Mental Liquidation: Lunar Eclipse/New Moon in Gemini

New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse In Gemini
June 1, 2011
02:03:24 Pacific

This month's new moon falls in the sign of of duality, Gemini, which embodies the initial archetype of diversity and the dispersal of information in its many manifestations. It also happens to be a partial Solar Eclipse, taking place in the south nodal direction, and thus relates to a process of letting go, releasing, and transmuting past and outgrown energies. In Gemini, we are releasing past prejudices, judgements, petty details, and overt reliance on facts and numbers in favor of a much bigger and greater holistic picture which transcends all mental constructs, indicated by the North Node in Sagittarius. Jupiter, the dispositer of the North Node, sits at the anaretic degree of Aries, thus indicating a critical karmic shift taking place within the collective psyche, suggesting the need to expand into new directions and new frontiers entirely, literally taking the road less or never traveled. The Eclipse itself isn't particularly significant in its strength, considering its wide distance from the South Node of the Moon, however, it is involved in a strikingly dynamic grand trine with Saturn in Libra and Pallas in Aquarius, as well as a rather wide, and poignant T-Square with the Neptune/Transpluto Opposition. This is a strikingly clear Air grand trine, and thus relates to the mind, creating a closed circuit construct within the collective, indicating that many may be impulsed to dwell on and even get stuck thinking about some cause or event in which they have no control, and possible obsession with problem solving and attachment to one's own ideas, especially if such ideas are rejected by others who don't see eye to eye. This can generate the archetype of intellectual snobbery, fueled by a delusional sense of superiority. Alternately, if used correctly, this can generate some great new and innovative solutions, while also being conscious others. Our way out of the structure is through the Solar Eclipse/New Moon itself, which squares the Neptune and Transpluto conjunction, and this is urging us to see deeply past our delusions, and also, to not get too caught up in overtly rational solutions or explanations for problems- seeing that reality is not static as the ego/mind complex would have us believe, but rather, reality is constantly changing based upon our collective agreement of it. The Neptune/Chiron conjunction in opposition to Transpluto, is stirring up a very deeply ingrained mythos contained in our collective memory, the myth of Christ, yet it is working to reveal the true Cosmic Christ as a spiritual and archetypal entity as opposed to a physical person who will one day return to Earth generated by the past two thousand years of a messianic/savior delusion. This all brings me to an interesting collective event which has recently transpired which got a lot of collective attention. As we know, if you're familiar with my blog and or with a Jungian perceptual lens, collective events reflect a society's collective psychology, they are tangible symbols informing us of our intangible unconscious state.

Recently a man named Harold Camping has been the object of much focus and attention, stirring many to prepare for the apocalypse in myriad ways, or alternately, to gather with others to poke fun at and ridicule what to the current "educated" worldview seems a superstitious and primitive way of thinking. Both reactions to the event, one in naive subservience, and the other in the state of patronizing mockery are unconscious responses to an archetypal current within the collective psyche seeking resolution. In other words, both positions take on the role of an authority who believes themselves superior enough to pass Judgement on others. For the believers of Harold, an unconscious Judgement process takes place in which only the "followers of Christ" are permitted access to the rapture, to ascend into heaven before the earth is annihilated completely by God. The majority of mainstream Christians appear to perceive Harold and his followers as a fringe and radical group, but Harold is only reflecting, albeit unconsciously, the very beliefs through which the followers of modern Christianity feed into and inherently give collective power to. It is only the end result of a collective psychosis seeking healing and, again, resolution. If we are to grow together as a collective organism, we must see such events as opportunities for healing, and thus projecting our own unresolved anger of being judged by someone onto Harold is really satisfying only the ego by 'numbing the wound'. Harold has come to our attention, because he serves to assist us to collectively resolve, and thus gain freedom and autonomy from the messianic/savior complex that has plagued our mass psychology throughout the duration of the "Age of Pisces". This is illustrated quite clearly in the Neptune/Chiron conjunction currently in opposition to Transpluto. He may be judged as a "false prophet", but he is simply playing a role, one that in my opinion is a highly crucial one, he is allowing us to finally LET GO of our desire for saviors, and allow us to ACCEPT our role as co-creators who are responsible for their OWN salvation. The messiah delusion is not limited to only Christians and the followers of religion, because it is an unconscious collective mythos, it permeates every facet of western society, infecting every branch of politics, science, religion, and even the new age paradigm itself. Harold is a step towards the final death of this collective psychosis, because if we are to shift into a new awareness of reality, into an entirely new worldview, all previous complexes cannot be allowed the infect the new.......

The Sabian symbol for this New Moon/Solar Eclipse reads:

A Negro girl fights for her independence in the city.

In an Astrological Mandala, Dane Rudhyar interprets the symbol as follows:

Keynote: Liberation from the ghosts of the past

While "newly opened lands" theoretically offer virgin fields for experience, in fact those men and women who reach them find themselves conditioned by their own past. They carry the ghosts of their former lives and the memories of collective social patterns with which they had identified their egos. Every new beginning is surrounded with ghosts (or personal and social karma). The racial struggle for equality of opportunity must go on, even if this equality is officially guaranteed by the Law. The struggle is within and takes many forms. The Puritans brought to the theoretically "New World" the fears, the fanaticism and the aggressiveness of their European existence, and these often grew more virulent under the conditions found in the New World. But no field of activity is ever totally "virgin". It has its inhabitants, and they cling to their possessions or privileges. Whoever seeks to be truly an individual must be liberated from the past.

Rudhyar really hits it home with this interpretation, and I don't think I could have analyzed it any better myself. This brings us the answer to a very important question, especially while being conscious of the current energies we are dealing with, such as the Uranus/Pluto square which is furthering the growth of the seeds planted in the mid 1960's, and that question is: Why do so many revolutions fail to bring true authentic change? Because they are inherently infected by the ghosts of the past, because the new form attempts to conform to the old, and thus has no opportunity for a radical break from the past. Many of the radical and revolutionary insights and visions brought on by the 1960's were eventually contaminated by the very systems it sought to break down. Yet, from a more Lucid astrological perspective, it is clear that what happened at that time was not meant to fully solidify but rather germinate until the time is ripe for flowering and culmination (theoretically in 2024). The symbolic meaning of Harold's prediction about the end of the world allows us to look at our collective fear of death, which unconsciously projects into the future the remnants or shadow of an unresolved collective trauma into the mythos of the apocalypse[1]

A more in depth look at this subject is a bit beyond the scope of this article, and will have to be covered at a later time. For our purposes here, it is important to be conscious of these energies and how they are playing out in our collective drama, as well as the drama of our own personal lives. In looking at our own lives, and as we set our intentions which are greatly amplified by the Lunar eclipse, let us look at how we can completely break from the past, how we can heal the ghosts, the past and unresolved wounds, and create something entirely new without much hindrance from these shadows. This doesn't mean that we annihilate the past, for it offers us much lessons and gifts, but we mustn't allow the past to completely condition our future, we must have the ability to let go of what is no longer functional for our lives. Looking to your own life, how do these archetypes have relevance? Are we sitting around waiting for someone or something to save us from our predicament? What is keeping us from making change ourselves? Are our wounds so painful that we wish, unconsciously, we could simply be delivered from our suffering without having to face it? It's much easier to project all our hopes for salvation onto some figure who represents the change we refuse to create ourselves. Until we as a species realize our own power we will forever be disappointed with our saviors, and our prophets. In the end, such prophecies of doom stem from an unconscious fear of annihilation, which is a fear that belongs to the mind, and to the ego, which are temporary constructs the soul chooses to use throughout its incarnation. All fear is illusion, it serves us no useful function other than to shut us down, and incapacitate our senses, leaving little energy toward the more useful fight or flight mechanism. From the occult perspective the apocalypse is the unveiling, it lifts the veil of fear to the truth of infinite bliss. Hardly the end of the world.

Harold's prediction didn't unfold, and everyone had a good laugh, or possibly a good cry, and went back to business as usual. A day later, Harold emerged from his home in California to announce he had, once again, miscalculated the date of the rapture, and that the new date would be October 21, 2011. This date is strikingly close to the proposed actual end date of the mayan calendar on October 28, 2011[2]. No, I am not proposing that Harold is right and that the world will end, but I am saying that Harold is acting as a channel, because he is highly unconscious of the archetypes which impulse him, which is informing us, through symbolism of the Judeo-Christian mythos, that something is in fact happening to us, a powerful yet subtle shift in consciousness, just as the mayan calendar indicates. The Mayan calendar does NOT predict the end of world, but rather records and predicts evolutionary leaps within human consciousness in synch with the entire cosmos. The "end of the world" scenario is projected by the mainstream media because it is an unresolved collective fear and trauma stemming from a catastrophe our species experienced long ago. What we need here is a LIQUIDATION from the past, to clear our cluttered minds and make way for new visions for the world. This clean slate allows us to step up and strive for our actual and currently hidden human potential, which is veiled by a cloak of fear. We need to let go of our dependence on prophets and saviors who take away our power, our free will, in favor of a delusional scenario in which all our problems suddenly vanish without the need for processing and resolution. Revolutions are not the objective, they serve no functional role than to shock the psyche into a new evolutionary pattern; the true objective is Evolution, which is a conscious unfolding with divine intention. This unfolding is governed by time which is mirrored in the cycles of the planets, and if we can be conscious of these cycles they will no longer possess us collectively.

As we set our intentions this Lunar Eclipse/New Moon keep in mind that your intentions are being greatly magnified, positively or negatively. The results of what we intend this New Moon will have much farther reaching consequences than with other New Moons. How can you completely break with the past to create an entirely new frontier? How can we free ourselves and find liberation from the ghosts that hold us back? What's keeping us from being who we were truly meant to be? How can we let go of our ideas of the future, our judgements and assumptions of the unfolding so that we allow ourselves to just unfold and trust in divine intention? Take some time this New Moon to simply clear your mind, get more grounded and connected to what's real, whats tangible in the now, so that we can get clear about what we want to create in this magnificent world.

"No one is so godlike that he alone knows the true word. All of us gaze into that 'dark glass' in which the dark myth takes shape, adumbrating the invisible truth. In this glass the eyes of the spirit glimpse an image which we call the self, fully conscious of the fact that it is an anthropomorphic image which we have merely named but not explained." -C.G. Jung, Flying Saucers

Notes and References

[1] For further reading on this subject and thesis I highly suggest Catastrophobia by Barbara Hand Clow

[2] See the work of Carl Calleman,

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