August New Moon 2013

New Moon In Leo 2013

New Moon @ 14 degrees Leo 35'
August 6, 2013
2:51 PM Pacific
11:51 AM Eastern

This New Moon is seething with intensity, heat, and creative passion. It effectively breaks up some of the watery influence we've been so immersed in for the past month. The sign of Leo is dramatic and ostentatious; it doesn't hold much back. This New Moon brings us (perhaps momentarily) back to the moment, to what's right in front of us as opposed to what's behind. The astrology from last month was imbued with nostalgia and deep reflection. Leo isn't too concerned with such things, and although there's still a heavy planetary presence in Cancer, this lunation carries enough power and punch to point us toward any or all tasks currently at hand. The New Moon conjoins the asteroid Vesta, the goddess of the hearth and the sacred fire. Combined with the energizing enthusiasm of Leo, we get a powerful surge of fiery energy that's dynamic, willful, and strong.

Contact with Vesta is said to generate an intense focus and commitment. Interestingly, the goddess Vesta was said to rule over the hearth; the word focus, from latin, actually means hearth. Another quality of Vesta is that it provides a sense of renewal and an ability to recharge, regroup, and refresh. This lunation provides an opportunity to perhaps renew creative juices, adding a dose of humor, play, and spontaneity into the collective psyche. A Trine to Uranus in Aries creates the potential for flashes of insight and revelations that incite creative action. If you can allow yourself to really feel these energies and tap into this powerful moment, the universe will gift you with a brief glimpse into entirely new vistas and landscapes you never thought possible.

This New Moon also helps to lighten up the heaviness and conflict generated by Jupiter, Lilith, and Pallas in Opposition to Pluto--bringing a powerful and challenging T-Square involving Uranus into sharp focus. This configuration urges us to break free from past restrictions and limitations that stifle our independence. But, it can be a rather frustrating process, because we can't just throw off all of the shackles that bind us, because in a way, we depend on some of them for our security and survival. That means we have to make some compromises and work within the limits of the structure that we've chosen to be a part of--and yet, this brief Trine to Uranus gives us a little more room to maneuver and to take charge; just don't take it too far.

The dark side of this lunation (it is the dark of the Moon) is that it drives us into such single pointed subjectivity that we exclude everything else outside of us, which could generate some conflict from those who end up feeling deprived of our attention. Leo can be a very self-centered sign, but must tap into the awareness and reality that it's a part of a larger community it depends on for its sustenance and survival. That means we could end up really losing perspicacity because we're so focused on our own needs and concerns. With that said, however, if we can consider the bigger picture as well as the needs of others, we should feel free to develop and focus on our own creative development.

On the collective level, this lunation appears significant as a portal for innovative solutions. It helps to bring fresh air which supports ingenuity. In combination with the Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto T-Square, we're at a significant turning point which requires fresh ideas and solutions to bring new life into the world. However, it won't come easily. It comes through a lot of hard work and constant debugging to get it right. We're also in the midst of a very volatile and unstable period of time politically. Be wary of this and remain highly conscious and grounded so as not to get mindlessly swept up in some collective drama that seeks to siphon your personal energy. Leo can really exaggerate things way beyond what's necessary. The world is a stage, so just play your role, but don't forget, it's all just a show.

Conscious travels.