Reignite Your Passion: New Moon in Leo 2019

Photo by Chad Woodward, 2019.

Photo by Chad Woodward, 2019.

New Moon @ 08 Leo 37’

July 31, 2019

8:12 PM Los Angeles

11:12 PM New York

4:12 AM London

August 1, 2019

11:12 AM Beijing

1:12 PM Sydney

With eclipse season passed us, and Mercury stationing direct, things gradually fall back into a regular flow and routine. However, Mercury's station alongside this New Moon can still present delays, glitches, and sluggish momentum. One upside to this is that New Moons are conducive to taking it slow, moments of more inward focus, rest, and relaxation. Also, with Venus' close conjunction, there's a restorative and slightly social vibe to this lunation which serves as a nice contrast from the intensity of the last two eclipses.

The Saturn/Pluto conjunction still dominates the background energy, but this New Moon in Leo offers up a welcome break from the dystopian muck. With the Sun exalted in its ruling sign, the firey, gravitas of Leo gets an extra kick. The Leo principle emphasizes performance but also moments of joy. This lunation can correlate with the start of creative, self-expressive, or recreational endeavors. With Venus close to both the Sun and Moon, there's an extra emphasis on the pleasure principle, too.

Uranus' square to this lunation adds an erratic and unanticipated element, especially as it pressures both Venus and the New Moon. Leo's fondness for excitement or the pursuit of a good time can lead to a prevalence of distractions (or mishaps if you're not careful). As always with Uranus, there's a chance to change something up, only the square feels like enforced rather than voluntary change. Suddenly the wildcard emerges when you least expect it.

When looked at another way, this New Moon can spontaneously ignite creative, sexual, or relational passion. With Saturn and Pluto inconjunct from the shadowy edges of Capricorn, we can't completely ignore the challenges of the current era or the responsibilities that loom in the background. But this New Moon offers lightness and boldness, allowing us to claim the confidence needed to take any hardship head-on, and possibly, enjoy ourselves for the moment.