Supermoon in Scorpio 2012

Full Moon @ 16 Scorpio 01'
May 5, 2012
8:35 PM Pacific
11:35 PM Eastern

Keep your eyes to the eastern horizon right after the Sun sets on May 5th, and you will be treated with a spectacularly bright and beautiful Supermoon in tropical Scorpio. This means that the Moon is at perigee, which is its closest approach to the Earth--but, with the SuperMoon, it is much closer than your average perigee--and thus its biggest and brightest appearance of the year. Our last "Supermoon" occurred in March of last year. According to, this Full Moon will be 16 percent brighter than average. So, astrologically, what can we expect? The Full Moon brings events, circumstances, and processes to some kind of culmination or climax--and when we experience a Supermoon, this is simply amplified more so than usual. Emotions are usually the most pronounced accentuation, especially occurring in watery Scorpio--although, there will be a tendency to keep any or all outbursts hidden and suppressed from others. Sex, sexual impulses, and desires are also greatly amplified with this lunation. A Full Moon in Scorpio brings out the 'darker' dimensions of the psyche, and reality in general. This is a time where we may not need to actually look very hard, or dig too deeply, to find the secrets we're looking for--it is more likely that many hidden elements will simply become illuminated and brought out into plain sight for all to see--or well, for whomever is paying attention.

Mars is picking up speed from its retrograde, and beginning to move out of the highly uncertain opposition with Neptune. We are likely to feel a lot more momentum going now, and so it will gradually become much easier to move forward with things and to find the desired energy and drive--The Full Moon seems to signify a powerful shift in our collective energy field--giving Mars a bit of a kick in the ass, especially since Mars is co-ruler of Scorpio. The Full Moon strikes a wide opposition with Jupiter, so just be conscious of a tendency to overdo things--of course, if you are sufficiently grounded and practical, then this can be a great opportunity to expand above and beyond the usual routine. If you're at all prone to overindulgence, the usual advice applies here--while it probably tastes or feels amazing--just keep in mind that every action has a reaction, and sometimes it's painful.
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 Mercury is in a pretty tight opposition with Saturn--so it might be difficult in communicating important messages. If you find yourself emotionally charged over some issue, and feel the need to make some hefty decision or even commitment, it might be wise to wait a few days until things clear up. Combined with Mars' forward momentum, and Scorpio's dark side, this Full Moon can lead to combative argumentation if we are not conscious of these impulses. Take a deep breath--or rather, take several, and take things a bit slowly this Full Moon--one step at a time. While it may be tempting to just go for it without much thought or consideration, it's the carefully and well planned execution that will be the most successful.  

There will also be a more pronounced desire to release and let go of many things now, as Scorpio is the archetype of death, decay, and transformation. With the effect of the Supermoon, we can more easily release stagnate energies within the psyche--letting it all just pour out into that infinite abyss of transmutation. What you don't need anymore, let the universe handle it now, there's no need to keep holding on. The Sabian symbol for the Full Moon reads:

"A woman, the father of her own child."

This rather strange symbol, seems to indicate the themes of independence and self-sufficiency, and of taking on more than is usually expected. We can also look at this symbol as a reference of balancing two opposing constructs within the psyche--male and female, yin and yang.

In opposition, the Sun's symbol reads:

"A battle between the swords and the torches"

Again, this is a strong reference to dualities. Swords refer to the mind and intellect, and Torches refer to passion and creativity. Together, these symbols illuminate the innate struggle of what one thinks and what they feel deep inside. At the Full Moon, a powerful culmination and reconciliation of these opposing constructs is possible. If we are too much in our head, and overtly logical, we miss out on creative opportunities. If one is too consumed by their passion, they miss the forest for the trees. It is a balancing of these forces within ourselves which can lead to great and beautiful achievements. Creativity and intelligence can indeed work together.

*For those astrologically privy, take a look at which house of your horoscope the Full Moon takes place, there is likely a lot going on there--especially a powerful culmination, and possible transformation, in regards to those themes and issues.

**This SuperMoon in Scorpio also coincides with Cinco de Mayo weekend--This is an intense combination, and could lead to some crazy parties. Be safe and conscious out there!