Healing and Becoming: New Moon In Virgo 2013

Flotar entre las nubes by Marianno Peccineti

New Moon @13 Virgo 04' 
September 5, 2013
4:36 AM Pacific
1:36 AM Eastern

The sign of Virgo condenses and organizes energy; it also adapts to changing circumstances. It is one of the most unique signs of the zodiac, in that it combines earthly practicality with powerful mental and analytical prowess. Virgo is also a sign of service—distilling the individual ego to its very essence so that it can serve a larger purpose.

This New Moon helps to consolidate, tame, and channel energy to fulfill a practical and meaningful role. It also carries a powerful message and lesson about healing. With Chiron in opposition to this New Moon, we come to a place of new awareness and acceptance in relation to our wounds or fragmentation. There may be new seeds planted, or the sense of closure and completion in relation to a healing cycle.

Healing is a process of becoming whole, healing isn't fixing. Virgo is always reaching for an ideal, to always “better” itself. When healing we must come to realize that we aren't broken; there’s nothing wrong. We are simply surrendering to a process of transformation; we have outgrown the shell that binds us.

The healing process is the process of becoming more than you currently are. As we expand and reach outward to absorb more within ourselves, we inevitably confront pain, trauma, wounds, fears, and darkness. When an infant learns to walk, it stumbles and falls. It struggles through as it learns how to work in harmony with the forces of gravity.

We are all seeking to illuminate darkness, and that requires reaching into places that initially make us uncomfortable. Such is the nature of the healing space; it’s uncertain and awkward. If that’s how you feel right now, then you know you’re probably on the right track. Move into that space and let go; surrender and trust the process as it unfolds one step at a time.

Achilles and the Centaur Chiron, 1746,
by Pompeo Batoni.
Virgo and Chiron teach us about the process of unfolding and becoming. Nothing in this reality ever really stays the same. Virgo’s mutable nature is at the heart of the unceasing evolutionary process. It is reaching toward the ideal “happy ending” of its polarity sign Pisces. But before it can get there, it must find acceptance for itself as it currently is, and it must embrace humility. Otherwise, a sense of restless dissatisfaction overpowers the mind.

This lunation presents the contradiction of movement and stasis--meaning that sometimes, we evolve through simply being. Most of the time, evolution doesn't need our help. The more we try to fix things, we usually end up getting in the way. The more we try to figure it out, the more we end up short-circuiting the process that is already in the works. Find that balance between active participation and simply letting go.

Insecurities or fears may arise with these energies in relation to our ability to manage daily tasks, details, and obligations. There could be a sense of feeling overwhelmed and unable to handle the pace of things around us. The sign of Virgo helps to focus energy on the moment--to discriminate and prioritize. This lunation may simply bring these wounds to light so that they can be consciously processed and healed.

Ceres in Virgo is in a very close opposition to Neptune in Pisces. This brings up the polarity between physical and spiritual nourishment. Ceres will be in Virgo until early November. At home in the earthy realm of Virgo, Ceres’s transit through this sign is helping us to bring nutritional needs into alignment. Its opposition to Neptune also brings our awareness to subtle energy that feeds us, and the need to balance between the necessities of both realms.

Subtle energy can be the quantum level vibrations of homeopathic medicine, or simply surrounding yourself with laughter and good vibes. It can also relate to the subtle yet powerful rays of the Sun. But, you can’t exactly live off sunshine and good vibes. We also can’t find healing through purely physical and tangible means. Both realms need to be acknowledged and integrated, and this aspect seems to point toward this realization.

Ceres's opposition to Neptune also points to the need to uncover addictive tendencies, as well as deceptions in relation to environmental issues and our food supply. We are facing serious environmental problems such as the fact that more radiation is leaking into the Pacific Ocean from the Fukishima Power plant. This will have a serious impact on not only seafood sourced from the Pacific (Neptune and Chiron in Pisces), but also California's produce which happens to feed much of the United States.

The New Moon makes a sextile to both Jupiter in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio, inviting us to be fully present and to feel our way through consciously. This New Moon can assist us in reawakening our sensory perception of the world around us, and to restore trust in ourselves as well as in the support of others. It brings a happy medium between expanding and condensing, as well as playfulness and discipline.

Trust the foundation beneath you, what was there before you were born, and what you have worked to solidify all on your own. We aren't alone in this, and this lunation reminds us of the help and support that’s all around us; but we must acknowledge and embrace it, and we must put forth the effort to work with it.

Saturn is ever so slowly approaching a conjunction with the North Node in Scorpio, which will be exact on Sept. 18th. Scorpio is often perceived as a realm of overwhelming intensity and fear, because it deals with elements our society has long suppressed and misused. Saturn in Scorpio is about mastering uncharted realms, consciously stepping up to the challenge, and going where we don’t want to go.

It also carries big lessons about learning to responsibly manage secret knowledge, information, and power. Conjunct the North Node, this is currently a dynamic collective focal point. Saturn and the North Node form a t-square with Mars in opposition to Juno. This challenging configuration brings to light intense friction involved in the integration of individuality with group dynamics.

At the root of it is the notion of maintaining a sense of confidence among harsh demands and possible criticism from others, as well as the need to cooperate and find equanimity between personal and mutual needs. We are challenged to find that fine line between doing it “our own way”, and opening up and trusting that others have mastered another way, which we could learn from.

Again, the more you surrender to what unfolds, and find trust in what may be perceived as unasked for criticism, the more you will grow, and the stronger you will become as a result. Resisting and insisting on your own self-importance, or defending an established group ideology to the bitter end, will result in a rather bloody mess for all concerned.

Mars in Leo, which gives powerful focus and energy toward the expression of the ego, also forms an inconjunct with Neptune in Pisces—which further brings home the message of needing to compromise to a larger collective vision, purpose, and power. This indicates that humility will best serve us all throughout this upcoming lunation cycle. Mars just isn’t going to have it all his way.

Uranus in Aries is inconjunct to the New Moon. While there is an “earthy” and “natural” vibe to this lunation; Uranus in Aries brings in the notion or the necessity of technological intervention. It also suggests that wild and untamed revolutionary urges must be channeled and condensed into workable and practical strategies.

A New Moon is a naturally reflective and passive time. The days surrounding the New Moon are a time to reset ourselves and find peace. Whatever comes up for you, simply sit with it and absorb it. This is a moment to reflect, gather your wits, and prepare for growth. This requires that we nourish and protect ourselves.

In sharp contrast to the previous New Moon in Leo, this lunation presents a bridge that brings attention and focus away from personal needs and concerns and more toward collective or relationship issues. It helps to tame and channel ego desires toward group efforts, service, as well as healing and integration.