Gemini Rising Forecast August 7, 2017- August 21, 2017

This lunar eclipse could represent a moment where a philosophy, belief, or ideological structure experiences some changes as you’re confronted with an altered perspective. Ignorance may be bliss, for a while, but you of all people know that it’s never a sustainable nor ideal condition. You’ve been going through an alteration in how you perceive the world, as well as the general pace of your daily life. It’s time to look beyond the usual parameters for a guiding vision for yourself. You’re beginning to see things differently, which means that you need to let go of beliefs and assumptions that are no longer working. Consider this a subtle yet profound perceptual revolution. But for you, the need for adaptability is a common life experience, and it’s possible that you can quickly conjure a new outlet for further discovery. Consider that a stranger in the grocery store, a local bar, or another parent you meet in the park has a perspective to offer you that can give you inspiration. In other words, remove yourself from attachment to your beliefs and open yourself to the possibility that someone you might not expect, even a child, could expand your awareness thereby altering your truth.

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With the Sun and Mars still making their way through Leo and two New Moon lunations occurring here (along with a total solar eclipse) you’ve probably been pretty active with improvisational strategies and channeling extra energy into your communicative skills. Consider that you’re going to make some breakthroughs in your overall outlook and the way you come off. You may have had to be careful with your words, because in the moment you’re likely feeling more verbally aggressive. What you need to keep in mind is that you’re actively seeking a new intellectual or mental challenge, and finding healthy outlets for that will help you avoid using your words to hurt or injure as a result of pent up frustration. This is a period that can greatly assist you in understanding your communicative boundaries. This lunar eclipse is helping to expand your worldview, perhaps confronting you with even shocking perceptions that can incite your curiosity for further exploration. Keep up your current pace, and consider that the solar eclipse on Aug 21 is helping you transition into a new environment, greatly altering your perception, outlook, and the pace of your daily life.

Mercury, your ruling planet, turns retrograde from Aug 12 through Sept 4. It opens for you a time in which you can reassess and rework your domestic situation, but also your understanding of yourself. Look for information, advice, and feedback arising from those you trust the most; that could be members of your family, or even friends or partners you would consider to be such. This isn’t a time to remain fixed to any rigid assumptions about those you interact with most intimately, as you’re being offered a chance to see them through a renewed lens, which may have to capacity to revise your understanding your own emotional, psychological, and psychic content. Pay attention to your dreams and any synchronicities that emerge externally. All of this information is important to consider. Expect the usual techno/mechanical hiccups and breakdowns that usually occur; these may present themselves more frequently on the home front than the usual retrograde cycle. Also, be mindful of setbacks, delays, and reversals involving your current domestic life. The pace will regain its normal speed just after Sept 4, and for the time being you need to step back, take your time to consider new input, and revise your current perception of these deeply embedded issues. After Sept 5, you’ll be better equipped to handle any future difficulties and challenges should they arise in these areas, so work on your communication skills and make sure everyone is on the same page.

One last note on this retrograde: Mercury, your ruling planet, will station on Aug 12 in Virgo, that is to say that is stops dead in its tracks for a few days while it begins to move forward. This places intense mental focus on your inner life. It’s a chance to gaze deeply into the above mentioned themes to gain more insight, awareness, and discoveries. It can also slow you down a bit, and you’ll likely not be your usual, quick-witted self. Occurring in the lower quadrant of your horoscope, this Mercury station reveals the importance of tending to intimate and domestic issues. Naturally, this is opposed to external achievement and outwardly directed ambition. It’s time to give space and deep consideration to the interior dimensions of your life which will greatly improve your interaction with the public and professional arena. Trust that the universe is giving you extra time to do this. Aug 16, the transiting Moon will challenge you to see that much of your life is divinely guided, or that forces beyond rational comprehension play a role in the flow of events. Open yourself to this possibility and its ability to change how you make decisions and take action in your life.

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