Astrology Forecast June 2013

Kosmic Horizon: June 2013

June is a highly transitional month, featuring several significant events that will carry us into new realms of activity. Now that we're clear of the intense eclipse passageway (late April to the end of May), we come smack back to reality. The ego, is once again back in full force. You may not have realized that it went anywhere, or that it was somewhat demoted for a while--but it was, however briefly. Everything seems to shift and morph during eclipse season, as if we can't quite grasp what's going on, or even who we are. There's this complete reworking of the personal self/identity at these times, and it can often feel like we're really losing touch with whatever that is. With most of the inner planets in Gemini now, the mind has kicked back into gear, and in many ways we go back to our old selves--slightly changed and somewhat altered, stained by the experiences we've just left behind. We now have a chance to settle in and try it all out in the real world. We emerge back into the external to implement this new self in a way that feels more under our control and intention.

At the end of May alongside the mutable Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, there was a powerful breaking up of the heavily fixed energy pattern brought on by the Solar Eclipse in Taurus on May 9th. In the two weeks leading up to this last eclipse, a mutable energy permeated the collective psyche via the archetype of Gemini. We're a little more in our heads now and the mind is extremely active. We may also feel a lot more sociable and inquisitive, looking outward for interaction. There's so much that Gemini wants to do, to know, and to experience. Mars enters Gemini, and Mercury enters Cancer on May 31st, and with Mercury out of the mix, some of the intense nervous system activation will begin to settle down.

June 2nd, Venus enters Cancer, further amplifying the Canerian influx, and that draws our attention, a little more internally here--more toward feelings and reactions. With Mars in Gemini there's a strong motivation to experience a variety of things, and to actively seek out new learning experiences. Utilize Mars to gain some useful experience in whatever you're working with.

June 3rd Mercury forms a grand trine with Neptune and Saturn, which will be the first of three grand trine formations triggering off this aspect pattern--with the big one occurring mid July with Jupiter. This will be a day in which we can intuitively gather information that would normally seem extremely abstract and difficult to grasp; and yet, if we allow ourselves to go really deep we can actually extract some rather useful stuff that can be readily applied to our lives. Also, it's important to pay attention to your dreams around this time, because there could potentially be a lot of significant insight that isn't normally apparent.

June 7th Neptune goes stationary retrograde, Mars and Pallas Athena conjoin in Gemini, and Venus joins in on the grand trine formation. Here we get a flood of insight, perhaps even psychic impressions that just spontaneously arise within consciousness--dreams will be significant, as well as insights pertaining to certain relationships. In fact, this is an opportunity to allow yourself to really open up in a relationship--either personal, professional, or otherwise. Whomever you're relating too, there could be this sense of feeling a little more comfortable, and here we have a chance to discuss or share material that we would normally keep private. The days surrounding this configuration offers us the chance to be vulnerable which will not only deepen our relationships, but will equally push things to the next level--and this will be a powerful theme that gets encapsulated in the New Moon that occurs the following day, on June 8th. 

New Moon @ 18 degrees of Gemini
June 8, 2013
8:56 AM Pacific
5:56 AM Eastern
The New Moon in Gemini resets the lunar cycle; we're officially back to earth and in the swing of things. While this is indefinitely a Gemini new Moon, accompanied by a strong mental influx, the mind finds itself somewhat overpowered by the all encompassing presence of the water element. Mercury, the ruler of the New Moon, forms a grand trine with Saturn and Neptune. We can more readily articulate emotions with this, and allow ourselves to feel our way towards an understanding of things. Not much will make sense if we just stick to analyzing it to death; we need the experiential awareness for progress to take place. This lunation invites us to find balance between mental acuity and emotional awareness--to feel and then to understand. While not making any significant aspects itself, the New Moon occurs along side the Venus, Neptune, Saturn grand trine--and a T-square with Mercury opposite Pluto, square Uranus. The Mars/Pallas conjunction in Gemini squares Neptune. Trusting our feelings is important here, and paying attention to powerful emotional reactions will bring a lot of insight.

June 9th Mercury enters the initial shadow period of its upcoming retrograde process. Pay attention to what you're focusing on at this time, because over the next several weeks there's going to be some revision going on. Begin embracing flexibility, because the world just isn't going to be moving in the direction it normally does, and changes in certain plans are imminent.

June 10th-12th Venus forms a T-square with the Uranus/Pluto square. Collectively, this could heat up some political conflicts, especially dealing with security matters. On the personal level, we get the opportunity to further break out of restrictive patterns and situations, however, we're also aware of our need for stability, so whatever we do now must be done consciously and with the consideration of others. This also invites us to transmute certain relationships by defining our own needs, and to establish a deeper foundation.

June 19th The Sun swallows Jupiter in Gemini, which means that Jupiter will pass behind the Sun. This is known as an occultation of Jupiter, and will be a highly pivotal day because it precedes the transition of Jupiter from Gemini to Cancer. Occurring at the 28th degree of Gemini, this conjunction sets off powerful reverberations throughout the collective psyche. This is the critical boiling point creating the potential to expand outwardly into entirely new horizons of experience--renewed optimism and a trust of life awaits on the other side. Soon we'll be able to feel more deeply, and to set down roots. This conjunction of Sun and Jupiter beautifully preludes the Summer Solstice which occurs on the night of June 20th, coinciding with the conjunction of Mercury and Venus in Cancer.
Summer Solstice 2013
June 20, 2013
10:04 PM Pacific
7:04 PM Eastern

The Moon squares Mercury retrograde on June 20th, which is likely to create a lot of Mercury retrograde action, so be prepared for the unexpected. Be mindful of your communications today, especially if attempting to articulate certain feelings--there could be some misunderstandings that could lead to someone getting a little irritated or angry. Emotional outbursts are also likely, as well as a lot of reactive behavior. Alternately, this is a day to pay close attention to your mind and your emotions; there's a lot of potential learning to be done. Think before you speak.

Then on June 21st Jupiter hits the 29th degree of Gemini for several days as it slowly makes its way into Cancer. It's like the last day of school before Summer begins. The energy here can feel intense, like something is about to give way. Jupiter has spent the past year in Gemini, and is eager to take a much needed mental break. The next few days will have this sense of anticipation, as if we just can't wait for whatever it is to break loose. The Full Moon occurs on June 23rd in Capricorn. The Full Moon brings a powerful climax to the energies that have been building since the occultation of Jupiter on the 19th.

Full Moon @ 2 degrees of Capricorn
June 23, 2013
4:32 AM Pacific
1:32 AM Eastern

Jupiter enters Cancer  on June 25th, where it will stay until it reaches Leo in July of 2014. More substance, depth, and insight becomes available. Exalted in Cancer, Jupiter can more freely find the meaning it seeks, and so can each of us. Now we have a chance to set the stage and create a foundation--and Mercury retrograde, which begins the next day on June 26th (through July 21st), will assist us in this. This the optimal time to start putting things into place, and to have yourself rooted into something, because the potential to radically alter its inherent structure exists once Jupiter joins in on the Uranus/Pluto square come July.

In conclusion, June is quite an active month. With Mercury retrograde permeating most of this time, we have an opportunity to reflect deeply on all that inner personal stuff we've been working through the past month and a half. This also provides the opportunity to make a lot of adjustments and revisions. Since we've just emerged from the cocoon, so to speak, in the wake of the triple eclipse passageway--many of us may feel urged to really break free and begin charging forward with some idea or intention. However, it would be wise to be a little more patient, and to deeply reflect on yourself and your true intentions before pushing too aggressively. This month gives us a chance to secure ourselves, so that we're more firmly established. Once we're secure and confident about our position, late July will provide the adequate launching pad from which to take off. This month opens a bridge that allows us to connect with our feelings and subtle sense impressions. Be cautious of excessive idealism, and yet allow yourself to envision and clarify what it is that you really want, beyond the realm of ideas, opinions, or beliefs (from the gut).

Conscious travels. Much love.