The Gift You Truly Are: Full Moon in Virgo 2016

A silhouetted man facing the Sun in Israel;
image from PikiWiki-Israel free image project.

Full Moon @ 3 Virgo 34'
February 22, 2016
1:20 PM Eastern
10:20 AM Pacific

As the current lunar cycle comes to its full expression in the tropical sign of Virgo, the Sun has just transitioned into Pisces and approaches the planet Neptune. Thus, this Full Moon is in opposition to Neptune, the nebulous and mysterious planet residing in its home sign, the mystical Piscean sea. As always with a Full Moon, there is a sense of building energy and potential within the collective psyche. Full Moons are symbolic moments of blossoming and culmination. What we have intended and set into motion at the New Moon begins to manifest. The power of this Full Moon highlights, first and foremost, the archetype of Virgo.

Virgo is a symbol of service and the humble contribution of one’s talent and competence to the greater community. In the western world, this is something that we strive to do, but greatly under value. Our western, cultural conditioning places achievement and “success” over the value of service.  We value more the result of our service than we do the service itself. Success in the western world often equates to making a lot of money or achieving a notable status or prestige. But true service requires an attitudinal shift that places helpfulness and competence over the fruits of one’s labor.

When we truly help another person, when we are effective at what we do, there are rewards that transcend anything material. When we give in the spirit of heart centered giving, of truly desiring to be helpful, we create something far more meaningful than the acquisition of personal, material wealth. This is the highest expression and potential of Virgo: to be useful and practically helpful. And always with Virgo, there is an emphasis on constant improvement. To become good at what we do, we need to constantly be mindful of how we can get better.

This Full Moon highlights these ideals. The dark side is striving for the unrealistic goal of perfection along with obsessive fault finding. Also, be mindful of the trap of presenting yourself as some unrealistic, puritanical symbol that no human being can entirely embody. Neptune’s opposition and the Sun’s presence in Pisces are reminding us that behind appearances lies a deeper meaning, a higher purpose to what you seek to do and become. It’s possible that what you put out into the world comes back to you on another plane of existence—one that you do not see in your normal waking life.

I think that the western world has reached the apex of existentialism. So many people live, unwittingly, in an existential universe where life is ultimately meaningless. Such an attitude has resulted in the pandemic of planetary exploitation and mass escapism. When life has no meaning, the best we can do is live for the moment (YOLO: You only live once) and distract ourselves until we die. That sounds depressing. I think there is another alternative. Maybe we have to utilize our will to make something of our life, but I think that our purpose already exists. The template of your potential awaits your conscious activation of it. Astrology proves that to me daily.

I don’t live in an existential universe. I live in a magical universe, endowed with incomprehensible intelligence and creativity. All it takes is a shift in perception and an openness to allowing life to reveal its playful and magical side. When you invoke this intelligence, it will begin to communicate and reveal to you a larger plan through the unfolding of each moment. I think, when we’re ready, that all we need is humility and an ability to surrender to the genius of the cosmic mind. You are more than a number, a statistic or a commodity. You are a servant of the universe, and your purpose is to be who you are and shine. As you shine, you bring wholeness and blessings to your community. What a gift you truly are.