Calming the Chaos: Full Moon in Taurus 2015

Coast Redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens), Redwoods State Park, Capitola, Ca;
photo by Allie Caulfield, 2012.

Full Moon @ 3 Taurus 45'
October 27, 2015
8:05 AM Eastern
5:05 AM Pacific

There are many situations that may be coming to a head with the Full Moon in tropical Taurus, but particularly those involving an expansion or breaking point in your closest relationships. The planet Venus rules this Full Moon, and she is just separating from her last conjunction with Jupiter in Virgo. This cycle has likely tied together events that began brewing in July and August of this year, events relating to separation or the acquisition of love in your life. Venus and Jupiter can inflate those wounds related to the heart chakra—wounds of unrequited love or heartbreak from those we most cherished in the past. Additionally, Venus and Jupiter can amplify your need for connection, bonding and negotiation.

The Taurus side of Venus highlights the need to find peace, stability and calm in a sometimes chaotic, frightening, and unpredictable environment. The Sun has recently moved into Scorpio, a sign that invokes the “dark side” of the psyche—those places we culturally subjugate due to a primal, and emotionally turbulent nature. Venus finds herself between both Jupiter and Mars. As she approaches her conjunction with Mars (on Nov. 2), you may be feeling a powerful urge and desire to improve your relationships in some way, to bring healing and integration to misunderstandings, confusion, or disagreements. This conjunction marks the beginning of a new cycle of purifying our connections with others at this time.

Equally, you may feel compelled to seek out the ideal in any relationship that begins now. But do keep in mind that perfection is always an unrealistic expectation for anyone. That doesn’t mean that you should keep your expectations low, but to simply be realistic in what you expect from someone right now. Excessive fault finding will lead to someone falling short of the unattainable, and that could lead to missing an opportunity to really connect. Remember also, that what we see in others is often a reflection of those very things within ourselves. If someone falls short of your ideal, it could be an indication about something you need to improve in yourself.

The Taurus/Scorpio polarity, highlighted by this Full Moon, points us directly to this brewing conjunction at the beginning of November. Self-improvement and performance enhancement are critical themes right now. Clearing the crap within your relationships that are in the way of real, authentic growth could be another. But the bottom line issue highlighted by this Full Moon, what may not be so apparent, involves the ability to effectively communicate with another person, on a level that reaches them and connects with who they really are. That requires compassion, but above all else a certain level of empathy. And equally, the real challenge with this Full Moon seems to be the problem of asserting independence and honoring the need for freedom while effectively reaching others where they currently stand.

Every opposition is an opportunity to reach a point of reconciliation. The need to create a compromise is arising now, but in the end, we can only do our best, and let others do what they must do, because you can’t control another’s actions, but sometimes the choices of those we love, choices that are sometimes painful, are still pieces of our own psyche, fragments of our own issues. What do we do with that? We simply acknowledge that reality and trust that things are to unfold in the best possible way, even if that’s uncomfortable or difficult to do. If you find yourself in doubt, trust the impulse arising from the Full Moon in Taurus. It invites you to find your center, grounded here and now on this beautiful planet that holds and supports you. Taurus acknowledges the chaos and drama of life, but it has the potential to not get swept up by it, to stand stall as a beacon of stability in the universe.

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