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Reaching the Mars Zone: Sun/Mars Conjunction 2017

Dan Steele on an Eastern Illinois University Relay team, via Wikimedia Commons.

Dan Steele on an Eastern Illinois University Relay team, via Wikimedia Commons.

We're reaching a conjunction of Sun and Mars (exact July 26). If you looked down at the solar system while hovering above it from space, you would see a direct alignment of Earth, Sun, and Mars. The last conjunction, when Mars was on the far side of the Sun (where we can’t see it), was June 14, 2015 (this will be important to consider, so bear with me here). The last opposition (when Mars was behind the Earth opposing the Sun), was last year during Mars’ retrograde cycle on May 22, 2016. Thus, a Sun/Mars conjunction or opposition alternates roughly each year. You don’t need to understand the technical details, but check out the images below for a visual. The main point is that the last conjunction was in June of 2015, so what’s shifting now relates to what began or shifted at that time.

        The Sun/Mars conjunction July 26, 2017 as seen                 from a heliocentric (Sun centered) perspective

        The Sun/Mars conjunction July 26, 2017 as seen                 from a heliocentric (Sun centered) perspective

The Sun/Mars retrograde opposition May 22, 2016 as viewed from a heliocentric (Sun centered) perspective

The Sun/Mars retrograde opposition May 22, 2016 as viewed from a heliocentric (Sun centered) perspective

Mars is the archetypal warrior of the solar system. It relates to our need and desire to actively get what we want from life (claim what we desire), to defend ourselves, and take up some space in the world. This Earth/Mars synodic cycle (the technical term for the Sun/Mars/Earth alignments), relates to shifting themes connected to the archetypal nature of Mars. Look to the house or place that holds 4 degrees of tropical Leo for insight into the next two year cycle. Mars has many faces, and they shift alongside these conjunctions/oppositions.

While you may not realize it, you go through a roughly two year cycle craving or pursuing a particular theme which takes up much of your physical and psychic energy. That particular craving will be shifting again, and you'll be in pursuit of something else entirely which you can actualize over the next two years. I feel that the emergence of these cravings/desires are more closely related to the conjunctions, because Mars is symbolically engulfed by the Sun (it literally disappears behind it) and is renewed, thus Mars receives a new mission to actualize in the world.

The conjunctions of Sun and Mars deal with the emergence or start and activation of new paths. The oppositions relate to critical turning points in which we change the direction or flow of these actualizing impulses (because Mars is retrograde at these times). From the evolutionary astrological perspective, it is believed that Mars is a lower octave of Pluto. While Pluto is a symbolic reference for the desires existing within the soul, Mars is the means through which they’re carried through and actualized in the physical world. Thus, these conjunctions are significant markers in time and space for which we can better understand and work with to initiate (during the conjunction) or revise and redirect (during the retrograde opposition) desires of a metaphysical origin.

If we entertain the hypothetical suggestion that Mars somehow relates to the actualization of the soul’s pre-existing desires, then these cycles help us burn off our karma, or maybe even acquire more of it. So, we must bring more consciousness to this process to direct these energies to our evolutionary advantage. Check in with yourself (or your chart) to see what the next chapter holds and where much energy and passion will be directed. You're probably feeling it now with a change in the flow of your vitality and life force. On a purely collective level, this conjunction is heating up our drive, enthusiasm, and passion, or even revealing pent up frustration or anger. This may be a time to check in with yourself to see what's in the way of you attaining what you want or taking up some space in the world.

While the psychologist Sigmund Freud was probably off with many of his ideas, he did suggest that depression results from internalized anger and rage (but perhaps excluding clinical forms). I think that’s deeply insightful. To elaborate, if we repress our creativity, passion, and even sexual desires, then such feelings turn destructive and debilitating within the psyche. Also, if we favor one desire over another, then we tend to experience a polarization and the repressed desire manifests more strongly (even taking over our willpower for a period of time). If you're feeling moody, irritable, angry, frustrated, or depressed around this conjunction (unless of course you have obvious reasons to be), it's likely due to a blocked Eros, an inability to express your willpower or sexual and creative drive. You may want to get proactive now about ways you can direct this energy toward healthy and productive outlets.

Following a powerful New Moon with an applying conjunction to Mars (which occurred on July 23), this Sun/Mars conjunction is a significant starting point, and it’s been building up for some time. Mars has been in very close proximity to the Sun since mid-June of 2017, and so you’ve been feeling this transition ripple since then. This exact conjunction on July 26 may not manifest as a significant event, but so often the days surrounding the conjunction are accompanied by new beginnings of different flavors.

Whether you experience this energy positively or negatively has largely to do, hypothetically speaking, with how aligned you are with your soul’s true desires. Are you actively engaged with your life force, creativity, and passion? Are you listening to Eros? If not, then this can be a good time to connect with that reality, and begin taking those steps toward making changes that can better align you with what you’ve come here to do. If you are, then ride this wave confidently toward the actualization of what you really want. As we’re in the midst of eclipse season for the next month, expect to be on an accelerated path for change and personal transformation.

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Life feels overwhelming when faced with things outside of your control. Understanding yourself is key to finding your power and place in the world. While you can't control fate or the chaos of life, your destiny belongs to you, something you can always strive for to gain command of your life path. Evolutionary Astrology can help. Click here for personal readings. 

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Narrowing the Infinite: New Moon in Sagittarius 2016

New Moon @ 07 degrees Sagittarius 47'

November 29, 2016

5:18 AM Pacific

8:15 AM Eastern

November comes to an end alongside a New Moon in tropical Sagittarius. Saturn is currently moving through Sagittarius and widely conjoins this lunation. The sign of Sagittarius is a mutable, fire sign, ruled by the planet Jupiter which currently squares Pluto in Capricorn. The New Moon also makes a square with Neptune and the south node of the Moon. What is surfacing now may largely deal with your beliefs and the facts (or lack thereof) you have to support them. The asteroid Juno, also conjunct the New Moon, emphasizes the commitment required to sustain faith in a worldview.
The high-end of Sagittarius is not a rigid attachment to a belief, but rather an openness to contextual ways of thinking about or perceiving the world. Naturally, spiritual faith or religion fits into the Sagittarian archetype. Evolution demands that life changes in accordance with a changing environment. It also demands that organisms try new possibilities when old pathways no longer ensure success or survival. Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius serves to actually limit possibilities for the sake of finding more authentic pathways. It also asks that we question those beliefs that we’ve outgrown and that no longer serve us.

As the Sun and Moon conjoin in Sagittarius, it invites you to begin a process of exploring the possibilities that are available to you after a realistic assessment of their validity. This doesn’t mean throwing away all caution and taking a leap of faith, which you may be impulsed to do now. While Sagittarius naturally desires movement toward the infinite, instead focus on more sustainable beliefs and perceptions that have withstood scrutiny and challenge. Neptune’s station on the south node this month has generated a lot of collective hype and confusion. Beneath it, there is an opportunity to receive inspiration and authentic, numinous guidance.
The challenge with this New Moon is to distance yourself enough from the collective fog to see clearly into the epicenter of the what’s going on. What are you really devoted to now, when you cut away the superfluous? The challenge ignited by this New Moon is getting clear about that, and uncovering the passion, drive, and motivation to make your beliefs somehow work in the real world--to serve some concrete, valuable purpose for the benefit of others. At the moment, it’s not about being right; it’s about being relevant and useful. There may be a lot of directions to go, but this New Moon asks that you find that single guiding light in the mist, and to direct your enthusiasm toward it. Authentically doing that will likely elevate your personal purpose to a higher cause.

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Honest Assesment: New Moon in Scorpio 2016

Image by Chad Woodward

Image by Chad Woodward

New Moon @ 7 degrees Scorpio 44'

October 30, 2016

10:38 AM Pacific

1:38 PM Eastern

October's New Moon in tropical Scorpio highlights a time to go deeper within yourself and with those you are connected to. During any New Moon, we are consolidating our energy, turning inward, and recharging ourselves for the new lunar cycle ahead. Notice what emerges around you now. This New Moon is likely to reveal to you insights about life and yourself you may have been unconscious of or weren’t ready to face. The sign of Scorpio deals with uncomfortable truths and favors blunt honesty.
With Mercury’s conjunction to the New Moon, use this time to explore subjugated topics--sex, death, occultism, psychology. Take conversations to a new level of depth and meaning. Look around for opportunities to bond, make eye contact, and to say what you’ve been afraid to say. New seeds are being planted for the honest assessment of yourself, your relationships, and more truthful communication. Often, we move through our social interactions behind a superficial veneer.
That works well to establish connections, rapport, and social cohesion, but too much politeness deprives us of expressing who we truly are. As the Sun and Moon conjoin in Scorpio, expect that veneer to disappear, exposing us to the raw dimensions of others, ourselves, and the world around us. With Venus and Saturn conjunct in Sagittarius, consider how new or established relationships take on a tone of seriousness, tending toward the assessment or possibility of commitment. Saturn conjunct Venus is stirring up our ideals about partnership, favoring a more sober and realistic assessment of what’s possible (and what supports further growth and maturity).
Combined with this Scorpio lunation conjunct Mercury, this might be a time to openly discuss what you really want from yourself and others. Don’t settle for small talk or superficial exchange. This is the season to take things further, maybe even take a risk to fully express yourself to another person you trust. The New Moon makes a trine to Neptune in Pisces. Expect certain topics of exploration or conversations to lead toward an expansion of consciousness or an opportunity to glimpse spiritual insights. If you get anything from this New Moon, keep your mind and heart open to a reality you’ve been avoiding. It has the power to greatly alter your perception, leaving you more insightful and aware of what’s possible.

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You did not come to Earth without a guide. Evolutionary Astrology is a powerful tool for self-discovery and an exceptionally helpful guide in times of uncertainty, crisis or stagnation. Click here for reading options and pricing.