Beyond Stasis: Annular Solar Eclipse In Taurus 2014

The Sun beaming through a canopy of Oak
Trees. Photo by Chad Woodward, Murrieta,
Ca, 2010.

Annular Solar Eclipse @ 08 Taurus 52’
April 28, 2014
11:14 PM Pacific
April 29, 2014
2:14 AM Eastern

Life is a little different during eclipse season. Things have an unusual hue; something mysterious seems to lurk behind appearances. We may find ourselves traveling some new terrain at these times, and quickly moving past obstacles that once hindered us on our path.

That’s all good news, right? As long as we consciously work with these passages and make the appropriate changes necessary we will find them much less frightening to deal with. When we resist the flow of change that the eclipse tends to bring about, we feel the weight of these events much more profoundly and often something from the external forces us to change in quite uncomfortable ways.

With the cardinal grand cross heating up this month, which peaked mid-month just after the previous Lunar Eclipse, we are unlikely to stay stuck here. The cardinal energy is hard to resist, it urges us to get up and move toward our desires, goals and objectives.

But, Taurus is a fixed sign. That means that it’s more set in its ways. Taurus likes consistency, security and predictability. So what happens when an eclipse (a symbol of change) occurs in this solid and dependable zodiac sign? Well, fixed patterns need to be adjusted.

Since this is a south nodal eclipse, there is more focus on letting go of the past and shedding things we have outgrown. Taurus deals with physical security, so think of this as a good time for a garage sale after you've cleaned out the closet. This may also be symbolic of a deep emotional and physical cleansing.

So, with Taurus, we are likely to feel the urge to break free of safety nets that are holding us back from further growth. There is the sense that things cannot continue in their safe, predictable ways. That doesn't mean that everything has to go, but merely those elements that have outlived their usefulness and are no longer working as they once did.

Taurus is also an earth sign; it has grounding, condensing and solidifying qualities. A powerful eclipse in this earthy sign can bring our attention and focus toward the earth, to practical affairs that support our self-worth. This is a time to connect with what matters the most to you and to look within for clues. Reflect deeply on what you really want, not what everyone else wants for you.

A Solar Eclipse is an amplified New Moon, the start of a new lunar cycle. While the eclipse energy can be intense, bringing about a rapid series of developments, Taurus likes to take its time. That’s a bit contradictory, but imagine these changes evolving and developing over an extended period of time.

Mercury conjoins this Eclipse. That’s not particularly unusual since Hermes likes to travel close to its solar companion. But whenever Mercury is prominent, there’s new information coming in, sometimes a new perspective that may be rather jostling but potentially awakening us to something we were blind to before.

In Taurus, think simple. Mercury in Taurus favors the simplicity of the Tao, ancient wisdom that says a lot without saying very much. Keep your mind tuned to subtle advice from the most unexpected sources. It’s like humbling yourself to learn profound things from a child, or someone perhaps not so intellectually savvy.

So a key to navigating this Taurean Solar Eclipse is to embrace a sense of mindfulness, to take a moment to ground and center yourself and approach the world consciously, conscious of every action and spoken word. If there ever was a time to think before you speak, this would be it. Let go of your preconceived notions about what is or isn't possible.

Open your mind to the possibility that there may be more to the picture than you currently see. It may actually be a lot more simplistic than you have allowed yourself to imagine. Over-thinking things will likely lead to a dead end; embrace the simplistic solution that lies just beneath the surface layer of conscious awareness.

The eclipse also makes a quincunx to Mars retrograde in Libra, which means that when we’re faced with the challenge of having to integrate our own values with those of others, take the higher road. That is, make love not war. The quincunx is not easily resolved, but consciously making adjustments where needed can help negate the irritating quality inherent to this aspect.

Neptune makes a sextile to the Eclipse, bringing in the numinous, imaginative, spiritual and ideal. This could be a potentially creative and artistic Eclipse, where inspiration appears to be available without much effort on our part. Take this opportunity to tune in and connect on a much deeper level—first to yourself and then to those around you. 

A sextile from Jupiter allows us to change while maintaining a connection to our roots, to retain our center of comfort and stability. These sextiles also lend a helping hand, providing spiritual and emotional support if needed.

Allow this eclipse to be a point of integration. April was a pretty intense month astrologically speaking, and while every eclipse demands some kind of shift of focus, direction and priority, Taurus can help to bring it all together into a more unified and solid whole.

One other side note. With Mars retrograde the collective energy is slowly moving beyond stasis. That doesn't mean we're not compelled to move forward, but rather we're more likely retracing our steps--strengthening and solidifying paths we previously laid for ourselves and contemplating the results.

You’re probably not the same person you were when the month began. Of course we change, subtly, each and every day, but moments like these are truly rare in their manifestation, and the rapid changes they tend to bring about within us are truly profound. When in doubt, find your center. Locate the still-point within; once you have that, you’ll be unstoppable.