. You can anticipate a shift in income/resource base/or savings plan coming soon, especially Oct. 5-Nov. 16. Attracting what you want may require an edgier, dare-to-take-risks kind of attitude. 



Scorpio Glyph-Resized.png


Sun sign: October 23- November 21

At the start of this month, with Saturn's direct station in Capricorn, you're focusing intently on your words and what's being said. Communication, in all of its myriad forms, can be a source of some frustration, or extra careful thought and attention. Keep things to yourself for now, or focus on study/writing in solitude, at least until Sept. 6, which may require an awkward adjustment to incongruent messages/information. 

Venus square Mars Sept. 8 is your first decisive push since Mars went direct at the end of last month. As for getting what you want, this Venus/Mars contact is extra helpful. If anything, it stimulates desires or creative and sexual flow. The New Moon Sept. 9 is a dynamic refresher for friendships and communal/group activities. As for your current dreams, goals, & objectives, you're setting the bar higher this month, by playing with lofty ideals, but be careful of falling entirely for fantasies or delusions. 

Venus enters your sign Sept. 9 and will be in and out of Scorpio until early Jan. Yes, Venus in your sign is undoubtedly auspicious for increasing your charm, charisma, and good looks, but her retrograde next month will relate to a significant shift in how you value your current look/appearance. Influences and changes in a relationship may play a prominent role in inspiring a difference in your presentation, so remain receptive to your environment. And Mars is back in Aquarius this month, which suggests that a revolution of your inner life is now possible. Influencing your home/domestic life & self-awareness, Mars in Aquarius is about taking a proactive approach to innovate or reform your internal space.



Sagittarius Glyph-Resized.png


Sun sign: November 22- December 20

Saturn's direct station and Mars in Capricorn at the month's start can put hyperfocus on money/resource issues. Feelings and thoughts of lack/scarcity could be dominant at the moment, but Saturn now direct suggests that your hard work continues as you organize and restructure financial matters and your value system. But your ruler Jupiter is strong and direct this month, which means that you can easily transmute any worry/insecurities into an unquestioned faith. 

Jupiter's waning trine to Neptune is helpful here too, so there's a sense that some higher power, call it God/Goddess/Universe, has your back. Venus enters Scorpio Sept. 9, alongside the New Moon in Virgo. Venus turns retrograde next month, so pay close attention to the surfacing of hidden elements in your relationships. A need to reach out and help others or a shift in consciousness/faith could also be significant. Overall, Venus in Scorpio until early Jan. requires immense reflection on your values and relationships so some solitude may be needed. 

The Virgo New Moon this month (Sept. 9) inspires your career goals and objectives, initiating a new path forward in your professional life. Your ruler Jupiter's sextile to Pluto Sept. 12 is transformative; regenerative powers are within your reach. And though the Aries Full Moon Sept. 24 is challenging and intense, it can catalyze deep healing of your creative and sexual life. Acknowledging any wounds surrounding your right to experience joy/vitality will shift things a lot. A breakthrough/culmination in a challenging parental situation is also possible.  



Capricorn Glyph-Resized.png


Sun sign: December 21- January 19

Saturn's direct station in your sign at the start of this month gives you the power to take the lead proactively. Now past the eclipse/retrograde energies of the last two months, both Saturn and Mars direct in Capricorn is an encouraging thrust of forwarding momentum. The Sun in Virgo until Sept. 22 maintains a dominate earth grand trine. It's a closed loop of productivity and innovation, punctuated by Uranus' trine to your ruler Saturn. Adding novel touches to your tasks/projects still works smoothly this month. 

A Mercury grand trine Sept. 7 can expand your perception and conversations, and enhance your articulation of beliefs/philosophies. Both Mercury/Sun in Virgo infuse you with greater curiosity this month, a time to follow inquisitiveness toward new adventures. The New Moon Sept. 9 brings the higher-minded focus to a singular refresher, and it has the power to inspire, muse, and amaze you with all that's possible in the world. Yes, you'll need to be careful about believing too-good-to-be-true prepackaged answers to the world's problems, but utilizing your Capricorn discernment will help you avoid folly. 

Mars in Aquarius Sept. 10 gifts you with a confident streak to revolutionize financial affairs this month. Both Mercury and Sun in Libra Sept. 21/22 can improve communication/articulation with the public, or help to convey your brand better. Career demands are on the increase, but you've got extra Libran charm to smooth things over. The Full Moon in Aries Sept. 24 is a bit challenging as it stimulates past, family wounds, or complications on the home/domestic front. Self-reflection can bring forth insights needed to resolve rising tensions between career and home life. Deep healing is accessible if you're willing to go within. 



Aquarius Glyph-Resized.png



Sun sign: January 20- February 17

At the start of this month, you may be feeling less interested in external pursuits and ambitions. Mars' retrograde backtrack into Capricorn last month inverted most of your energy. At least in the first week of Sept., your ruler Saturn's direct station feels more like a reflective and introspective slog. As everyone else gleefully recovers from the eclipse/retrograde saga, you're still taking your time and replenishing. Of course, what you're doing in secrecy has the most power and impact right now. Your strength lies behind the scenes and between the cracks of time. 

The less you engage in the predictable grind, the more you'll see and uncover. Uranus' trine to Saturn can help you easily slip into a new era of self-discovery/realization. Your intent and focus at the moment favors work on the inner realms, which is no easy task, nor does society wholly accept it. However, no external acquisition could possibly nourish you on the soul level, so what you're choosing or being forced to do is beautiful and inspiring. Mars' ingress into Aquarius Sept. 10, however, changes your inner landscape. Recently direct Mars makes assertiveness and forward progress accessible. 

With less hesitation and a broader awareness of what you can and can't handle now, Mars in Aquarius gifts you with decisiveness and a newfound revolution to initiate. Venus enters Scorpio in the second week of Sept., and its retrograde in Scorpio in Oct. relates to a revaluing of your career and ambitions. New connections or a heart-fueled inspiration is soon to arrive, so keep your awareness attuned to the signs. As Sept. comes to an end, you'll be entering an intellectually/philosophically adventurous stride. Expanding your perceptions will help you transmute perceptual wounds surfacing at the Full Moon in Aries Sept. 24. 



Pisces Glyph-Resized.png


Sun sign: February 18- February 19

Your ruler Jupiter is strong and direct this month, which means that you'll have plenty of time and momentum to start implementing goals. Now past the retrograde/eclipse saga of July/August, there isn't much stopping you this month, so keep following your curiosity and desire for exploration. Jupiter's transit through Scorpio has likely expanded travel opportunities this year, as well as increased your interest in enhancing educational possibilities; learning things that once intimidated you is also likely. 

Beginning in Nov., Jupiter will begin a most effective augmentation of career/professional prospects for most of next year. For now, continue in your expansion of philosophical/spiritual understanding which will assist in illuminating your purpose. Mercury in Virgo, Sept. 5 begins an auspicious phase for relational interactions, negotiations, and contractual exchanges. The New Moon Sept. 9 reignites an intimate, professional, or platonic partnership. Be extra cautious about any deceitfulness on your end. Yes, you might be able to pull off some obfuscation in your dealings this month, but be careful how far you take it. 

Venus enters Scorpio alongside the New Moon Sept. 9. A Venus retrograde cycle in Oct. can magically synchronize adventures or serendipitous encounters with foreign minds. Copresent with Jupiter, Venus in Scorpio may heighten your outreach and horizons. By the equinox, Sept. 22, the Sun in Libra with Mercury may ignite more in-depth thought/conversation regarding loans, debt, and credit. Chiron in Aries conjoins the Full Moon Sept. 24, bringing financial insecurities/hardships to a head. While not a good time for overspending or taking on more debt burden, the Full Moon can help you shift your attitude/perspective with money matters, healing deep wounds related to a perceived sense of lack.