Kosmic Horizon: January 2014

Two time-telling systems collide at the beginning
of 2014, emphasizing a momentous and
significant year ahead.  Image: An astronomical
clock in the Marienkirche in Rostock, Germany.
Photo by Schiwago.
The New Year has finally arrived and it begins alongside a rather powerful and symbolic lunation. Jan 1 happens to coincide with a seriously striking new Moon in Capricorn, conjunct Pluto and Mercury. That places this nascent lunation in the cross-hairs of the Uranus/Pluto square, and I think this is a pretty important statement about the year ahead.

While the Gregorian New Year has little connection to any natural or astrological cycle, it does have a significant symbolic role within the collective consciousness since we’ve been using it for quite some time. Interestingly, there are moments when the astrology appears to be in synch with our synthetic calendar. This year is definitely one of those times.

Of course, we can’t disregard the fact that the tropical zodiac used by western astrologers is equally synthetic, but it is, at least, in synch with the Sun’s natural seasonal cycle. The Gregorian calendar is really a mystery. Who would have ever thought to begin a New Year during the coldest and darkest time of year, while the Sun is in a sign that symbolizes culminating maturation as opposed to new beginnings?

There may have been a conspiracy with that one. Capricorn is of course a very deep and spiritual sign, but it does have a strong focus toward worldly achievements and physical or sensory pleasures. We’re a part of an entire culture that begins its year with this mental orientation. It’s very possible that this further solidifies our cultural emphasis on social status, consumerism and a naive trust of authority.

The year ahead is rather interesting, to say the least. We are inching closer to some of the most precarious astrological configurations. While things have certainly been hectic and eventful so far, it seems that we haven’t really seen anything yet. I’m not saying that to frighten anyone. That’s certainly not my intention. 

We can never really know what lies ahead, specifically. But in looking at the situation politically and economically, it’s clear that we don’t exactly need astrology to tell us that there’s a long and arduous road up there.

Also, just because a particular configuration looks challenging theoretically, that doesn’t mean that it will actually be as profound or pivotal as we may imagine or anticipate. Lots of seemingly significant astrological cycles have come and gone throughout history without much really going on—at least on the surface. We certainly cannot exclude the reality that astrology tells us as much about our inner world as it does the outer.

So regardless of how eventful or significant this year proves to be—we’re all in for some serious shifts and changes within the unconscious realms. That’s where it all starts anyway. Personally, we’re each going to feel this in one way or another. Unless you’re completely numb and oblivious, there’s going to be some interesting changes happening, catalyzed by this year’s powerful alignments.

Venus retrograde is just heating up at the month’s entry. It’s the first of three very significant retrograde cycles in the early portion of 2014. There’s a lot of reconsider this year, for sure. Retrogrades, especially among the inner planets, urge us to back-track and reassess our position. Venus retrograde is fairly interesting in that it also has the power to bring significant relationships back into focus.

That most likely involves people, since Earth is so well populated. But we may rekindle a relationship with lots of other things while Venus is retrograde, it may not always be human or sentient (or appear to be). Venus retrograde can mend bridges we burned or left behind. She may remind us of the contracts we made long ago, sometimes beyond this lifetime.

Often many significant changes and pivotal turning points coincide with this cycle. A change of direction is definitely brought about by any retrograde; there will be plenty of opportunities to grow and expand into new directions the first half of this year. Here’s this month’s rundown:

As mentioned, Jan 1st begins with a momentous and significant New Moon in Capricorn; it’s a part of a dynamic t-square with Mercury, Pluto, Uranus, Mars and Jupiter. If that isn’t a poignant statement, I don’t know what is. Whatever resolutions you have this year, you’re likely to feel rather ambitious about pursuing them right as the New Year begins.

There’s plenty of incitement to keep things going this month, and if anything spurs things into action, it’s a tension building aspect structure like we see here. Mars will turn retrograde in March, so this new Moon is a key stepping stone and introduction to a lengthy retrograde process that lies ahead.  

Mercury in Capricorn opposes Jupiter in Cancer on Jan 2nd, heating up a conversion that challenges us to find a compromise between traditional beliefs and our own intuitive and emotional insights. Strike up a dialogue between the inner and outer realms and see what you learn.
The Sun in Capricorn opposes Jupiter in Cancer on Jan 5th, helping to boost confidence and to establish a firm position within the confines of a structure. All this energy concentrated in Capricorn this month gives an extra boost to help us achieve goals, plan for the future and to further take responsibility for our life path.

Mercury sextiles Saturn on Jan 6th. Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, lends a helping hand to further structure and solidify an evolving and maturing perspective of the world and our place within it. If you’ve been doing your Saturn in Scorpio homework, the depth of insight and understanding of yourself will help you to truly grow and gain wisdom.

Mercury catches up with Venus retrograde on Jan 7th. Venus pulls the mind into a subtle yet powerful vortex which allows us to reevaluate personal values against traditional or cultural values. There may be a lot communication with past relationships or thoughts about unresolved events that played a critical role in growth or development.

Mars in Libra squares Jupiter in Cancer on Jan 8th. This is the first of three squares that will take place this year. Be conscious of a tendency to waste time and energy as this aspect comes to exactitude. Be equally mindful of a tendency to get everyone else to jump on the bandwagon; just because it feels right for you, doesn’t mean others will be as enthusiastic or interested.

Jan 11th brings the culminating point of the Venus retrograde cycle as the Sun conjoins Venus. Today Venus crosses the threshold, slowly transitioning from evening to morning star--as she does so she sextiles Saturn in Scorpio. A period of reevaluation makes way for a critical restructuring of an inner landscape that drastically alters the outer universe.

That distinction between day and night, sunrise and sunset becomes momentarily blurred. The past, present and future meld into a whirlpool of pure being. Connect deeply with inner wisdom and instinctive insights to more authentically converge with what it is you truly love.  Additionally, Mercury enters Aquarius. The collective mind becomes more progressive and forward thinking, lending well to a clearer and sharper focus and perception. Mercury in Aquarius generates a more encompassing worldview, but one that deeply challenges more traditional perceptions.

A culminating full Moon in Cancer occurs on Jan 15th. Trine Saturn in Scorpio, a firm foundation solidifies beneath our feet. We may feel like we’re finally more established and rooted, since the month launched us full force toward some specific destination.

Mercury in Aquarius sextiles Uranus in Aries on Jan 16th--lighting up the neural pathways of genius and ingenuity. Thinking outside the box is almost second nature today, but making an effort to see things differently and to forge a new path will be required. While thinking and perception appears slightly enhanced, there may be a conflict of desires. Venus retrograde squaring Mars in Libra ignites friction within relationships, particularly involving past and unresolved emotional material. There is always tension between the image we want the world to see, and the role our relationships demand that we play out. Trying to please everyone will likely burn you out, so be mindful of where you expend energy.

The Sun joins Mercury as it transitions into Aquarius on Jan 19th. Something new and possibly unusual appears to be floating in the wind. The collective energy is gradually shifting away from structured and secure approaches and leaning more toward cutting edge and innovative strategies.
The collective mental pathways are again activated by Mercury trine Mars on Jan 24th. There is a strong drive to communicate new ideas or solutions to others, an easy flow and exchange of information flows all around. This is an excellent aspect to share unconventional thoughts or concepts with people who may normally resist otherwise.

The energy drastically shifts on Jan 25th as Mercury squares Saturn in Scorpio. Radical and progressive concepts must find practical and useful applications in addition to adding to a deeper understanding of life. Pre-established beliefs and tried and tested methodologies may meet resistance to any new and seemingly unusual thoughts or ideas.

The month ends with the Sun in Aquarius sextile Uranus in Aries on Jan 29th. Clean, sleek and simple solutions are a highlight of this aspect. This also creates an opportunity to easily express an unorthodox aspect of ourselves to the larger community today.

Jan 1: New Moon @ 10 degrees Capricorn 57’
Jan 2: Mercury opposite Jupiter
Jan 5: Sun opposite Jupiter
Jan 6: Mercury sextile Saturn
Jan 7: Mercury conjunct Venus
Jan 8: Mars square Jupiter
Jan 11: Venus sextile Saturn; Sun conjunct Venus; Sun sextile Saturn; Mercury enters Aquarius
Jan 15: Full Moon @ 25 degrees Cancer 58’
Jan 16: Mercury sextile Uranus; Venus square Mars
Jan 17: Mercury sextile Uranus
Jan 19: Sun enters Aquarius
Jan 24: Mercury trine Mars
Jan 25: Mercury square Saturn

Jan 29: Sun sextile Uranus