Kosmic Horizon: December 2013

The winter night sky from the Swabian Alb.
Photo by Til Credner. Wikimedia commons

As December begins, we approach the second solstice point of the solar cycle. For those in the northern latitudes, that means gradually increasing darkness reaching a nadir as the Sun enters Capricorn halfway through the month.

Whichever portion of the globe you happen to live in, the solstice point can be described as a magical or mystical transition. For me, the winter solstice creates a subtle sense of increased lucidity and even slight, psychedelic awareness.

Modern consumerism has many of us running about mindlessly, increasing the incessant stress-load during the rush of the holiday season. Culturally, we’ve lost our connection to the astro-theological origins of the celebrations and traditions that form the basis of the Christmas traditions.

For the extreme northern lattitudes [where our holiday traditions originated from, such as Siberian shamanic santa claus, aminita mascara mushrooms and reindeer] the Sun completely disappears on winter solstice. From the perspective of ancient peoples, enmeshed in the natural world, the Sun would die for three days. Its rebirth was anticipated on Christmas morning; the Sun would no longer descend, and would continue rising until the summer solstice.

This astronomical event was perceived to mirror an inner transformational process—it was a collective spiritual communion with inner and outer divinity. That doesn’t sound too much like what we celebrate today. Christmas has been subjugated to meaningless gift giving and painful family gatherings. But as we approach this sacred and indeed magical time of year, remember that it all started with the stars [and possibly, well, most likely, psychedelic mushroom trips].

The Resurrection of Santa Claus.
Copyright 2004 jimmy b

As much as our attention is drawn externally this season, Capricorn is a sign more inclined toward deep self-reflection and solitude. That need is strongest this time of year, and it is deep within that we discover the magic we’re really looking for.

If you feel more inclined toward soul searching and reflecting on the deeper meaning, you’re simply responding to the collective vibe. Go with it. Pay attention to that deep and subtle transition within yourself this solstice. Both Sagittarius and Capricorn hone in on the bigger picture and perspective.

As the month begins, we’re greeted by a Sagittarius new moon on Dec 2. The Sagittirian directive is about stretching outwardly, physically or mentally, toward unlimited new horizons. Sagittarius is a sign that propels consciousness toward searching for something it has yet to attain or comprehend. Allow this New Moon to pull you out of the intensity and claustrophobia of the Scorpionic realm we’ve been so focused on.

The further amplify the need for more breathing space and expansion of awareness Mercury enters Sagittarius on Dec 4. While both Mercury and the Sun sojourn through Sagittarius, we are reminded that the end of the autumnal season is about opening our soul to the unlimited potential of the universe.

Mars enters Libra on Dec 7, entering the battleground of its retrograde cycle that begins in the spring of 2014. I’ll be publishing a more extensive article on the Mars retrograde cycle in a few weeks—it’s kind of a big deal. Mars will be in Libra for roughly eight months.

Needless to say, we can anticipate relationships to be a significant theme; but also decision making and the maintenance of homeostasis in our personal lives. Mars finds itself in foreign territory while in Libra. Mars wants to act and assert itself, and yet it will be spending a good amount of time in a sign that needs to think things through, while weighing the pros and cons.

As Mars enters Libra pay attention to the subtle themes that begin emerging, because as Mars enters its retrograde shadow, we’ll be covering this material quite extensively come March 2014.
Jupiter makes its third trine with Saturn in Scorpio on Dec 12. There appears to be an easy flow between growth and consolidation throughout these contacts. Take advantage of this time to invest energy or resources into something sustainable—but don’t be too optimistic about it, because the calmness and stability won’t last forever.

The present lunar cycle culminates into a Gemini full Moon on Dec 17. This full Moon may invite us to question certain assumptions we have about reality. An opposition from Mercury in Sagittarius brings awareness to contradictions and potentially shocking revelations that allow us to mentally or intellectually cross new boundaries.

The solstice occurs on Dec 21 as the Sun reaches the topical sign of Capricorn. Just hours later Venus turns stationary retrograde, and begins her backtrack through Capricorn until Jan 31, 2014. This is a powerful karmic portal where “new” connections appear vaguely familiar. This cycle creates a reevaluation of strategies, intentions and goals—an opportunity to go within and to more authentically connect what we project with what we really are.

On Dec 24 Mercury’s transition into Capricorn adds more structure and focus to the mental currents. This creates an opportunity to mentally zero in on more specific areas of concern, beyond the smorgasbord of possibilities during its transit through Sagittarius.

Christmas day, Dec 25, presents some rather tumultuous and potentially hostile transit activity. Both the Moon and Mars make an exact opposition to Uranus, creating a rough T-square with the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn. Any anger or frustration that’s been lingering beneath the surface could potentially explode from specifically targeted emotional triggers.

There’s a collective surge of strong rebellious and freedom seeking tendencies which will violently resist anything that attempts to control or stifle it. Be on the lookout for moodiness that turns into rage. Today is a day for full self-expression and having the courage to break free of blockages in certain relationships or personal routines. Just be mindful of impulses, and keep emotions in check.

Mercury’s sextile to Neptune helps to soften the collective intensity on Dec 26. Useful or practical insights are floating about in the ethers, but require a sustained focus and concentration to invoke successfully. Allow this brief moment to flood the mind with subtle impressions or clairvoyant perceptions that can be used constructively and intentionally.

The intensity picks up again with a Sun/Mercury conjunction square Uranus, creating a more precise t-square with Pluto and Mars on Dec 29. Used constructively, we can verbally communicate intentions in an impactful way that allows us to break free of stifling and limiting patterns.

But on the darkside, communication may be used destructively to dominate others or to attempt to dictate or control situations that appear threatening. Break free of perceptions that limit or control reality to the extent that creativity no longer flows. That may require a confrontation with uncomfortable personal truths, but facing them will lead to lasting maturity and growth.

Dec 2- New Moon @ 10 Sagittarius 59
Dec 4- Mercury enters Sagittarius
Dec 7- Mars enters Libra
Dec 12- Jupiter trine Saturn
Dec 17- Full Moon @ 25 Gemini 36’; Uranus stationary direct
Dec 21- Winter Solstice; Venus stationary retrograde
Dec 24- Mercury enters Capricorn
Dec 25- Mars opposition Uranus; Moon opposition Uranus, conjunct Mars
Dec 26- Mercury sextile Neptune
Dec 29- Sun square Uranus; Mercury square Uranus

Dec 31- Mercury conjunct Pluto