Intimacy and Authenticity: Venus in Scorpio 2015

An unknown image from The Universal Anthology: a collection of the best literature, ancient,
medieval, and modern, with biographical and explanatory notes (1899); via
Wikimedia Commons.

On Dec. 5, the planet Venus will enter tropical Scorpio. Venus’ transit through this sign will correlate with a brief moment where three inner planets are in the signs of their classical detriment (in the sign opposite their sign of rulership). As Venus moved through Libra, you may have noticed an increased interest in outward appearances or a greater awareness of how you come off to others—how you relate to people and how they respond. 

Planets in their home sign feel comfortable, but comfort isn’t always a good thing. For Venus, it can become incessantly lazy and lack the motivation to do much. But Venus’ transition into Scorpio will add further tension to the collective vibe—tension you may need to motivate yourself to change. As Venus moves through Scorpio from Dec. 5 until Dec. 29, it will add to the already existent feeling of discomfort or awkwardness that appears to coat certain situations in your life.

That is to say that, the current moment is not a time to stick to the same routines, tactics or approaches you’ve been used to. If you do, you’re likely to experience a feeling that something isn’t right or that you don’t belong in a certain place anymore. Venus in Scorpio will change the collective mood for the remainder of the month. While Venus in Libra is subject to an overt emphasis on people pleasing and polished, social graces, Venus in Scorpio must contend with more than surface appearances. 

If left to its own devices, Venus would fool us all into thinking that it’s the epitome of beauty and perfection—flawless, dignified and the life of the party. But in Scorpio, Venus finds itself in a place it’s not particularly wired for. For your current relationships, that means needing to get to the bottom of issues you’ve been skirting around recently in an attempt to keep the peace. It means needing to be honest and upfront about what really needs to be openly discussed or looked at.

Venus, of course, would rather maintain that illusory veneer to convey that all is well and good. And if you succumb to that desire, Venus in Scorpio will indeed be detrimental because whatever you shove to the wayside and choose to ignore typically begins to grow and fester until it becomes something so grotesque you simply can’t look past it anymore. And that massive tumor beneath your skin is usually quite uncomfortable—it feels invasive and out of place, but it’s an indication of something that’s been neglected and ignored.

For the remainder of the month, all relationships will be put under considerable scrutiny. That’s not to torture you, but to simply increase your level of consciousness. Scorpio, a sign that has a resonance with Mars and Pluto, amplifies the need for honesty and a willingness to face important issues in your interactions with others. In its highest expression, Venus in Scorpio can help you to convey yourself more authentically. While not everyone will be comfortable with that, you can gain more clarity about what it is you really want and who it is you really are in the presence of those different from yourself—leading to deeper intimacy and trust with those that really matter. 

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