Full Moon In Pisces

Full Moon (Harvest Moon)
@ 19 degrees Pisces
September 12, 2011
2:27 AM Pacific
5:27 AM Eastern

The Full Moon in Pisces illuminates the unseen and numinous dimensions, allowing us to look deeply at what is usually "behind the veil". Pisces symbolizes the pure essence of being in the moment, the after image of the big bang, floating gracefully, captured in mid air--we find ourselves peering into and seeing the very soul of things, beyond appearances, transcending judgement to look at, and embrace, what is--simply beingness. What can you see now, that wasn't apparent before? See the heart of every sentient or non sentient being, see how all things radiate with intelligence, with design, with purpose. The soul of a tree, the heart of an apple, the aura of crystals, stones--all things are alive in some way, whether projected by our own unconscious contents, or by some other higher dimensional consciousness.....we are creators and the created--creating each other, each moment, each now. Feel that connection, that deeply rooted bond to all of nature, the universe. Feel the throbbing and pulsing, the drumbeat of time, churning and marching toward a purposeful crescendo. You are alive, and you are divine.

An earth grand trine with Mercury in Virgo, Jupiter in Taurus, and Pluto in Capricorn create a cyclical conduit of productive groundedness. We can feel our connection to the earth, the great mother of us all, cradling and protecting us--no matter what is going on around us. If you feel stuck, follow Uranus/Prometheus who brings the flame, the divine spark of the gods, fueling us with something new something risky, something unconventional. As I write this, I find myself really getting out of my head and into the moment--feeling poetic. Nothing is perfect, nor does anything have to be--just let it go a let it be. This Full Moon invites us to drift and to flow with the current, see where it takes you, let it unfold. Something is coming to a head, a new cycle is about to emerge as the Moon begins to wane. Take a look and see how far you've come, all the things you've done. Look at all the moments, each one, how they've shaped and created who you are now, in this moment. Feel the Moon as it drifts into Apogee, calling to us from a faraway distance--asking us to remember who we are, and to get ready for who we're about to become.

The sabian symbol for 20 degrees Pisces reads:

A table set for an evening meal.

Here we see that all things are ready, and prepared--all that is needed is the feast. It is evening, the last meal of the day, the work is done, and we're ready to enjoy and to nourish. Feel that for a moment, see where that holds true for something in your life. What have you set up, whats ready for you to enjoy and watch unfold? Be grateful, give thanks. As you gaze into the beauty and illumination of this Full Moon, send her offerings and blessings. Thank those unseen guides who surround you and protect you. Thank the earth mother, gaia, for all that she does, for her support and her endless giving. Be in gratitude for the bountiful feast that is your life. Perhaps you don't like what's on your plate right now? Have you forgotten to be thankful, even for lessons that are challenging, maybe painful? The more we surrender and just love what is, the "easier" life becomes, and we cease to struggle. Don't struggle now, let go, and just be. Await the coming tide, the energies which soon await us at the next New Moon.....but make the effort to let go of anxiety and trust that transformation, that change, is always for the best, even if it contradicts our expectations of what "should be". There is so much love behind that veil, if only we could stop for a moment and take a glimpse.

Stay in the light.