Astrology Forecast October 2013

Kosmic Horizon: October 2013

Photo by Chad Woodward, Temecula, Ca, 2013.
October pulls us gradually into the final eclipse season of 2013 with the first Lunar Eclipse on Oct 18. In addition, Mercury turns stationary retrograde in Scorpio on Oct 21. Get ready for a change of course; it’s coming whether we’re ready or not.

This fall is all about deep inner personal change. There will be many mental and emotional adjustments and alterations taking place with things which have been highly resistant to change and movement. That could be really exciting for some of us, and slightly threatening for others. This month offers an opportunity to clean things out and unclutter the mind, soul and psyche.

October begins in the midst of Mercury’s retrograde shadow—which serves as an introduction to the themes and issues which the actual retrograde will address. Gradually, as the month progresses, you may find yourself questioning some key areas of your life, particularly related to the soul’s purpose and the path you currently tread.

This is all natural and healthy; eclipses provide key moments where we must alter and renovate our interior mindscape. Mercury retrograde is a natural cycle where sporadic renovations take place. In Scorpio, that relates to forgotten corners and hidden chambers.

Many undisclosed elements will emerge this month. Depending on how willing we are to integrate this material, this experience will manifest as a small crisis or a sudden yet brief transformational process. But, either way, it’s usually uncomfortable. That’s an inevitable manifestation of these energies; and if there’s any sign that exemplifies rather touchy subject matter it’s Scorpio.  

Mars is also a key focal point this month, since the eclipse occurs in Aries and Mercury retrograde in Scorpio—both signs which fall under its dominion. Mars governs our ability to take action and to implement our soul’s purpose in this life. Mars deals with willpower and self-assertion. Knee-jerk reactions, gut level instincts, primal urges, desires and emotions are central to the expression of Mars. And it is this territory that we’re likely to find ourselves getting more in touch with.

Eclipse season is time for letting go—letting go of the past, and letting go to yourself as you actually are. That means momentarily placing ego needs and desires aside and peering deeply into what lies beyond the veneer of personality. This is a deep and sensitive process. It can guide us to seriously question ourselves, our motives, agendas and intentions. But, if we flow with it, we come out the other side renewed and excited to move ahead.

Here is a forecast of significant collective events this month; use it as a rough guide for what lies ahead: 

Oct 1
While the mind is clear and perceptive of concepts which usually evade common sense and the rational laws of physics, emotional currents are a bit harder to pin down and make sense of. That doesn’t mean that emotional clarity isn’t possible, but that it requires some work in the process of sorting things out.

This is a day where discrimination is necessary to distinguish between real or imagined emotional responses. Fortunately, the mind is a little more useful, and by extension, rather more helpful than usual in dealing with such material.

In the background, the tension is heating up—more on a collective scale as the Sun squares Pluto and approaches an opposition to Uranus. There may be considerable resistance to our efforts to charge forward and assert will power and ego needs. The Sun in Libra is more compromising and seeks equanimity. As a result it isn’t as assertive. But there is power in numbers, so don’t try to fight this alone. ­­

Oct 2
Real healing is possible now—although it’s part of a process that we’ve been in the midst of since last November. Chiron trine Saturn brings us tangible results while transmuting deep emotional, physical and spiritual pain. It reminds us that we aren’t alone in our suffering. If we take the initiative and face the unknown, and the uncomfortable, much progress and integration is possible.

The system works; there’s an intention within the fabric of nature; there’s a grand intelligent design. If you work with it, if you play by the rules, things have a way of working more in your favor.

Oct 3
There’s a strong rebellious streak in the air, a powerful urge to defy authority, control and structure. All those suffocating routines may feel unbearable. Demands and expectations from other people are likely to set off some nerves and trigger aggravation. Personal freedom needs to be addressed, but so do the needs of others. Working it out takes patience, but it’s possible.

Oct 4
There is a fresh new start emerging today with the New Moon in Libra. But, it emerges under a considerable amount of pressure. Where the ego has been challenged the past few days, a strong emotional impetus adds more fuel to the fire that’s waging in the background. The challenge: to seek peace, diplomacy, and common ground within uncertain and unstable territory. Collectively this is a significant day. Violence is the dark side. Greater strength and fortitude grace the higher road.

Oct 6
An ability to articulate deeply buried emotional material is highlighted today. The mind is less focused on logical and analytical methods of perceiving reality; today is about feeling our way to the very root of the matter at hand, and dealing with it the way it is, without censorship. The insights and perspectives we uncover are likely to excite powerful transformative processes leading to a deeper sense of meaning, purpose and direction.

This is a day of true authentic communication through an open discussion of feelings, fears, desires, and previously undisclosed material. Conversations are likely to be a lot more serious and focused on the bare essential information. Express rather than oppress that which you find bubbling up and vying for acknowledgement. It might be heavy, it may be deep, but whatever it is, it’s necessary.

Oct 7
Venus entering Sagittarius today lightens up the ambience quite a bit, adding an inclination and desire for more breathing space and fresh air. While the “seriousness” and heaviness shrouding communication continues, there is the prospect of greater perspective, clarity and truth. It also takes some of the focus away from intimate or inner personal issues, directing the mind toward new social vistas.

Oct 8
Today presents a prelude to some themes and issues which will be heavily dealt with during Mercury’s retrograde cycle (beginning Oct 21). Mercury’s initial conjunction with Saturn serves as a starting point for the creation of strategies which require some serious reworking. Pay attention to that critical goal you’re pondering today and release your attachment to making it happen right away.

As Mercury turns retrograde towards the end of the month, we’ll have an opportunity to revise, restructure, reevaluate, renovate and reconfigure in many shapes and forms. You don’t need to nail it all down and start putting it into action. Trust that this is a beginning step that will naturally unfold and take form all in due time. Patience, persistence, discipline, and a penetrating mental focus will be your allies. By the end of November, once the kinks are worked out, it will be time to practically integrate your strategy into the world.

This is also a good time to make sure that a system or structure is well supported and strong—whatever we don’t address now may force us to at the end of the month.

Oct 10
The truth seems to evade our grasp today. Desires may lead us to dead ends as they reveal themselves to be mere mirages or pure deceptions. Don’t be fooled by what may initially appear enticing, salacious or glamorous. Really pause and reflect before you act or commit. In fact, meditate deeply and you will eventually realize the truth—but you must make the effort to see past the façade. Spontaneous and effortless revelations won’t come easy. If they do, they’re not likely to have much basis in reality.

Don’t waste your time and resources chasing after a mirage today, you’ll feel pretty stupid in a few days. Healthy skepticism needs to be applied diligently. However, a concentrated focus using a sober outlook will be quite productive. Today is more about receiving than doing. Be like a magnet and calmly reflect on what you attract. Real truth and beauty hides in the deep, beyond several layers. Only fools rush in; don’t be one of them.

Oct 15
A drive for creative self-expression gets reverted toward much larger issues and concerns as Mars enters Virgo. Collectively, intense self-focus and promotion fades into the backdrop. Mars in Virgo demands that we put talents to good use, to serve a purpose. The problem is adjusting to the change of pace. It may be interpreted as a loss of passion and enthusiasm, because we suddenly have deeper and more meaningful concerns. The best way to work with this transit is to find the passion to help and serve others. There’s nothing to “prove” while Mars is in Virgo, remember that.

There is a powerful willpower to make improvements where needed, and a drive to obtain an ideal. Channeling enthusiasm into a specific point of interest takes dedication to avert wasteful expenditure of energy. That also means you need to know what you’re doing. If you don’t, it’s time to brush up and freshen up. Practice makes perfect.

Oct 16
Today is a little bitter sweet. While there’s an amplification of bountiful desire and an enthusiasm for new and unexpected experiences, there’s some apprehensiveness in regards to opening up and embracing it all. Some of this may derive from deeply rooted insecurities and fears which stem from past traumas or difficulties. It might feel as if it’s just too good to be true while you look for the silver lining.

The challenge is to align with your hearts true desires and intentions today. To connect with a fountain of authentic as opposed to artificial joy. If it really has meaning and value for you, then open up and embrace the spontaneous. Working past your resistance and releasing the past will be a part of today’s activities, but you’ll have a sense of accomplishment and some self-respect. Push through the barriers to truth; something new and exciting waits on the other end.

Oct 18
The Full Moon in Aries today is also a Lunar Eclipse. There’s an overwhelming sense of culmination permeating the collective. Emotional releases focus on letting out the steam and relieving tension and pressure. While Aries and its ruler Mars are action oriented, the eclipse today invites us to merely remain conscious of our impressions, urges and anxieties and to do nothing about them. There may be a change of pace, of heart and of desire. But change is the whole point.

Certain goals, intentions, directions, and plans of action are coming to a head. If they’ve been successful you have to merely receive the bounty. If they no longer serve you, your loss of interest is simply an indication of the need to let them go. If anything, today serves to grab and direct our attention. Focus on the quality of your attention and nothing else. The less outwardly focused you are, the more insightful and beneficial the moment will be.

Oct 19
Today is a bit shifty and difficult to pin down—and preceding a lunar eclipse it merely amplifies the sense of uncertainty that pervades the atmosphere. The more you attempt to charge forward to face certain obstacles and goals, the further away they appear. With each step they back away, in complete unison with your maneuvers, until they vanish completely as if they were merely holograms.

Certain fears and insecurities may paralyze and keep one from moving; but this might not be such a bad thing. Remember, there’s nothing to prove here. There’s only an ideal which must be carefully evaluated. The more you push today, the more you are likely to burn out and implode. The day is best served seeking inspiration which will later motivate you toward seeking its obtainment when the fog clears.

And speaking of clarity, this is equally possible today. There is an opportunity to see very clearly the best possible direction. That may accompany a complete change of direction—but at least you’re clear about what path wasn’t working for you anyhow. In the midst of eclipse season, we tread on shifting sands. Remain open to the higher guidance that you would normally disregard as impractical or insignificant. Who knows where it will lead you, but that’s all part of the adventure.

Oct 21
Mercury turns stationary retrograde today, setting off a three week period of backward motion in our daily affairs and personal projects. This is an ideal time to rework, review, revisit, restructure, reconsider, reflect, etc. The more time and energy spent on backtracking for the next three weeks the more beneficial our retrograde experience will be. Sometimes we come up against nagging or incessant irritations, setbacks or technical issues. So remain flexible and prepared to deal with potential problems. Each retrograde we’re given the opportunity to see things from a completely different perspective, so keep your mind open and receptive.

The sign of Scorpio deals with hidden, disclosed, and highly unconscious material; this retrograde could bring to light those relics we thought were long gone or had forgotten about entirely. This is an opportunity to connect deeply with our more primal nature and to reconsider things from a raw uncensored perspective.

If you feel a little uncertain about where you’re going or what actions to take right now don’t fret. It’s in the air. It may be a challenge to move forward with confidence today. Psychic and intuitive impressions are strong, but the mind appears to be telling us otherwise. Don’t analyze your feelings too much, it will likely make things more confusing.

A barrage of conflicting data or information could possibly paralyze one with a bout of uncertainty. Do your best to discern what’s relevant and simply let go of what isn’t. With Mercury retrograde we have plenty of time to fact check and to do some deeper research. Don’t feel pressured or rushed to make sense of it all right now, it’s probably not the right time as critical pieces are still missing.

Oct 22
The Sun’s ingress into Scorpio today further solidifies our collective desire to dig deep and connect on a more authentic level. This is the season to take things much further than you normally would. It also illuminates certain hidden caverns and dark corners where we usually fear to look. This solar Scorpio season is all about the bare essentials. That means letting go of irrelevant material and sticking to the basics.
This is a season of considerable change and transformation, highlighted by a Scorpio solar eclipse in early November. Shed the skin you have outgrown. It may be an uncomfortable process, but the rewards will be long lasting and will develop in due time.

Oct 29
Today marks the second stage of a process that began around Oct 8. It’s time to rework a strategy, tighten some screws, and make sure the overall structure is well supported. There may be a breakdown within the system which will require considerable attention to detail. If you put in the extra effort and sort things out now, it will be more solid and stable next month.

Today also signifies a second chance to articulate uncomfortable yet highly relevant material. Be clear and direct, in fact, make the effort to reiterate clearly so that there aren’t any misunderstandings which could lead to a conflict. The mind is sharp today, but in its precision it might miss the forest for the trees. Focus your gaze on those elements that you would normally overlook; you may uncover some highly critical missing pieces.

Responsibilities, commitments, or contractual agreements from the past may come back to haunt us. Today is ideal for renegotiation, but not entering into new alliances. Read the fine print very carefully! Whatever you commit to will have long lasting consequences. There is a strong desire for freedom beneath it all. That means there could be a considerable amount of resentment toward restrictions that weigh us down.
The only way to effectively break free and spread your wings will be to ensure that everything is lined up and in order. That means taking responsibility. Be yourself today, and remain completely authentic to who you are and what you’re capable of. Any attempts to conform, suppress or censor yourself will likely lead to a build-up of anger or frustration which will be difficult to let out.

Oct 30
There is the potential to directly face and deal with something painful today. A strong enthusiastic drive and motivation is channeled toward deep healing and integration. There may also be a powerful impetus to confront and deal with issues that have remained quite ambiguous for some time. It’s not about fixing or solving a “problem”, but rather boldly stepping up to face the unknown before you. It’s about surrendering to transformation. And that takes bravery.

Equally, there may be a sense of feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of something. We may feel unable to take charge and complete what needs to be done. Honor your fears and limitations, and don’t attempt to take on too much if you’re unable to handle it all. Today may present a minor stumbling block, but it carries great lessons.

Oct 31
There’s a clear, sharp, and directed sense of focus and ambition today. Use this energy willingly and wisely toward a specific task, goal, or intention. Any apprehensiveness or hesitation that may have emerged yesterday is likely to dissipate now alongside a renewed sense of purpose. The energy today is quite conducive for anything that requires long sustained attention to detail and enthusiasm.

Oct 1-Mercury trine Neptune, Moon opposition Neptune
Oct 2-Saturn trine Chiron
Oct 3-Sun opposition Uranus
Oct 4-New Moon 11 Libra 56’; Moon opposition Uranus and square Pluto
Oct 6-Mercury, Moon and Saturn sextile Pluto
Oct 7-Venus enters Sagittarius; Mercury conjunct Saturn trine Chiron
Oct 8-Mercury conjunct Saturn (direct, first pass); Venus square Transpluto
Oct 10-Venus square Neptune
Oct 11-Firsr Qtr Moon 18 Cap, Venus sextile Juno
Oct 15-Mars enters Virgo
Oct 16-Venus trine Uranus; Mars conjunct Transpluto; Venus square Chiron
Oct 18-Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon 25 Aries 45’
Oct 19-Mars opposition Neptune
Oct 21-Mercury Stationary Retrograde 18 Scorpio; Moon, Mars and Neptune T-square
Oct 22-Sun enters Scorpio
Oct 29-Mercury conjunct Saturn (retrograde, second pass); Yod formation: Moon conjunct Mars and sextile Sun (conjunct North Node) quincunx Uranus.
Oct 28-Pluto sextile Chiron
Oct 30-Mars opposition Chiron

Oct 31-Mars trine Pluto