Full Moon in Leo 2012

Full Moon @ 18 degrees Leo
Feb 07, 2012
4:53 PM Eastern
1:53 PM Pacific

The Full Moon in Leo is a fiery force--expanding deep passions, opening the heart, and releasing waves of creative joy into the collective psyche. We can feel this burst of passion explode within us, this ecstatic child-like vibration. The inner child is strong now, urging us to come out and play--consciously of course. With the Sun, naturally, in Aquarius, conjunct Mercury--we are able to fuse mental objectivity with the spontaneity of the heart center--basically to bridge the heart and mind as one. This is a beautiful synergy in which we are able to play, to unfold organically while not getting lost in irrationality or impracticalities, we can objectively create our desires--but ideally, we are experimenting and trying things out, no need to attach yourself to any one particular path. With Saturn (co-ruler of Aquarius) turning retrograde just before this Full Moon, we can anticipate a lot of restructuring, already fueled by Mars retrograde in Virgo, to amplify.

While Saturn is retrograde from Feb 7-June 25th, we are urged to really reinforce our boundaries--to lay down the law so to speak. Now is the time to reinforce the whole structure, and to better solidify the support systems we have put into place. That means new projects and creations aren't necessarily favored now, especially if we plan on launching them. That doesn't mean that what we're wanting to push forward won't ever work out, but that simply there will be much more work to attend to if we do decide to put things into action now--but ideally, this is a time to further support and enhance what's already been put into motion through our intentions, actions, efforts, etc. (In other words, this is an excellent time to add on to, adjust, or make more efficient those processes we've already started but that need to change). Saturn turning retrograde on the anaretic degree of Libra, inconjunct Venus (conjunct Uranus) at the anaretic degree of Pisces--shows something is about to explode--a powerful liberating, ecstatic, and revolutionary transformation of a relationship, or the way we relate to others on a personal or business level, or even with our resources or values (what we identify with)--we can almost taste it. Saturn going backwards shows that this is an ideal time to, again, reinforce boundaries, to clear the decks, and to make sure we are truly ready for deep and powerful change. How committed are you? Do you really want it?

There are likely many things that need to be reconsidered, practiced, revised, trained, and re-established--and if we can be highly conscious at this time about everything that comes to our attention, we can find amazing transformations awaiting later this summer! What kinds of commitments have you made, to others or to yourself? Now is a time to rework them,  look them over deeply to see if you can truly follow through now. Making change means really pushing through that threshold of comfort and familiarity--not falling back on old habits, beliefs, patterns, or what have you. Saturn really wants to go deep in Scorpio, to really tear down and get to work releasing and dumping all that modly crap we're holding on to--but we must be ready for it, as individuals and as a collective. Trust the universe, trust the process--don't give in to mindless self-assertion or impulsive action--fuse your heart and your mind, both can work together quite beautifully now, and this new moon is illuminating that reality for us.

The sabian symbol for this Full Moon reads:

A houseboat party

This image reveals a social gathering, a party, upon a houseboat. Hm....simple enough. Let's see, a houseboat. Well that means this is a dwelling for someone to live on, which means that it is likely, for the most part, stationary--houseboats aren't going to fare well sailing the seven seas or choppy waters. Such a vessel requires calm, peaceful, and stable waters to function optimally. Perhaps this image suggests the ability to mingle with others while centered in our safety and stability--socializing or "having some fun" while also being practical about it--maintaining control and being conscious to not get carried away by impulses. This is interesting considering the duality of Leo and Aquarius, with the Sun conjunct Mercury. Allowing our passion and excitement for something to emerge, while also keeping our cool and remaining objective through the process. When we imagine a party, we often think of some wild crazy drunken all nighter--although this image presents something quite different. Can we be passionate about something, can we fill ourselves with energetic excitement without allowing such emotions to take us over? Can we feel emotions without allowing them to carry us away? Conversely, can we be amongst other "party-goers" while not particularly engaging in the activities around us, staying in our calm centered space?

Neptune In Pisces

Neptune has recently moved into Pisces, as of February 3rd. This is a pretty big cultural shift, and it is interesting that Neptune has essentially "come home" to its own sign in the year of 2012, which has been anticipated as this "transition" of consciousness--whatever that means exactly. There are many who claim to know--I'm not particularly one of them, although I have my own ideas and hunches about it. Neptune is often touted by astrologers as this "elusive", ambigious, and mysterious force--well I suppose that's true, but so are all the planets in my opinion--so is the whole world we're surrounded by. I feel Neptune is simply the realization of the inherent limitations of our perception, that we will never truly, nor fully "get it", because there's always this force which will essentially dissipate our illusions/delusions to reveal more complexity within the system as we evolve--Neptune basically smacks the hubris right out of us. That's interesting, because it seems that while Neptune was transiting Aquarius, while also in a mutual reception with Uranus in Pisces, our collective hubris seeminlgy increased--along with our technology and control of the reality around us.

I don't know if it's just me, but it seems the collective psyche, the consensus thought patterns of most individuals during this transit were imbued with this sense of certainty about our "knowledge" of the world, mostly fueled, in my opinion, by the internet. We also had this naivete about knowledge, this sense that just because "all knowledge" is at our fingertips somehow makes it all accurate. So we saw this whole collective fashion of being in the know, and everyone (myself included) spouting various factoids about this or that. What I've realized is that knowledge is more than just reading an article or a website and then thinking we have the answers, knowledge is experiential--and we must cross reference it as well as get our hands dirty with the information. In my opinion, Neptune in Pisces will assist in shattering this hubris, this certainty of knowing what's really going on--this is an opportunity to take a good hard look at our collective delusions. Science, technology, and the scientific method itself (whatever that means these days), are ruled and governed by the sign Aquarius and its planetary ruler Uranus--but eventually that evolves into Pisces and Neptune--which is this "ambiguous" and "elusive" force. Hmm.....well it's the realization that we'll never, again, totally get what's going on, and inevitably, the more our technology and methods evolve, the more they lead us into this unfathomable abyss of mystery which is the great ethereal sea of Pisces.

I'd like to share a brief transmission on the nature of this transit which will last from 2012 through 2026:

Cultural fashions fermented with the idealization of knowledge, technology, and networking under a sense of common unity will be replaced by a strong and alluring desire for transcendence, the uncovering of secrets=conspiracy, spiritual revival, and the need to connect more deeply with the mysteries which underlie the natural world--and our place within it. Neptune is at home in its own sign--and thus this desire to return to the womb of innocence will underlie our collective psychology. Let us not confuse this need for ultimate surrender, for safety in the womb of a higher cosmic force, with an unconscious dissolving of our boundaries to governments and false gods whom merely wear the mask of omnipotence. The political/spiritual vision of Marx was birthed under the last transit of Neptune in Pisces (1847- 1862), and thus we are likely to see its inevitable solidity as it possesses our world leaders. To quote evolutionary astrologer Maurice Fernandez regarding the synthesis of the Neptune and Pisces archetypes:

"There is a need to realize that one does not surrender to something that promises safety and perfection. Instead, one surrenders as an act of service to the challenging global endeavor to promote the cause of life. Therefore, there is a requirement to be engaged and take responsibility in the process, instead of seeking ease or simplicity in that surrendering." - Neptune, The Twelfth House, and Pisces: The End of Hope, Beginning of Truth
Let us now look deeply at the truth behind the veil of the natural world, to find our notion of God within all the fragments of the hologram we are but embedded--for that is where we will find the solutions to our current crisis. Beware of political/scientific ideologies which are merely religions in disguise--ideas which claim to be the ultimate truth. Surrender to Earth, to life, to truth, and ultimately--to the ever expanding and evolving state of the universe in constant change and motion. No one will ever have the ultimate answer or salvation, for each step is merely one part of the process. In our "surrender" let us not fall victim to a passive acceptance of the world the way that it is, or a delusion that we are the savior of earth or of others. Each of us is a metaphor of Earth, of Gaia, and as we nurture, nourish, and heal ourselves through an active process of growth and learning, so does the world change around us--and true evolution occurs.

conscious bliss in the great unfolding.