Leo Rising Forecast July 23, 2017- Aug 7, 2017

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Leo Rising

Your will-power is incredibly strong at the moment, and it’s important that you realize how much influence you have to make some critical choices. If you choose wisely, you’ll greatly accelerate your current path toward more positive developments, particularly around the solar eclipse on Aug 21. This might feel more important than the usual New Moon. That’s because you’ve been given the wheel of the ship, and it might be a little scary, even awkward for you. How you handle this surge of power will determine just what you experience, if anything. If you’re noticing that you’re coming off a little brash, abrasive, even moody, it could be that you’re not being allowed (or allowing yourself) to make your own choices and decisions. This is a moment to step back and assess just what you need to change to give yourself more personal space and autonomy. Consider that if you could change something, anything, what would it be? Realize this is a potent moment to take some action.

Life feels overwhelming when faced with things outside of your control. Understanding yourself is key to finding your power and place in the world. While you can't control fate or the chaos of life, your destiny belongs to you, something you can always strive for to gain command of your life path. Evolutionary Astrology can help. Click here for personal readings. 

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Mars will be in Leo from July 21 through Sept 6 amplifying an awareness of your decision making power, giving you extra strength to call some shots in your personal life. What will you do with this newfound power? The Sun conjoins Mars on July 26 creating a peak buildup of existential clout helping you take some critical steps forward. Just be weary of coming on too strong, forcing your way, or succumbing to impulsive decision making.

On July 25 Mercury will begin a lengthy stay in Virgo this year due its retrograde cycle. This highlights a period that will help you reorganize your financial situation and turn the tables on your income flow. Mercury turns retrograde on Aug 13 which may either slow or speed up money matters, depending on where you’ve been until now.

Mercury will move back into Leo Sept 1, placing the spotlight back on action taking and decision making. Sept 3 through 5 will be bring you an opportunity to make some big changes in your current path giving you the confidence to step forward.

Mercury re-enters Virgo Sept 11 through Oct 1 which will likely balance out your financial situation now that you have a better sense of where you stand.

From July 31 until Aug 27 relationships and socialization may not be top priority right now. That’s because you’re being called inward, to self-reflect and assert influence more on your internal and personal life.

The days surrounding Aug 2 could lead to feelings of intense restless as if your current reality isn’t big enough. Consider how you can expand your horizons, though it’s possible that unexpected opportunities for mind expansion or travel suddenly show up.

Around Aug 4 be mindful that an overzealous or brash communicative style doesn’t create unnecessary conflict in a work situation. If you’re right, take a moment to reflect on how you might go about asserting that truth without creating drama.

Aug 7 Lunar Eclipse @ 15 Aquarius

The lunar eclipse is likely to generate some changes in your relationships, either committed, platonic, or professional. You’ve likely been feeling this coming, and critical matters are coming to a head so be prepared to deal with changes in another’s perspective.