On the Edge: New Moon in Pisces 2018

An Alpine Ibex standing on a rock in Gorndergrat; photo by Simo Räsänen via Wikimedia Commons. 

An Alpine Ibex standing on a rock in Gorndergrat; photo by Simo Räsänen via Wikimedia Commons. 

New Moon @ 26 degrees Pisces 53'

March 17, 2018

6:12 AM Los Angeles

9:12 AM New York

1:12 AM London

5:12 PM Dubai

9:12 PM Beijing

March 18, 2018

12:12 AM Sydney

2:12 AM Auckland

As we begin this new lunar cycle, the Sun, and Moon align in the latter degrees of tropical Pisces. As a mutable, water sign, a Pisces New Moon often correlates with nebulous and mysterious transitions. And just days before Mercury turns retrograde (March 22/23) we might feel ourselves on the edge of a prominent shift, but perhaps uncertain of the form it will ultimately take. Mars’ ingress into Capricorn alongside this New Moon further punctuates these permutable vibes. Pisces is amorphous, mystical, and gentle, but this lunation is anything but easy-going or light.

At the final degree of Sagittarius, Mars makes a hard square aspect to the New Moon, while the centaur object Chiron sits in close conjunction. Some may experience the surfacing of trauma, frustration, or even conflict. With Pisces, the possibilities are seemingly endless, because Pisces contains the memories of all prior zodiac signs, invoking an awareness that the universe is ultimately fractalized and interconnected. For those deeply sensitive, you might feel connected to the rising of collective fear, anger, and rage. You might sense the truth that pain is an inevitable part of living.

And reflected in that pain, is your own piece of it. In its negative face, this New Moon can be emotionally overwhelming and acting out or projecting frustration could easily hit the wrong targets. This New Moon invites us inward, to reflect on the source of our pain, but it offers a way to take the steps needed toward transforming it into gifts for the benefit of others. For this New Moon to manifest positively, we may need to really look beyond ourselves and consider things from a more holistic vantage point. Chiron’s presence at this New Moon juncture suggests a shift of attitude and perception about your faults, wounds, and defects. And Mars’ square, while challenging and aggravating, can just as easily catalyze action toward the manifestation of new healing potentials.

Jupiter makes an auspicious trine aspect to the New Moon as well, which gives access to hope, optimism, and the awareness of new doors opening. While Jupiter can, of course, dramatize or amplify the negative aspects of this New Moon, it stands as a beacon of new possibility and support. Situations which arise under this lunation are not as dire or hopeless as they may at first appear. In fact, this New Moon works to alter our perception of dysfunctional or “broken” elements in our lives so we can see their positive impact, and how they fit into a larger, cosmic scheme. If you could reframe just one thing in your life that stands a source of deep pain, what would it be?

Mars entering Capricorn soon after this New Moon changes the landscape quite a bit. We move from inward contemplation to a highly ambitious and challenging cycle which stimulates productivity, determination, and drive. Mercury’s retrograde cycle occurs in square relationship to both Saturn and Mars, which suggests that the following few weeks may require a patient and careful reworking of strategies, goals, plans, objectives, and projects. Use this New Moon as a dynamic starting point for learning to surrender and connect with your most critical priorities. As we enter this Mars/Saturn/Capricorn season clear through May, procrastination is no longer an option, and neither is carelessness in handling responsibilities. Take your time but remain diligent.

Life feels overwhelming when faced with things outside of your control. Understanding yourself is key to finding your power and place in the world. While you can't control fate or the chaos of life, your destiny belongs to you, something you can always strive for to gain command of your life path