Supermoon In Capricorn 2013

Wolf Moon and The Pantheon 
copyright Anthony Ayiomamitis.

Full Moon @ 2 degrees Capricorn 10'
June 23, 2013
4:32 AM Pacific
1:32 AM Eastern

This is the largest Full Moon of the year. Now popularly referred to as a Supermoon, June's full Moon coincides precisely with the Moon's perigee--its closest approach to the Earth. That means the Moon will appear slightly larger, and will have a much more powerful influence and effect upon the planet. And just to make it all the more expansive and grandiose, Jupiter sits in direct opposition and conjunct the Sun. We may experience a highly powerful and critical culmination of energy with this lunation as it correlates to a significant shift and blossoming forth. Jupiter at the 29th, or anaretic degree of Gemini, gives us a sense of immense anticipation, excitement, and expectancy. Looming behind the Moon and blinded by the intensity of its light, we find Pluto in Capricorn. Perhaps a great structure, strategy, or ambition takes hold and solidifies as a concrete possibility as opposed to a fanciful speculation. A bout of intense indecision begins to wane, and suddenly, new paths emerge with more clarity.

This feels powerful, exuberant, and optimistic. There is momentum and a strong sense of purpose emanating from these vibrations. What do we do with this all of this? Where do we go? Open your mind to the possibilities and then allow them to funnel and organize into a single point of clarity that supports the bottom line. What's the point? What are you ultimately wanting to accomplish? That needs to be clear because Jupiter, while expansive, doesn't always have a practical strategy. Allow this Supermoon to fully illuminate a path that can be developed and worked upon. That means no attachments to the ideal and an openness to alterations as you feel your way through. While there's excitement, there needs to be caution, practicality, and restraint. Dig deep and find what feels authentic to you--what's real and truly supportive.

Study and analyze the precipice before you: take measurements and notes; double check your work. This isn't the time to be a fool, just diving in without consideration. As we approach Mercury retrograde in Cancer, we'll have plenty of time to settle in to see how it all makes us feel. If we've been open to change and transformation this full moon is really supportive and offers a helping hand. If we've been resistant we may feel an increasing sense of pressure or suffocation. Either way something is going to give and its going to open up more space for healing, love, and trust--if we allow it. Let the light shine in; don't be afraid. Whatever you've been hiding needs to be revealed and it wants to be noticed so that it can be accepted and integrated. Look around you, open your eyes, and have the awareness to see what's normally hidden away. Our shadows are being revealed along with all those blind spots and vulnerabilities. Let it all into your consciousness and just let it be.

Mercury, Venus, and Vesta conjoin in Cancer, generating a burning intensity and passion fueled by the hearts authentic desires. Go there, to that fountain of endless joy, bliss, and creativity. When in doubt, use this center as an effective barometer of what's in alignment for you. When activated, it feels like a flutter of ecstasy, just bubbling beneath your heart chakra. Trust that feeling, and do what you can to keep it flowing and going, leading you to bliss. Mars and Athena in Gemini square Chiron in Pisces. While all the facts and information are important, we mustn't be blinded by zeal in a quest to figure it all out as if that's all that matters. Chiron in Pisces urges us to see the larger and cohesive holistic picture, and if we ignore this reality we'll only end up hurting ourselves. So keep on searching, questing, and finding, but also remember that we're all connected; we're all a part of it, and each of us is responsible for the role we play.

Full Moon Sabian Symbol:
The human soul receptive to growth and understanding.