Aries New Moon 2014

The Cardinal On-ramp: New Moon In Aries 2014

Photo by Chad Woodward,
Temecula, Ca 2012
New Moon @ 9 Aries 59
March 30, 2014
11:45 AM Pacific
2:45 PM Eastern

The astrological New Year has arrived and the New Moon in Aries helps to further solidify the new solar cycle. Aries is a sign of action and forward momentum. As a cardinal sign, Aries seeks to conquer new, uncharted frontiers.

 A New Moon brings a fresh new process into focus, and occurring in this catalytic zodiac sign, we are each presented with a clean slate, a blank canvas from which we can choose to create something fresh and original.

The desire for something new and unique finds further reinforcement from Uranus, conjunct the New Moon. As a planet that thrives on breaking routines and firmly entrenched conditioning, Uranus invites us to break free of anything holding us back from further evolutionary growth.

Whatever that means for you, however drastic or subtle, this New Moon urges us to step out into the unknown and to pave the way for some new direction. This lunation serves as a powerful launching pad that will carry us steadily toward any desired destination. But the path toward that end will be anything but a cakewalk.

The conjunction of Sun and Moon finds itself in the midst of the precarious cardinal axis--precarious because a conjunction with Uranus means a square to Pluto and Jupiter. That’s a lot of tension; we can view this New Moon as an onramp, preparing us for the dramatic and climactic grand cross to occur mid-April.

This astrologically historical alignment is anything but subtle. It demands our attention and participation. It urges us to consciously take part in the collective processing of a grand scale reformation. On a personal level, we must channel this desire for epic change into our lives in some way. Otherwise, we may experience the more “negative” projections emanating from the external environment, forcing change upon us.

If you’ve already taken the steps necessary to induce this change in some way, then consider this New Moon a reinforcing influence that will help further your objectives. While squares symbolize incredible friction, especially when involved in a t-square formation (as we see with this lunation), they equally symbolize the impetus to take action so that life can move on in new directions.

The combination of cardinal energy, the pioneering nature of Aries and the catalytic power of these square aspects, produces a lunation that’s certainly hard to ignore or overlook. But with this energy slowly building, we have already heard the call to action, especially those of us with significant planets or placements within the cardinal axis (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn).

Mars, the ruler of Aries, retrograde in Libra adds more significance to this rare and unique moment in time. Mars’ two year retrograde cycles often coincide with specific developments that grow and unfold with each retrograde cycle. Look around at the events unfolding in your life as well as the people you’re involved with.

There may be a sense of familiarity or continuity of events that have unfolded over the past few years and as much as there is a strong sense of newness accompanying this New Moon, there is more of a rejuvenation of things that we have already put into motion. With Mars retrograde, we’re also invited to more consciously assess our choices, actions and decisions more carefully—particularly encompassing the views and perspectives of others.

With that said, consciously take a ride on this onramp upward toward your higher goals and objectives. Shake something up, break out of the mold in some way. Uranus and Aries urge us to fearlessly face the unknown and to make a dynamic impact. Follow this energy wherever it leads you, because new life is on its way.