Shifting Tides: Full Moon in Pisces 2018

Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park, Sedona, Arizona; photo by Chad Woodward

Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park, Sedona, Arizona; photo by Chad Woodward

Full Moon @ 3 Pisces 12'

August 26, 2018

4:56 AM Los Angeles

7:56 AM New York

12:56 PM London

7:56 PM Beijing

9:56 PM Sydney

After the crossfire of three eclipses plus Mercury and Mars retrograde in July/early August, this Full Moon in tropical Pisces is a welcome reprieve. Complications which arose over the last few weeks finally get an opportunity for resolution. Devoid of challenging aspects to the Moon itself, this lunar culmination is helpful for pulling projects or situations together or otherwise reclaiming confidence in a larger purpose.

Mars is stationing direct in Capricorn the following day, which magnifies a willingness to engage in prolific productivity. Finding an endpoint becomes more relaxed with this lunation, especially with an earth grand trine formed between the Sun, Saturn, and Uranus, all supporting the Full Moon. The strong presence of the earth element is helpful for concrete actualization or for acquiring tangible results from consistent efforts. 

Neptune is currently transiting with the Moon in Pisces, which excites the waning Jupiter/Neptune trine from the previous week. Outer planet aspects have a longer shelf life, so this lunation certainly has mystical, creative, and visionary elements. In mutable Pisces, this Full Moon is a definite marker of shifting tides. Real, tangible transitions are now afoot, and with Mars turning direct, hurdles and hesitations will soon cease in the following two weeks.

Pisces evokes contemplation, compassion, and the desire for self-transcendence. The culmination of this Full Moon is helpful for detaching from excessive worry or self-doubt and engaging more fully in what fuels passions. While the Full Moon energy is often outer-directed, this lunation carries a robust inner calling. If you require some time to yourself to reflect or focus in on what matters most, these symbols are highly supportive. 

The main point of tension is Venus' applying square to Pluto which adds an element of intensity to relational interactions. Venus/Pluto suggests working to create authenticity in stable relationships, as opposed to giving in to the temptations of drama or fleeting seductions. The Sun in Virgo and its earth grand trine with Saturn/Uranus, however, serve as a powerful grounding point, which may correlate with a need to engage more fully in pragmatic tasks or endeavors.

The interplay between both the timeless archetype of Pisces and the earth elements suggest that this is an optimal Full Moon for getting wholly consumed in some work, practice, project, or duty which fuels the heart. Yes, the earth grand trine can incite an obsessive focus on what needs to get done or accomplished to the point of losing sight of other needs or obligations. Pisces' negative face might lead to escapism through productivity. 

But after the many setbacks of the last few weeks, it might feel good to dig into something concrete. Look around for things that are reaching culmination or completion with this lunation. Perhaps you'll see the tangible results of a daily practice coming to fruition, or a plan you've been mulling over finally coming together. And trust that within the next few weeks, the usual pace and momentum will return, so reap any benefits of this Full Moon and prepare yourself for larger initiations just after the Virgo New Moon Sept. 9.