Libra Rising Forecast August 21, 2017- September 6, 2017

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With the lunar eclipse in Aquarius just two weeks ago, you’ve likely experienced the need to drastically shift your priorities so that you can more effectively plan for the future. This total solar eclipse in Leo is a critical passageway for you--a time in which you will likely transition from an overemphasis on living purely in the moment to thinking more strategically. You’ve been feeling the need for this shift for several weeks, but this solar eclipse will greatly accelerate both internal and external changes which will help catalyze your path forward. What’s changing now is your overall dream and vision for your future life.

It’s possible that anything otherwise impractical, idealistic, or romanticized will have to face some scrutiny in light of your present reality. This eclipse is calling you to step away from too much focus on your subjective life. There’s nothing wrong or unhealthy about making space for play, recreation, and amusement in life. Everyone needs to have those outlets, but at the moment you might find that those themes have taken center stage. This more spontaneous, playful approach has helped to inspire you creatively, but now it’s time to begin looking at how you can more effectively plan ahead as well as looking for the social support and communities that are more in alignment with your goals.

This Solar Eclipse in Leo forms a grand trine with both Saturn and Uranus, activating the “social” regions of your whole sign chart. With this eclipse you can expect some major changes to be happening in your social scene which may affect friends as well as intimate partners. With a close trine from Uranus to the solar eclipse, sudden changes in your partnerships will help awaken you to your future potentials. With Uranus moving through Aries since early 2010, you’ve been experimenting with new relationships, and may have also been in a process of attracting people who've helped you to further individuate or otherwise try out alternative relational roles.

By alternative I mean anything different from what you’ve been accustomed to before this period of your life. With this trine from Uranus, expect a partner, friend, or lover to have some beneficial impact which will assist you in getting closer to your long-term goals and strategies. If you need support with that, look to those you trust for assistance and insight. The eclipse trine to Saturn will also help mature your communicative tactics or will precipitate events which require that you communicate more effectively with key people in your life.

The Sun enters Virgo on Aug 22, joining Mercury retrograde in this region of your chart. While these “social” transits are happening on the forefront, there’s likely to be much that is hidden from you at the moment that needs to be addressed. One manifestation of this shift is a need to withdraw from too much activity as well as the need to step outside your usual bubble to more clearly assess any unresolved issues floating in the background of your life.

With Mercury retrograde here until Sep 11/12, you’re being asked to reawaken your connection to spirit, or just step away from distractions so that you can more clearly hear messages from within and reflect on what’s happening in your life. For the next month you can anticipate the need for space and solitude to get yourself back on track with with your larger purpose. Any loss or difficulties encountered at this time reflect the fact you need to make a clean break with the past and this is the seasonal time for you to do that.

Your ruler Venus squares Uranus around Aug 24, which could correlate with relational tensions affecting close friends, partners, or professional colleagues. With Venus moving through Cancer you’re placing more emphasis on maintaining a desirable image and reputation. This square to Uranus could indicate a moment where building tensions between you and a partner could be unleashed, challenging you to work out any disagreements or differences of values.

Consider whether any partnerships you have are limiting your success or otherwise hurting your reputation--and conversely, whether there are valid concerns from a partner about how your current objectives may not work well for them. Realize that both sides need to be heard and validated. Venus enters Leo around Aug 25, which could create some mixed feelings indicating the need to balance social activities between powerful call to turn inward. Expect the inward dimensions be much louder towards the end of Aug, and otherwise drowning out this typically sociable Venus transit.

Life feels overwhelming when faced with things outside of your control. Understanding yourself is key to finding your power and place in the world. While you can't control fate or the chaos of life, your destiny belongs to you, something you can always strive for to gain command of your life path. Evolutionary Astrology can help.

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