Primal Wisdom: Full Moon in Scorpio 2016

Wall art in the caves of Lascaux; by Prof saxx (Own work) [ GFDL  or  CC-BY-SA-3.0 , via   Wikimedia Commons

Wall art in the caves of Lascaux; by Prof saxx (Own work) [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0, via   Wikimedia Commons

Full Moon @ 02 Scorpio 31’
April 21, 2016
10:24 PM Pacific
April 22, 2016
1:24 AM Eastern

April’s Full Moon reaches its climax in the tropical sign of Scorpio just after the planet Mars turns stationary retrograde in Sagittarius. In many ways, this lunation points to Mars, not because it touches it in any direct way, but through Mars’ resonance with the sign of Scorpio. As I’ve discussed in detail in my article on Mars retrograde, this rare cycle is always somewhat pivotal. It occurs roughly every two years and there’s a significant association with its occurrence and particular karmic circumstances that tend to develop around it. These situations have probably already emerged for you, in the weeks leading up to its reversal of direction.

I suppose everything in life is a result of our karma. But Mars (and even Venus) retrogrades tend to stir up a particular kind of karma we share with other people, and with Mars that can be sexual or involve the need to resolve conflict or pent up anger we carry share between us and those we relate to. But at the root of it, Mars deals with the most primal components of the human psyche. Yes, sex is certainly a part of that and something the modern world places a lot of restrictions on.

 The psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich proposed that the repression of sexuality led to the emergence of political figures who we (as a society) projected god-like status upon. That might sound rather strange at first, but if we understand the true power of sex and infatuation, it doesn’t seem too far off. The feelings and emotions stirred up through sex give us the sense of a spiritual bond with someone; they often stir up a longing to return to the womb. We unconsciously equate the womb with the source of life.

 Whether “spiritual”, theistic, or atheist, every human being can identify with the womb as the most primordial archetype that is ubiquitously shared within the human psyche. It appears that no matter your spiritual or philosophical orientation, no one is immune to the hormonal magic (or trickery) that certain people create for us when we become intimate. Sex is how we all got here anyway. Sexual repression is perhaps a major cause of war and violence in the world. That certainly seems to be a theme associated with the newly discovered planet Eris (which I wrote about in my last article on the New Moon) that will conjoin Uranus this June. And in this lunation chart, we see Venus conjunct Uranus and Eris!

A Full Moon is a moment of climax and culmination. It brings to a head some process that began at the New Moon two weeks prior. But with Mars retrograde now, and this Full Moon’s presence in Scorpio, you may notice that situations may be coming to a head from some time ago, perhaps other lifetimes, or perhaps merely situations that have been brewing for a while in the background. We also can’t forget Scorpio’s resonance with Pluto--the outer planet that was demoted to dwarf planet status by the Astronomical Union when Eris was discovered.

I think we’re all feeling this collectively now, that we are on the brink of some unknown and mysterious transition point. Every moment of change and transition is accompanied by a sense of fear and uncertainty. Scorpio certainly contains an archetypal resonance with primal fear: whether that’s being torn apart by saber-toothed tigers, grizzly bears, carried away by a tsunami or abandoned by those we trust and love. The fears stirred up by this Full Moon, should they arise, may involve fears connected to our relationships and the commitment required to hold them together. Venus, Uranus and Eris in the sign of Aries significantly highlight freedom, independence, and autonomy. And yet Scorpio also relates to intimate bonding and exclusivity. How do you make space for both? It starts by making clear boundaries and asserting your right to be yourself in whatever situation you find yourself.

Fear is a useful ally when it comes to our survival, but it appears to direct many people’s choices and decisions in the modern world, especially in the U.S. since the events of 9/11. Mars retrograde invites you, until the end of June, to face some fears head on. When you do that, you’ll find that you’ll have more courage and freedom to pursue your authentic path--free from the dictates of unconscious controls you may have placed upon yourself. And as this Full Moon culminates, it invites you to get real about what you really want and need to evolve. That may be a little painful, to cut through all the crap that’s been in the way, but when in doubt, listen to your primal wisdom, your gut instincts. They will guide the way to clarifying your intentions.