April New Moon 2016

The Price of Freedom: New Moon in Aries 2016

Day 40 of Occupy Wall Street; photo by David Shankbone.

New Moon @ 18 Aries 04'

April 7, 2016

3:23 AM Pacific

6:23 AM Eastern

April is an interesting month and one in which you may find catalytic for many new experiences. On a collective level, April’s New Moon symbolizes a prelude to a significant historical marker: the conjunction of Uranus and the newly discovered dwarf planet Eris. These two planets will first conjoin this June, but April’s New Moon occurs within the vicinity of this building conjunction, giving us a preview of the archetypal energy that it will embody in our personal and collective lives.

Eris was discovered in 2005 and was responsible for demoting Pluto from a planet to a dwarf planet. Eris made headlines in major news publications and completely altered the solar system. While there have been many new and significant discoveries, Eris stands out as the object that single-handedly brought so much upheaval within the astronomical community. I personally think Eris is a powerful archetype and that it has much to teach us. But what does Eris mean?

As with any new discovery, it will take time before we have a working interpretative framework, but for now we have some key themes associated with the mythology. Eris is named after a trickster goddess, a goddess of discord, chaos, and strife. In the most popular Greek mythos, Eris threw a golden apple inscribed with the phrase “to the fairest” into a wedding party (that she wasn’t invited to) causing a competitive tussle between the goddesses Hera, Aphrodite, and Athena that resulted in the Trojan War.

 It appears that Eris may have an association with some of the deepest layers of the primordial unconscious involving fierce competition, primal sexuality, and themes relating to the survival of the fittest. On another layer, Eris may embody issues surrounding wealth inequality and the social problems connected with status and privilege. And as a trickster goddess associated with Chaos, her influence often correlates with disruption and upheaval. We can also say the same of Uranus, and these two planets coming together are bound to create some turbulence within the collective psyche.

As the current lunar cycle comes to a close, you may notice that feeling of something ending and yet something unknown and mysterious taking its place. This is a common feeling during a New Moon, and to make things even more ambiguous, we have the presence of this new object that we are being invited to integrate into our consciousness. The New Moon occurs in tropical Aries which begins the zodiac cycle. Aries may symbolize the need for new adventures along with new stress and challenges.

With the presence of Uranus, we get the symbolism of trailblazing for the sake of independence, personal freedom, and autonomy. But the path you may find yourself following may feel uncertain, even a little scary. That’s because you’re encroaching upon a new evolutionary threshold—one in which the modern world has yet to touch upon. To do that requires immense bravery and courage. It requires staring into the unknown without allowing fear to hold you back or to keep you from achieving your goals.

The New Moon’s trine (a 120 degrees relationship) aspect to Saturn will help facilitate rapid growth and maturity—as long as you step up to the challenge that lies before you without taking short cuts or avoiding the need for discipline and focus. Pluto in Capricorn also squares (makes a 90 degrees relationship) with this lunation as well.  If you take the initiative with this New Moon, you will find that you have an opportunity to completely alter the structures in your life in some profound way.

And always with Pluto, you must confront deeply embedded feelings and fears. As you charge forth this month, you may encounter what appears to be a brick wall that seems impenetrable. But if you can imagine a wall constructed out of beliefs and limitations inherent to your own mind, you can see that perhaps there’s a way past it through the intentional transcendence of fear. Uranus conjunct the New Moon asks you how much you would pay for freedom. How much are you willing to give up to direct your own life? That might require stepping up and becoming your own authority, and releasing the need for others to take care of you. The price is that void of uncertainty that lies before you.

The current lunar cycle is one in which you can initiate some big changes in your personal life—whether drastic or subtle. Those changes are probably frightening and uncertain. Remember that whatever Eris ultimately embodies is something in which we must, collectively, become conscious of. Consider that in your own life, too. What new realities have you yet to glimpse? It’s both an exciting and unnerving process. To become conscious of anything is often uncomfortable and sometimes even painful. But Aries stirs up your inner warrior. This New Moon can give you the boost of courage and stamina you need. And once you set things into motion, the universe will take care of the rest.