Aries Full Moon 2015

The Risk of Existence: Total Lunar Eclipse and Supermoon in Aries 2015

Total Lunar Eclipse August 2007; photo by Steve Ryan.

Total Lunar Eclipse @ 04 Aries 40'
September 27, 2015
10:50 PM Eastern
7:50 PM Pacific

This month’s Full Moon closes the final eclipse portal for 2015. While also a total lunar eclipse, this lunation also happens to be a Supermoon. That sounds pretty intense, doesn’t it? Well, don’t panic but you may want to be extra mindful of other people as well as your own unconscious impulses or reactions. The term Supermoon was coined by an astrologer and surprisingly it’s caught on, even in the astronomical community (believe it or not). A Supermoon occurs when the Moon is at its perigee (closest approach to the Earth) while also in an opposition to the Sun (from our geocentric perspective).

In other words, a Supermoon actually appears slightly larger in the sky and is closer to the Earth than other Full Moons. What’s the significance? Well, according to some, a Supermoon can correlate (or actually cause) an increase in things like earthquakes or anomalous weather. And being closer to the earth, it tends to amplify the psychic impact of the Full Moon. I haven’t personally paid much attention to this so I can’t say whether that’s true or not, but I won’t leave it out of the realm of possibility (I practice astrology; I have an incredibly open mind). But, to top things off, this Supermoon is also a total lunar eclipse, and for those of us here in the northern hemisphere, it will be visible and quite active in the collective psyche.

We can anticipate some interesting events to hit the news. That’s always a certainty with eclipses when they’re visible over a certain region. Will this eclipse also bring about some pronounced natural phenomena? It’s possible, but I wouldn’t go worrying about it or expecting some disaster that will make your life more interesting, or worse, distract you from dealing with the reality that lies before you. In fact, a lunar eclipse is an opportune time to focus more inwardly and internally, as well as to be aware of your conscious perception more than usual. If you can step back and observe yourself and others with perceptiveness and focus, you’ll be less likely to get swept up in any kind of “lunacy” that may be surrounding this event.

Full Moons always bring about a culmination of a particular process. With that comes an increase in energy, motivation, and activity. But a lunar eclipse brings in a darker element. Eclipses open up portals within the conscious life narrative; they reveal windows into the dimensions of the psyche we tend to not want to acknowledge in our everyday lives. So, often, the eclipse energy is accompanied by a subtle yet noticeable ambiance of mystery, uncertainty, and sometimes an amplification of certain fears. This can correlate with the dredging up of feelings and emotions that have been stored away in the deeper recesses of our minds. 

The best way to deal with this is to simply go through whatever comes up for you but to do your best to remain calm and not allow the feelings to overwhelm you. If you can do that, just hold space for the experience and allow it to pass through you, you’ll find that these events are not really so terrible. But then again, we can’t control how other people choose to respond their own psychic processes. So, just be mindful and conscious on the day of and during the days surrounding this event of how other people may be reacting. This lunation occurs in the tropical zodiac sign of Aries. Those of us with an emphasis in Aries or cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn) may find this particular lunation more impactful or significant, though don’t expect it to change your life.

The Arian archetype can be explosive, impulsive, assertive and restless. Combined with the Supermoon and lunar eclipse, there is a lot of energy and momentum packed into this lunation. That’s great if you can channel this into something healthy and meaningful for you. Not so great if you find yourself trying to force something to happen when the timing just isn’t right (because Mercury is still retrograde). Allow this lunation to motivate you in some way and use that motivation to rework whatever you’re focusing on. While the energy may be available, don’t go charging into battle just yet (don’t take on too much or hurt yourself). But you can use this heightened and catalytic fuel to make some positive changes, both within yourself, your life, or with something you’ve been working on.

On the other end of the polarity, the Sun, Mercury, North Node, and Juno are all clustered in the sign of Libra. This brings in an obvious “social” element. With Mercury retrograde, we are likely finding that we’re focused on mending, rebuilding or releasing our connection to certain “bridges” with others (intimate or professional relationships or friendships). While this is a South Node lunar eclipse, there is a need to let go and release certain fears or anxieties and step into a healthier relationship with those you truly love and care for. Sometimes, you need to step back to get clear about those in your life. This may symbolize a time when you are able to break through certain barriers because you have earned enough strength and confidence to deal with them more soberly and appropriately.

As I said, Full Moons are a time of culmination, a time of blossoming. Whether super or eclipsed, Full Moons bring about awareness and bring things to a head or boiling point. The sign of Aries symbolizes the life force energy in its most pure, raw and primal state. As the Earth’s shadow slowly dims the light of the Full Moon, it symbolizes the dawning of realizations and a threshold crossed within the psyche that reveals what was previously concealed. Aries seeks adventure, challenge, and risk. It reminds us what it means to be alive, to truly be awake and aware of our existence. Feel that sense of aliveness within yourself during this eclipse. It has the power to push you toward something, something that feeds you and that fills you with life and vitality. In case you forgot, you’re still living. Something within you wants to live. And to live requires a risk because life itself never guarantees survival. We have to fight for our right to live, our right to be alive. Are you ready and willing to live, to live vibrantly and courageously? The choice is yours.

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