Aquarius Full Moon 2013

Full Moon In Aquarius July 2013

Full Moon @ 00 degrees Aquarius 06'
July 22, 2013
11:15 AM Pacific
2:15 PM Eastern

This first Aquarian Full Moon (there's another in August) provides a dynamic vantage point from which to observe a subjective inner world. The collective is currently submerged in an abysmal sea--floating, feeling, and reflecting. While in the midst of a powerful experiential process the Full Moon opens the way for an objective awareness which allows for a deeper understanding and processing to take hold. Mercury's retrograde backtrack provided the opportunity to reflect, absorb, take in, and possibly reroute our present course, or at least change the way we feel about it. The big theme right now is security and that opens up questions surrounding trust: Do you trust yourself? Do you trust those closest to you? Are you being too trusting, leaving you open and vulnerable? Where can you strike a balance? How can you remain receptive while maintaining clear and definite boundaries for your protection?

These may be some key questions floating around right now and this Full Moon creates a momentary window of immense emotional clarity where we can feel and understand simultaneously. These clear and crisp Aquarian vibrations remove some of that third eye window smudge, allowing for more vision and extrasensory awareness. In fact, with Mercury now direct and leaving a square with Uranus, this lunation permeates the collective with potential breakthroughs and deep insights. Some of us may feel more intuitive and psychic than usual, while others may feel more emotional, sensitive, and empathetic. This energy could incite some defensiveness as well, especially if you’re hiding anything that you would rather keep private. It can also drive others into escapism or patterns of avoidance to divert uncomfortable material that's now seemingly out in the open.

This Full Moon doesn't seem to leave much out and there's a lot that could get potentially exposed with this, especially for those taking advantage of the "extrasensory" potential that's currently activated. With so many planets in water signs, our attention is drawn toward subtle dimensions of reality; there may be more curiosity about what lies beyond the veil of third density. Take advantage of this because we're in the midst of a rare moment of collective lucidity. That means deliberately looking beyond the obvious facades we encounter in our everyday lives as well as the events in the media. If we look closely we're likely to see intelligence behind the patterns of events surrounding us. Such awareness may lead some to feel divinely guided by an omnipotent benevolent force or helplessly beleaguered by pernicious conspirators. I feel our reality is underwritten by both, and it serves us to be conscious of these two ends of the archetypal spectrum.

That means we can't just "pull the plug" on what we don't like by surrounding ourselves in a bubble of love and light optimism--that will only imprison us more. We also shouldn't allow our minds to get flooded and overloaded by paralyzing paranoia where nothing can be trusted and no hope lies before us. Ideally, we trust in life enough to let it guide us, but remain skeptical always of what we're guided to and the reasons or agenda behind it. I think that it's really critical to understand these days, because it's as if the rules of the game keep changing and morphing right in front of us and while it's happening we're left dumbfounded and confused about what's really going on because we weren't expecting it. The Grand Trine energy culminating at the end of July is pulling us deeper, much deeper into some very vulnerable territory. For some this is very healing and integrating, while for others it's potentially frightening because of just how deep that rabbit hole really is. I guess you could say we're being led to expand our expectations which ultimately change our assumptions. Reality is only what we all collectively agree upon anyway. Let's see how we can change it, but let's also reflect on what we're being led to change and whether that's really in our best interest or not.

Additionally, we’re in a very fertile time for creativity where we can bridge the dream world with the real world via the Saturn, Neptune, and Jupiter/Mars Grand Trine. This will be a consistent theme throughout the Summer, so if you’re feeling it, go for it. If you read a lot of astrology blogs or articles, you’re likely aware of the “making your dreams come true” energy surrounding all this. While this is certainly an inherent possibility let’s also be conscious of just how subtle it really is and also be aware of the fact that this is a very internalized process impacting us on a more subjective level. That means we can more closely align with who we really want to be, that is, our higher potential. This is a time where we can create a bridge between the ideal and the actual in many different ways, not just in a material sense. An opposition to Neptune from Venus in Virgo is a focal point that drives us toward that lofty peak of higher expectations. Also be wary of extreme criticism, fault finding, and perfectionist tendencies. 

The Chariot Tarot card from 
Aliester Crowley's Thoth Tarot Deck
The opposition of Sun and Moon forms a T-square with Saturn in Scorpio. Saturn turned Stationary Direct on July 7th and in some ways we're back on track and ready for new lessons. How fun is that? Saturn's lessons are pretty tough, let's be honest, especially while transgressing the sometimes lurid depths of Scorpio and the "burning way". While Saturn was retrograde we had a chance to process a lot of deep and likely uncomfortable material. This Full Moon sheds light on new challenges and opportunities for lasting transformation. During this transit we're finding ourselves having to accept death as an inherent aspect of reality, and to embrace and even engage ourselves in the process of allowing things to die when they need to. Saturn's Scorpionic lessons can be painful but the growth it promotes in the long run are what make for strong and wise souls.

The heaviness of this Square gets tempered by the Grand Trine with Saturn, Jupiter/Mars, and Neptune, which can be positive or negative depending on your response. Positive in the sense that this Full Moon isn't going to bring a huge weight of enormous responsibility, but negative in the sense that we may be tempted to numb out rather than deal with what's real, or as I stated above, to avoid things you don't want to accept or have to admit to. Grand trines don't ignite much motivation in general, but this lunation seems to promote an even balance of ease and friction which can be harnessed and directed creatively. Again, we're dealing with material that's usually beyond our conscious perception, stuff that lurks in the shadows. As long as we actively engage with this and choose to take ownership or responsibility for it, we can really make some progress. 

As the month draws to a close we’re going to find ourselves in the midst of a powerful harmonic
energy field which will peak on July 29th. Again, this is a moment that’s imbued with powerful creative momentum, which invites us to really challenge ourselves to work outside the mold we've been dealing with. A new template awaits, and if we’re conscious of this moment we can use it to create an entirely new design, something really unique and original, but also, possibly, a radical alternation of things we've already established. So, in a way, we’re not really reinventing the wheel here, but it just might feel that way while we’re riding this wave. So keep that in mind, and don’t get too carried away or let it go to your head. In fact, while we’re experiencing this watery tidal wave we can really tune out from the mental process for a while and just feel our way through it. This is really far more kinesthetic than it is intellectual. Allow yourself to feel whatever comes up, go there, and see how you can transmute those feelings into something extraordinary. 

Sabian Symbol: An old adobe mission

*Note: This is the first of two Full Moons in the sign of Aquarius this year; this places the spotlight on humanitarian ideals, collective objectivity, and an accelerated process of growth, development, and culmination. This also further ignites the "revolutionary" impulse within the collective psyche to an extreme degree. As August approaches this will become exceedingly more apparent.