Aquarius Full Moon 2015

An Alternate Route: Full Moon in Aquarius 2015

A view north along North Fork-Charleston Road in Charleston,
Nevada; Photo by Farmartin, 2014, via Wikimedia Commons. 
Full Moon @ 7 Aquarius 56' 
July 31, 2015
6:43 AM Eastern
3:43 AM Pacific

Tension is inherent within any Full Moon. The opposition of Sol and Luna always breeds perspective as well as culmination. But some Full Moons are more rife with tension than others. Not this one. Yes, we can feel that internal opposition within ourselves, that sense of something coming to a head, to a climax. The crescendo of the lunar cycle always feels that way somehow. A process is indeed coming to its peak experience, but the Moon isn’t challenged by much else here, and for Aquarius, that’s certainly a liberating feeling.

This Full Moon coincides with a sense of stillness and reflection. It’s a moment to take a breath, to take in the moment and prepare yourself for what’s about to unfold. In tropical Aquarius, you need a breath of fresh air. However you can obtain that, I suggest that you do so. Try something different. Take a path you have yet to tread. Look inside yourself and make a connection to your uniqueness.

Aquarius, via its modern association with Uranus, imbues the collective with a desire for independence, freedom, and authentic self-expression. Choose to liberate yourself somehow. Choose to be who you inherently are. The gods and goddesses of Aquarius will smile upon you and nudge you forward. But then again, moving forward feels a bit counterintuitive at the moment.

Venus is slowly turning retrograde, backwards in the sky as she gradually approaches another conjunction with Jupiter. You’re coming back to something now, something perhaps from the recent past, such as earlier in the month or something from the distant past (like eight years ago), or a past you do not consciously remember. You are within the embrace of those magical forty days and forty nights that Venus is retrograde--a time to reconsider your relationships, resources, and a time to reassess your choices.

You’ve been to this place before. Perhaps you remember it, perhaps you do not. Keep in mind that you are weaving your fate, perhaps not consciously, but at least supra-consciously. And that supra-conscious self is what we mistake as fate. The gods, goddesses, and angels are ultimately us. We are creating our destiny, but not simply from the mind alone, but from a “higher” mind that we cannot consciously conceive.

Venus and Jupiter expand your capacity for love—love for yourself and for others. And yet there is restlessness. Jupiter wants to expand, and Leo wants to play. Venus seeks to build bridges and form deeper connections. Our karma lies primarily in our desires. Sure, there are ramifications for what we put out into the world and the actions that we take, but the most powerful karma of all lies at the heart of our longing and regrets, our “unfinished business”.

With Venus retrograde, consider your unfinished business with others now. Consider how you might go about finishing it. Aquarius urges you to do something different—to choose an alternative route this time. Throw away all your education regarding how relationships should be. Set aside all those limiting parameters society dictates for you. Listen to your heart right now. What is it saying to you? To finish and clear this karma may require a new and different approach. You might as well try it. It’s possible that you only have several hundred more lifetimes to do it.

For more on the current Venus retrograde cycle, see my article here (video included at the bottom).

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