Stranger in a Strange Land: Mars in Libra

Hernan Cortez "greeting" Montezuma in Mexico City. He could have probably
benefited from a higher understanding of Mars in Libra, or maybe Mexico would have.

The planet Mars will be in tropical Libra until Jan 3, 2016. Mars last moved through Libra in early 2014 where it spent quite a bit of time due to its retrograde cycle (from March to late May 2014). Reflect back on the momentum you were building at that point in your life. Where has it carried you now? Are you getting the results that you wanted? If you’ve stuck with it, congratulate yourself on the new you that has emerged from that cycle. In our classical system of astrology, Libra is a bad place for Mars to be since it is in the sign opposite its sign of rulership. From an evolutionary astrological standpoint, there is no such thing as a “bad” place for any planet to be, though Libra can render Mars feeling like a stranger in a strange land; it can feel a little uncomfortable. But being uncomfortable or feeling awkward is a normal response to any foreign environment, and it’s where we all start when we try a new experience.

What this means is that Mars’ usual tactics (full throttle momentum; let’s smoke em’ out) don’t work. For you, that means that you may find yourself having to contend with other people’s realities, routines, and certain social formalities more than usual. If you’re usually quite forward, direct, and aggressive in nature, you’ll likely feel as if you have to restrain yourself due to current circumstances. Imagine a rough and rugged, gun-toting cowboy suddenly finding himself at a cotillion or an aristocratic dinner banquet. Feel the awkwardness there? You get the idea. To ease the discomfort, you’ll find it best to learn from those whose perspectives are different than your own. The more you try to fight against those differing perspectives, the more frustration you’re likely to experience, and the less likely you’ll be positively received.

In other words, whatever you’re trying to put out there will succeed only by opening your heart and mind to input, feedback and an ability to be cognizant of alternative perspectives. To get what you want requires that you try a different tactic then you’re used to. Mars in Libra is actually a good time to change the way you go after what you want in life and how you initiate change. Life gets rather frustrating, dull and boring when you do the same thing over and over again, trying the same tactics, and wondering why they don’t work anymore, or why people aren’t responding. The reason at this point is clearly because you need to open yourself up to the reality of other people and learn a thing or two.

When Mars gets it right in Libra, it takes on new qualities and perspectives that weren’t there before. The cowboy becomes a little less rugged, knows how to clean himself up and can carry on a casual conversation about current politics or the height of the French Rococo art movement. That doesn’t mean that you completely change who you are, but that you are simply humble enough to admit that you are incomplete in and of yourself. There is a whole world of people out there who could teach you something useful, who can make you more interesting or better-rounded than you currently are. If you choose to stick to the usual habits, then Mars in Libra may indeed feel like a “bad” place to be. But when you genuinely open your heart to some new experience, you’ll find that you have more clarity and a better sense of where you fit in the world and the social environment that you are a part of.

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