Gemini Rising Forecast July 23, 2017- August 7, 2017

Gemini Rising

Choose your words wisely. The start of the lunation cycle gives you immense verbal strength, which can be used to defend yourself but can also be used destructively. What’s brewing beneath the surface has the power to utterly change your current environment. There may be a lot more activity in the coming weeks and opportunities to use your mind in new, creative ways. But it suffices to say that you should think before you speak. The power of your words have a critical role to play in your overall life path, and so this is a time to assess just how much force is actually needed. What’s emerging now may equally require a different approach to communication, which warrants a change of style along with the change of pace. With that said, if you need to speak up about something, go for it, but fully assess the consequences. These themes and issues will take a dramatic turn by the solar eclipse on Aug 21.

Life feels overwhelming when faced with things outside of your control. Understanding yourself is key to finding your power and place in the world. While you can't control fate or the chaos of life, your destiny belongs to you, something you can always strive for to gain command of your life path. Evolutionary Astrology can help. Click here for personal readings. 

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Mars will be in Leo from July 21 through Sept 6. It’s possible that the pace of daily life picks up considerably and you’ll find yourself expending much energy on social interaction. Phone calls, meetings, emails, or even an increase in driving/commuting are all likely to take up much of your energy. Mars will help you to speak up as well, which may require stepping into a new and potentially scary communicative role. The Sun conjoins Mars on July 26 creating a peak buildup of this fast-paced energy and an opportunity to step forward confidently into a teaching, writing, or counseling role.

The days surrounding July 24 could be a challenging time for personal and professional interactions. Venus has been enhancing your appearance, giving you grace, charm, and attractiveness that has likely helped in winning people over or getting what you want, but consider that there’s far more than looks. In reality, those relationships you’ve established take effort, teamwork, and mutual support to work effectively, and this is a time to face the reality of your commitments, striving to solve problems head on.

On July 25 Mercury will begin a lengthy stay in Virgo this year due its retrograde cycle. This reveals that you’re reaching a significant turning point in your domestic and intimate life. Mercury turns retrograde on Aug 13 which may create some setbacks, delays, frustrations, or general unexpected issues on the homefront which you must resolve for the next three weeks.

Mercury will move back into Leo Sept 1, which may correlate with a brief period of communicative obstacles. Sept 3 through 5 will correlate with a dramatic change in your daily life and routine.

Mercury re-enters Virgo Sept 11 through Oct 1, at which point those domestic and interpersonal issues should get resolved and the path ahead will be a lot more clear.  

From July 31 until Aug 27 Venus will help benefit your financial situation and attract the resources and confidence you need. Expect at least some of these issues to see an improvement, however big or small.

The days surrounding Aug 2 could correlate with inner restlessness in relation to your current dreams, goals, and strategies. You may also find that your true personality may clash with a group ideology you must interact with. Use this time to work on boundaries between your goals and those of others; through comparison and contrast you can better shape your current aims.

Aug 7 Lunar Eclipse @ 15 Aquarius

This upcoming lunar eclipse could relate to some unexpected changes in your worldview and life philosophy. Travel may be apart of this, but exposure to any shocking, new ideas could be just as impactful. Expect many routines to suddenly shift and change.