Breaking Down Walls: Full Moon in Cancer 2017

Iridium flare on a moonlit night in Võru County, Estonia; photo by Martin Mark via Wikimedia Commons.

Iridium flare on a moonlit night in Võru County, Estonia; photo by Martin Mark via Wikimedia Commons.

Full Moon @22 Cancer 27'

Jan 12, 2017

3:34 AM Pacific

6:34 AM Eastern

This powerful Full Moon occurs in the tropical sign of Cancer. In its home sign, the Moon makes it easier to express acutely buried feelings. The deep womb of Cancer contains the seeds of imaginal thought and fantasy. It is pregnant with symbolic and unconscious meaning. What has been lingering just beneath the threshold of your conscious perception? Both positive and negative emotions can come bursting free here. You may be more empathetic or psychically sensitive than usual on the days surrounding this Full Moon climax.

The Moon finds itself in the cross hairs of a dynamic grand cross with the Sun (and Pluto), Jupiter, and Uranus. This isn’t an easy integration to pull off. Naturally, it presents us with some uncomfortable reactions to some things in our lives. But the key to resolving such things is finding your way out of a stagnant situation so that you can move forward. With Mercury now direct and getting close to normal speed, this Full Moon awakens us out of a brief period of hibernation. You may feel more energized and confident now, more eager to begin taking steps in new directions.

First, let’s consider the dark side. The Cancerian shadow can be overprotective and enabling. It can be too nurturing thereby stunting the growth and maturity of others. Cancer can also become quite isolated and exclusive, even overtly protective to the point of smothering those it seeks to keep safe. Cancer can build walls so high that no one can make contact from the outside. This Full Moon may momentarily tear down some walls; it could expose yourself and others to the harshness of reality. The intention behind it: to see and experience new possibilities and horizons and to ease our muscular armoring and let our guard down. 

That’s where Jupiter opposite Uranus comes in. It invites us out of  our comfort zone to acquire new experience. Ideally, you should choose to break some of these barriers down yourself via your own volition. What needs to be done for this to happen? You may find that in dealing with current situations, the best choice is to back off and set things free. Allow enough space so that others can find their own way, too. And if you’ve been holding back your feelings about something, take a risk to express them in an open and heart-centered way.

As the Sun and Moon come to this cyclic climax, they seek to help us discover a new way to feel and experience our lives. It could be something quite subtle, yet have an incredibly powerful effect. However you choose to respond to this Full Moon, ideally, choose the path of greatest change. Trust yourself and your hunches. Venus conjunct Neptune can romanticize and idealize others, but it can also help us make authentic soul contact, something quite rare in this digital age. Collectively, this is a potent moment of creative and interpersonal breakthrough. That might be hard to see at first, but trust what is unfolding around you. It’s attempting to lead you to higher ground. The only way to sink is to cling to the past. Loosen your grip and surrender to the infinite possibilities the universe has in store.

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