Scorpio Rising Forecast September 6- September 19, 2017

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Creative inspiration and romantic idealization get a significant boost with this Full Moon, but you need to be mindful of a few things here. You’re likely to be feeling some romantic/sexual longing and creative surges with this lunar culmination, but it’s not the best time for diving into a new love relationship or trying to implement a creative project. What’s more possible is that such things have already been set into motion, and this your chance to bring those situations to a close/completion or otherwise gain more clarity about them. Delusions brought about by infatuation affect just about everyone, even if they think they’re totally immune. Be really careful about how much stock you place in that department for the next few days here. You might also notice an increased desire to let loose and play the field, which is fine, but don’t expect anything of substance to come from it.

Your imagination might be running on autopilot, which is great if you’re in need of a quick escape, excitement, or a fleeting fling. Indulge in some playtime. Hanging out with children might also be really appealing too, helping to awaken your inner child and give you a momentary break from the practical and mundane limitations. Approach all situations right now in the spirit of play and let things unfold spontaneously. You’re likely to find a lot of other people around you who are on the same page, so there’s no shame in having a little fun or making space for recreation. There is a tendency to get lost in your own world here too, which is fine for a few days, but just be mindful that you don’t get too carried away, or wake up with a week long hangover.

Mercury moves back into Virgo on Sep. 9 after its three week retrograde cycle. That may have correlated with an alteration of certain dreams, goals, and perhaps a new look at certain friendships and social circles. It may have been difficult for a while to realistically plan ahead because it probably seemed like too much was up in the air. Now with both Mars and Mercury moving through Virgo, much of those suspended possibilities have hit the ground, allowing you to implement a more certain strategy for yourself and your future. But still, take your time with this. Don’t feel pressured to have a flawless game plan just yet. In just two weeks, the New Moon in Virgo is an excellent starting point and it’ll be more possible to get everyone else on board at that time. Expect to be in this forward thinking mode until the latter end of Oct. at which point you’ll need to take a break and seek out some solitude. Until then, consider this a highly active time for socializing, networking, and thinking about future potentials.

Mercury conjoins Mars (once again) on Sep. 16 just days before the New Moon. You’ll need to be on the lookout for conflicts and disputes with friends, groups, or organizations. An increased assertiveness to voice your vision could trigger upset in others who don’t see what you see. But this conjunction also gives you some much needed passion and enthusiasm to begin taking steps toward the actualization of your vision, which is perfect timing for the New Moon just three days later. While you’ll greatly benefit from the input, feedback, and advice from those you may have to collaborate with, don’t get caught up in petty disputes or erroneous issues. Say what you need to say, and then back off and let others sort themselves out.

This is also a high point for seeking validation and support for your particular cause. As I mentioned above, you’ll be putting a lot more energy and attention on what other people think right now. While that’s not always a good thing in excess, it’s your personal season for joining group efforts or seeking support and assistance. With Mercury conjoining your ruler Mars towards the end of the Moon’s waning phase, this gives you considerable verbal power and mental stamina which can help you in mingling, schmoozing, and expressing your passions to a larger sphere than those you would usually associate with. Feel free to voice your opinion, just don’t expect that everyone is going to agree with it and deflect arguments to the best of your ability.

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