Aquarius Eclipse 2018

Free Yourself: Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius 2018

By Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve (Lunar Eclipse, Star Dune, and Elk) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

By Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve (Lunar Eclipse, Star Dune, and Elk) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse @ 4 degrees Aquarius 45'

July 27, 2018

1:20 PM Los Angeles

4:20 PM New York

9:20 PM London

July 28, 2018

12:20 AM Dubai

4:20 AM Beijing

6:20 AM Sydney

8:20 AM Auckland

At the end of July, a total lunar eclipse will be entirely visible from the Middle East, Central and East Africa, Central Asia, and Antartica, while West Africa, Europe, Austrailia, New Zealand, South America, and the Eastern Caribbean will see a partial lunar eclipse (Iceland and West South America will catch some of the penumbral phase). Pretty much everyone except those residing in North America and Greenland will witness some or most of the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century. Totality will last an hour and 42 minutes for those first regions listed.

But even more uniquely, this long-lasting lunar eclipse will conjoin the planet Mars while at its brightest since 2003. Those lucky enough to see it will witness a diminishing of the Moon's reflective light and the piercing, red glow of Mars beneath it. In fact, during a lunar eclipse, the Moon turns a reddish orange hue. So, both the Moon and Mars will be distinctly red beacons in the night sky. 

If you're unable to see this historic event, you can still witness the extra brilliance of Mars as it makes its peak opposition to the Sun on July 26/27 and then closest approach (and brightest shine) to Earth on July 31. Mars is currently retrograde, which happens when the red planet reaches its perihelic opposition to the Sun every two years. Read more about that in my article here. 

Okay, now for the astrology. Cue the shrieks of terror! Mars is not a friendly planet. It's the God/Goddess of war. War is not pleasant; it's divisive and hostile. But divisiveness is an essential part of life. In fact, tension, frustration, destruction, even combativeness can be healthy and appropriate at times. Have you ever been in a relationship with a sociopath, malignant narcissist, or otherwise abusive person? Have you had a tick attached to you, gleefully enjoying your blood? The best solution to those problems is a fundamental Mars function. Cut your ties! There are situations in life when peace and love are not useful options.

By Farhan Perdana (Blek) from Jakarta, Indonesia (Lunar Eclipse: Umbra) [CC BY 2.0  (], via Wikimedia Commons

By Farhan Perdana (Blek) from Jakarta, Indonesia (Lunar Eclipse: Umbra) [CC BY 2.0  (], via Wikimedia Commons

In astrology, a lunar eclipse is an extra-potent Full Moon, and when total, it's even more powerful. So a lunar eclipse is a dramatic peak, culmination, crisis, or ending. Something has reached its furthest state of growth and achievement. As mentioned, Mars is also reaching its peak of brightness just as the Full Moon/eclipse culminates. Coincidence? I'd like to say it's a byproduct of synchronicity and an intelligent universe. We have two peak experiences reaching their peak at about the same time. 

As always with astrology, significant events like this are not massively substantial for everyone. If you have planets or critical placements around four degrees of tropical Aquarius, you should pay more attention. And for those residing in the regions where the eclipse is most visible, we may see some significant events develop around these themes in those places in the following weeks or months. 

With the lunar eclipse/Full Moon in Aquarius conjunct Mars retrograde, and in square aspect with Uranus, these are some seriously volatile and rebellious vibes. Confrontations as a result of diminished freedom, autonomy, or individualistic expression are all highly possible manifestations of this eclipse. "Enough is enough" is a potent phrase for this eclipse, especially with both Mars and the eclipse conjunct the lunar South Node. For those that have been oppressed, dominated, or kept silent, this lunar eclipse provides an empowering surge of retaliation and rage. 

If this eclipse speaks to you, and it will speak to us all in some way, it encourages a fight for individual rights. It stimulates the bravery needed to demand freedom and to liberate oneself from stagnant situations. As an air sign, Aquarius expresses itself through thoughts, ideas, and information. Perhaps this eclipse empowers us through knowledge or an enlightening, objective perspective on reality. However, with Mars retrograde, and the Moon at its peak, this is not necessarily an ideal start for a revolution. Those seeds were planted in the distant past.

Chart for the Total Lunar Eclipse July 27/28, 2018. 

Chart for the Total Lunar Eclipse July 27/28, 2018. 

Here, at the Full Moon phase, we are reaching the peak tension, and the consequences of our actions will come upon us soon. As the Full Moon/eclipse culminates, it would be wise to be extra cautious with overly risky endeavors, or intentionally putting yourself in situations where danger is a high possibility. Pushing yourself or others past reasonable limitations might not go too well. Using the mind's power of reason, and cool rationality, take a good look at your feelings, impulses, and reactions and assess whether or not you should indulge them. 

Consider long-standing situations which have caused you to amass frustration, anger, or resentment. Consider in what ways you've been held back or not allowed the freedom to be who you are or to follow your unique path in life. Notice how those situations are reaching critical points of crisis or culmination, and how you can handle the situation the best way possible. Perhaps, you'll need to cut ties, or maybe you'll need to set firm boundaries and divisions. Either way, Mars is assertive, and this Full Moon is not your usual lunar culmination. 

Conversely, as mentioned, this is a South Nodal eclipse, which brings up the past in a dynamic way. And given that Mars is retrograde, unresolved, past conflicts, or the eruption of unexpressed frustration could be a major theme of this eclipse. The karma has ripened, as the saying goes. With the lunar North Node in Leo, conjunct the Sun raging and roaring in its home sign, the eclipse opens a pathway forward which requires increased visibility, self-expressiveness, and passion for following through. 

And sometimes, an excessive focus on rebelling or being different can be alienating. The North Node in Leo conjunct the Sun suggests coming into the light and moving out of isolation, which takes courage. The Sun in Leo says that it's time to speak up and be heard. This eclipse requires more than embracing individuality or jumping onto the next revolutionary bandwagon. It's an invitation to create a bridge into the real world to allow yourself to be an effective truth speaker or freedom advocate. After the war is over, life must go on. Free yourself. 

Life feels overwhelming when faced with things outside of your control. Understanding yourself is key to finding your power and place in the world. While you can't control fate or the chaos of life, your destiny belongs to you, something you can always strive for to gain command of your life path