Astrology Forecast September 2013

Kosmic Horizon: September 2013

For those in the northern hemisphere, September marks the gradual end of summer. In the southern portion of the globe, winter slowly gives way to spring. Wherever you are, a transition is upon you. August’s astrology was naturally intense and frictional, all signs of the times. Jupiter’s opposition to Pluto and square to Uranus, correlated quite profoundly with significant global events, such as the violence raging in Egypt.

Inwardly and subjectively we all respond to this influx, especially those of us with strong or prominent placements in cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn). We are in the midst of a global crisis that reflects an inner crisis; but a healthy dose of tension gets us up and off our feet. Most of us learned how to walk, talk, or engage in social interaction. Everything we ever learned was, at one point, initially a challenge.

We need stress for growth to occur, evolution thrives on it. That’s what we need to remember as we reflect on what’s going on, and on what’s about to come. Uncertainty is naturally a part of the deal. In this realm/density we either move with life, or we risk getting trampled. Nature has little compassion, but that’s what separates us from the beasts. Let’s not lose sight of that either, our innate compassion and our ability to consciously transcend instinct.

At the start of the month, Jupiter is slowly inching its way out of the T-Square alignment with Uranus and Pluto. While still technically in orb clear to next year, Jupiter’s exploitive influence of Uranus and Pluto’s tense and historical rendezvous eases up slightly. That doesn’t suggest that things will somehow cool off, but that the peak intensity of this generational configuration is slightly backing off.

September presents a consistent theme surrounding osmosis within relationships: moving past the fear of intimacy and vulnerability, embracing cooperation, trust, and sharing of resources. Most of the summer brought us into contact with deeply personal issues emphasizing emotional needs, security, and creative passion. September creates a more open discussion and dialogue. Things are more on display at this time, and there is a critical emphasis on cooperation within partnerships.

Saturn is slowly moving toward a conjunction with the North Node in Scorpio, which serves as the significant background transit this month. This is the focal point driving all collective events. The message seems to be that, at the moment, we will be more successful if we merge with others of like mind than if we try to go it alone. This is mostly a collective message, although it will show up for each of us in various subtle ways—especially if you have an emphasis of Scorpio or even Taurus in your chart.

This brings critical events involving secrecy and transparency to a dynamic culmination. The misuse of power or hidden information will also be quite relevant at this time. Scorpio is a realm of pure instinct, symbolic of our “lower” animalistic tendencies. It’s that part of the psyche most suppressed by “modern” peoples. As a result of this, it controls our society and appears as an external threat attempting to imprison us in fear.

As I stated above, let’s not forget our ability to consciously transcend instinct. This is different from suppression, in that transcendence requires that we acknowledge, accept, and integrate this aspect of ourselves so that we can work with it as opposed to against it. Because of our denial and suppression of this “hidden” realm of the psyche, we find ourselves the pawns of occult forces which seek to enslave us.

This notion often brings up unresolved and suppressed emotions such as extreme anger, rage, fear, or despair. When confronted with these feelings it’s best to allow them healthy expression as opposed to acting them out. These are the parts of us seeking acceptance and recognition. The more we deny them, or project them on to others, the deeper we sink into our illusory imprisonment.

The more we consciously work with what makes us uncomfortable, the easier it is to handle, and the less control it has over us. So this month, bring it all out into the light and deal with it. Be conscious of your tendency to hoard or hide what you don’t want to get exposed. You are not alone; we all have our shadows. Witness your “darker” and unacknowledged side reflected in those you interact with, and remember that it’s all a reflection of you.
New Moon @ 13 Virgo

The Sun makes an opposition to Chiron on Sept. 3rd which will be a significant feature of the New Moon on Sept. 5th. Jupiter is currently in trine to Chiron as well, and so September starts off with Chirotic themes. The opposition of Sun and Moon in Virgo with Chiron in Pisces brings up the polarity of the “higher” and “lower” aspects of human nature. Chiron in Pisces points us dynamically to the wounds associated with disassociation and collective fragmentation.

The New Moon energy seeks to ground and integrate disparate elements and to focus attention back to the moment and the process; to what’s real and relevant in the moment. This opposition invites us to find balance between being and dissolving; it asks that we find a way to be fully present in our own awareness, while maintaining a connection with a sense timelessness and wonder in relation to the mystery of the universe.

This may bring up some fears associated with losing ourselves in the details, of being unable to manage simple daily tasks and responsibilities. Spiritual or numinous insights will likely emerge through an immersion with practical affairs. When grounded and focused on what needs to be done, a bigger picture will eventually appear. Acknowledge and integrate subtle impressions.

Mercury enters Libra on Sept. 9th setting off the Aries Point, which always has a profound impact on world affairs. Mercury entering Libra will create a highly noticeable shift of energy throughout the collective. Mercury in Libra has a potentially balancing and calming effect on the nervous system, at least until it enters the Uranus/Pluto square later in the month, so soak it up. Here Mercury seeks a more unified awareness of reality—it wants to understand both sides of the coin. This is a good time to become more conscious and clear of your own biases, and to seek a more unified and comprehensive understanding of certain issues. However, indecisiveness is more rampant than usual due to an increased openness to alternating viewpoints.

Also on this day, Mars squares Saturn, the North Node, and the Moon; this could be a bit intense and frustrating. Mars in Leo wants to do its own thing and go its own way. However, that’s not going to work out so well, and if Mars insists there could be some serious conflict. Mercury in Libra could be our saving grace here, because it opens the mind to other viewpoints. This aspect invites us to take some risks, and that might involve having to conform and merge with a group identity.

The trick is to surrender resistance or stubbornness, and to allow the process to alter your uniqueness. There’s something to be learned from both ends, requiring that we meet in the middle. If you hold on to an “all or nothing” type of attitude, it could get ugly. Form and structure helps to refine and tame the ego. See what wisdom you can acquire from what others have mastered.

There is likely to be a lot of intensity as Venus teeters on the edge of Libra, signifying a critical turning point. On Sept. 10th Venus enters Scorpio—and here we have the opportunity to move into new and likely intimate territory. Again this places more emphasis on merging with shared creative momentum, power, or resources. While Venus is in Scorpio we’re more concerned with substance rather than looks.

What looked good last month (August) might appear a bit different since we’re now actually experiencing it for what it really is. Venus in Scorpio takes us to the heart of our desires, and helps to get clear about how we really feel about them. So forget proper social graces; Venus in Scorpio invites us to get raw and real, and to acknowledge whatever comes up, no matter how uncomfortable it makes us feel. This draws our attraction to the secretive chambers of the psyche.

The Moon forms a catalyzing fire grand trine with Mars in Leo and Uranus in Aries on Sept. 11th.  In addition, the Moon makes a t-square with Vesta in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces. This provides plenty of fuel for enthusiastic creative passion and intense focus.
These energies are catalyzing and motivational, however, Neptune’s involvement asks that we get clear about what we’re really passionate about, and to be conscious that it isn’t misdirected in any way. Are you being motivated by an authentic signal from your heart, or are you chasing some delusional ideal imposed upon you? Be cautious of what you put your energy into.

Venus in Scorpio makes a trine to Neptune in Pisces on Sept. 13th. The Moon, while approaching a conjunction with Pluto, makes sextiles to Venus, Saturn, and the North Node in Scorpio in addition to Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. These aspects ask us: How we can make light of heavy and sometimes unsavory material? There is the potential of candy coating the macabre quite a bit. While obscuring the reality of what we’re actually faced with, we’re more likely to get it down our throat if it tastes better.

The Mars and Uranus trine is exact on Sept. 14th, and Mercury squares Pluto, while Venus squares Juno. Mercury makes an exact opposition to Uranus on Sept. 15th. That means the Uranus/Pluto square gets fired up quite a bit (especially the 13th through the 16th). We can anticipate an influx of collective tension and turmoil as usual, but Mars in Leo trine Uranus in Aries opens up creative and passionate channels. If used consciously, rather than destructively, these energies are conducive to forming new creative pathways that allow us to restructure and balance whatever system we find ourselves working with.

Venus in Scorpio square Juno in Aquarius brings our focus and attention toward partnerships and issues of desire versus true commitment and connection. This could also bring up partnership disputes, especially if certain desires distract or take away from shared or mutual goals. Venus in Scorpio can be possessive and domineering, preferring to keep things private and undisclosed. However, Juno in Aquarius requires that certain elements are brought to light openly so that they can be dealt with. Finding a compromise between transparency and secrecy (when appropriate) is the challenge.

Sept. 16th brings a powerful conjunction between Saturn and the North Node to exactness. Venus joins in pulling it deeper into collective awareness on Sept. 18th. A conjunction between Saturn and the Moon’s North Node occurs every 10-12 years. Saturn urges us to get serious about forward movement and releasing stagnant patterns that keep us stuck in the past. While it might feel safer and more certain maintaining things as they are, we are likely to encounter serious setbacks and frustration the more we resist.

This conjunction of planets, which has been building up to intensity for several weeks, demands that we master integration and cooperation with others. There’s always a risk to take, and fears to face in such circumstances—but Saturn insists that we deal with it, and step up to the challenge.  This suggests that we release stubbornness, narrow-mindedness, and isolating tendencies.

There is a powerful “karmic” element surrounding this particular configuration—so be on the lookout for significant connections with others that could help clear up loose ends or unresolved issues from the past. A Full Moon in Pisces occurs on Sept. 19th, bringing a dynamic culmination and resolution within consciousness. This Full Moon is all about surrender, trust, and acceptance—opening oneself up to the support of larger forces. 

Full Moon @ 26 Pisces

Pluto turns stationary direct and sextiles Saturn on Sept. 20th. This provides a thrust of momentum and excitement that further catalyzes the pursuit of deep change and tremendous growth. If you’ve been doing the hard work, and have been open to penetrating barriers to your own growth and maturity, then this aspect gives an extra boost. Venus’ proximity to Saturn indicates a breakthrough that opens the way for deep intimacy and osmosis within relationships, helping to move past blockages that have impeded authentic connection and sharing.

The Sun enters Libra on Sept. 22nd, signifying the shift and transition of seasons. Day and night are of equal length as the Sun teeters on the balancing scales of equanimity. The Sun’s movement into Libra further amplifies the themes of cooperation and mutual sharing. The Moon’s conjunction to the South Node suggests letting go of tendencies to hoard and segregate personal resources.

Venus trines Jupiter on Sept. 26th, and the Sun makes a trine to newly directed Juno in Aquarius. These aspects open up doorways within intimate or close relationships. Jupiter trine Venus creates emotionally charged intimacy within sexual partnerships, or the ability to open up emotionally and share vulnerable or sensitive material with those you trust. However, on Sept. 28th, Venus squares Mars in Leo which brings challenges up to the surface—so these three days (26th through 28th) are potentially both bitter and sweet.

Make sure you are honest and authentic when opening yourself either emotionally or sexually with another, as the square to Mars and Venus could bring it all out into the open. It’s best to be unfurled and real about your needs, as well as receptive and responsive to the needs of a partner.

Mercury enters Scorpio on Sept. 29th inviting us to probe and investigate hidden aspects of the psyche. Mercury’s transit through Scorpio creates a bridge between intellect and instinct--which means we have a chance to uncover specific knee-jerk reactions to situations. Pluto’s trine to Vesta in Virgo makes this a day of intense mental concentration which can reveal what’s normally far beyond conscious recognition. There’s a grating and obsessive quality to these energies, which can be constructive or overwhelming.

The month closes on Sept. 30th with Mercury entering the initial shadow of Mercury’s upcoming retrograde cycle (Oct. 21 through Nov. 10). Quite often, specific themes, issues, or situations we find ourselves dealing with during the retrograde surface at the initial shadow, so be conscious of this.

Sept 3- -Sun opposition Chiron

Sept 4—Venus opposition Eris

Sept 5--New Moon @ 13 Virgo 04'

Sept 7--Sun sextile Jupiter

Sept 9--Mercury enters Libra, Mars square Saturn, Vesta enters Virgo and conjoins Transpluto

Sept 10--Venus enters Scorpio

Sept 11--Fire grand trine: Mars, Uranus, and Moon; Moon T-Square: Neptune, Transpluto, Vesta; Venus sextile Transpluto, Pallas enters Leo, Venus sextile Vesta, and Mercury trine Juno.

Sept 13--Venus trine Neptune; Moon sextile Venus, Neptune, Saturn, and Chiron; Moon conjunct Pluto and square Uranus.

Sept 14--Mars trine Uranus, Mercury square Pluto, Venus square Juno

Sept 15--Mercury opposition Uranus, Moon square Venus, Saturn, and Nodal Axis, Saturn sextile Ceres

Sept 16--Pluto trine Ceres

Sept 17--Moon conjunct Neptune and Chiron, trine Venus, Saturn, and North Node, Neptune opposition Vesta

Sept 18--Venus conjunct Saturn and North Node, Pallas opposition Juno

Sept 19--Full Moon @ 26 Pisces 41'

Sept 20--Pluto stationary direct, Saturn sextile Pluto, Venus sextile Ceres

Sept 22—Sun enters Libra: Autumnal equinox (Northern Hemisphere) and spring equinox (Southern Hemisphere); Earth grand trine: Moon, Pluto, and Ceres.

Sept 23--Juno stationary direct, Mercury opposition Eris

Sept 26--Venus trine Jupiter, Last Quarter Moon, Sun trine Juno

Sept 28--Venus square Mars

Sept 29--Mercury enters Scorpio, Mercury sextile Transpluto, Pluto trine Vesta

Sept 30--Mercury enters retrograde shadow