Shake It Up: New Moon In Libra 2013

Photo by Chad Woodward, Palm Desert, Ca, 2011.
New Moon @ 11 Libra 56'
October 4, 2013
5:34 PM Pacific 
2:34 PM Eastern

This month’s New Moon occurs in Libra, the sign of balance and equilibrium. Libra contains the potential for equanimity—composure and poise amidst the chaos of the universe. It is a unifying sign. Venus, the ruler of Libra, governs our relationship needs and desires as well as our need for peace, healing and rejuvenation. The antithesis of Aries, the cosmic big bang, Libra brings a unifying sense of order, meaning and clarity to disparate elements.

It truly is a work of art to find cohesion within the complexity of individual identities (egos). Such an art can only be mastered through patience and inner peace. So what happens when a Libra New Moon occurs within the current battle field rendered by the Uranus and Pluto square? I would say a critical test and challenge to see whether we have truly mastered this Libran art form.

October’s New Moon sits in a rather precarious t-square with Uranus and Pluto, the current sign of the times. The Uranus and Pluto waxing square is a critical stage of the new Uranus/Pluto cycle which began in the late 1960’s. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. Its cycle appears to bring about a radical reformation of society and culture worldwide. Often its expression is violent and chaotic as it stirs up considerable social unrest and upheaval.

Due to the New Moon’s placement in Libra, it sits in direct opposition to Uranus and square to Pluto. Uranus resonates with the Promethean archetype, giving it a trickster like quality, defiant toward the Gods. Pluto embodies primordial wisdom and power, but also governs a process of entropy, of breakdown and decay. When these two get together, especially in conflict, ubiquitous change is demanded by the cosmos.

So, needless to say, this lunation brings an overwhelming impetus for change, an urge to break free, and a desire to move beyond stagnating environments. There is a catalyzing thrust alongside this New Moon which can be harnessed and directed in our personal lives. We can each ride this wave to free ourselves of oppressive circumstances. But, the challenge arises due to the fact that we must take in to consideration those we are in relationship to. We are guided to see the powerful change created when we band together in cooperation.

Venus, the ruler of the New Moon, is separating from a square aspect with Mars. Venus in Scorpio seeks to find peace and acceptance with uncomfortable realities. Mars in Leo wants to take charge, dominate, and lead the way. Venus is more inclined toward other viewpoints and perspectives, merging on a deeper level. Mars in Leo seeks to defend its territory and express its individual needs and desires directly. This reveals another undercurrent of friction contained in this New Moon—between assertion and receptivity.

We are guided to see that in order for us to truly break free, to change something; we need help to do it. On the flip side, if we’ve been too dependent in certain relationships, we may feel an urge to gain more independence, but to do so in a way that doesn’t necessarily burn bridges or sever connections in the process. It’s a tricky balancing act indeed. Pluto demands that transformation and evolutionary growth be our top priorities.

Libra also teaches about reciprocity, the sacred art of giving and receiving. The square between Venus and Mars ignites the potential for a breakthrough in our ability to share ourselves with others. Whichever end of the spectrum you fall (giving too much or not enough), there is a tipping of the scales taking place this lunar cycle, which invites us to see our relationships from a renewed perspective, and to bring more balance and equanimity into the picture.

This might also require deep and meaningful communication. Mercury’s approach to a conjunction with the North Node and Saturn opens the way for authentic conversations—where speaking the truth is about being vulnerable and learning to trust. It’s also about taking responsibility for our feelings by letting those we are most intimate with share in our own personal process. A sextile to Pluto means that through honesty and clarity we can break up outmoded routines and structures within our relations, if only momentarily.

The dark side of the New Moon creates an inflexible mental rigidity which socially isolates us and leads to depression, hopelessness and futility. An inability to see other viewpoints or perspectives limits our choices and decisions. Confronted with potentially difficult or harsh truths or realities could leave a lasting imprint, paralyzing us in fear or paranoia. On the other end, there’s the risk of losing our own vision or purpose by a more powerful collective goal—getting swept away.

The higher road leads us to move beyond personal needs and desires and to find that happy balance between giving and receiving love, without losing our own sense of self. Perhaps we glimpse a collective vision or ideal which creates a new perspective or solidifies a collective mission. We are entering a portal that invites us to channel our own personal power into the larger purpose or collective goal, but to do so without losing sight of our own goals.

There is much tension building up here, and there is much need for release. Whatever you’ve been holding back, suppressing or putting aside needs to be dealt with in some way. That might not require some drastic action or maneuver, but simply acknowledgment, awareness and honest communication. This New Moon culminates into an Aries Lunar Eclipse on October 18. As we approach this lucid and revealing time, look around and strengthen the support system around you.

That might mean rekindling connections or sharing your time or energy with people you’ve been neglecting. Whatever you do, intentionally shake something up in your relationships. Bring new life and fresh air where it’s most needed. The more we try to just keep the peace, the more likely something will force us out of our relational rut. There is far more happening than your own self-interest and concerns; and Libra’s perspective helps us to briefly put ourselves in someone else’s position, which can drastically alter our own.

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