Full Moon In Aquarius

Full Moon (Sturgeon Moon) @ 20 degrees Aquarius
August 13, 2011
11:57 AM Pacific
2:57 PM Eastern

As the Full Moon culminates the energies present at the preceding New Moon, we are given the opportunity to gain clarity, functionality, and objectivity. Due to Mercury's retrograde motion in Leo, opposite the Full Moon, there is a prominent energy inclining us towards the past and reflecting on where we've been in order to gain a broader perspective. The Sun conjoins Venus in Leo, and along with the symbolism of Aquarius, there is a strong 'social' flare to this full moon. This could provide us the opportunity to reflect on our friendships and relationships, and our connection to a group or community of like-minded individuals. We also get a sense of looking back at what we've created in our lives, and whether we have been effective in manifesting our desires and creative ideals. Are we fully participating in our own lives? Or do we find ourselves simply observing life, watching it pass by? What could we do to become more involved in co-creating our present and our future? Don't worry about acting on any insights or solutions you receive now, take about two weeks to play with it all--leave it suspended in the realm of potential.

Find a comfortable place, envelope yourself with beauty and enjoy the surroundings and company of those you truly care for--find solace in the fact that the universe supports us in recharging ourselves, and letting go of urgency or immediate action at times. With Mercury retrograde in full swing, this is the perfect opportunity to look at what needs to be adjusted or revised in your life. What has come up for you so far? How can you look at things differently, from another perspective? What has emerged from the past, and how has it effected you mentally or emotionally? Take a deep look at where you could make things more functional so that they operate more smoothly. Whatever challenges or obstacles we encounter at this time are there to get our attention so that we can make the appropriate changes. What have you overlooked, what really needs your attention right now? Let go of what no longer serves you, or is no longer relevant, and embrace what feeds your soul.

The most dynamic aspects in the Full Moon horoscope are Mars in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn, and Uranus in Aries conjunct Ceres in Pisces opposite Juno in Libra--forming a strikingly apparent grand cross configuration. This is likely to ignite much of the "Grand/Cardinal Cross" energy within the collective field, and current events are likely to represent the energies of 'revolution' and the manifesting, or the attempt at creating, drastic social change. However, with Mercury retrograde, it wont likely be as effective as intended or as it was planned to be. In fact whatever has been brought up right now, whatever political decisions that have been made will not be permanent or have a long standing influence, for they will eventually be revised and reconsidered later on. With Mars opposite Pluto we may feel a bit paralyzed, unsure of where we should take our next few steps--and this is perfectly alright, because we don't really need to do it right now, but simply reflect on the possibilities. Don't give in to any heavy burden you feel, just go within and reflect on what changes you could make, but don't let fear overwhelm you--let it pass through and teach you.

It would be wise, however, to do something with all this energy, but to allow it to express itself organically as opposed to having a definite objective. If you feel any pressure building up inside yourself, let it out! Maybe you need to run out into a field and just scream and yell, go for a hike, or maybe go dancing and just let yourself get lost in the moment. Whatever it is, some kind of physical activity may be just the thing to ease any pressure just lying under the surface. What goes on out there is only a reflection of what's going within each of us, deep inside. Be conscious of the fact that many may be impulsed by this energy, and that could result in sudden outbreaks of anger or violence if not channeled correctly. If you feel yourself succumbing to this impulse, stay conscious, and breathe instead of acting on it, let your breath move your inner chi, get some circulation going--breathe out the stagnation or irritation. Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi, or any kind of conscious movement would be an excellent way of moving through this energy right now.

The Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon reads:

Aquarius 21: "A disappointed and disillusioned woman courageously faces a seemingly empty life."

This seems like a rather dark symbol, but it invites us to look at disappointment and disillusionment as teachers as opposed to tormentors, and it ties in perfectly with the theme of reflecting on the past. Although slightly hindered by events we know nothing about, the woman is willing to face her pain and possible sadness with courage and integrity, she does not allow it to consume her--she's willing to keep moving forward despite any setbacks she's experienced. Anytime we are disappointed by anything, and especially disillusioned, it's because we made an assumption and had a specific expectation. We are invited, however, to see things differently, just as the woman in the image is willing to do. Letting go of our beliefs about life, releasing what we expect life should be, will assist us in unfolding and becoming what we are meant to be aside from our ideas about it. We can avoid a lot of pain and suffering if we are willing to surrender our attachment to outcomes, and just let the universe show us what we're capable of without any kind of intellectual understanding. This doesn't mean that we shouldn't make plans or have objectives, but that we are willing to accept that our projections may change or become something else entirely--and as long as we're not cemented to our visions, we can change along with them as opposed to holding on to what we expected the future to be. Allow disappointment and failure to be a teacher and guide, for we always emerge with more wisdom and strength from such experiences. Whatever comes up for you individually now, learn from it and let it go, because there is no need to dwell on what can no longer be changed.

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Image 1: Aquarius by Johfra Bosschart