Breaking It Up: Lunar Eclipse In Sagittarius

Lunar Eclipse @ 04 degrees Sagittarius 08'
May 24, 2013
9:24 PM Pacific
May 25, 2013
12:24 AM Eastern

This is the final eclipse within the triple eclipse passageway. In Sagittarius, we look back in an attempt to gain some perspective and clarity on what happened over the past several weeks. The sabian symbol for the eclipse reads: "An old owl perched high up in a tree". Owls are symbols of deep wisdom; and wisdom is the ability to learn from one's experiences. What have we learned these past several weeks? How can we use this information to change our lives, and alter the course ahead? Eclipses are times of deep inner personal change and transformation. Allow this last eclipse to touch you deeply, perhaps even to touch your soul. There's been a lot of reshuffling going on within and without. The inner and outer realms merge and melt in ways that can be quite mysterious and challenging to grasp.

Eclipses draw our attention dynamically to ourselves, to the very constructs within us that are then projected in the outer world. These are opportunities to make critical adjustments to our interior landscape, which in turn, effect the external reality around us. Due to the highly mutable nature of this eclipse, we may feel suddenly pulled out of this more internalized process--having to contend with much more activity. Do keep in mind that the primary intention of this energy is to direct us inwardly--to what it is within us that needs adjustment and reconfiguration. This is the last eclipse "portal" to be opened here for another six months, so really seize this opportunity to consciously shift your attitudes and perceptions.

This is a highly dynamic eclipse, offering two intense aspect configurations. Because it is a lunar eclipse, and the last of this recent eclipse process, we may feel like things are coming to a head here. The opposition of Sun and Moon receive a square from Neptune in Pisces. Sagittarius can express itself in unbounded optimistic ways, but we should take heed of this challenging aspect from Neptune, and try to remain as practical and grounded as possible. Yet, with that said, we should not limit our creative self-expression at this time, because the energy here can be very inspirational and potentially enlightening. This is a time to wise up, and to use common sense and past knowledge to discern what is really authentic and what just appears to be on the surface.

Let's not be fooled by the glamorous facade, though enticing; you know what's really behind it all. Do your best to stick to the higher truth, even though that may be a little tricky to pin down exactly. Saturn trine Neptune, however, supports us in our ability to bring visions and inspirations into concrete form, and especially with the square from the eclipse axis, we can make a lot happen here, if we fully intend to. Saturn, however, demands that we stick to integrity and a methodical follow-through so that we can practically approach Neptune's more numinous realm. If this eclipse is somehow prominent in your horoscope, this is a time to allow yourself to dream a bit bigger, but not to get too carried away with impractical ideals. There is a tricky balancing act that must take place to navigate this passage consciously.

Jupiter, the ruler of the Eclipse, is in Gemini, conjunct Mercury and Venus. This allows us to sort through the data we've been presented with over the past few weeks, to make sense of it, and find suitable applications.  This Eclipse really breaks up the energy pattern from the previous Solar eclipse in Taurus (May 9th), where we may have felt much more focused and determined regarding a specific point of interest. With this lunation, we are flooded with a lot of mutable energy, and we may suddenly feel pulled in multiple directions. With this comes the need to remain flexible and open to new possibilities and potentials that may be popping up now.

The second powerhouse configuration involves the well known Pluto/Uranus square, creating a T-square with the asteroid Vesta in Cancer. This creates an intense focus, maybe even an obsession, with breaking down structures and stale routines. Vesta throws a lighted match into the Pluto/Uranus struggle we've been dealing with, on both a personal and collective level. This really amps up all the rebellious and revolutionary friction floating around--it's almost like a fight to the death. To avoid the more morbid of outcomes, there needs to be a conscious development from all sides of the equation. Uranus seeks to really break free, and to radically define itself--Pluto is tearing down all those outworn structures, looking for any grain of integrity within it all--and Vesta comes in seeking a sense of security. Each of these processes needs to be balanced within each of us, and the challenge is to not allow either one to take charge or center stage.

There is this strong desire to gain perspective with this eclipse, to have it all "figured out" a certain way--and yet, that may be a challenge, because there's just so much to sort through--so many perspectives, opinions, ideas, and bits of information. Jupiter in Gemini finds itself confined and restricted to Gemini's more logical mode of analysis; all we want is the truth, and yet the truth apparently has many sides, shapes, forms, and flavors. It's sort of like a smogasbord of truth--and our task, our challenge, is to consciously sample our way to what is truly authentic and best for all concerned. That's going to take some patience. Keep your mind open, yet practice healthy skepticism.
Lunar Eclipse, May 24, 2013

Beyond the rather intense aspect configurations, this is not a particularly significant eclipse by itself. This will be a Penumbral Eclipse of the Moon, with the earth's shadow covering only 4 percent of the Moon's surface. Area's of visibility include southwestern Europe, western Africa, and the Americas. 

The Path Ahead

In the next two weeks following this eclipse, the interior remodeling will begin to wane; slowly but surely we'll find ourselves back to that old groove again. That might be good news for some us, but maybe a little depressing for others who revel in all this deep inner reworking.

May 26th the Sun in Gemini exactly squares Neptune in Pisces: It may be a bit challenging to grasp the right information, as if there's this blind spot just waiting to trip us up. Just stick to the facts and you'll be ok with all those real world dealings. Keep your mind open, however, to the nebulous influx, which has much to contribute as long as we don't let it consume us.

May 28th Venus conjoins Jupiter in Gemini: With Mercury thrown in here as well, this will be a very mentally stimulating day for most of us. For those more socially inclined, expect a lot of conversing and fact sharing.

June 7th presents a very a significant astrological configuration; the day before the New Moon: Venus, Neptune, and Saturn form a water grand trine--while the Moon, Mars, and Pallas Athena all square Neptune, and inconjunct Saturn. Mercury exactly opposes Pluto, forming a T-Square with Uranus.This is very much a prelude to the configuration that occurs in July, when Jupiter takes the place of Venus, and begins setting off the Pluto/Uranus square. Some of the more challenging aspects indicate that some compromises and readjustments are needed for the grand trine flow to manifest itself. This configuration brings two critical aspects into tight focus: the Pluto/Uranus square, and the Neptune/Saturn trine.

The Saturn/Neptune trine allows us to make a bridge between "reality" and the dreamworld. Saturn in Scorpio demands that we face our shadows, to dig really deep and wake up to what's going on beneath us, at our core. The trine to Neptune in Pisces allows us to make use of this, and channel it creatively into something that allows for a transcendence of our inner pain, or to see the higher meaning and purpose for it. For instance, this is likely a time where we have a sort of "karmic vision", where we can really see and understand what brought us here and why. This aspect either drives us deeper into escapism to avoid what we don't want to see or feel, or further and beyond ourselves to fuse with a sense of universal purpose and higher sense of order. 

Venus in Cancer allows us to find acceptance and to let go and trust the process of deep change and transformation that is taking place via the Pluto/Uranus square. The point here, or the bottom line is this: The system needs to change, it needs to be radically altered, adjusted, and transformed--however, that process must not interfere or entirely uproot us so that the floor beneath our feet crumbles with it. How can we truly change, how can we really transform the edifice of our lives and of society, without threatening our own safety net, and without compromising our individual freedom in the process? 

The New Moon occurs on June 8th, at 18 degrees of Gemini.

June 9th we enter the first shadow period for Mercury retrograde, which officially begins June 26th!

Conscious travels. Much love to all.