Open Hearts, Open Minds: Mercury Retrograde In Cancer/Gemini 2014

Guido Bonatti, De Astronomia Libri X
(Basel, Nicolaus Pruknerus, 1550)
Stationary Retrograde: June 7 @ 3 Cancer 10'

Stationary Direct: July 1 @ 24 Gemini 23' 

Mercury is about to turn retrograde on June 7. That flighty, witty and lightning fast archetype is coming to a standstill and changing directions. While we’re likely still recovering from Mars’ retrograde through Libra and its dynamic interaction with the Uranus/Pluto square, Mercury gives us a chance to reflect and reexamine.

All this retrograde activity often results in a profound shift of energy in our personal lives. The most reliable attribute of any retrograde (from an inner or outer planet) is this “shifting of the tides”. That usually manifests as a rerouting of our focus and attention—sometimes altering our life path in quite significant ways.

We may feel more reflective during a retrograde; we may also find ourselves forming a connection to the past, to something unresolved or incomplete. This is why many astrologers advise us to refrain from embarking on new territory at these times; there may be some loose ends that need to be tidied up first; though this is not to be treated as dogma.

When we’re dealing with Mercury, we’re playing with a highly mutable energy. Things are never so black and white in Mercury’s realm; the world is an ever changing reality. Congruent with this mutable nature, Mercury will retrograde through two signs this cycle: Cancer and Gemini.

Mercury will spend about 19 days retrograde in Cancer as it gradually shifts gears. Cancer, a sign we associate with the Moon, adds more emphasis to the tidal influence of this process, this shifting of the tides. Cancer is a realm of feelings while Gemini a realm of thoughts.

This switch from emotion to mind lends itself to a reexamination of our feelings, and then a focus on what we think about it. Obviously, astrology is more multidimensional than that, but that simple phrase sums things up quite well.

While Mercury is in Cancer, thoughts take on a fluid-like quality, feelings and subjective impressions override logical and analytical processes. Mercury retrograde through Cancer can feel rather nostalgic, as well as allowing for a reconnection to our basic feelings and inclinations.

Ask yourself how you really feel about anything that comes up. Really explore that feeling or reaction more than you usually would. Reconsider your basic needs and ask yourself whether they’re being met effectively. Mercury retrograde in Cancer can open us up to feelings we may have held back, allowing us to process and integrate deeply embedded emotional material.

Mercury retrogrades into Gemini on June 18—shifting from the heart and back to the mind. It’s a rather curious thing that Mercury retrogrades often correlate with a process of retracing our steps. Keep that in mind as Mercury moves back into Gemini. Keep your mind open to missing bits of information you may have left behind, or unresolved communications reemerging to be clarified.

And consider that Gemini, the purest zodiacal representation of duality, tends to consider multiple perspectives. As I stated above, things are never so black and white in Mercury’s realm (and by extension, Gemini’s too).  

Intuitive and emotional insights can be properly analyzed when Mercury dips back into Gemini. We are being gifted an opportunity to see things from a renewed perspective, to learn something we didn’t know before. This requires an open heart and an open mind.

Of course, we can’t forget the other aspect of Mercury retrograde. Yes, shit happens. It’s hard to explain sometimes. Though I believe everything in life is symbolic of some “higher” process, sometimes Mercruy, the trickster, likes to keep us baffled. So as usual, Mercury retrograde is going to keep us on our toes.

Technical or mechanical breakdowns, changes in plans, delays or cancellations can be expected. This is just a common side effect of Mercury retrograde. But the breakdown is a part of the process.  Perhaps that problem with your car is simply a reflection of what’s going on deep within you.

But Mercury doesn't just leave us hanging. If we’re persistent and open to new ways of doing things, a solution is likely to be found—but perhaps in the most unexpected of places. Also, be cautious of signing important contracts, making big business decisions and purchasing electronic devices or appliances—especially anything costly.

Take your time over the next three weeks. This is a time for processing and integration. The tides are changing, and they bring new realities to our shores. What we’re usually blind to suddenly takes on a dynamic presence in our field of vision.

What wasn’t apparent may suddenly become blindingly obvious. Sink deep, reflect and reexamine your mind and emotions this retrograde cycle. Embrace any and all inclinations toward introspection and self-analysis. This is a natural time to tune in and check in. Like the tides, we are changing, fluctuating, growing and expanding.