Candy Coated Macabre: Venus in Scorpio

Venus In Scorpio square Lilith/Athena, trine Neptune. 
Venus enters Scorpio tonight after her brief and eloquent dance through her home sign of Libra.  As she gently hops off the Librian precipice (with poise) into the uncertain trenches of Scorpio, she makes a square to Pallas Athena and Lilith in Cancer, and approaches a trine with Neptune in Pisces. Venus in Scorpio becomes goddess of the underworld. She takes on the mask of Persephone and momentarily becomes the consort to Pluto, and equally Mars.

Scorpio is a different country as far as Venus is concerned. Depth, intensity and the macabre prevail. Polite social veneers get left at the door. Scorpio prefers an all-night rave or heavy metal concert to Venus’s more preferable cotillion parties. It’s far too loud and boisterous for lovely lady Venus. But, she handles it well and with dignity.

Venus’s square to Athena, at her ingress into Scorpio, seems to challenge us to feel deep and powerful truths. It also brings out a conflict between stereotypical feminine roles and true feminine energy. Her trine to Neptune (exact on Sept. 13th) can enhance the imagination creating powerful creative or artistic expression. And yet, it can also lead to a candy-coating of those unsavory elements that Venus discovers as she enters this Scorpionic terrain. Sometimes a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down—and other times it just unnecessarily spikes your blood sugar, pissing off your pancreas, and ends up feeding that nasty fungal infection that you didn't know about.

Venus’s transit through Scorpio is rather deep and serious this round, because it coincides with a critical conjunction of Saturn and the North Node (Venus joins in on on Sept. 18th). The upside of this transit is that it assists us in going deeper into a creative process or within intimate relationships; its downside tempts us to beat around the bush and fluff up some uncomfortable truths.

However Venus's square with Pallas and Lilith is a good kick in the rear. Let those truths permeate you from higher dimensional planes. There is the potential influx of insight and mystical connection, and Venus in Scorpio is all about depth now; she’s in the underworld. As Venus reluctantly hangs up her party dress and throws on a more revealing outfit (possibly showing some skin and perhaps made of leather); she’s ready for the raw experience.

Venus in Scorpio can help us find peace and tranquility with intensity or chaos. She can also help us find acceptance with difficult, painful or repulsive realities. It is a delicate dance, but it can be done. Don’t think about it, just allow yourself to feel it naturally. Those primal and unconscious currents are gaining momentum; they will be the focal point this next season. Go deep or go home.

Venus in Scorpio: Sept. 11-Oct. 7