New Moon In Libra

Libra’s New Moon
October 17, 2009

As always, the New Moon is a time for new beginnings, planting seeds, and setting our intentions for the new lunar cycle. Every New Moon brings us a clean slate from which we can create what it is we wish, with of course, a healthy balance between free will and destiny to adhere to. Libra’s New Moon asks us to focus our intentions on creating balance, peace, and stability in our lives. Whatever we choose to manifest should be colored by such qualities. It is often this time of year one would find themselves weighting the pros and cons of a particular situation, attempting to see both sides of the equation. Perhaps you’ve been focused on only one aspect of the problem and now it is the perfect time to consider other options. These alternative choices may be contrary to your previous preferences or beliefs, yet may in fact prove themselves rather useful as of lately. Now is certainly not the time to be biase
d, so open your mind, and embrace the polarities that construct our reality. Every positive has, indeed, a negative manifestation. The energy of the Libran archetype has been quite prominent lately, as the Sun, Mercury, and Venus currently reside within the sign of the scales. Libra’s archetype urges us to see things through the eyes of another and to consider the needs of others. This implies a focus on relationships within all their multivalent manifestations. Libra is much like a cosmic mirror, from which we are able to see ourselves as reflected through another person or external entity. What we find distasteful in another, is almost always, a part of ourselves we are unwilling to accept. The same applies to all things in our world, for the outer reality reflects the inner reality, and round and round it goes. Don’t feel pressured to change what you don’t like, just allow yourself to be aware and conscious of the fact.

Examining the horoscope for Libra’s New Moon we find a few prominent aspects to the Sun and Moon’s conjunction. The New Moon makes an inconjunct to Uranus and Juno in Pisces, a square to the North Node in Capricorn, and a trine to the Chiron/Neptune conjunction in Aquarius. The Uranus/Juno conjunction has been transforming relationships of all kinds, catalyzed exponentially by its opposition to Saturn. Juno deals, archetypically, with partnerships and Uranus is in the business of bringing change and or transformation to whatever it touches. Many believe that Juno symbolizes our ideal companion, soul mate, or partner, and this combination has many re-arranging their preconceptions of such. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself changing these very ideals, thinking differently about whom you are really compatible with. This could result in some breakups, the thought of breaking up, or simply a subtle clue that the one you’re with may not truly be the one. This New Moon, however, seems to shed light on another aspect of relationships…it’s not all about you! It takes two, and here we need to understand that when dealing with others, compromise and sacrifice are essential bumps in the road. So what does that mean? Well, it means that what you really want may not be available right now, so often we settle for second best. This isn’t strictly confined to relationships; in fact it can apply to an ideal job, lifestyle, or perhaps an inanimate object of desire. The inconjunct poses a challenge; can we overcome our ideal desire for something else that will function just as well for the sake of others? Sometimes our pursuit of complete happiness and satisfaction comes at the expense of other people who go on neglected. With Juno aside, the inconjunct to Uranus shows that we must make a change, which is likely to be a sacrifice of some kind, so that we can serve others or be of service to humanity as a whole. The New Moon shows that this is the time to start that process, whatever it may be; the seeds must be planted firmly.

The North Node has recently moved from Aquarius to Capricorn, and a collective shift has resulted: a shift in our purpose and direction. From Aquarius we had a collective surge to get informed, to become objective, to gather with those who think alike, and to construct lofty visions for the future. Now that the North Node has moved into Capricorn as of late August, it’s time to take control, grab the reigns, build sustainable structures, and let go of the past. What does this mean? Well, while the North Node is in Capricorn humanity will be urged to implement these objectives, and this nodal transit in particular has some powerful ramifications for us in these times (something I will get more into in another article). The North Node in Capricorn puts the south node in Cancer, which means we are consuming the archetype of Capricorn while exhausting the archetype of Cancer. Cancer is that warm fuzzy nostalgic place, where we feel safe and comfortable, and where everything we need is provided. Unfortunately, this is no longer a safe place because we need to move on, otherwise stagnation will result. If we hold on to the south node, because it’s familiar, we risk losing out on opportunities for growth, which we will find in Capricorn. Capricorn symbolizes the harshness of reality, the necessary burden of responsibility, the satisfaction of achievement, and the urge to take control. In looking at the state of the world, take this into consideration: Those who are dwelling on the way things “used to be”, and ignoring the fact that they will never be the same, are going to be in for a big wake up call in the coming days. We are in a situation where the authority is none other than ourselves. Big daddy and big mommy aren’t going to take care of us anymore, its time grow up and take control. If we stay in that happy safe place, we risk living out a life that isn’t our own, so choose wisely. Don’t take this as an omen of doom, though it’s hard not to, but astrologically speaking we are in for a wild ride. The New Moons square to the North Node in Capricorn gives each us a sneak peak into this reality, an opportunity to see just how this may manifest over time. Pay attention to current events and personal situations surrounding this new Moon, as they are likely to show you what is to come, what we need to change or move away from, or what will likely push us towards achieving the North Node’s new objective. I believe that the Lunar Eclipse in June of 2010 will make this very clear, so stay tuned.

The Neptune/Chiron conjunction has been a strikingly powerful influence on the collective this year, allowing us to tear open our wounds and to get at the heart of the pain. This is, needless to say, a rather difficult and arduous task…. pain certainly isn’t fun. However, in order for us to heal the pain, we have to, in a way, endure some of it. Chiron and Neptune have opened a door, lifted a veil, into the deeper nature of reality. Many have found themselves uncovering information (Aquarius) that has been truly revolutionary and for some, life changing. Whatever you’ve been attempting to heal, uncover, or get the bottom of, is likely to get a significant boost with the New Moons trine to the Neptune/Chiron conjunction. Here we are given an opportunity to truly catalyze its influence, as a trine is the most harmonious and favorable of astrological relationships. Now is the time to plant the seeds that will jump-start the healing process, because this aspectual configuration won’t last long, so it is much needed. The last major push from this construct will be in June 2010 when Mars opposes Neptune and Chiron, and then it will be history. Take this time to look at what needs to be healed in your life, most likely something will come along that will help you out significantly.

These are the themes and issues that will be surrounding us for the new Lunar cycle until the next New Moon. It is always important to set aside some time, if you can, at the time that the Sun and Moon conjoin to meditate or focus on the things you would like to manifest in your life. This New Moon will take place on October 17th at 10:33:57 PDT. Stay tuned as I will be posting another article shortly outlining Mars in Leo, Saturn in Libra, Saturn Square Pluto, and much more! Peace.

References First Image: Libra by Johfra Bosschart