Growing up and Moving On: New Moon in Sagittarius 2015

A group of wandering Arabs, Tunis, Tunisia; photo from Photochrom Print Collection,
1889, via Wikimedia Commons.

New Moon @ 19 Sagittarius 03'
December 11, 2015
5:29 AM Eastern
2:29 AM Pacific

As the Sun and Moon conjoin in tropical Sagittarius, you may be feeling the desire to break free of something in your life. Sagittarius always points consciousness beyond the mundane and routine—toward the horizon of infinite potential and possibility. And yet, a New Moon can be a time of low energy and reserves. While there is a collective desire to lay low, reflect and gradually gather momentum, Mars and Uranus are separating from an opposition (an 180 degree face off in the sky). 

Additionally, this New Moon finds itself in the crosshairs of dynamic tension. It’s involvement with Chiron, Jupiter and the Nodal axis (via a t-square) creates the motivation to begin taking steps toward shifting your attitude and cultivating the patience to put in hard work or effort toward the resolution of a crisis or conflict. Jupiter in Virgo, ruling this New Moon, suggests that you pay attention to the details at this time, and humble yourself to receive input from others more knowledgeable or skillful at something than you yourself. But Mars and Uranus create a mood of considerable rebelliousness and the desire for freedom, which works against submission to the perspective or suggestions of others. 

Consider that both Mars and Jupiter currently occupy signs foreign and uncomfortable to them in relation to their archetypal nature. What this suggests is that, along with the frictional geometry accompanying this lunation, you may be feeling equally uncomfortable with something in your present circumstances. Change always requires adaptability and open-mindedness. In order to embark upon uncharted territory, to bring a fresh perspective or new life into something, you have to sacrifice comfort and often place yourself in an awkward position—environments you are not initially familiar with.

And yet, as humans, we are innately versatile creatures. Consider that throughout the bulk of our evolution, we were nomadic wanderers—never settling in one particular place for too long. While much of that has drastically changed, that part of us is still vocal and strong. It has a voice. Much of that instinct is embedded in the symbolism of Sagittarius. And under this New Moon, consider what has outlived its usefulness for you, what places you no longer belong, and what new perspectives, training or skills you need to acquire to make your life and what you do more interesting and better rounded.

The dark side of this New Moon is a refusal to change and adapt to a changing world and the environment around you. Sagittarius points us onward. While what you know has likely worked for you, consider what you don’t know, and what you could find useful if you open your mind and heart to it. And that won’t be easy. It might be challenging, painful and uncomfortable, but consider that a good thing. If you’re not uncomfortable, you’re not evolving toward greater complexity. If you’re addicted to the delusion of self-righteousness, you’re getting this wrong. Know that the tension you may be feeling is an indication that something needs to shift, and that means going beyond the old ways of doing things; it means needing to grow up and move on. 

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