Aries New Moon 2017

Blazing the Trail: New Moon in Aries 2017

Image by Chad Woodward, 2016.

Image by Chad Woodward, 2016.

New Moon @ 7 Aries 37'

March 27, 2017

7:57 PM Pacific

10:57 PM Eastern

This month’s New Moon in tropical Aries is a potent new beginning. In fact, with Venus’ retrograde conjunction with the Sun (also known as an inferior conjunction) and the equinox behind us, there are vibrant atmospheric conditions conducive for new adventures, experiences, and starting points. Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, is a cardinal, fire sign. Aries relates to our need to catalyze enthusiasm to assert our will in the world. As an archetype, Aries is known as the warrior, though I like to refer to it as a trailblazer. Those born with strong Aries signatures in their birth charts, often find themselves faced with the need to take their own path in life. 

Their evolution depends on taking risks, facing fear, and consistently seeking new challenges. That often leaves the Aries individual with the need to lead themselves and others into new territory and experiences. With this New Moon, you may find that whatever you’re caught up in has this quality of blazing a new trail or taking off in some uncharted direction. The New Moon naturally carries this quality; something mysterious is emerging at this point that we can’t quite fully grasp. Aries encourages us to follow our will and desires to this new place even though we may not fully understand what the end result will be.
Use this New Moon to reflect deeply on what’s arising within you. Take some time to connect with your desires and what you really want. Whatever intentions you set now, have the power to carry you far for the next several years. With Venus retrograde and in conjunction with this New Moon, we are in fertile ground for setting into motion projects, commitments, and relationships that will unfold and develop in synch with Venus’ eight year rhythm. That means that the things you find yourself presently dealing with in your personal life are likely to have long term consequences. Consider deeply how important these things are for you and whether they’re truly worth the time and energy.
For many relationships, this New Moon is generating an entirely new chapter and turning point. Whether those relationships are romantic, platonic, or professional, consider what’s happening between you and these important people in your life. This lunation is creating an opportunity to change the direction of certain partnerships. Over the past few weeks of Venus’ retrograde cycle, you’ve perhaps had a change of heart. You’ve likely seen certain dynamics in a different light, or have even realized certain feelings you didn’t know existed. This New Moon will help to give you the confidence to take the next step with your realizations and put some things into action.

All trail blazers need immense courage, conviction, and assertiveness to face the unknown. You may find that taking the initiative, setting clear boundaries, and asserting your needs will be quite effective at this point in creating change. That change may not be what you initially expected, but these energies are asking you to assert yourself in some dynamic way to bring in fresh momentum and movement. Many issues that have been circulating in the air the past few weeks are now given a chance to really shift so that forward progress can happen. Embrace the new path that is opening up in your life and in your partnerships. It has the power to take you far.


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